The Machine Gods (機神, Kishin?) are alien spaceships created by an ancient civilization from another universe.


The Machine Gods, led by Chaos, were an autonomous unmanned fleet created by a civilization whose universe was close to death. Described by Zeus as a "meaningless expedition", their purpose was to recreate their home planet with their various functionalities. In order to find a universe with enough life to meet landing conditions, Chaos had to utilize 97% of its total resources to send the remaining fleet to the humanity's universe. Upon arriving, they discovered that the universe was full of life in contrast to their own, but could not find a planet that met the landing conditions. As they traveled for thousands of years in search of a planet, they became unable to maintain the fleet. Most of their functions began to wear away and fuse, and they eventually almost reached the point of giving on fulfilling their directive before detecting Earth.[1]

As Earth met 78% of their landing conditions, they enacted an emergency crash landing procedure. Encountering Humanity on the continent of Atlantis at some undisclosed time before 12000BC, the remaining Machine Gods, previously only functions of Chaos, were given names and personalities through humanity worshiping them. They felt joyous for it, a new function for them, and embraced the faith of humanity, unable to abandon the feeling despite being unnecessary for their functions or fulfilling their directive. They chose to operate as gods for humanity rather than functions of the fleet, incorporating into the planet and abandoning their original purpose.[1]

After the event known as the Titanomachia, Zeus defeated his own father, Kronos, the King of the Titans,[2] and stole the Divine Vessel Annulus Kronos-Crown, the mark of their flagship that ties their entire pantheon together.[3][2][1] The Twelve Machine Gods (十二機神, Jūni Kishin?), also known as the Twelve Original Pillars of Nature,[4] are the Gods comprising the Atlantean pantheon that ruled in 12,000 BC.[5] In 12,000 BC, they were killed by the Alien invader Sefar, and their remnants eventually floated to Greece and became Divine Spirits; the Twelve Olympians.


In the Atlantic Lostbelt, the Twelve Machine Gods avoided their destruction thanks to Zeus taking control of the other Olympians and becoming an omnipotent composite being right at the last moment.[2] By becoming a single fused Ship God, they managed to obliterate Sefar after a fight that was almost a draw.[6][2][1]


Originally, all Machine Gods were a "single existence"; the Primordial Chaos.[7][2] Due to this, they possess the ability to combine with one another, improving their survival and combat capabilities the closer they get to the Primordial Chaos roots. As evidence of this, the first generation of Machine Gods after Chaos, the Titan-class warships, were even sturdier than the Twelve Olympians, Zeus being an exception, who was in a class of his own.[2] As ships, Hades and Zeus were both based off the Titan Kronos which puts them in the same class as gods.[8]

The Machine Gods are conceptual gods born from deified natural phenomena. While they are fundamentally different from natural gods, they still function as gods who preside over nature and various phenomena.[9] The true bodies of the Twelve Machine Gods, massive spacefaring ships, are known as Aletheia (真体(アリスィア), Shintai(Arisuia)?, lit. "True Body"). They can produce remote human-sized bodies, referred to as terminals (端末, Tanmatsu?), for interacting with people, some of which became the basis for their forms as the Twelve Olympians after the destruction of their Aletheia by Sefar.[5][10]

The Functionalities (機能, Kinō?) of the Twelve Machine Gods are similar to Authorities and are referred to as such. There also exists the Klironomia, nanomachines derived from the technology and Authorities of the machine gods. Alongside the standard Theos Klironomia, each machine god has its own type, with its own unique abilities.[5][10]

The entire Greek Pantheon is connected by the Divine Vessel Annulus Kronos-Crown (神器環状体クロノス=クラウン?), the symbol of the King of the Gods. As the mark of their flagship,[3][2][1] it allows the Chief God at any given time to access the Authority of Machine Gods that no longer exist.[9]

At least four of the twelve have been shown to possess the Skill One Who Crosses the Sea of Stars.[5][10]

While the power of the Lostbelt Machine Gods does consume a fair amount of Magical Energy, they rarely have to worry about running out thank to the connection they have to the god-made Ley Line in Olympus's crystal mountain range.[11] Katou Danzou claims that Ibuki-douji's Magical Energy is comparable to that of the 5th Lostbelt Greek gods.[12]


Primordial Deities[]

Name Designation(s) Notes
Chaos Interstellar Navigation-Purpose Ultra-Massive Mothership (星間航行用超巨大母艦, Seikan Kōkō Yō-chō-kyō Daibokan?)/Celestial Sphere Type Space-Time Fortress Chaos (天球型時空要塞カオス, Tenkyū-Gata Jikū Yōsai Kaosu?) The original Mothership from which all other Machine Gods originated.
Gaia ? Ancestor of all Machine Gods with the exception of Chaos.
Uranus ? The First King of the Heavens in Greek mythology.
Tartaros ?
Amour ?


Titan-series Warships (ティターン系列艦?) are the first generation of Machine Gods after Chaos.[2]

Name Designation(s) Notes
Kronos ? King of the Titans. Former Flasgship.
Prometheus ?
Rhea ? Wife of Kronos
Titan Atlas ?
Themis ?

Twelve Olympians[]

Main article: Twelve Olympians
Name Designation(s) Notes
Zeus King of the Gods
Apollo ?
Ares ?
Athena ?
Hades ?
Hephaestus ?
Hera ?
Hestia ?

Atlantic Lostbelt[]

Name Designation(s) Notes
Zeus Interstellar Combat-Purpose Annihilation Type Mobile Fortress Flagship (星間戦闘用殲滅型機動要塞旗艦, Seikan Sentō-yō Senmetsu-gata Kidō Yōsai Kikan?) Flagship and King of the Twelve Machine Gods
Aphrodite Large-Scale Sapients Education Terminal (知性体教導用大型端末, Chiseitai Kyōdō-yō Ōgata Tanmatsu?)
Spiritron Data Warfare Type Attack Vessel (霊子情報戦型攻撃機, Ryōshi Jōhōsen-gata Kōgeki-ki?)
Artemis Shooter-Type Interstellar Fighter Craft (狙撃型星間戦闘機, Sogeki-gata Seikan Sentō-ki?)
Athena ?
Demeter Interstellar Travel Resource Manufacturing Ship (星間航行物資生産艦, Seikan Kōkō Busshi Seisan-kan?)
Hephaestus ?
Poseidon Planetary Environment Modification Plant-Ship (惑星改造用プラント船, Wakusei Kaizō-yō Puranto-sen?)
Prometheus-Hephaestus ?


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