Magic (魔法, Mahō?)[Note 1] is the highest class of Mystery that surpasses Magecraft and all current sciences of that age.[1] It represents the actualization of events that are impossible to reproduce in a certain era, whether by humans or the planet, even if given an infinite amount of time and resources. The acquisition of the capacity to perform magic is considered the ultimate accomplishment of a Magus, and only within the grasp of those who have accessed the Swirl of the Root.

"Magic" can be differentiated from "Magecraft" in that the consequences of its use are ostensibly "impossible" or "miraculous." The end output of a spell that creates fire is within dictates of the world because something as mundane as lighting a match can yield the same effect. Concepts like time manipulation, teleportation, spatial warping and quarantine, and the resurrection of the dead[2] are miracles thought to be possible only through the application of Magic. The Denial of Nothingness, Operation of Parallel Worlds, and Time Travel can all perform resurrections, but the resurrection of the dead through conventional methods is something that not even Magic has granted since the days of old.[3]


The red shadow that appears when Aoko first activates the Fifth Magic.

Magic is attained by reaching the Root, but not touching it like those who are said to have disappeared from the World upon touching it. Moreover, in order to acquire Magic, the magus must be the very first to travel through a specific path to the Root; even if the same theory and method are used to reach the Root, those who came after the first magus using a certain path cannot acquire Magic.[4] It is possible, however, to inherit Magic from one's predecessors. The First and Fifth are similar in that a path to the Root, a Gate of Akasha, was created and Magic was gained upon their arrival, while the Second, Third, and Fourth were created as a means to reach that place. In the case of the Fifth, the path was discovered and left unentered by Aoko Aozaki's grandfather, and its mysteries were passed on to her when she "turned tail and ran right at the front of the door." The Aozaki's land was the only land where Magic could be achieved in Japan until that point, but the land itself no longer mattered after she inherited it.[5]

Magecraft can be classified as human wisdom and the world, while Magic is the solitude outside of that, included in neither. Magecraft focuses on the studying of history, the works of man and the circle of life of the planet, but Magic is considered the providence of a god beyond the skies. It is considered an irrefutable crime against both humanity and the planet, so reaching out to the Root is something that brings about the Counter Force. Those who do achieve newly acquired Magic are killed by a "red shadow."[6]

It is said that the beginning First changed everything, the following Second acknowledged many, the resulting Third showed the future, the linking Fourth concealed itself, and the final Fifth had already lost its meaning. Someone once said, "Had it only ended at the Third."

Prior to the conclusion of the Age of Gods two millennia before the present day, Magecraft was close to Magic in effect, making Magecraft synonymous to Magic and all magi considered Magicians, but the gap between them has since widened. With the advancement of science, the number of things that "could be done" increased, causing Magic to diminish. Though Magic users were common at the dawn of humanity, their proliferation receded with the rise of civilization, and only four of the five remaining Magics officially recognized by the Mage's Association are presently still in use. If "what had been possible only by Magic" becomes achievable by developments in Magecraft or scientific technology, said Magic will be lowered to a mere "craft", and many Magics have been lost from the world in the same way. The possibility for Magic itself will never fade out, as the discovery of new Magic or the rediscovery of lost ones would increase the number of Magics.[7]


Those who practice Magic are known as Magicians (魔法使い, Mahōtsukai?).[8] They have control over their own mysteries, but also practice Magecraft. Zelretch's Magecraft is at the level where he was given the title Wizard Marshall by the Association, while Aoko is inferior in skill as a magus to the lecturers of the Clock Tower. There are many magi who exceed them in the area of Magecraft, while their Magic is a unique Mystery only available to them. There are also those like Barthomeloi Lorelei, whose Magecraft comes close to the miracles achieved by Magic, and Caubac Alcatraz, who is considered to be "just a step away" from the level of the Magicians.

Of those who had lived in the time where Magic was abundant, there is Medea, having lived in the Age of Gods as a witch, and Merlin, who is also referred to as a user of Magic.[9] The Magecraft that Medea executes is able to approach the realm of Magic, but she is not a Magician. She is not compatible with the "Five Magics of the Modern Era" because Magic was so common in her era, making her unable to learn any of them. She greatly exceeds all modern magi, including the Magicians, so she can be called “a magus that is infinitely close to the Magicians.”[10][11][12] In the potential future of Notes, each of the Six Sisters are capable of using Magic.[13]

Magicians can be said to have become the adversaries of the planet, something which the human mind could not normally carry as a burden. Carrying such a power is the recklessness of changing the world. The uniqueness of the power and its transcendence can make up for the practitioner's lack of skills in Magecraft. Differences in power become irrelevant because skills with the likeliness of Magecraft can easily be "blown away" by Magic.

The inheritance of Magic is similar to inheriting a path, called Ymir's Entrance or Gate of Akasha depending on the person describing it.[6] Even if a Magician should die, it does not mean the death of the Magic utilized by them. Magic will be passed on to the inheritor of the next generation rather than disappearing. If Magic is to die, it will only be when it can be realized by normal means.[7]

The Magician that handled the First Magic already died a long, long time ago. Of the remaining four, two have disappeared, and two are bothersome people that pop up all over the place, leaving trouble in their wake.[14] The reason why some still say that there are five Magicians comes down to a matter of perspective. It's the difference between counting a dead person as somebody that no longer exists, or counting them as still being "alive" in a way, so long as some trace of them still lives on.[15]

The First Magic[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Domain: It is one of the oldest Magics, but details about it are unknown. Some magi of privileged rank know what it involves as common knowledge. Though the exact domain of the First Magic is uncertain, it is related to the generation of Ether clumps,[16] which have been called "materialized nothing." Though the Third Magic actually predates the First, the First Magic is still called the First because of its characteristics.[17] Witches are supernatural beings involved in the establishment of the First Magic.[18]
  • User: Unnamed - Deceased. The user of the First Magic is long dead, but because Magic, by nature, still has a possibility of being inherited by those of future generations even if its user is dead, the First Magic is still considered to be in existence. The deceased user is the only existence recognized as worthy of respect by the Barthomeloi clan of the Mage's Association. It is said that the person that would be the user's heir is still alive, but barely. The user of the First Magic was “born the night before B.C. became A.D.”[19] There exists a magician by the name of Yumina whose existence is taught in the Clock Tower to magi who reach the Cause rank.[20]

The Second Magic[]

Main article: Second Magic
  • Name: Referred to as either "Zelretch" or "Kaleidoscope".
  • Domain: Operation of Parallel Worlds (平行世界の運営, Heikou Sekai no Un'ei?)
  • User: Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg

The Third Magic[]

Main article: Third Magic

The Fourth Magic[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Domain: Like the First Magic, the details regarding its domain are unknown.
  • User: Unnamed - The currently existing magi will say that "it definitely exists" when talking about it and agree that it continues to exist. The name of the user is unknown even to them.

The Fifth Magic[]

Main article: Fifth Magic
  • Name: Magic Blue (魔法・青, Mahō Ao?)
  • Domain: Its exact domain is unknown, but it has abilities related to Time Travel (時間旅行, Jikan Ryokō?) and making the laws of conservation of mass shoulder the debts of a past without future. Touko Aozaki claims there should be more to it because time travel is also governed by the Second Magic, but she declines to speculate further on the subject.[21] Its concepts seem to revolve around consumption and extinction. Ars Almadel Salomonis is noted to be similar what the Fifth Magic is capable of,[22] which could mean that the Fifth Magic might manipulate heat values as energy in order to achieve various effects like time travel.
  • User: Aoko Aozaki. The path to the Root was discovered some years ago by Aoko's grandfather, the former head of the Aozaki clan, who used it to create the Fifth Magic.

The Sixth Magic and beyond[]

The hypothetical Sixth Magic (第六魔法?) is something that does not currently exist in the world. There are those who say no more new Magics will emerge.[23] Despite that, it is possible for new Magic to be created and the number to increase, but that possibility is "far more difficult than a camel passing through the eye of a needle and finding one speck of a jewel in a desert." As it is not impossible, proven by the existence of Magicians, magi will strive for their heights, "believing they will one day reach the stars in the skies with their own hands, they continue dedicating themselves to their studies daily."[7]

The currently existing five Magics are the final "tasks" of humanity and the last impossibilities that they face.[24] Archetype Earth hints that despite leading up to the future detailed by "that man" that there is a "slight margin to the ending", so in the future that someone might "add the final sentence."[25] Mikiya Kokutou "insightfully points out" that the "unrealized Magic" must be "one that brings happiness to everyone."[23][26]

In Melty Blood, Night of Wallachia is said to be opposing the Sixth. In Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance Nightmare, he is said to be opposing the Third Magic. It is unknown if the change is a complete rewrite of the setting or a difference in worlds. It is unknown if the Sixth mentioned has anything to do with Magic. The Six Sisters are each said to use Magic, but it is unknown if they use the same Magics of the current Magicians or if they each use a unique Magic.

Similar effects[]

While it can definitely be said that “there are five Magics”, the number does not reflect “effects that rival Magics.” There are Mystic Codes, like the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch and Zelretch’s Treasure Chest, and creatures that are “shaped through Magic.” There are also those without definite shape that only exist "in motion", like Assassin's Tsubame Gaeshi, a limited application of the Second Magic.[12]

It is possible for Magecraft to replicate the effects of Magic to a degree. Innate Time Control, Spatial Transportation through Command Spells, Caster's Magecraft, Water Mirror, and Spatial Quarantine performed by Souren Araya are examples of such. Reality Marbles are considered to be a skill that approaches the miracle of Magic. While temporary, there are not many magi able to execute the World-altering grand sorcery.

Objects like Avalon and certain members of the Phantasmal Species, Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank and Divine Beasts can be called equal in Mystery to Magic. Avalon is an absolute defense capable of blocking all five Magics, and it can be called a Magic in itself. The Phantasmal Species embody mysteries simply by existing, so they transcend normal Magecraft. Those that have lived long are similar to Magic in that even observing one can be said to be a miracle.[12]


  1. Magic is rendered in a number of different ways depending on the translation. True Magic is used in contexts in which magecraft is instead translated as magic. Sorcery is utilized in some translations.


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    A mystery distinct from sorcery. The final destination of magi.
    "Magic" is that which makes the impossible into the possible, for a given era. A "result" which can be realized with the application of time and effort is not magic. In the past, when civilization was young, most magi were also magicians, but currently only five remain.
    Each particular magic is named by its number: i.e., the First, the Second, and so on. Aozaki Aoko is the user of the Fifth magic.


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    Q: It’s said that there is only one territory in Japan where True Magic can be activated. Where is that place? The lands managed by the Aozaki?

    A: Yes, the Aozaki lands. Though, now that the mysteries have been passed on to Aoko, the land itself is irrelevant.



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    All magi strive to arrive at "True Magic". Even if they can't reach it, the next generation will. Even the next generation can't reach it, then the one after....and like that, thus was weaved the history of trial and error of magery.

    True Magic
    First True Magic One of the oldest True Magics but the details about it are unknown. What it involves appears to be common knowledge to some magi of privileged rank. The user of the First has already passed away, but it is said that the person that would be his heir is still alive, barely.
    Second True Magic The True Magic that observes the infinite parallel worlds and travels between alternative worlds. Its user is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. With this magic, this man was able to create a jewel sword to absorb mana from the other worlds and a box that could store an immense amount of objects.
    Third True Magic Materialization of the soul, in other words, the magic that realizes true immortality. When accomplished, the practitioner will acquire an unlimited source of magical energy due to the soul becoming analogous to a perpetual motion machine. This is the Magic of the Einzbern lineage, and the Holy Grail War was established to acquire this Magic.
    Fourth True Magic Like the First True Magic, the details about it are unknown. What it involves hasn't been heard of either. But, the currently existing wizards, when pointing out to the Fourth True Magic, they'll all say "it is there for sure", and will agree that it exists. Also, they don't know the name of the user either.
    Fifth True Magic The True Magic that the Traveling Magician Aozaki Aoko inherited from her grandfather. Its nickname is "Magic Blue." The user Aozaki Aoko is average as a magus but displays transcendence with destruction. Because of this trait, there is a rumor that "Magic Blue" is also a True Magic involving destruction.

    •The Five Magicians
    There are five True Magics left in the current age. Those who use them are called "Magicians". The user of the First Magic, the oldest True Magic, is said to be dead, so the ones that are "still alive" are four. Let's say that "what had been possible only by True Magic" then becomes achievable by developments in magery or scientific technology. True Magic will be lowered to a mere "craft". Many True Magics were lost from the world like that. Then, can the power of "True Magic" only fade out hereon? No. The arrival of magi at existing or as of yet uncharted new Magic can allow new True Magic to be born and the numbers to be increased. Needless to say, this is far more difficult than a camel passing through the eye of a needle and finding one speck of a jewel in a desert. However, it's not impossible. The existence of the Wizards is proof of that. Thus, magi strive for the heights of True Magic. Believing they will one day reach the stars in the skies with their own hands, they continue dedicating themselves to their studies daily.

    •Death of True Magic, Death of a Magician
    A Magician, just like a magus, has a long life. If one uses life-prolonging magic, it wouldn't be impossible to live a few hundred, a few thousand years either. But, the "end" will come for sure. Then, would the death of a Magician mean the death of the True Magic he uses? No, it would not. True Magic will be passed on to the inheritor of the next generation and will not disappear. If True Magic were to die, it would only be when it could be realized by normal means.

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    Nickname of people who can turn mysteries that are not magecraft, things that are impossible, possible.
    In the past when civilization was less developed, most magi were magicians.
    As civilization developed, the impossible became possible, and many magic devalued into magecraft. Mysteries, in the face of reality, tasted great defeat.
    ———However, even among those, there still exists miracles unreachable by humans.
    Magi who can realize those mysteries are called “magicians,” bearing with them fear and respect, admiration and jealousy.
    In the world of Kara no Kyoukai, there are only five magicians.


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    Class: Saber
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    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Sex: Female
    Height: 154cm
    Weight: 42kg
    Armament: Armour, Sword

    STR: B
    CON: C
    AGI: C
    MGI: B
    LCK: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Once up on a time, there was a king in England named Arthur Pendragon. He was the legendary king who staunchly defended the land from the invading Saxons for a long period of time.
    The name Arthur, written in the fashion of Romans is “Artorius”. Its feminine form is “Artoria”, which is the true name of Saber.
    Artoria was born between Uther Pendragon and a Queen hailed from the rival kingdom. She grew up under the guidance of the True Magician Merlin, and became the king after pulling out the Sword of Selection. Later, she led Lacenlot, Gawain, and other famed knights to achieve innumerable deeds. They engaged the King of Saxons at the Battle of Badon Hill and brought peace to the land of Britain. Because the Scabbard of the Holy Sword stopped her from aging, Artoria continued to reign as the ideal king. It was ironic that Queen Guinevere and the serving knights grew more distant from Artoria precisely because she was too ideal. In the civil war that raged at the end of her reign, she crossed blade with her very own son, Mordred. At that instant, she pledged her service as a Heroic Spirit after death in exchange for striking a pact with the World. The one wish she hoped the Holy Grail could realise was “redo the selection of the king”. In legend, the body of King Arthur was transported to the Fairyland – Avalon, where he is healing his wounds in serenity.

    Saber’s ability is maximally unleashed while engaging in an honourable face-to-face single combat. It is a method of battle that is full of chivalric honour, and it is also one that suits Saber's sense of aesthetics. However, this does not mean she dislikes strategising. Because she is also a capable military commander, she tends to loath fabricated strategies that have no concrete basis. She fine-tunes her strategy meticulously. While on the battlefield, she further adapts her actions in response to the ever-changing dynamics of combat. Naturally, Saber despises cowardly actions, strategies or not. For this reason, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, her compatibility with the cool-headed, achieving-his-goal-at-all-cost Master Emiya Kiritsugu was the worst.

    Class Abilities
    Magic Resistance: A
    Artoria boasts the highest rank of resistance to magic amongst the Servants. She is capable of completely neutralising grand sorceries involving magic arrays and instant contracts. Even modern magi of the highest level cannot wound her directly with sorcery. Artoria is able to resist an action force onto her powered by one stroke of the Command Spell. Such is the extraordinary rank of Artoria’s Magic Resistance, sufficient to shake the very foundation of the Servant System. If the opponent is someone who attacks with sorcery, Artoria will charge without fear and determine the outcome of the battle with a slash.
    Also, as her “Pendragon” name shows, Artoria is the holder of the Element of the Red Dragon, charged with the task of protecting the kingdom. She carries the very magical power of the Dragon. This humongous magical power is also the source of Artoria’s Magic Resistance. Due to the characteristics of Dragon, Artoria has much trouble with existences such as Siegfried, who is associated with tales of “Dragon extermination”. If she is targeted by “Dragon-slaying Sorceries”, it is possible that Magic Resistance will not function to its fullest extent.
    In the story, Artoria retained her Magic Resistance of A while having Emiya Shirou and Rin as Masters, regardless the two’s differences in power and characteristics. On the other hand, while having Matou Sakura as her Master, her Magic Resistance decreased to B as a result of Blackening.

    Riding: B
    Since “knights” are soldiers who are proficient in mounted warfare, Saber’s rank in Riding is very high. Chariots can be ridden the same way. Motorcycles and automobiles are treated as “modern mounts”, thus a high rank in Riding is also applicable. It is unclear if Riding is applicable to aircrafts. Saber’s Riding was elevated to A while having Emiya Kiritsugu as Master. However, Artoria can ultimately only control normal mounts. She cannot control Pegasi, Griffons, Dragons, and other Magical Beast, Divine Beast Ranked Phantasmal Species. This is due to her Class not being Rider, as well as the fact that she was a King in the Age of Man, thus did not have the fortune of having “Legends of Riding Phantasmal Species”.
    Artoria rode a motorcycle in the Fourth Holy Grail War, but did not have the opportunity to demonstrate her Riding ability in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Provided with the appropriate mount, the battles might have developed differently.

    Personal Skills
    Instinct: A
    Instinct is the ability to instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. Because this skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms. At rank A, it is essentially in the realm of predicting the future. Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extend.
    Being able to discern Cú Chulainn’s ultimate technique certainly reflects her skills, but having exceptional Instinct also helped her immensely.

    Mana Burst: A
    The ability to reinforce one’s weapon and body through the infusion of magical energy. By reinforcing the ability of the body to a great extend using magical energy, the physically fragile Artoria was able to fight head on with monsters such as Berserker. At rank A, even a stick can become a weapon of great power.
    Executing large-scale body reinforcement through Mana Burst is only possible with Artoria’s immense magical power.
    (Translator's Note: This is basically analogous to Strengthening/Reinforcement Sorcery.)

    Charisma: B
    Artoria possessed high Charisma, and reigned as the king of England. The morale of military forces she commands is extremely high. However, this strong influence is still insufficient to build a vast empire spanning the world, so it remains at rank B (enough to rule a country).
    Caption: Artoria, the protector of the British Isles. Even with her Charisma, she could not avert the fall of her kingdom.

    Noble Phantasms
    Invisible Air
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 Object

    A barrier that renders the blade hidden by entangling it with layers of wind, and altering the light refraction rate. It is closer to a sorcery than a Noble Phantasm. By using this barrier, Artoria can attack without the opponent recognising the sword’s reach and trajectory. Since concealing one’s Noble Phantasm also conceals one’s true identity, Invisible Air was highly effective at the early stages of the Holy Grail War. It also has other advantages such as increasing attack power and accuracy. Entangling the sword with wind and using the wind as the blade enhances the attack power, while having an “invisible weapon” provides an advantage in accuracy. (Translator’s Note: It is probably more “decreasing opponent's evasion” in RPG terms.) Since the advantage of Invisible Air lies in “invisibility”, the accuracy increase will not occur while engaging opponents who possess Eye of the Mind or do not depend on vision.
    In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Artoria unleashed the condensed air and used it as a long-range weapon that mauls down groups of enemies --- “The Iron Mallet of the Wind King”.

    Rank: A++
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 Persons

    The greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm of Artoria (Translator’s Note: Not Avalon?). It is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolises King Arthur. The pinnacle of holy swords. Excalibur was not forged by mankind, but crystallised within the Earth, using the wishes of mankind as the basis. It is one of the ultimate God-forged weapons, a Last Phantasm. Originally cared for by the Faeries of the Planet, it was passed into the hands of King Arthur through the Lady of the Lake.
    Excalibur converts the mana of the wielder into light, and as the sword is swung, the light is released from the tip of the blade like a laser beam and destroys everything in its path. Of course, the mana consumption is extreme, thus it cannot be fired consecutively. In the Fourth Holy Grail War, the beastly giant sea monster summoned by Caster was completely incinerated by this Noble Phantasm. Excalibur is classified as an ‘Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm” due to its magnitude and destructive power.

    Rank: EX
    Type: Bound Field
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person
    The sheath of Excalibur, a Noble Phantasm with its origin in the Fairyland Avalon where King Arthur rests. The wielder will heal from any wound, and the aging process will cease. Unleashing the true name of Avalon will deploy a Bound Field that provides the greatest defence. A Noble Phantasm that annuls the interference of True Magic; its existence is equivalent to True Magic.
    In legend, losing this sheath casted an ominous shadow onto the life of King Arthur, eventually cascading to the collapse of the kingdom. In modern times, the Einzberns excavated Avalon at Cornwall and passed it into the hands of Emiya Kiritsugu. Afterward, it was planted into the body of Emiya Shirou to save his life, eventually becoming the link that led to his bond with Artoria. In Fate Route, Artoria learned that Shirou was her “sheath”, which led the duo to emerge victorious in the Holy Grail War.

    対魔力: A
    また、アーサー王の父ウーサーは、マーリンの計らいで竜の因子を持った後継者を造り、アルトリアは人であり ながら竜そのものの魔力を帯びるに至った。

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    Caster [Servant]
    Magus Heroic Spirit. A class specialized in magecraft, thought to be the weakest amongst all Servants.
    Her Master was Kuzuki Souichirou. Her real identity was Medea, the witch of betrayal from Grecian legends.
    Caster was quickly disposed of in Saber route, but she was quite the active villainess in Rin's route.
    She was originally an innocent person, but after suffering from repeated betrayal, she thought "Hmmm, fine, I might as well sink to rock bottom". Because of this, she was tainted by evil.
    To tell the truth, Caster really did possess qualities to become a villainess, but fundamentally she was just a young girl in love.
    Mmm, I thought Caster's embarrassed look would be pretty cute, after Shirou tattled on her "Mr. Kuzuki, Caster has been a bad bad girl".
    Under that robe hid one of the most beautiful women in Fate.
    Caster would do absolutely anything to the target of her affection, but up until now, all of her targets of affection abandoned her after getting their use out of her. Because of this, she kept people at a distance.
    Ah, it was such a pity that there was no Caster route. It would be pretty interesting, with Caster seducing Rider then setting up a trap to stab her in the back.
    On an unrelated note, Caster was a magus on the tier of True Magicians.
    However, since Caster did not learn Magic, she was still a magus.

    魔術師の英霊。 魔力に特化したクラスで、サーヴァント中最弱と言われている。
    マスターは葛木宗一郎。 正体はギリシャ神話において裏切りの魔女とされるメディアである。
    根は清純な人だったのだが、度重なる裏切りによって「ふーんだ、いいわよーだ、とうなったらとことん まで落ちてやるー!」と悪に染まってしまった。 一途だね。
    もともと悪女としての素質はあったのだが、なんだ かんだと根は恋する乙女,たったりするキャスターさん。
    「葛木先生、キャスターは悪い子です」と士郎に告げ口された途端、オロオロする様はとても可愛らしいと 思います、はい。
    惚れた相手にやトコトン尽くすのだが、今まで惚れ た相手はみんな甘えると逃げていったトラウマのため、 常に一歩引いた態度を贯くみたいです。
    あー、おしいなー。キャスタールートとかあったら 楽しそうだなあ、くそう!そしてライダーに浮気して後ろから刺されるワナ。
    余談ではあるが、魔術師としてのキャスターの能力 は魔法使いレベル。

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    Q: Caster's ability as a magus is at the wizard level, but is it possible for Caster (Medea) to become a wizard in the future? Also, are there beings that have a "higher level as magi" than the current wizards?

    Q: Caster's ability as a magus is at the wizard level, but is it possible for Caster (Medea) to become a wizard in the future? Also, are there beings that have a "higher level as magi" than the current wizards?

    A: Caster's a magus back in the day that true magic was common so she wouldn't have good affinity with the "Five True Magics of the Modern Era" anyhow, so, she isn't going to be able to pick up True Magic.
    Also there are actually quite a few magi with level higher than the current wizards. In the first place, Aozaki Aoko herself is inferior as a magus than the lecturers of the Clock Tower.

    Q:キャスターの魔術師としての実力は魔法使いレベルとのことですが、キャスター(メディア)が今後魔法使いになる可能性はあるのでしょうか? また現存する魔法使いより"魔術師としてのレベルが高い"存在はいるのでしょうか?


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    Effects on the Level of True Magic
    Although generally speaking “there are five True Magics”, this number does not reflect “effects that rival True Magics”. There are several examples in the story. Many Mystic Codes and creatures that exist in the world are also “shaped through True Magic”. Finally, there are those without definite shapes, but only exist “in motion”.
    A representative example of this last category is Assassin Kojiro Sasaki’s secret sword technique “Tsubame Gaeshi”. It is an ultimate technique which consists of the blade absolutely, simultaneously tracing separate paths and severing the target. In thaumaturgy, this is called “Multidimensional Refraction Phenomenon – Kischua Zelretch”, in other words, a limited application of the Second Magic “Operation of Parallel Worlds”.
    In addition, reality marbles, the sorcery that overwrites reality with the caster’s internal landscape, is also thought to be a skill that approaches the miracle of True Magic. Although temporary, there are not too many magi who are able to execute this World-altering grand sorcery.

    •Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia
    The matching “scabbard” of the holy sword Excalibur. The wielder does not age, and injuries will also quickly heal.
    After invoking its true name, Avalon dissipates as tiny particles into the air, and shields the wielder from all interference. No damage can be done to the wielder when a state of absolute defence is initiated. Even interference from the parallel world based on the Second Magic will be blocked. An “absolute defence” that can even repel the assault of True Magic, it is a True Magic in itself. No one can harm the tranquil King that stands in the land of Avalon.
    When Avalon was unleashed, not even the King of Heroes could harm Sabre.

    •Caster’s Sorcery (limited to Ryudo Temple)
    In the ancient era, sorcery is synonymous to True Magic, thus magi are Magicians. The true identity of the Caster in the Fifth War is Medea. She is one of these sorceresses that lived in the Age of Gods. Therefore, the sorceries which she executes have powers that approach the realm of True Magic. No matter how large-scale the sorcery is, she can use ‘High Speed Divine Language” to cast it in one step. Her skills even transcend the strongest magi of the current era, exceeding the Magicians. Although Medea is not a Magician, no one can argue that she is “a magus that is infinitely close to the Magicians”.

    •Phantasmal Species (Phantasmal Beasts of the Millennium-Rank, and Divine Beasts)
    The creatures told in the myths and legends around the world. Dragons, Fairies, and Ghosts etc. are such examples. The Pegasus mounted by Rider is a member of the Phantasmal Species.
    Phantasmal Species embody mysteries simply by existing, thus they transcend normal sorceries. Those Phantasmal Species that have survived for millennia are thought to be equal to True Magic, even observing one can be said to be a miracle.

    •The Spatial Transportation of Servants
    Spatial Transportation is a sorcery in the realm of True Magic. Not used normally, but Masters can use command spells to realise it to a limited extend. This is called Forced Summoning. Although the distance may be quite far, after the command is issued, the Servant will traverse great distances and arrive at the side of the Master in haste.

    •Zelretch’s Treasure Chest
    The heirloom of the Tohsaka House, and now it is a mystery chest that Rin favours. It was made by Zelretch.
    It looks like a “genuine treasure chest” from the outside, but it is really a “magical chest” that was made by applying the Second Magic. By bending space, most items can be fit into it. Possibly due to the effect of the Second Magic, the rate of temporal passage inside the chest is different from that of the outside. One hour inside equals to one day outside.

  13. [v] Character Material - Ado Edem, p.030-031

    Introduction - Knight Arm Slash Emperor

    The Knight Arm that Ado Edem possesses. The sword that consumes planets.

    It is a simple Knight Arm that is able to grow according to the size of its opponent.

    The seed that Edem holds in his hand sprouts and grows at the speed of his thoughts.

    However, with regards to this sword’s use of True Ether (Grain), it requires huge quantities to manifest itself, and needs an enormous convertible energy source.

    As the sword grows larger, it chips away at the earth to do so.
    This method of gaining energy by eroding the earth is similar to that of the old world. Edem’s Knight Arm can be called the embodiment of human nature, as it destroys the world in order to protect humans.

    Before it takes form, the Knight Arm stays in a seed-like state, and when Edem awakens it by driving it into the earth, it grows like a plant.

    Pictured is its usual battle state. The blue aura-like part is not the Grain released by the blade, but the sky split open by the blade. Splitting apart the “red sky” of the wasteland world and displaying its true state is the dignity of Slash Emperor.

    Explanation - Ado Edem

    The Ether Liner who manifests the Knight Arm, Slash Emperor.

    He was an Ether Liner who did not stand out much during the war with the A-rays, but suddenly rose to prominence when the Aristoteles invaded.

    He used Slash Emperor to slash through “The Black Aristoteles” (Type:Jupiter) in a single blow.

    Later, because the power of his Knight Arm was too great, the A-Rays, Liners, and many Ether Liners united to imprison him in the Witch Swift Umbrella, a disposal area created in the Great Rift.

    …As the war with the Aristoteles approached a close, he was seen as humanity’s trump card and thrown into the conflict, and was able to destroy “The Cross” (Type:Saturn), the fortress-like Aristoteles that had been attacked uselessly for a long time. His fate afterwards is unknown.

    Explanation 02: Witch Swift Umbrella

    A castle built in the Great Rift.

    Its name originates from its scaffolding, which looks similar to a large, upside-down, open umbrella.

    The original form of the Millenium Castle Brunestud from Tsukihime. A prison resembling a castle, with many walls and layers of gates linked with thousands of chains.

    Even standing up from the throne would require enough power to destroy the entire castle.

    Additionally, it is said that in order to reach the throne, one must pass through 78 “magic doors” that a normal Ether Liner would be unable to destroy.

    Explanation 03: The Great Rift

    Of the Six Sisters who lead the A-Rays, the youngest sister created this great crevice that split the earth in two.

    It was not intentionally created by the Six Sisters. Instead, as Ether Liners slew the youngest Sister, her death struggle rent a crack in the earth.

    By the way, even though “Magic” has been lost in the Land of Steel, the Six Sisters were indeed “Real Magic Users”.

    Explanation 04: Ether Liners

    The people who evolved into a new type of human in order to survive on and adapt to this wasteland are called Liners. Among them are also those who maintain their human shape but continue to evolve.

    From birth, they have an extra organ outside of their body, and in time this uses Grain to manifest matter.  These are known as Knight Arms, and those who can use this Knight Arm are called Ether Liners.

    Source: Source/(over count 1999) (From Tsukihime Dokuhon)

    A story that describes the extermination of humanity, and the war between the new humans and the planets. Its genre is science fiction.

    It recounts fairy tales of the war between the new humans, who adapted to the environment, and the A-Rays, who came from the artificially created next-generation ecosystems.

    On the planet that was doomed to death, political strife developed between the two races, to the point where the mysterious beings, the Aristoteles, rushed over from the universe with the intent of completely wiping out all life---

    In any case, ultimately it is a hopeless story.

  14. [v] Fate/Side Material - Encyclopedia: Magic [Miracle], p.075 [T]

    Magic [Miracle]
    A mystery distinct from magecraft. The final destination of magi.
    "Magic" is that which makes the impossible into the possible, for a given era. A "result" which can be realized with the application of time and effort is not magic.
    In the past, when civilization was young, most magi were also magicians, but currently only five remain.
    …Well, that's what they say, but there are actually only four still alive.
    The magician that handled the First magic already died a long, long time ago.
    Of the remaining four, two have disappeared, and two are bothersome people that pop up all over the place leaving trouble in their wake.

    魔術とは違う神秘。 魔術師たちの最终到達地点。
    その時代で実現不可能な出来事を可能とするのが『魔法』であり、時間と資金をかければ実現できる“結果” は魔法とは呼ばれない。

  15. [v] Tsukihime Dokuhon PlusPeriod - TSUKIHIME Dictionary: Magic [Term], p.189

    Magic [Term]
    A mystery distinct from sorcery. The final destination of magi. "Magic" is that which makes the impossible into the possible, for a given era. A "result" which can be realized with the application of time and effort is not magic. In the past, when civilization was young, most magi were also magicians, but currently only five remain.
    …Well, that's what they say, but there are actually only four still alive.
    The magician that handled the First magic already died a long, long time ago. Of the remaining four, two have disappeared, and two are bothersome people that pop up all over the place leaving trouble in their wake. As for why they are still commonly referred to as the five magicians regardless, well, that comes down to a matter of perspective. It's the difference between counting a dead person as somebody that no longer exists, or counting them as still being "alive" in a way, so long as some trace of them still lives on.


  16. [v] Kara no Kyoukai Special Pamphlet - Encyclopedia: Ether lump [Others], p.027 [T]

    Ether lump [Others]
    Ether, the Fifth Imaginary Substance as coined by the Association. It is a necessary medium that gives shape by mixing with the Four Elements.
    It is shapeless, but it is a critical element in the functioning of magecraft.
    Ether is bound to become one of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, but in the hands of a novice, it would fail to become one of the Four Elements and materialize. This is ether lump.
    Ether lump is completely useless. In some sense, creating ether lump is analogous to creating "Nothingness". Looking at it from this perspective makes it sound like "True Magic" In fact, ether lump is originally the First Magic's ----------


  17. [v] Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III. spring song Animation Material - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A, p.34-35[T]
    Q: Looking at Case Files Information, it sounds like the First Magic was made later than Third Magic? (Also I seem to like you sleep all day?)

    Q: Looking at Case Files Information, it sounds like the First Magic was made later than Third Magic? (Also I seem to like you sleep all day?)

    Nasu: HOW YOUNG!! Instead of sleeping all day, I spend almost everyday just sleeping!!

    To return to the main topic, the situation is somewhat complicated. The Third Magic itself existed before the Common Era, but it disappeared alongside the End of the Gods (It cannot be recreated), and 1000 years later the one who recreated it was Juzteaze. The reason why the First is called the First is a very special reason to its special nature.
    Takeuchi: You know for awhile now, this corner have been asking us the Setting Information that we haven't revealed properly yet. How impressive.
    Nasu: This is probably the last time for this, so I decided to take all the question without resorting to just jokes, at least the ones I can right now.

    ロード・エルメロイII世の事件簿のマチリアルによると、第三魔法は紀元前100年ごろから伝わっていたようですが、第一魔法の使い手が誕生したのはAD第一魔法の方があとに成立したといたとでしょうか?? <たまに一日い>

    奈: 若いな!いいコトです!こっちはた。まにどころか毎日1日中眠いです。それはそれとして、ちょいここややこしいのですが、第三魔法そのものは西日以前らあったものの、神代の終わりと共に失(実現不可)になってしまいました。すこれを1000年たって再現可能状態にしたのがユスティーツァとなります。また、一魔法が「第一」と分類されるのは、その特性も関与しています。
    武: さっきから知らない設定がどんどん示されていく……このコーナーすげえ……
    奈: 最後だからか、みんな遊びのない質が多かったんだよ。こっちも最後だからできるだけ答えています。

  18. Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt - Avalon le Fae: Fae Round Table Domain - Beryl's confession scene
  19. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files material
  20. [v] Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III. spring song Animation Material - Kinoko and Takashi Q & A, p.35[T]
    Q: Is Zelretch's name that well known?

    Q: Is Zelretch's name that well known?

    Nasu: Old bloodlines teach their children his name, and even young families have heard that "in the Clock Tower the great magician who led the World of Magecraft into battle long ago is still alive". Those who rise to the rank of Cause may eventually hear of another Magician by the name of Yumina.
    Takeuchi: Is Zelretch still a vampire in Fate worlds?
    Nasu: No, but he's got something along the lines of immortality all the same.

    ? <>


  21. Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Chapter 12: "Witch on the holy night"

    Touko does not believe that localized individual time travel is the true nature of the Aozaki magic.

    Aoko’s transformation is still only a side effect of her magic.

    She could not gauge if Aoko had arrived at the very depths of the nature of her magic, but she was certain it was not so simple a miracle.

    Because the concept of time travel is already included in the second magic.

    The revising of records, the rewriting of events falls under the operation of parallel worlds in other words.

    For that to now be called the Fifth Magic made no sense.

  22. 4gamer Interview with Nasu and Shinokawa
    Nasu: Yes. Goetia’s choice to “recreate everything with a better foundation” is an act close to being True Magic. That PV was perhaps some sort of reverse foreshadowing where knowing what Goetia is lets you see Aoko’s tracks, as well as a glimpse of the Fifth Magic’s identity. Think of it as fanservice from me. (laughs)
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    True Magic [Others]
    A Mystery different from magecraft. The final destination of every magus.
    "True Magic" achieves things that cannot be realized in a given era. An "outcome" which can be achieved through the investment of time and resources is not True Magic.
    Currently, the Association has determined five Magics.
    The so-called First and Second Magic are only known by a limited few in the Church.
    Although it is said that no more new "Magics" will emerge, Kokuto Mikiya insightfully pointed out the unrealized Magic.


  24. Mahoutsukai no Yoru

    "Oh, if only the first person can become a Magician, how many Magicians are there?" "There were 5. In the end, the final tasks that humanity will face will number 5; this is what the very first..."

  25. Melty Blood Actress Again - Archetype Earth's Win Quote versus Aoko Aozaki

    "To think the Fifth Magician would actually appear. Up until this point, we are following the future that 'that man' detailed. However―it looks like there's a slight margin to the ending.

    I wonder who it shall be to add the final sentence?

    「よもや、本当に第五の魔法使いが現れるとはな。  ここまでは彼の人が描いた未来図通り。  だが―――結末には少々の余白があるようだ。


  26. Kara no Kyoukai - 5/Paradox Spiral - Chapter 6

    ... I see. In this sense, magi and Magicians were indeed different. Only things such as time and space manipulation were currently beyond the reach of humanity. In an era where limited forms of viewing the past and future had become possible, there were very few things that were indeed impossible.
    Someday ---- humans would completely eliminate Magic. Youths became scientists as they attempted to understand fantastic things they witnessed as children. In the process, they seemed to accept the concept that these fantastic events were just natural phenomenons.
    "Ah. Then the last Magic must be one that brings happiness to everyone."
    Eh, I did not really understand.
    Azaka for some reason became silent.
    She stared at me as if she had seen something unexpected, and then suddenly turned away from me.

    ……なるほど。たしかにそういう意味なら、魔法使いと魔術師は別だろう。今の人類にできない事といえば、時 間とか空間を操る事ぐらいだ。未来視も過去視も完全ではないが可能になりつつある時代なんだから、不可能な 事なんて本当に数えるぐらいしかない。
     いつか―――人間は魔法そのものを排除してしまうだろう。幼い頃、不思議に思えた様々な出来事に惹かれて 科学者になった青年が、研究を重ねるうちにその不思議自体をただの現象に引きずり下ろしてしま うみたいに。