Magical Energy (魔力, Maryoku?) is a source of energy found naturally within magi and the world, acting as the source to actualize the mysteries of Magecraft.[1][2]


Referred to as the primordial animus and life itself, Magical Energy is the source that powers all forms of magecraft. Analogous to gasoline, it is an essential element for the invocation of spells.[1][2] There have been many names for Magical Energy depending on the culture.[2] It is primarily classified by two types, Mana and Od, separated only by whether it comes from the atmosphere or from within human magi. They are essentially identical in terms of quality, but the world's Mana vastly exceeds humanity's Od.[1]


Mana (マナ, Mana?), the meaning of which is approximately the same as that of Polynesian culture, is the greater Magical Energy found in the atmosphere of the world.[1][2] It is the "breath of the planet filling the world and nature,"[1] produced by the World through a network of Ley Lines (龍脈, Dragon's Meridian?) across the globe. There also exist the Divine-make leylines (神造霊脈?) of Olympus. They are an incomplete network of leylines created and administrated solely by the Gods, capable of superior mana provision compared to regular leylines.

The density of Mana on the planet is dependent on the age. Within the Age of Gods, the Mana density is such that a modern human will die when exposed to it without a specialized Mystic Code to block out the Mana.[3] The mana within a given area is finite, the three kilometer cavern housing the Fuyuki Greater Grail holding one thousand units. Similar to magi needing time to regenerate their Od, the Mana of an area will take a long time to replenish after it is depleted.[4]

Magi utilize freely the Mana in the air for the purpose of spells that exceed their personal Od, but the amount they can utilize at one time correlates to the capacity of their Magic Circuits.[1][2] If there is no available Mana, they can only utilize small-scale spells with their own storage.[2] The Forest of Ainnash directly controls its atmosphere, so magi cannot use the Mana from environment.[2] Satsuki Yumizuka's Reality Marble Depletion Garden rapidly depletes the Mana in the area, acting as a natural enemy to magi and Elementals.[5] Within the World of Fate/EXTRA, worldwide Mana Depletion (魔力枯渇?) brings about the end of magecraft, many magi becoming wizards.[6][7]


Od (オド, Odo?) is the life-force energy found within living organisms such as humans, animals and Magical Beasts. Once depleted, the Magic Circuits that are stored in the human soul will begin to replenish it. Od is produced as long as one lives, but the amount a person can store varies from individual to individual.


Creation of magical energy

The difference between Mana and Od is their abundance. Mana can be found almost anywhere and in great quantities, thus it is called the Greater Source by the magi. As Od is the energy inside humans and animals, it is much smaller in amount and is called the Lesser Source. Strictly speaking, Mana and Od are energy in its raw state, whereas magical energy is the name given to the energy once it is converted by the Magic Circuits. Mana can be taken in accordingly with the capacities of the Magic Circuits, but the actual conversion process will take time.

Regarding nature interference Magecraft mentioned before, at least for large-scale spells, activation requires the use of Mana regardless of the amount of Od that the magus has. In fact, it is common practice among the magi to start up their spells with Od and then keep them running with Mana. Only small-scale spells that do not interact with the environment directly are performed entirely with Od, an example of which would be Reinforcement.

Magical energy itself does not have any elemental attribute. However, once embedded into an object that does have said attribute (such as jewels) or that is under the influence of Nature Spirits, it will attune itself to the elements in question until the moment that it is released.

The magical energy itself is held only inside the body fundamentally and if released in the outer world, it will return to the life force and be scattered into the Greater Source. This has also been expressed as "evaporation." Magical power is prone to merge with the fluids (such as blood or semen) of the magus, and these fluids are good at holding in magical energy for some time even after leaving the body. Because of this, by drinking a magus' blood, one can replenish one's magical power. Magi with monetary problems have also been said to sell their bodily fluids, in which magical energy has been merged, to the Mage's Association.

Specific Od levelsEdit

There is some inconsistency between the various visual novels that make up the Nasuverse. In Fate/Stay Night, the average amount of Od is 25 units of magical energy. However, in Tsukihime, the average amount of Od is 40 units of magical energy.

  • Average matured magus: 25 units of magical energy (Fate).
  • Ciel: 100 times the amount of a magus based on an average magus having 40, giving her over 4000.
  • Shirou Emiya: 20~30 units of magical energy. 
  • Sakura Matou: Normally, she should have about the same amount as Rin, but the Worms in her body are constantly consuming her energy. When connected to the Holy Grail and Angra Mainyu, the energy inside her body is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000 units of magical energy, already on the level of a Counter Guardian. However, her maximum output of this energy can only equal her original amount, approximately 1000 units of magical energy at a time.
  • Rider’s Pegasus: 100 times the amount of a magus, so about 2500 units of magical energy.
  • Saber (with Shirou as Master): 1200~1300 units of magical energy.
  • Rin Tohsaka: 20 times the amount of an average matured magus, so about 500 units of magical energy. Maximum output is about 1000 units of magical energy.
  • Aoko Aozaki is capable of absurd feats of Magecraft using just her Od. An approximate comparison would be of a car traveling 1,000 kilometers with only one liter of gasoline.
  • Caster’s cost for a bolt of light is around three times Shirou's full capacity, and she can launch over ten at once in multiple volleys.
  • Shirou Emiya’s cost for:
    • Reinforcement: 2 units of magical energy.
    • Tracing: 5 units of magical energy.
  • In ancient Egypt, there was a practice of sewing one's eyelids together to prevent magical energy from escaping the body.[citation needed]
  • Saber’s consumption (with Shirou as Master):
    • Battle with no damage: 10 units of magical energy.
    • Amount regained per day: 8 units of magical energy.
    • Amount needed to maintain her body per day: 6 units of magical energy.
    • Amount spent fighting in the first day: 250 units of magical energy.


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