Magical Sapphire (マジカルサファイア?) is the Kaleidostick partner of Miyu EdelfeltLuvagelita Edelfelt's old partner, and younger sister of Magical Ruby in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.



A Kaleidostick, the younger sister of Magical Ruby, that enables Miyu to become a Magical Girl. Sapphire was originally assigned to Luvia, but, as with Ruby, Sapphire abandoned Luvia after becoming tired of how she was constantly quarreling with Rin.


Sapphire is a Mystic Code that resembles a toy Magical Girl Stick. Her appearance consists of a six pointed yellow star in a ring that has two small blue bead with two pairs of butterfly-like wings (the top is large and blue with white spots, while the bottom are small and black with jagged ends ), and a blue retractable handle that has a white top with a white brush at the bottom.

When not being wielded as a Kaleidostick, she lacks the handle. 


Although she is younger sister of Ruby, Saphire is slightly more mature and formal like Miyu and takes her responsibility as a Kaleidostick very seriously and always follows orders. She doesn't like fooling around like her older sister. This makes her sometimes a liability whenever Ruby goes too far with her teasing or schemes. This overall makes her more straighfoward if not blunt.

Like Ruby, she can be very loyal and caring to those she accepts as her proper master and will see to their well being. This also extends towards those her master cares about. When it comes towards those she see unworthy of her, she can be rude while still being formal. 


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As a Kaleidostick-type Mystic Code that can grant transformation into a Magical Girl, Sapphire has the same functions and abilities as her older sister Ruby. These functions include access to the Mana Plane to provide her user/master unlimited magical energy, limited only by their Magic Circuits.

She can have her wielder utilize shots made of pure Magical Energy that can be manipulated and grant enhancements that include A-rank Magical Barriers, Physical Protection, Regeneration, and increased Strength. However, these powerful enhancements are shown to be inferior towards varied Heroic Spirits and their abilities. She can freely choose her master while also establishing temporary contracts for others to wield her if required.

LIke her sister Ruby, Sapphire has the ability to Include and Install Class Cards.

When she isn't being used, she can fly on her own for self-movement. 

She can establish a video or audio wireless communication with Ruby, and exchange information through a USB-like cable. However, her communication with Ruby can be blocked by a strong magical interference. 

Sapphire is able to induce hypnosis that erases memories but at the cost of the target(s) losing one IQ. She also demonstrated this ability to control mice.

Like Ruby, they share the same weakness where they are unable to utilize their Magical Girl base abilities and spells without a wielder and will have their transformation undone when separated for too long. 


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