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« Come now, to Rome!"
"Everything, everything leads to my spear."
"Magna Voluisse Magnum! »


Magna Voluisse Magnum: All Things Lead to My Spear (すべては我が槍に通ずる
, Subete wa Waga Yari ni Tsūzuru
Maguna Woruisse Magunamu
?) is the Spear of Nation Building held by Romulus, regarded as on par with the great tree symbolizing Rome itself that appeared to his mother Silvia in a dream. At the occasion of the founding of the nation, he violently thrust the spear on the Palatium. Its power as a Noble Phantasm endows it with the ability to manipulate plants, and the calling of its True Name causes it to undergo a great transformation into a large tree to create the "past/present/future appearance of the imperial capital of Rome."[1] It washes away the target with a torrent of violent waves, a mass weapon Rome, the ever growing tree sprouting from the earth.[1][2]

With Romulus's Ascensions, the spear grows in size. The spear is regarded as the "spear of the beginning", in contrast to Rhongomyniad being the "spear of the end".[2]


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