Magus (魔術師, Majutsushi?, plural Magi) is the term for a human practitioner of Magecraft, the magical science, as opposed to a Magician, who is capable of bringing forth true miracles that are impossible to be reenacted at the current scientific stage. In ancient times, the term magus was used for both the users of Thaumaturgy and Magic, but with the advancement of science that made past miracles possible and the decline of the overall power of Magecraft, the differences between the two became clearer. In the modern age, there are only five Magicians left. A wizard, just like a magus, has a long life. If one uses life-prolonging magic, it wouldn't be impossible to live a few hundred or thousand years, either.

Magi frequently, but not necessarily, descend from old magical families, as affinity to magecraft is something transmitted through blood relations.[1]

More than just a name, the term "Magus" defines a whole set of beliefs and lifestyle, the first of which is the desire to reach the "Truth". No matter the cost, they use all their assets and abilities to reach that goal, and any abilities gained in the process are a by-product. They hold no meaning except as a means to reach the Truth. A magus also dedicates himself to the study and refinement of Thaumaturgy while driving himself apart of the values of common people in the process. He searches for the greater truths of the universe not to answer existential questions, but just for the sake of knowing. Ideally, a magus would render his own self transparent while still retaining his ego. In reality, however, most magi, especially those of the Mage's Association, are often caught up in petty power struggles. On the other hand, those who openly deviate from the way of magi, such as Kiritsugu Emiya and Shirou Emiya, are perceived as heretics that do not deserve to be called a magus. They have no interest in the Truth and see magecraft as a useful tool. They are called spell-casters.[2]


  • Druids (ドルイドたち?) — A type of magus originating in Celtic cultures.[3]
  • Faker (複製者, Fukuseisha?) - Faker is used as a term for Shirou Emiya and Archer for their usage of Gradation Air. Rin Tohsaka uses it as a regular term, while Gilgamesh uses it as a term of derision. Faker is also a Servant class, but it has no known connection to this terminology.
  • Houjutsushi (法術師, Hōjutsushi?) - Those who exorcise spirits through Sūtra, prayers and faith. The ones who achieved true enlightenment can draw upon the power of supernatural entities to perform miracles, but those with insufficient training have to fill the gap by adding their own power, just like the Western magi do. In Japan, there is a very secretive organization of Houjutsushi. Currently none of the monks of Ryuudou Temple are Houjutsushi, but there were a small number of them in the past.
  • Shaman (呪術師, Jujutsushi?) - The practitioners of Curse Arts, through similar in concept they are seen as a different kind from the regular magus. Users include the Fujou clan in the world of Kara no Kyoukai, Alice Kuonji, and, at first, Ayaka Sajyou.
  • Spellcaster (魔術使い, Majutsu Tsukai?) - The name given to those who use Magecraft without following the way of the magus, such as Kiritsugu Emiya and Flueger who treated Magecraft as just a tool. Usually, their general skill with Thaumaturgy is low, but it is not uncommon for them to be highly proficient in a single field that they choose to specialize at. Also includes mages who lack formal training such as Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou.
  • Spiritual Doctor (霊媒医師, Reibai Ishi?) - A magus that uses Spiritual Invocation to perform medical operations, one who heals not through the flesh, but through the soul. Can also be found among the members of the Church, thus hinting that these procedures are not completely seen as Thaumaturgy. Kirei Kotomine was an excellent Spiritual Doctor who was capable of removing Command Spells from a Master without damaging his nervous system.
  • Wizard (ウィザード?) - The new class of magus in the world of Fate/EXTRA.
  • Witch (魔女, Majo?) — The partitioners of Witchcraft and a type of supernatural being tied to the First Magic.


Depending on their craft, the appearance of magi may become distorted due to the chemicals with which they work or type of magecraft they practice. Rather than become ashamed over it as a mark of humiliation, it is normal for them to see it as a source of pride.[4]

Many magi look down on those like freelancers who use magecraft to earn a profit, believing it to be solely a field of research that should not be used in such a manner. Only those with more worldly experience or those practicing more controversial magecraft can look past the initial disdain and bewilderment other magi have for such people.[4]

It is possible for magi to obtain magical patents recognized by the Clock Tower, allowing them to obtain money from theories and rituals in the same manner as regular patents. The Tohsaka family earns tens of millions of yen annually from those that they own.[5]

Most magi of long lineages do not find convenience in using modern technology, believing that the comparable magical tools they have possessed since long before the technology was invented will never be inferior. Compared to communication tools that are susceptible to spying and that will stop working with power outages, they feel their own apparatuses like the Tokiomi Tohsaka's implements in place of fax machines and phones will remain superior due to not having such issues. It is rare for there to be magi who are not repulsed by the idea of using such technology, with Irisviel von Einzbern being hard-pressed to understand how to properly use a phone, and Jubstacheit von Einzbern fervently arguing against Kiritsugu Emiya having a telephone line and power generator installed at the Einzbern Castle. People like Kirei Kotomine cannot truly understand this train of thought, believing that a fax machine that can be used by anyone is more convenient, and Kiritsugu, a magus who frequently uses such technology, finds that the tendency of magi to ignore such technology as a legitimate threat, not understanding what a regular human can accomplish without magecraft, is a blind spot he can exploit in his work as a magus killer.[6] Those of families that do not follow such traditions like Waver Velvet are easily capable of using them to the degree of any ordinary person.[7]

The Association does not base its principals on normal morality, but rather the preservation of the secrets of magecraft. Magi may commit many horrendous crimes, but they will not be targeted so long as it does not become a threat to their secrecy. While many people may perish in the Holy Grail War rituals, the Association only seeks to make sure the media is properly manipulated as to avoid letting it become public and having the Einzbern cover any monetary damage.[8] When hunting those who have been given a Sealing Designation, their greatest priority is ensuring the safety of the results of the designated's research over all else. Competing with the Church in their goal of wiping out all heretical knowledge, they seek most of all to obtain the Magic Crests of the designated as the most precious of a magus' work. In the case of Norikata Emiya and his successor Kiritsugu Emiya, the Association keeps the majority of the crest, and only through negotiations of the one selling it to them, Natalia Kaminski, is Kiritsugu able to inherit a minor portion.

Magi Bloodlines[]


The Animusphere (アニムスフィア, Animusufia?) family is one of the top ten families in the Clock Tower and are responsible for developing the Astronomy department and leading its Faculty. They have multiple branch houses, with the Fellows and Fargo families counted among them. The Animuspheres primarily stay in the mountains and observe the heavens.

The Animusphere Astromancy magecraft specializes around predicting the future and observing the planet. Their family Magecraft is dependent on the ambient mana to fuel it, as revealed in the Atlantic Lostbelt with Kirschtaria Wodime.[9]

Known Members
Marisbury Animusphere (Former Head)
Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere (Current Head)


The Aozaki (蒼崎, Aozaki?) is the family who administers the greatest spiritual land in Japan. For magi of the Clock Tower, this name is a synonym for "trouble". Despite its age, it is not a renowned lineage. A bloodline with a history worth a total of six generations, the head of the third generation was a genius that discovered a path to the Root under his land. After creating the Fifth Magic, however, he sealed this path and decided to wait for someone who had the potential to comprehend the Root. He was the Fifth Magician until he passed on the Fifth Magic to his successor, and was a "magus infinitely close to being a magician" afterwards until his death. By using this path, the successive heads have a high chance of inheriting the Fifth Magic, but going further into touching the Root is forbidden.[10] The current family head is Aoko Aozaki.

In the present generation, the family had the misfortune of having siblings disputing over the position of family head, a tragedy for any clan of magi. The outcome of the conflict was that the younger of the two sisters, Aoko, emerged victorious and became a Magician. At a point of time, both sisters were part of the Mage's Association but eventually they withdrew from it. Aoko left on a whim and became a Freelancer. Meanwhile, the older sister, Touko, ran away after receiving a Sealing Designation after realizing that if she remained with the Association she would never be able to leave later, despite the great chance of her reaching the highest levels of the place.

The Aozaki family never had a history of producing heirs with many Magic Circuits and the numbers were decreasing even more with the passing of generations. By the time of the fifth generation, there were almost no Circuits left. Many though that was the end for the Aozaki lineage, but Touko of the sixth generation surprisingly turned out to be a prodigy with 20 Circuits.

Aoko and Touko's grandfather, the third generation head, used to be called a monster and, in Aoko's own words, is "a no-good old man who stubbornly lived too long". He raised Touko in the way of the magus in his Workshop on the mountains, while Aoko and her parents lived separately. However, when the two girls were 19 and 15 respectively, he suddenly changed the position of successor to Aoko. Eiri Fumizuka killed him during this opportunity. The third generation head still exists in spiritual form in his workshop, having dissolved his sense of self in order to exist longer; this is the reason that he fulfills the wishes of anyone visits his workshop. While he gave the title of family head to Aoko, he believes that his "true successor" who could touch the Root and understand it has yet to come. Soujuurou Shizuki believes that because his standards are infinitely high, a successor will never appear.

About the time of the 5th Holy Grail War, Touko was still hiding herself from the Association, while Aoko was touring around the country without a care in the world.

While Touko is a very versatile Magus, Aoko is good at nothing but destruction, being a user of the 5th True Magic, "Blue".

Known Members
Touko and Aoko's Grandfather (3rd Family Head)
Touko and Aoko's Parents
Touko Aozaki
Aoko Aozaki (4th Family Head)


The Archibald (アーチボルト, Āchiboruto?), a house of nobles from the Mage's Association considered to be elite among the elites and is one of the only families to possess close ties with the Barthomelois. The Archibald's rival family are the Trambelios, who espouse democracy. In command of the El-Melloi Lords faction within the Association, the house was almost ruined after the death of its ninth head, the prodigy Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald, but managed to recover itself thanks to the efforts of an unofficial apprentice, Waver Velvet. After the situation was cleared, Velvet was rewarded with the title of "Lord El-Melloi II" as a form of gratitude. But the true heir of the Archibald house is actually a little girl in the lowest seat of the clan. Reines El-Melloi Archisorte gave him the title while saying "I recognize your deeds to the Archibald family, but since you were only making up for what you caused in the first place, you better serve me for your entire life", thus literally binding him to her.[11]

Known Members
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald


The Archisorte (アーチゾルテ, Āchizorute?) are a branch family of the Archibald family.

Known Members
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte - The Princess of the El-Melloi family


The Barthomeloi (バルトメロイ, Barutomeroi?) is one of the most noted lines of magi within the Association, considered one of the Three Great Noble Families of the Clock Tower.[12] They are a family of rulers and lords that can be called embodiments of perfectionism and aristocracy. Their lineage is mysterious and old even for the standards of the other Association's magi, and it is uncertain when the name "Barthomeloi" was first written in the pages of history. They first appeared during the construction of the Clock Tower, and quickly became lords with their powerful Blue Blood Noble Magic Circuits and attribute of Almighty. They have reigned at the peak of the Association for centuries, and sought perfection in each generation of their magi. The head of their family does not appear in public until he or she becomes perfected as a magus according to their standards. They are raised only inside the Barthomeloi manor, as having them appear outside while inexperienced appears to be an embarrassment for them. Resulting from this, once the head first steps into the Association, they are immediately ready to act as a Department Head. They find great pride in the "Barthomeloi" name, considering it to represent everything they are, while their own given names are simply attachments. All of the Barthomeloi's have an almost obsessive hatred toward the Dead Apostles, possibly due to their dignity as humans or pride as aristocrats, and they spend their time hunting them as if it were completely natural. This obsession may go so far as neglecting any other responsibilities to participate in any vampire hunts available.

They can be considered aristocrats more intense than even the Twenty-seven Ancestors, who believe that even their fellow lords ought to be submissive to even more venerable and excellent blood. The only magus seen as the equal of the Barthomeloi Lord is the practitioner of the First Magic. The current head, Barthomeloi Lorelei, has some degree of friendly relations with the Archibald family, but other information concerning her succession and her background are unknown.

Known Members
Barthomeloi Lorelei


The Borzak (ボルザーク, Boruzāku?) are a clan that specializes in the use of Bee familiars. Odd cast away his humanity and became a Dead Apostle. After his death, the family was ransacked for his research and only his granddaughter, Haruri, was left alive.

Known Members
Odd Borzak
Haruri Borzak


The Caesarmunde (シザームンド, Shizāmundo?, Sisimund) specialize in Butterfly Magic(Papilio Magia) (蝶魔術(パピリオ・マギア)?).

Known Members
Orlocke Caesarmund
Verner Caesarmund
Glannid Ashborn (Illegitimate child)


The Codrington (コドリントン, Kodorinton?) family are a family of magus that specialized in necromancy. The family itself has been shown to be large enough to have a main and branch families sharing the same last name.

Known Members
Waletta Codrington
Wills Pelham Codrington
Trevor Pelham Codrington


The Crudelis (クルドリス, Kurudorisu?) family is an alchemist clan a part of Atlas Academy, being one of the Six Sources of Atlas equivalent to the Lords of the Clock Tower. The Crudelis family's magecraft uses alchemy to make bone familiars and bone constructs, being directly compared to how the Eltnam family makes weapons out of their nerves. They were involved in the creation of Ergo, supplying the flesh of a god for him to devour. As Atlas seeks to prevent the end of the world, Lord El-Melloi II believes that the Crudelis' motive for creating Ergo was to prevent whatever disaster they foresaw.

Known Members
Latio Crudelis Hiram (Current Head)


The Dioland (ディオランド, Diorando?) are a family of magus that specialize in puppet making, and were involved in United States politics since the country's founding.

Among their members was Assassin's Master in the third Fuyuki Holy Grail War, who recorded mystic memories through the puppets he used in the War, and transmitted them to his family, even to distant relations. Eventually, Faldeus’ grandfather joined hands with United States politicians and military leaders, and developed a plan to hold a Grail War on their own land within several centuries. When Faldeus' father inherited the project, Francesca proposed cultivating a stolen portion of the Fuyuki Grail, which allowed their Grail War to occur in less than a century.[13] Both known members have participated in a Holy Grail War.

Known Members
Assassin's Master
Faldeus Dioland


The Eltnam (エルトナム, Erutonamu?), a fallen noble house of alchemists, they are scorned and feared due their creation and use of Etherlite. The cause of their ruin came when the family head of three generations past, Zepia Eltnam Oberon, became a Dead Apostle around 500 years ago.

Known Members
Zepia Eltnam Oberon (Tsukihime timeline)
Sion Eltnam Atlasia (Tsukihime timeline)
Dust of Osiris (Tsukihime timeline)
Zepia Eltnam Atlasia (Fate timeline)
Sion Eltnam Sokaris (Fate timeline)
Sialim Eltnam Re-Atlasia (Fate/EXTRA timeline)
Rani VIII (Fate/EXTRA timeline)


The Escardos (エスカルドス, Esukarudosu?) is a particularly old lineage even within the Mediterranean Basin. It was rumored to have been active centuries following the dawn of the Common Era, alongside the Magician Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. No one at the Clock Tower believed it, nor did the descendants themselves—after all, although their family was old, they hadn't produced any worthwhile results. Even their Magic Crest had only age to recommend it. The greater portion of spells was indecipherable, even to the heirs themselves. The crest did, however, contain advanced life preservation capabilities so they managed to just barely cling to their dignity as an old family.[14]

Mocked by the Clock Tower as "moldering antiques" their only wish was for their Magic Circuits to develop. While their circuits remained few down the generations, their Magic Crest had yet to show signs of reaching the end of its lifespan. The Escardos family found this preferable to dwindling like the Makiri and they worked hard to shore up their footing as mages to avoid that fate—even if other mages laughed at their wasted effort.[14]

After a few centuries of that, an "anomaly," Flat Escardos, was born into the Escardos family. He had Magic Circuits unparalleled within his lineage, genius magical energy control, and the originality to combine spells from the past into a unique new magecraft. He was believed to have been the ideal heir, but as his talents began to bud, it became clear that he had entirely lacked the "mental attitude" that could be called a mage's most important attribute.[14] Though known only to Zelretch and Van-Fem, Flat is the result of the 1,800 year old dream of the Escardos family.[15]

Known Members
Mesala Escardos
Flat Escardos


The Fargo (ファーゴ, Fāgo?) are a branch family of the Animuspheres who also practice astromancy, following the traditional Geocentric model of the universe. They also practice the Seven Planets model.[16]

Known Members
Ernest Fargo (Head)
Mary Lil Fargo
Alec Fargo


The Fellows (フェローズ, Ferōzu?) is the most prominent of the Animusphere branch families.

Known Members
Trisha Fellows


The Forvedge (フォルヴェッジ, Foruvejji?) are a family from Germany that is in decline.[17][18] They specialize in Spiritual Evocation, specifically the summoning of animal spirits. In the world of Fate/Apocrypha they joined the Yggdmillennia, while in the world of Fate/stay night the heir Fiore ran away from home and her younger brother Caules became heir instead.

Known Members
Caules Forvedge
Fiore Forvedge


The Fraga (フラガ, Furaga?), a family with a history that extends back to the Age of Gods. Due to the faithful servitude they showed to the ancient deities in the past, the clan was rewarded with the knowledge of mystic runes and rights over the Noble Phantasm Fragarach. From the Magi's standards they are supposed to be the top-elite, but for some reason decided to remain isolated in a small coastline village. By bloodline alone, they should have been seen as high class, but in truth possess neither money nor fame and just live secretly while passing down their mystical knowledge to their descendants.[19]

They possess the Sorcery Trait God's Holder: Tradition Carrier (伝承保菌者(ゴッズホルダー)?); A special quality found in the old blood of this family, remains of a mystery of the Age of Gods in the form of a virus. Not an hereditary trait carried in the genes, but rather a pathogen that has been transmitted throughout the generations. Allows the recreation and use of the Noble Phantasm Fragarach.[19]

The parents of Bazett were against her entrance into the Association.[19]

Known Members
Bazett's Parents
Bazett Fraga McRemitz


The Frain (フレイン, Furein ?), are a family quite well known in the field of doll engineering. It is traditional for the children of the house to be left nursed by Golems from the moment of birth, and until they reach the age when the family crest can be transferred to them, their parents practically never leave the workshop to see them. It was the policy of the Frain family to be raised and not give any love from the beginning. The golems have complete responsibility even for their education. As such, every child of the clan becomes very familiar with golems. The acts and speech of these dolls modelled after human beings—the way they continue to work day and night—becomes what is common sense to them. Having been raised on such an eccentric upbringing, they become magi for whom golems rather than other humans are the norm. They may have forgotten even the faces of their own parents, but they remember the form of every single golem who has cared for them.[20]

Known Members
Roche Frain Yggdmillennia


The Galliasta (ガリアスタ, Gariasuta?) are an old bloodline from the Middle East, only recently aligned with the Clock Tower. Their magecraft steps right into the field of Curses, so they are a rather troublesome opponent to deal with. They used that magecraft to force cooperation from nearby organizations, securing the rights to oil drilling operations. As far as influence in mundane affairs is concerned, they're in the lead even among members of the Clock Tower.[21]

If you want it, then take it. If there's a blade in your hand, then swing. That line of thinking is how the Galliasta family had risen to prominence. The successor to the family is decided by pitting siblings against each other in a number of trials meant to curry political power. Atrum Galliasta, the current owner of the Galliasta Magic Crest, was the one who brought their family into the Clock Tower. Seeing magecraft that was considered old and outdated, he instead saw profit and potential.[22]

Known Members
Atrum Galliasta


The Harwey (ハーウェイ, Haawei?) are a magus family from the world of Fate/EXTRA. The family owns approximately sixty percent of the real world, whether this is through land ownership, monetary wealth or political influence is unclear. Regardless, the Harwey Conglomorate is a powerful organisation, possessing both great influence and its own team of assassins with which to do away with opposition. The heir to the family, Leo B. Harwey, was conceived between the former Harwey head and Leo's mother Alicia. While Leo is the younger brother of Julius B. Harwey, Julius is an illegitimate son, and after being harshly tested as a child, was discarded as a potential heir. Determining the Holy Grail to be a threat to their regime, the Harweys sent both brothers to the moon in order to claim it: Julius with the purpose of eliminating those that would oppose Leo, and Leo to take the Grail for the group.

Known Members
Leonardo B. Harwey (Heir)
Julius B. Harwey


The Icecolle (アイスコル, Aisukoru?) family, were a fairly old bloodline of practitioners of the dark arts. The Icecolle were forced on the run by the devastating witch hunts of the Middle Ages. They escaped from western Europe all the way to Siberia, they lost the foundation of their thaumaturgy and eventually fell into decline. Celenike was the first child to be born of the decaying bloodline in a long time.[23]

Known Members
Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia


The Iselma (イゼルマ?) family has pursued the creation of 'the most beautiful person' for generations as their path to「 」. Beauty is insuperable from humanity, so in Magi's view 'if one looks upon beauty, one becomes more beautiful'. Beauty is a sympathetic curse: as we appreciate art, the more it purifies our souls and spirits; the true nature of the feeling we express with the term 'beauty'. So if we were to witness something of extreme beauty, then we would be able to push our soul up into a higher plane of being all at once. The twin Princesses of Gold and Silver are a product of magecraft so beautiful that the term is referred to as ____ or 「 」, an effect they can produce on demand at anytime, which Reines says isn't exaggerating to say it's in the realm of True Magic since the term isn't used lightly by Magi yet they can only be described as such. They are dependent on Lord Valuayeta of the Valuayeta family, of which Iselma is a branch family of, who are one of the Three Great Noble Families of the Clock Tower alongside the Barthomeloi and the Trambellio.

In pursuit of "beauty", the Islema family has been stated to create a generations of "Princess of Gold and Silver" that embodied the success of their research during that era. This is seen where they would traditionally have a unveiling party to show off the two to the other mages of the Mage's Association.

Known Members
Byron Valualeta Iselma
Diadra Valualeta Iselma
Estella Valualeta Iselma


The Istari (イスタリ?) were a family well-noted for their alchemy.

Originally, the current head of the Istari Family and his wife held high hopes for their firstborn son, Heine, to succeed due to his immense talent and skill as a Magus. However, he later caused a scandal within the Clock Tower due to him abandoning his family, titles, inheritances, Magic Crest and position within the Clock Tower to join the Holy Church. This in turn caused his parents to resort to implant their Magic Crest into their second child, Rosalind, at an incredibly young age that could potentially damage her body. Hearing about this, Heine returned in order to save his sister. However, by the time he returned to the family to retake the crest, his parents had already implanted the majority of the Magic Crest into her body and had damaged her internally, halving her overall lifespan.

Known Members
Parents of Hiene & Roselind
Heine Istari
Rosalind Istari


The Meluasutea (メルアステア, Meruasutea?, Meluastella) familiy is in charge of the Neutral Faction in the Clock Tower. They are in charge of two departments after taking possession of Mineralogy from the El-Melloi family in the confusion following Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's death.


Musik family's crest

The Musik (ムジーク, Mujīku?) are an alchemy family and were once known to had rivaled the Einzbern in terms of skills in alchemy. As their thaumaturgical blood had already been in decay, the Musik family was absorbed into the Yggdmillennia, during in the Great Holy Grail War. Despite their insular and unsociable nature, the Einzbern reluctantly formed relationship with other magi, which the Musik family took advantage of in order to obtain a portion of their homunculi craft. However, what the Einzberns taught was merely the equivalent of giving a toy to a child, so it was not much of a problem for them. While Musik family concealed the fact that they were part of the Yggdmillennia clan, the Einzberns had already known the truth.[24] Gordes is currently the successor of the house.

Known Members
Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia
Goredolf Musik
Gordes' unnamed wife
Toole (Homunculus)


The Norwich (ノーリッジ?) are known as the "Daddy-Long-Legs family of the Clock Tower," referring to the Daddy-Long-Legs practice of anonymous benefactors providing scholarships for orphaned children. Having been fortunate with money for generations, the Norwich family has a tradition of adopting people of interest, causing the name to spread throughout the Clock Tower. If any of their adoptees cut ties with them afterward, the Norwich family has a strict "it's not worth pursuing those who flee" policy.

The Norwich family were also the benefactors of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory at the Clock Tower when it was first established, and so the department now bears their name. While the current head of Norwich has taken an interest in Lord El-Melloi II, due to their complex political situation, Reines has decided it is best for them to keep their distance.[25]

Known Members
Doctor Heartless (adopted)
Hishiri Adashino (adopted)


The Riedenflaus (ライデンフロース, Raidenfurōsuto?) are a family associated with the Clock Tower, with their roots in necromantic traditions. They are low in status compared with the elite of the Mage's Association, and their history spans only a few centuries. However, in the world of Fate/Requiem their longtime occupation of the seat at the foot of the aristocratists’ table was enough to grant them entry to Mosaic City.

The Riedenflaus are the promoters of the Holy Grail War Tournament held in Akihabara, meaning they are actively and brazenly flouting the first precept of the Mage's Association: the concealment of Mystery. The family's magecraft revolves around the creation of homunculi.

Known members
Koharu F Riedenflaus


The Rum (ラム, Ramu?) Magus family is another clan of Magi affiliated with the Clock Tower and the Mage's Association.

In the universe of Fate/Apocrypha, one of its members, Jean Rum, would garner a reputation as a powerful and skilled Magus for hire. With her prowess and skill in combat having been infamous enough for her to be chosen by the Clock Tower to participate in the Great Holy Grail War as a Master of Red.

In other timelines, including the The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II and Fate/strange Fake, another member of the Clan, Org Rum, is a student of Lord El-Melloi II and is well known as one of the Clocktower's up and coming Magi that would successfully reach the rank of "Brand" or "Pride" within a short amount of time.

Known Members
Jean Rum
Org Rum


The Pentel (ペンテル, Penteru?) Family is another family of Magi that has ties with the Clock Tower and the Mage's Association. They have been stated to be the type of magi who divided up their family's Magic Crest between two members (typically siblings) between themselves and display greater power when near each other.

During the universe of Fate/Apocrypha, Deimlet Pentel and Cabik Pentel were a well known combat specialists duo and were known throughout the world for their strength, having been described as monsters specialized in combat who remove the opposition without mercy. Their reputation and strength being infamous enough for them to be assigned as members of the Red Faction and act as Masters.

In other timelines, including The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II and Fate/strange Fake, two sisters of the family, Nazica and Radia Pentel, are students of Lord El-Melloi II and are known to be up and coming magi of the Clock Tower who would reach the rank of "Brand" or "Pride" within a short amount of time.

Known Members
Deimlet Pentel
Cabik Pentel
Nazica Pentel
Radia Pentel


The Phamrsolone (ファムルソローネ, Famurusorōne?) is a prominent magus family within the Clock Tower, with their dream being for a Jewel Ranked Mystic Eye that has reached the Sixth Imaginary Factor.

Ophelia’s birth parents put her under immense pressure to succeed in life as a Magus and become a first rate one through any means necessary. During the course of her early childhood her parents subjected her through several, incredibly painful magical operation in order to increase her overall abilities as a magus that left deep emotional trauma to the young Ophelia and coupled with their "normal" magus mindset of obsessively pursuing the "Truth", Ophelia did not receive much emotional support or love from them and due to them placing immense pressure on her to fulfill their high expectations, Ophelia ended up developing an quiet, introverted, reserved and somewhat shy personality due to her developing a severe lack of self-confidence and a fear to interact and become close to others due to her lonely and traumatic childhood.

List of Members
Ophelia's Parents
Ophelia Phamrsolone


The Sajyou (沙条?) family is a prominent foreign magus bloodline, specializing in Black Magic.

At some point in the past, the head of the family Hiroki marries his wife (who is from an English background), who then gives birth to his daughters Manaka and Ayaka. His wife soon dies some time after creating her botanical garden, "Garden", due to both having a weak constitution and additional leftover strain from Ayaka's birth.

Known Members
Hiroki Sajyou (Previous Head)
Mrs. Sajyou
Manaka Sajyou
Ayaka Sajyou


The Sakagami (坂神?) are a magus family in the World of Fate/EX, one of the only remaining old magus families remaining after the mana depletion. The Sakagami magecraft is Witchcraft, using a bronze bell as a charm to call down the gods and nurture them within in order to purify oneself. In their case, they resonate their od within the bell to use spells.[26]

Known Members
Mr. Sakagami (Head)
Mrs. Sakagami
Kazuhito Sakagami
Fumika Sakagami


The Sakatsuki (朔月?) are an old family tracing back to the roots of Fuyuki with no apparent no ties with the magic world on the surface. In the age where the death rate of child birth is insanely high in Japan, children are revered as the entity that exist between the boundary of gods and humans. They are referred as Child of God (神稚児, Kami Chigo?), with the children possessing Divinity until the age of six. The tradition and culture has been lost in the age of modern medicine, but the Sakatsuki still continue the practice of revering children as divinities.

The Sakatsuki's Child of God can grant the power of wishes unconditionally, though it is uncertain if the Child of God wish granting abilities is based on the age or Fuyuki's magical leylines. The Sakatsuki are very secretive with their Child of God; no one witnesses the birth of the girl aged below six. They set up Bounded field inside their house to block out human thoughts. The Sakatsuki kept their children from other humans, with the children solely raised by their mothers and given limited education. After the girl has aged beyond six, the child of god would become human and would appear in society. To explain the child's appearance and lack of education, they are introduced as having recovered from a chronic illness and then adopted into a relative's family.

The Sakatsuki family was wiped out with the exception of Miyu in the Fourth Holy Grail War.

Known Members
Miyu Sakatsuki (Temporarily Adopted by Luvia Edelfelt)
Hiyoko Sakatsuki


The Sembren family was noted to be one of the Clock Tower's most prestigious magus families, with its current head, Feend, a first rate instructor to the Clock Tower and a first rate Magus.

In the world of Fate/Apocrypha, Feend's skills and power earned him a first pick to be a master for the Great Holy Grail War as one of the Masters of Red. However, upon him falling prey to Father Shiro's trap and subsequent manipulation without actually accomplishing anything in the Holy Grail War, the Sembren's family suffered greatly and his son, Fezgram, is currently trying to work his way up to restore the family's reputation.

Known Members
Feend vor Sembren
Fezgram vor Sembren


The Sisigou (獅子劫, Shishigou?) family is already in its seventh generation of magi despite hailing from the Far East, where thaumaturgy can hardly be said to be flourishing. The ancestor of the Sisigou family head made a contract with an unknown being in the past which resulted the decline of producing children. Kairi is the last survivor of this extinct bloodline. They once adopted a girl who was compatible with their magecraft and hoped to pass down their legacy by implanting the Magic Crest to her but she died in the process. There is no successor to this bloodline.

Known Members
Touki Sisigou (Sixth Generation Head)
Kairi Sisigou (Seventh Generation Head)
Kairi's Stepdaughter


Sophia-Ri (ソフィアリ, Sofia-Ri?), a family related to the Nuada-Re (ヌァザレ, Nuaza-Re?) lineage, a prestigious clan that is proud of its latent potential as magi and the family of the current Department Head of the Eulyphis – Spiritual Summoning Department of Clock Tower. Around the time that Sola-Ui was born, a power struggle almost caused the family's successor to be assassinated.

Known Members
Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri


The Trambelio (トランベリオ, Toranberio?) familiy is in charge of the Democratic Faction. Its also one the 3 Great Noble families that hold sway over the Clock Tower.

Known Members
McDonell Trambellio Elrod (Head)
Asheara Mystras (Adopted)
McDonell's Sixth and current Wife
McDonell's Twelve (natural and adopted) daughters


The Valualeta is one of the 3 Great Noble families that hold sway over the Clock Tower.

Known Members
Inorai Valualeta Atroholm


The Velvet (ベルベット?) is a three generation lineage. The first generation was his grandmother, who was the lover of a certain magus and picked up the very basics of magecraft from their pillow talk.

The second generation, Waver’s mother, only dabbled as a way to honor her mother’s memory. Waver was the first member of his family to seriously follow the path of magecraft.[27]

Waver Velvet later becomes Lord El-Melloi II after he restores the Archibald family.[11]

Known Members
Lord El-Melloi II


The Weins (ウェインズ, Weinzu?) family are a branch family of the Trambelios.

The Weins family is shown to be one of the most elite families within the Clock Tower due to their status as being related to the Trambellios and their own reputation in their chosen specialty of offering their services in fine tuning and adjusting the Magic Circuits and Magic Crests of other families. These advantages have also effectively made the Weins incredibly wealthy and well-off, with their current heir, Melvin, being noted to frequently squander and use gigantic amounts of money with little care for the consequences, with his expenses being shown to not actually damage or endanger his families finances.

Known Members
Melvin's Father
Melvin's Mother
Melvin Weins


The Wodime (ヴォーダイム, Vuōdaimu?) family is one of the oldest families of magi, known worldwide for having a bloodline extending for a thousand years uninterrupted and an extremely old, undamaged Magic Crest containing the culmination of a thousand year research, containing the secrets to the ancient form of Astrology that predates modern day Astronomy, originating from the Age of Gods and inherited from the Wodime family's ancient ancestors, the ancient Chaldeans.

Currently, the family's heir and head is Kirschtaria Wodime, an extremely prodigious magus of the Clock Tower's Astronomy Faculty and stated to be the "Jewel of the Clock Tower", to the point he was deemed to be a superior candidate to inherit the title of "Lord" than the legitimate inheritor Olga Marie Animusphere after studying under the Astronomy Department's head, Marisbury Animusphere.

Known Members
Kirschtaria's Grandfather (Previous Head)
Kirschtaria's Father
Kirschtaria Wodime (Current Head)


The Yakou (夜劫?) are a family of houjutsu practitioners in Tokyo. Rin Tohsaka had heard of them even in Fuyuki, though didn't know they were still active.[28] They are a yakuza family and distant relatives of the Ryougi.[29]

The Yakou use magecraft the way it was done in the Age of Gods. The Yakou magecraft uses kashiwade to call on kami (kami in this context referring to Od, the energy in all living things) to resonate with the opponent's individual wavelength. With this they can do things such as shaping spell formulas inside the opponent's body, essentially detonating a bomb inside of them.[29]

Traditional Japanese Magecraft is performed by connecting to fragments of gods called Divine Bodies, which are fully-formed organs of gods. There are only eight known Divine Bodies in Japan, and in order to keep their Mystery from fading the eight groups that hold them have different ways to keep them safe. The Yakou store their Divine Body inside of a human being known as a Black Chest, which Akira Yakou is next in line for.[30]

Known members
Akane Yakou (Current Head)
Yukinobu Yakou (Yakuza leader)
Akira Yakou
Mei Yakou
Yukinobu's ex-wife


The Zepter (ツェプター, Hainrihi Tseputā?) is an extinct bloodline likely originating from Bavaria in southern Germany. They experimented with perfecting resurrection of the dead. Whilst they did succeed in restoring the body to a perfect semblance of life, even allowing bodies with missing parts to accept foreign organs with ease, they could never achieve perfect retrival of the soul. Having declined for several generations, their final head Heinrich Zepter became a heretic by creating monstrous fusions of man and beast in a fashion none too dissimilar to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. After fleeing to Present Mountain, America, he was hunted down and killed by Natalia Kaminski and Kiritsugu Emiya. The Zepter family's Magic Crest was destroyed at this time, erasing the secrets of their Magecraft.

Known Members
Heinrich Zepter

Other Known Magi[]

Related Terms[]

Archmagus (大魔道師, Dai Madōshi?)
The title given to a great magus of the past, such as Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern or Caubac Alcatraz.
Designer Baby (デザインベビー?)
A Designer Baby is a child created with artificially modified DNA. With this it is possible even for parents who have completely normal genetics to bear a child who possesses magic circuits. They are similar to a homunculus. Shinji Matou, Julius B. Harwey and Mash Kyrielight are designer babies.[31]
Freelancer (フリーランサー, Furīransā?)
A magus who is not affiliated to any magical organizations and takes up jobs from others in exchange for remuneration. Due to the nature of their profession, they are constantly at odds with the Enforcers of the Association and the Executors of the Church. Includes mages such as Aoko Aozaki and Natalia Kaminski.
Users of magecraft who have no desire to seek the Root and see magecraft only as a tool, thus separating them on a fundamental ideological level from magi. Examples include Flueger. Spellcasters are often also Freelancers.


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    Einzbern Flow and transfer of power Magic attribute that Einzbern magi are skilled in. They are specialized at the transmutation and creation of materials, that is, alchemy, using this attribute, and are highly skilled in the production of homunculi. Illya often uses magic, using the attribute of transferring, to move the consciousness of others to something else.
    Edelfelt Conversion Family from Finland. Like Tohsaka, prefer jewels magic, which uses the attribute of conversion.
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    Milyonecalion Prosperity One of the top magi in the magic world, known also by the name "Giver of All Sealing Designations" (or other way around?). Details are unknown.
    Jewel Killer Halting One of the remarkable magi in history, affiliated with the Sea of Estray, the mysterious prototype of the Magic Association.
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    Magic foundations are magic theories that magus schools have engraved in the world, and magic is started up in accordance with those rules and systems. For example, the magic theory with the largest foundation is the “Teaching of the Lord” of the Church. Magic foundations engraved in the form of academia and religions fuse intimately with the veins of the land, and the magus using that magic foundation can perform magic anywhere in the world. However, if the magus leaves the land where his magic foundation was engraved in, he loses the backup of his land, and the force is certain to deteriorate.

    Note that the case is different with magic foundations that are not academia or religions but rather are passed down through personal orally transmitted teachings, the limited inheritance in clans, etc. As long as the rules of those foundations are met, it is possible to exhibit the same basic effect no matter where one is in the world.

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    Q: How does Tohsaka Rin pay for her living expenses when she is performing sorcery using such valuable jewels? Is she eating up her parents’ inheritance? Has she taken up a part-time job like Shirou? Or has she turned her hand to some other trade?

    A: The Tohsaka family is still relatively wealthy because it receives royalties from magical patents (theories and rituals used at the Clock Tower. Like real-life patents.), and as a result their income is surprisingly high. Even without any additional revenue, annual income is roughly #0,000,000 yen. ...Although, Rin feels a bit ashamed of this since it’s all thanks to the work of previous generations.

    Q:高価の宝石を消費する魔術を使う遠坂凛ですが、彼女はどうやって生活費を捻出しているのでしょうか? 両親の貯蓄を食いつぶしている? 士郎の様にバイトしている? それとも株に手を出しているのでしょうか?


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    The Holy Grail War is unknown to the general population, but to what extent is it hidden from normal people? Are the Church people (supervisors) manipulating the media and police (or even the governmental level) to cover it up?

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    In the mage world, the name had become synonymous with trouble.
    The Aozakis were an ancient house, but were by no means prestigious. Because of the "Path" opened by the previous Heads, the current Head of the Aozakis had a greater chance of becoming a "Magician".
    The current heirs were a pair of sisters whom were thought to be ominous. After a battle for the right of inheritance, the younger sister became heir of the "Magician" title.
    The older sister traveled to London and made quite a name for herself, but quickly withdrew from the Association due to being problematic.
    During the Fifth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, the older sister was busy hiding her tracks, while the younger sister was roaming around the country.
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    A famous lecturer in the Clock Tower with many nicknames.
    He doesn't have any problems in declaring he's an archmagus, but he's hopelessly average as a magus.
    But, his skill as a lecturer dominates the rest, and is the best person at detecting the hidden talent of others and training it.
    There are no magi that were his students that hadn't obtained the rank of Grand, and it's even been said that if he gathered his students together, the power chart in the Clock Tower would change.

    But he himself isn't the ambitious sort and has said,
    "What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the 4th tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?"
    Well, so, in that sense, he doesn't really want to get involved with his students.
    Back when he was an apprentice, he'd been the very embodiment of the "narcissist that doesn't doubt he's a genius", but an incident some ten years ago had led him to change his attitude, and since then, the result of persistent effort for a spoiled brat led him to be called the professor.

    As far as being a talent production, his works are regarded as the greatest masterpieces of their time, but El-Melloi II doesn't really seem to care about that, probably because he's more interested in being a successful magus himself.
    So anyhow, as a lecturer, he has zip interest in his mega popularity.
    ...Rather, he's irritated by that fact and so has for several years has been walking inside the institute with a constantly cranky look to him. Or so they say.

    Speaking of which, El-Melloi II isn't his real name but a name given to him by the current head of the Archibald house.

    Source: ???
    The custodian (sponsor) of Rin after she went to study in London. The condition being "I will not give you one ounce of instruction. Eh well, I will at least send letters of recommendation to the other departments".
    He really hates Japan and Japanese, but his sole pleasures are Japanese games. A petit bourgeois that you really can't hate.
    And so, while being internally excited, he tried to bring this up to the complete game dunce Rin,
    "Maybe you might..... You know, you should be familiar with that town. That place right between Ueno and Asakusa...."
    Only to be given an instant answer from Rin that not only did she have no interest in Akihabara, but she had no interest in even Nihonbashi.
    And so he got pissed off instead.
    "Fuck! You're the worst Japanese in the world."

    The person that took down the Fuyuki Holy Grail war.

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    The Musik family concealed the fact that they were part of the Yggdmillennia clan, but naturally the Einzberns know about it. However, the Greater Grail was formed by taking apart the only successful Justeaze-model homunculus, so the Einzbern agreed to cooperate with them in case they should manage to activate one.


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    A pseudonym for the Faculty of Modern Magecraft.
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    Having been fortunate with money for generations, the Norwich family has a tradition of adopting people of interest, causing the name to spread throughout the Clock Tower. Once upon a time, Adashino Hishiri and Heartless bore the name, but later cut their ties with them. Neither of which was a particular concern to Norwich, due to their strict philosophy of “It’s not worth pursuing those who flee.”
    The name Norwich came to be associated with the Faculty of Modern Magecraft due to the strong backing the Norwich family provided when it was being set up as one of the twelve main Faculties of the Clock Tower.
    While the current head of Norwich has taken an interest in El-Melloi II, due to their complex political situation, Reines has decided it is best for them to keep their distance. After all, she had long since given up hope for her brother to possess such a sense for politics.


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    Though his mother found the Association’s hierarchical system annoying and disapproved of her son seeking out tutelage from a proper mentor, Waver himself was strongly drawn to magecraft. As soon as both his parents died of illness, he gave away all of his family’s possessions, scraped together enough to cover tuition, and entered the Clock Tower without a penny to his name. ――As a result, nothing but hardship and failure awaited him, and he resorted to gambling everything on the Holy Grail War.
    Though he doesn’t possess the prerequisites to actually practice magecraft, his power of observation and insight give him remarkable talent as a researcher. In fact, had he insisted that “Magecraft is a subculture!” and started a business as a critic, he could have taken the world by storm. But of course, he would have been obliterated by the Association, so his inborn talents took another form.
    To use running as metaphor, though his leg strength is just the absolute worst, he is capable of imagining the perfect running form. While he can never be an athlete, his talent shines as a coach.
    In the initial setting stage of Zero, before the writing started, he was a Nobita-like “King of Cowards”, an oasis of zero. By the end, his character had grown to the point you might mistake him as the protagonist.


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    Contrary to what people often think, Leo is in fact not a designer baby. His great knowledge, intellect and experience were instilled through a hypnosis learning method, and his body does not contain a single speck of artificially created parts. His existence is not something that was realized through human intervention, he is just a “Born King.”