Mahāpralaya: Revolving Sword that Adjudicates Reoccurring Destruction (帰滅を裁定せし廻剣マハ一 ・ プララヤ, ?) is Arjuna Alter's Noble Phantasm. Another one of the powers bestowed to Arjuna together with Anti-Evil. That’s this Revolving Sword that Adjudicates Reoccurring Destruction.

In order to exterminate evil, in order to make the world end, he wields and brings peace with his sword at the end of all. If he swings his sword, he annihilates the entire world.

Mahāpralaya points at the re-annihilation of the Universe when Brahma dies… In other words, the kalpa of destruction.

As expected, even if it’s an unequaled Arjuna, in the state of being summoned as a Servant, he can’t perfectly display this sword’s power, or swing it. But in terms of causing condensed/limited destruction, same as with Raised Hand of the God of Destruction, Arjuna seems to think its ease of use isn’t that bad.

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