Makihisa Tohno (遠野 槙久, Tōno Makihisa?)[1] is the head of the Tohno family until his death before the events of Tsukihime. He is the father of Akiha Tohno and SHIKI Tohno, and the adopted father of Shiki Tohno.



Makihisa orchestrated the destruction of the Nanaya clan utilizing Kouma Kishima, taking in Shiki due to his son having the same name. Due to the effects of his Inversion Impulse, he repeatedly raped Kohaku over a long period of time to make use of her innate abilities to sooth his mind, severely affecting her psyche. Before the events of the game, he was murdered by SHIKI, leading to the full awakening of Roa.




During the course of the game much is revealed as to why Shiki was brought into the Tohno family and how Hisui and Kohaku came to be at the mansion.[2]


Makahisa, like all of the Tohno family, possesses demonic blood, which caused in him bipolar disorder along with schizophrenia. During the massacre of the Nanaya, he displays abilities to that of SHIKI Tohno, able to solidify blood from inflicted wounds and use it as a sword-like weapon.


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