The Man of the Earth (地球の男, Chikyū no Otoko?) is a human who takes the one-way trip to the Moon.



By the time he was born, the Gregorian calendar has already been lost. He was born in the reconstructed 12th Protective City; a cultural garden that manages 10,000 population alive. He had been born into the world in the hopes of fulfilling the hope of humanity. He was part of the designer babies project that was supposed to genetically modify the babies into specially gifted children, however there were no successfully cases because they die upon birth. The scientist decided to change the test, they decided to alter a human heart that could not be stopped by human consciousness. The Man of the Earth was a successful case but he was born with hearing loss and lacked emotional sensitivity. Thus he wears a pair of glasses that converts sound wave into text; displayed on the lens.


Man of the Earth appearance

The Man of Earth real appearance.

The majority of the story, the Man of the Earth wears a space suit that looks like a tin plated diving suit and he never took off the suit or reveal his facial features.

In the Storyteller Girl version of the story, he was described as short with a stout physique and walked in a manner with limited movement range. His suit was almost like a tin kettle, it has the same kind or perhaps even shinier and smooth monotone skin as the Girl of the Moon.


Originally he was designed to help humanity to survive, but he was a man who struggles with his own problems to even care about humanity. As someone who couldn’t understand sound and didn’t know about conversation by voice, he wanted the world to be more simpler. He didn’t hate humans but he simply didn’t want to deal with them. But he had abandoned himself along with humanity. Everything had become too troublesome, so he physically cut the ties for mutual aid.

He claims that he flown to the moon to lock himself up there so that no one can bother him, he wanted to be in a world at peace without sound, where he could simply look at information from the networks in a small room by himself. But the true reason he had flown to the Moon was to become human and learn about love.

His encounter with Girl of the Moon has changed him. Ever since he arrived on the moon, he’d worked for that girl. Not a day had passed without him thinking about her. He will never forget the days he spent with her, the days he wished would never end. Deep down he prayed to her to have a peaceful life.


Tsuki no SangoEdit

The Man of the Earth has already passed away but his story was first told by Storyteller Girl from the Girl of the Moon point of view and then his own perspective.

He was part of the restoration project in the Continuation section. The Continuation section was responsible for preserving that which was being lost such as technology and preventing suicide. Upon searching the sea of information, he stumbled across the remnants of space exploration. He rebuilt and restored the rocket, and trained himself to handle space flight. Despite he was open about his side project to the people of the city, they have not paid attention to him as he was already fulfilled his duties. As he climbed towards his rocket, there was not a hint of hesitation. He flew to the moon and landed safety on the lunar surface.

Man of earth

The Man of Earth on the moon.

He used the Fifth Lunar City “Matori” as his headquarters. He encounters the Girl of the Moon in the forest made of limestone. He originally thought of her as an alien and he complained how he was supposed to be alone on the moon.

Gradually the girl of the moon became more human which led her to a weaken state near death. In order to save the girl, he repaired the rocket and secured the remaining eighty percent of the resources. He carried the girl through the forest and into the city. He placed the girl in his single seated rocket and prepared her safety down back to earth. It usually takes him five minutes to prepare but it took him an hour to fully sort out all the preparations.


Although he was apart of the designer babies project, from a biological standpoint he was very much human but with faults with his hearing and emotional response. The Man of the Earth is resourceful as he was able to scavenge both lost knowledge and resources.


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