Manaka Sajyou (沙条 愛歌, Sajyou Manaka?) is the main antagonist of Fate/Prototype and the older sister of Ayaka Sajyou. She acts as the Master of Saber in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, and she acts as the Master of the Beast in the Second Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype.



Manaka is the older sister of Ayaka, and while both were raised to be magi, Manaka was the one their father had expectations for rather than Ayaka. She participated in the Holy Grail War eight years before the main story, and was the Master of Saber. They managed to defeat the other six Masters and Servants, allowing them to finally reach the Great Grail. While her father thought he was guiding them towards a bridge to the Root that they had failed to attain for a thousand years and yearned for a thousand years more, she had a different plan for it.

She believed such an outcome was boring, as she had already been connected to the Root since birth, so she instead decided to use it for its real purpose of raising the Beast rather than silly stories about granting wishes. She gathered sacrifices, a number of girls weeping as they fell into the Grail, and even her own father and sister. She tore her father into mincemeat, and while Ayaka could only cry and hide at the sight, Manaka easily found her and prepared to use her as a sacrifice as well. She was killed by Saber before she could do so, and unable to cope with such a betrayal, she died smiling at Saber with an expression that didn't show any pain. He threw her corpse into the Greater Grail afterward.


Manaka is a young lady in her early teens. She has light blonde hair and light blue eyes and has fair features due to her half-English background. Her normal outfit is her buttoned-up green dress, however, after being revived by Beast, she starts leaving it unbuttoned, revealing her chest and the Seraphim Master Degree on it.


Manaka is a cheerful girl dead set on her dreams and completely infatuated with her former Servant, Saber, to a disturbing level, trying to act innocent to him. But, deep down, she is monstrous, capable of killing her father and tearing him to pieces, and saying that Ayaka is only capable of being used as a sacrificial ingredient for the Grail simply because she is ordinary, all while smiling like an angel without any sign scorn or ill will. Additionally, Manaka can become insanely jealous especially when Saber first meets with Ayaka, which actually is another reason why Manaka uses Ayaka as a sacrifice. Her interest in obtaining the Grail is entirely for granting Saber's wish in some twisted way by manifesting the Beast. She holds no interest in reaching the Root due to her already established connection, so such a thing would have been boring.

While already obsessed with him in the previous war, she has become even more unstable attracted towards him after being killed by him. She bears no hatred for him, instead referring to him as her prince, and comparing her love for him to having her organs fall out.

According to Hiroki's journal, Manaka was described to be doll-like prior to meeting with Saber. Upon meeting him, she started acting as a girl her age.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky SilverEdit

  • Manaka and her family
  • Manaka
  • Saber kills Manaka

In Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, Manaka serves as both one of the main protagonists and the main antagonist as well.

At the start of the 1991 Tokyo Holy Grail War, Manaka initially forms a contract with Saber, but then later forms a contract with Assassin and Caster as well. During the First Holy Grail War, Manaka dominates the competition by defeating or manipulating the other Masters.

Day 1 - Heroic Spirit SummoningEdit

On the first day of the Holy Grail War, Manaka and her father spend the day preparing for the Servant Summoning Ritual, with her father explaining about the ritual and the steps required to summon one. Manaka then starts the ritual and as the light fades from the magic circle, Saber appears in it. Seeing Saber, Manaka's eyes light up as she automatically falls in love with him at first sight. As Saber asks if she is his Master, Manaka curtsies before him and introduces herself. Manaka then vows to grant his wish.

Day 2 - Getting to know SaberEdit

On the second day of the Holy Grail War, Manaka spends her morning making breakfast for her family. She asks her father, Hiroki Sajyou to get Ayaka to help in the kitchen and he leaves to get her. After Ayaka and her father come into the kitchen/dining room, Manaka gets Ayaka to set the table as she cooks breakfast. Ayaka amazes at the amount of food that she makes and stares at Manaka, as she puts down the plate. Seeing Ayaka's expression, Manaka teasingly asks "What's wrong?" to which Ayaka replies, "Nothing."

Continuing her cooking, Manaka starts talking about how the English like codfish while allowing Ayaka to sample the dish. Ayaka eats it and replies that "it's delicious," which makes Manaka happy enough to exclaims that she used a secret charm with the sour cream. Ayaka asks about the secret charm and Manaka replies that the one she used was one that's more amazing than magic, making her father accidentally choke on his coffee at the same time. Hearing that, Ayaka replies that their father told her that there was one thing more amazing than magic and Manaka replies saying that's why she used it. Manaka then gleefully exclaims that it's the "Magic of Love" and whispers into Ayaka's ear, that it's more amazing than any type of mystery that a Magus uses.

A little later, after breakfast is over and her father and Ayaka leave for school and work, Manaka summons Saber and escorts him into a private room where she holds a massive private feast of English cuisine to welcome him with. As they get into the meal, Manaka starts getting embarrassed and internally berates herself for making so much food like a love-sick maiden. Though Saber comforts her, Manaka still starts spurting out her concerns until Saber promises on his vow as a knight to try it. As he eats the food, Saber complements on the food, making Manaka happy enough to tell him about how hard she researched to make a proper meal for him.

Manaka then starts discussing about how she had discovered something that morning about the similarity between cooking and the Holy Grail War. Saber gets confused, so Manaka explains that like in cooking, its better to use one's head and prepare things in advance, especially if it's a goal that requires a lot of preparation for. Saber agrees with Manaka who suggests that one possible strategy to win the Holy Grail War with is to target the Masters' weak points. Manaka then winds up disturbing Saber when she talks about possibly using or killing the Masters' own children.

Upon this, Saber calmly and reluctantly scolds Manaka by stating his own personal views about not getting innocent people involved especially children who have no power of their own. Manaka rebuts that she is doing this for his own sake and then sadly declares with tears in her eyes that she couldn't bear it if he were to get hurt in battle. Still tearing up, Manaka then unbuttons the front of her dress and reveals her 'Master's Degree' declaring that she doesn't want to use it on Saber, because it is what binds her to him.

Avoiding Manaka's body, Saber re-utters what Manaka says about efficiency and about the information from yesterday regarding what he had heard about the other Masters from her father. He particulalry mentions the Reiroukan family and their small daughter, Misaya. Manaka replies that just because they are a Mage family doesn't mean that they are close and admits that she doesn't really remember her all too well, however she does consider Misaya to be her friend. Hearing this, Saber implores Manaka that he doesn't want to make her kill a friend, however, Manaka just praises him for his kindness and states that he doesn't have to worry about her.

Manaka then ominously darkens her eyes and states that she will do anything for Saber, even as Saber reprimands her by saying that "Killing people is not a good thing." Manaka then asks why killing is not a good thing, and Saber responds that the experiences that she had that morning with her family are surely the same thing that Misaya experiences. However, as Saber goes to continue, Manaka interrupts and asks why he is saying such things. Manaka continues by declaring her decision to give the Holy Grail to him so that he can grant his wish. Manaka then once again, announces her oath that she will do anything, anything at all, so that he can grant his wish.

Day 3 - Battle with LancerEdit

On the third day, Manaka has a strategy meeting with her father and has a disagreement with him about sending Saber out into the city alone. Manaka argues that she absolutely won't let Saber go outside. However, her father argues that Saber as a Servant is a weapon and even without that he is a mass of mysteries. Her father then goes into the variety of functions that Servants have which are required to win the Holy Grail War, including fighting and asks how she can win by keeping Saber confined to the house.

Manaka argues that she can win and that she'll do something about it herself, which causes her father to scold her ask if she really believes that. Hiroki continues to tell Manaka that while she may be able to hold her own against a Magus, a regular Magus would only last half a day while she'd barely last two days against a Servant in the Holy Grail War. Taking this opportunity, Saber calmly tells a thinking Manaka that he agrees with her father and that he came here to fight for her. Hiroki tries to tell Manaka to listen to Saber, but then, she suddenly exclaims that she has a good idea.

That night, Manaka and Saber go out on patrol and encounter Lancer near the Sunshine 60 building. While Saber is battling Lancer, Manaka goes to recruit Assassin who is pondering her next move on one of the nearby rooftops. Manaka mysteriously appears before Assassin and states that she is quite strange, before rebutting herself because she doesn't know very many Servants.

Assassin is instantly entranced. Manaka then immediately figures out that Assassin doesn't have a Master and walks up to her. Manaka asks Assassin to show her, her face, and reaches out to touch Assassin's mask. Assassin is surprised that Manaka can touch her poisoned body without getting poisoned herself. Manaka then offers to be her Master and Assassin accepts, already entranced by Manaka.

After the meeting with Assassin, Manaka lets Assassin go with a few instructions and sets herself up on a rooftop to watch the rest of the battle between Saber and Lancer and to set up her picnic for Saber. After Saber's battle ends in a draw, Saber meets up with Manaka and is astounded to see that Manaka has laid out a midnight picnic for him.

Seeing Saber, Manaka immediately ushers Saber to sit down on the mat and to have some tea. Manaka remarks that she was at first upset about placing Saber in danger, but if she had known that waiting under these circumstances (moonlight night, a picnic under the stars etc.) could be so fun, she felt like she would tempted into doing this all the time.

Manaka then breaks out some sandwiches and rice balls and offers them to Saber who takes a sandwich. Manaka then goes into the history of the sandwich and declares that this is a meal fit enough for the middle of a game. Slightly curious, Manaka asks if the sandwich is good and Saber replies that it is. Saber continues that he likes the sandwich even though it's been around since Rome and upon hearing the words "I like it." Manaka starts blushing and getting embarrassed. Manaka then pouts and gets upset with Saber for making her self-conscious of herself.

Smiling a bit at her reaction, Saber reports on his battle with Lancer and about his concerns for his Master's safety. Manaka giggles at this notion and reports that she is fine, after all she can detect a Servant from a mile away and has barriers set up to protect herself with. Saber rebuts that the barriers are powerful, however if someone like Assassin were to attack.....On that note, Manaka rebuts and replies that she has already struck a deal with Assassin, so they are no longer enemies now.

Saber asks what she means by that, but Manaka just reassures him that there is no Servants or Masters within 3 kilometers of their location. Manaka then shyly asks for a reward for her "good deed " and Saber rewards her with a the forehead. Blushing madly, a panicking Manaka yells at Saber for being unfair and cheating, as she wanted an actual kiss. After finishing up their picnic, Manaka and Saber goes home for the day.

Day 5 - Meeting with AssassinEdit

On the fifth day of the First Holy Grail War, Manaka carries about her day as normal. Later on, Manaka decides to go home and make dinner for her family and Saber. As she goes about twirling and preparing dinner, Ayaka comes home from school. Noticing her presence at the entrance, Manaka waits for Ayaka to come into the kitchen where she welcomes her back. Ayaka asks Manaka about what she is making asks and Manaka makes her guess. Ayaka guesses cake and Manaka claims that she is half-right.

Manaka continues dancing through the kitchen until she finally notices that Ayaka is staring at her. Manaka asks "Why are you staring at me?" and Ayaka responds that it is because she is so pretty, like a princess. Manaka asks Ayaka if she seems like a British princess to her, to which Ayaka gets confused. Manaka gleefully admits that if Ayaka thought of her as one then it would make her happy. When Ayaka comes back from the washroom, Manaka asks her if she would like to help with the cooking and Ayaka happily agrees to do it.

Manaka then gets Ayaka to get various ingredients including eggs and when she sees Ayaka getting nervous about handling the eggs, she teases her a bit about it. Manaka then asks Ayaka if she likes sunny-side up eggs or turnover eggs. Ayaka replies that she likes sunny-side up eggs, but secretly thinks to herself that she likes turnover eggs more, however, she does like the sunny-side up eggs that her father and Manaka makes. As Ayaka snaps back into reality, Manaka announces that she will make turnover eggs, because she read somewhere that British people like them.

Manaka then asks Ayaka if she will taste it too and Ayaka remarks that she will. Ayaka nervously asks Manaka if something good happened to her and Manaka replies with a "Nothing really," but remarks that a funny animal has gotten quite attached to her. Ayaka then drops the eggs in her hands, but Manaka remarks that its fine because they have plenty. Later that night, Manaka carries out a plan with Assassin and Caster. Later on, Manaka teleports and meets up with Assassin at the water fountain in Shinjuku Central Park. As Assassin bows before her, Manaka remarks that she doesn't have to be so frightened of her and asks her to tell her about the big matter that Assassin wants to talk about. Instead, Assassin apologizes for failing Manaka and asks that Manaka beheads her. Manaka though refuses and instead remarks that the position that Caster has unknowingly made for them is a powerful tool for infiltrating into a Master's home and that it would've been difficult for Assassin to enter in through the front.

Manaka then gleefully asks Assassin to listen to her story about Saber. Assassin agrees and Manaka talks endlessly about the scones that she made for Saber and how he didn't seem interested in them, even after he told her that they were delicious. Manaka then asks for Assassin opinions and asks:

« “Do you think that he and I will be together forever from now on?” »

(Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver -Arc 1- Chapter 4)

Assassin replies with a "Yes." So, Manaka continues by talking about how change will become an eternal spice in her relationship with Saber. Suddenly after some time, Manaka notices Assassin's condition and asks if she has enough prana. Assassin responds by giving her the red lipstick that she previously used up, the other day. Manaka replies that she seems healthy enough and commends Assassin by patting her on the head for her good feed calling her "Amazing." Assassin becomes overjoyed by this gesture and silently starts gushing about it in her head as it burns her body in joy. After patting her for a bit, Manaka implores Assassin to hang in there a bit longer because she expects much from her from now on. After finishing her meeting with Assassin, Manaka goes to recruit Caster to join her team while Caster is taking a walk in the Reiroukan's backyard. As Caster ponders the characters of rulers and of Misaya, he senses Manaka's presence. Manaka then giggles and greets Caster who is thinking about how Manaka could infiltrate his barrier. Manaka then summons her familiars and attacks Caster who retaliates with his elementals.

Seeing Caster's display of magic, Manaka muses that he is a very interesting magus and offers to be his friend. Overwhelmed with Manaka's potential, Caster agrees.

Day 6 - Discovering the Greater Grail Edit

The next night, Caster has a meeting with Lord Reiroukan over the previous days events. In the middle of the meeting, a magical message from Manaka starts playing. Manaka greets Lord Reiroukan and introduces herself to him. Manaka continues that she has something to tell him and informs about what she discussed with Saber about exploiting the other Masters' weakpoints.

Manaka asks for Lord Reiroukan's opinion on this and uses Misaya as an example. Manaka continues to explain that if Misaya were to disappear, it would be very hard and painful for him. Instantly, Lord Reiroukan becomes furious by this . Manaka then comes to the terms of their partnership where she will take the Greater Grail (Saint Graph) and in exchange Lord Reiroukan will protect the Lesser Grail (Symbol) for her. Lord Reiroukan gets upset and is shocked that Manaka knows its whereabouts. Lord Reiroukan then asks himself about how much she knows about the Greater Grail and its history. Manaka then says her goodbyes as Lord Reiroukan yells cursing Manaka's name.

Later that day, Manaka goes to where the Greater Grail is and starts walking down to it. As she walks down the staircase, Manaka muses that she didn't have to determine its location, she already knew it. She then repeats what she knows about the Greater Grail and wonders how it has been sleeping there. Manaka mutters "The Greater Grail" as a beast's growls and roars can be heard. Manaka starts laughing and muses on how big the Beast has gotten. Manaka then cheerfully declares "Found ya!."

Day 9 - Ordering Archer's DeathEdit

On Day 9, Manaka rings up Elza Saijo and instructs her to use Archer's Noble Phantasm against Rider in the battle, the next day. Fully knowing, that doing so will kill Archer.

Day 10 - Battle on Tokyo BayEdit

During the battle with Rider at his temple on Tokyo Bay, Manaka heads to Rider's Master Shizuri Isemi's base at Mt. Okutama. Once there, she orders Assassin use her Noble Phantasm in the main ventilation room to spread her poison throughout the base, killing virtually everyone inside. After Shizuri is killed, Manaka discovers a lone survivor, Aro Isemi. Seeing the boy's poor condition, Manaka implants a beast inside of him on a whim.

After the battle, Manaka starts gathering young girls to throw into the Greater Grail.

Day 16 - The Final BattleEdit

After hearing that Saber met with Ayaka, Manaka gets jealous and decides to make Ayaka into a sacrifice too. She kidnaps her younger sister and takes her to the Greater Grail site with the intent of making her into a sacrifice for Beast. She then heads to the Holy Grail, leaving both Assassin and Caster to deal with Saber.

As Saber battles with Caster, Hiroki arrives at the Greater Grail and orders Manaka to stop. Hiroki scolds Manaka telling her that the Grail isn't supposed to be used like this. Chiding Hiroki with the truth, Manaka uses her link with Beast to kill Hiroki.

Manaka then tries to sacrifice her sister. As Manaka is about to toss Ayaka into the Grail as a sacrifice, Saber arrives just in time to save her by stabbing Manaka from behind through her chest. His words as he did so were "I too have committed a grave error. You and the Grail are insane!" Saber then pushes Manaka into the Grail with the force from removing his blade, seemingly killing her. As she dies, Manaka confesses her love for Saber.


In February 1999, Manaka is resurrected by the Beast prior to the start of the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War.

After the defeat of Sancraid Phahn, he reveals to Ayaka that he was not one of the ranked Masters, instead taking the role of the Void extra Master, and poses the question "who is the First?" There can only be seven Masters participating in the war, so if there was to be another, it would have to be a survivor from the previous war.

After Saber uses Excalibur Proto on Archer, Manaka begins to dance innocently like a child in the underground Great Grail in front of the currently incarnating Beast and the six Servants from the previous Holy Grail War. She begins to obsess over Saber, repeatedly calling out his name, and saying she wishes to see him soon. She claims that the Beast was born in order to make his wish come true.


Whilst attempting to dream on a whim in the site of the Greater Grail, Manaka's consciousness gets pulled into the Reverse Side of the World. After seeing several images from various other Fate works, Manaka finds herself possessing the body of Norma in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz.

Manaka then summons a female King Arthur to fight with in the Subcategory of the Holy Grail. After fighting their way through many enemies and traps, Manaka and Saber eventually encounter Archer, Caster and Assassin, forming a party with them.

Upon reaching the end of the 3rd floor, Manaka and the party encounter a Dragon Golem. Helping to defeat it and upon reaching the entrance to the 4th floor, Manaka disappears from Norma's body (due to the Beast pulling her soul back to her original world).

Later, Manaka reappears to help Norma destroy the Subcategory Holy Grail.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Manaka♥Sajyou

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, she is part of the Imperial Roma talent agency and she is known as the Idol Princess (アイドル王女, Aidoru Ōjo?). Her Tmitter user account is @tmtt15_manaka.


Manaka is a superhuman magus who is proficient in every magecraft in the entire world, with talent that surpasses even the magi from the Age of the Gods. Caster implies that she is more powerful than her own Servant, and Saber himself says that she far surpasses regular Servants. Rider sees her as the goddess that would swallow the world, and seeks to eliminate her to save the world. Due to her superiority and Ayaka's mediocre skills, Ayaka developed a complex towards her. While she is lacking in the quantity of her Magic Circuits, their quality is beyond measurement and their composition is an abnormal, never-before-seen precedent. She has been connected to the Root ever since she was born, so she has no interest in the supposed purpose of the Grail. Its actual form is a three dimensional magic circle and natural furnace located below the city.

Manaka's current existence, after having been thrown into the Grail, is some sort of anomaly. While she died eight years ago, she became something of a half-zombie due to the power of the Holy Grail. While she is older than Ayaka, she retains a childlike appearance. The true purpose of the Grail is to act as a cauldron of magic to give shape to the eighth Servant class, Beast. It requires sacrifice beyond the souls of the Servants already killed in order to form, so she used a large number of live girls, forcing them to hurl themselves into the cauldron while still conscious. Its form is the "Beast of 666" from the Bible, as the design of the Grail originates from Christianity. It refers to a beast wearing crowns symbolizing the sins and greed of humanity. It is none other than the beast that comes from the sea, written of in Revelation. The Beast is completely subservient to her, referring to her as "mother." She also manages to bring back the six Servants other than Saber from the previous war, and places them under her control.

She possesses the ability to connect to the Root to interfere with reality much like Shiki Ryougi but is limited by the quantity of her magic circuits. Although she can use her Connection to the Root in order to realize Saber's wish of an eternal Britain, the correcting force of the world's Quantum Time Lock would easily reverse this. She intends to use Beast as a boost of mana for her abilities, overcoming the limits of her circuit quantity.

Under her Hanafuda skill-set, she possesses three Noble Phantasm skills, Potnia Theron: Monster Princess (怪獣王女
, Kaijū Ōjo
Potonia Terōn
?), Gomorrah's Blaze: Burning Holy City (聖都炎上
, Seito Enjō
Gomorazu Bureizu
?), and Sodom's Fall: Holy City's Fall (聖都陥落
, Seito Kanraku
Sodomuzu Fōru
?). It is unknown if she possesses such abilities in the actual story.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takashi Takeuchi was the character designer and Ototsugu Konoe was responsible for the costume design for Manaka Sajyou. Takeuchi describes her clothing design as "super-cute."

Rather than "the girl who became omnipotence," the concept behind her design was "omnipotence who became a girl."

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