Marisbury Animusphere (マリスビリー・アニムスフィア, Marisubirī Animusufia?) is the former head of the Animusphere family and Chaldea Security Organization, later taken over by his daughter Olga Marie Animusphere after his death. He was the Master of Caster Solomon summoned through the FATE system, later participating in the First Fuyuki Holy Grail War of the Fate/Grand Order timeline.



Marisbury was a Lord of the Clock Tower[1] and Head of the Celestial Body Department. Kirschtaria Wodime was his top student and widely regarded as Marisbury's heir, more so than his own daughter, Olga Marie.

Marisbury won the first Fuyuki Holy Grail War of 2004 with Caster. He used the Holy Grail to wish for the money needed to set up the Chaldea Security Organization. Though he knew the truth about using his Command Spells to force his Servant to commit suicide and start Heaven's Feel, he instead chose to fulfill the propaganda of the Three Founding Families and wish for something only within this world, allowing Solomon to make his own wish and incarnate himself as the human being Romani Archaman.[2]

In 2010, he personally oversaw the Demi-Servant summoning of a Heroic Spirit into Mash Kyrielight and reacted coolly to Shielder's attempt to kill him. After the Heroic Spirit went on to hibernate and failed to awaken further, Marisbury nonchalantly expressed to Romani his intentions to send Mash on missions to serve as a catalyst for summoning other Servants.[3]

Five years before the events of Fate/Grand Order, he was confronted in his office by a mystery assailant with a gun who threatened him to cancel CHALDEAS. As the choice was between CHALDEAS or his life, Marisbury pulled out a gun of his own and shot himself rather than let CHALDEAS go.[3] The circumstances of his death were nevertheless ambiguous enough that Sherlock Holmes suspected that it was actually a murder that was arranged to look like a suicide.[1]

Three years after his death, Olga Marie succeeded him as Director of Chaldea.


In Fate/Grand Order, his only appearance is as an indistinct silhouette in a flashback. The anime adaptation of Babylonia reveals his true appearance, showing that he has pale hair like his daughter with dull-gold eyes. Having his hair plaited to the side creates a superficial resemblance to Solomon.[3]


Marisbury was known as man who strive to be an ordinary man, quoted what Sherlock Holmes said "His desire was ordinary, his envy was ordinary, and his love of happiness was ordinary... That's the type of man he was".[1] He had a calm demeanour that never changed, either when faced with being killed by a Servant or when pulling a gun on himself.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Seven years prior to the Mystic Eyes Collection Train incident, he hired Doctor Heartless to investigate the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. It is unknown if Marisbury was aware of the methods that Heartless used, but upon finding out that the Grail was corrupted and could not grant his wish, he abandoned the idea of participating in the Holy Grail War. At the same time, he no longer showed any interest in Olga Marie, leaving her entirely in Trisha Fellows' care.

Marisbury's abandonment of his daughter caused her to develop a desperate need to prove herself, not unlike her older counterpart in Fate/Grand Order, and a resentment of people whose efforts are recognized or who don't care if their efforts are recognized. Trisha's concern for her young charge led her to seek answers for Marisbury's sudden change, kick-starting the events that would lead to her death.

After the resolution of the incident, he still refuses to see Olga Marie. She remarks to Reines El-Melloi Archisorte that a time and world where Marisbury's dream was realized through the Greater Grail is one unbeknownst to her. This prompts the girls to strike up an acquaintanceship as two heirs to the title of Lord.



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