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Mash Kyrielight (マシュ・キリエライト, Mashu Kirieraito?), Class Name Shielder (シールダー, Shīrudā?), is a Shielder-class Servant contracted with Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A Demi-Servant human fused with the Heroic Spirit Galahad. She herself initially does not know the identity of the Servant fused with her.[1][2] In the year 2000, Mash was created from artificial fertilization and genetic editing. She is actually a Designer Baby, a magus genetically engineered under the orders of Chaldea's late director, ‎Marisbury Animusphere, to be a prime vessel for a Heroic Spirit's soul. The project aimed to control the powers of Heroic Spirits by binding them to a compatible mortal vessel in order to produce Demi-Servants.[5]

In 2010, when Mash was aged 10, Chaldea performed their second Heroic Spirit summoning.[5][6] While the project succeeded in summoning and binding a spirit to Mash, the spirit failed to awaken.[5] Galahad decried Chaldea's brutal experiments, briefly taking over Mash's body in an attempt to escape, but when Mash began to resist his control he stopped.[7] Galahad realized that she would die if he left her. He remained in her body so she could survive, but refused to awaken.[6] Although Mash could not manifest her powers as a Demi-Servant Marisbury assigned her to Team A, with the goal of using Galahad's shield - which was formed from the Round Table - to act as a "place where heroes gather" that could be used to summon more Servants. She would accompany Team A into the field so they could use her as a catalyst for Servant summoning.[7] Galahad would not form a Demi-Servant contract with her until the events at Singularity F, and even then he immediately vanished without revealing his True Name to Mash after bestowing his abilities to her.

After the research team deemed the project a failure, Mash was left to Chaldea's care. However, due to being a genetically engineered organism not dissimilar to a Homunculus, her life-span was set since her conception. She was given eighteen years to live and while she was aware of this fact, she kept it a secret between herself and Dr. Romani, her physician. By the start of the story, Mash has already lived sixteen years of her life giving her a mere two years left, at best.[5]


Mash is a young woman with short lilac hair, lavender eyes and fair skin. Her figure is fairly athletic, and her breasts have elicited comments (some of which are rather crude) from several other Servants about her physique and have also garnered her the nickname "Mashmallow". As a byproduct of her Demi-Servant augmentation preserving her body at its peak physical condition, she will continue to appear as if she is a young woman regardless of her chronological age.

In her casual outfit, Mash wears rectangular frame glasses, a grey hoodie over a black shirt over a white-collar shirt, a red tie bearing the Chaldea insignia, a black skirt and tights, and brown shoes. In her Demi-Servant outfit Mash wears skin-tight black and purple armor that resembles an extremely short mini-dress that exposes her butt, emphasizes her breasts, and reveals her panties. There is a hole that exposes her stomach area. She also wears black gauntlets and boots, a garter on her right thigh, a large cross-shaped shield and she doesn't wear her glasses. With Ortinax equipped, she wears a more technologically advanced suit of armor with thigh-high boots and a visor, which have been designed to enhance her physical capabilities and compensate for Galahad's refusal to cooperate with her.


Mash is a mysterious, kind-hearted girl. She refers to Ritsuka Fujimaru as her senior (先輩, senpai?) even before Ritsuka becomes her Master, feeling that something about them is especially easy to relate to.[8] However, that smile belies a deep sorrow and resolve that has accepted her fate as a person with a set life-span since day one. As she has spent nearly all of her life in an isolation chamber within Chaldea, she is somewhat naïve and lacking in worldly experience. Despite this, she knows about a wide variety of subjects due to her education via Sheba, and she is especially knowledgeable about historical figures. Mash was initially designed to have no personality whatsoever in order to facilitate the Demi-Servant creation process, but Roman encouraged her to begin expressing her own opinions, allowing her to begin forming a sense of self.

Mash often fears that her Demi-Servant state makes her inferior to true Servants, and until she learned how to use her Noble Phantasm she thought herself to be all but useless to Ritsuka. Even before her Demi-Servant abilities manifested, she was devoted to the cause of Chaldea and sought to assist it however she can; when she is unable to participate in battle, she keeps a close eye on Ritsuka as a navigator. She does her best to hide her fear when in battle, and prioritizes keeping Ritsuka safe above all else. It has been hinted that she possess romantic and sexual feelings for Ritsuka as she is often seen blushing when compared as a couple with them. However, her naivety means that she does not yet realize what those feelings are.

Mash is a big fan of detective stories, especially Sherlock Holmes.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Mash works at the Chaldea Security Organization. She was originally assigned as one of the forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates, as well as leading A-team for the "Spatial Singularity F" expedition.

Observer on Timeless Temple[]


She encountered Ritsuka Fujimaru while walking with Fou. Waking him up, Mash informs him about Chaldea and what they are doing. After the briefing, Mash joins the rest of the candidates for the Rayshift. However, an explosion occurs, trapping Mash beneath a rock. Ritsuka then arrives to save her, but finds himself unable to pull her out. Deciding to stay with her, Ritsuka and Mash are almost killed. However, the Rayshift system then activates and transports the pair to Singularity F: Fuyuki.

Flame Contaminated City: Fuyuki[]

During the Grand Order conflict in Fuyuki City, Mash first manifested her abilities as Shielder and formed a contract with Fujimaru after she saved him from monsters. They later encountered Shadow Assassin and Shadow Lancer but was saved by Cú Chulainn. Fujimaru and Shielder defeated both and later entered a short skirmish with Caster in order to help her learn to use her Noble Phantasm. Shielder and the protagonist later encountered and fought Saber Alter, who attempted to kill both of them with Excalibur Morgan but it was blocked by Shielder's Noble Phantasm.

Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot[]

Romani Archaman explains to Ritsuka about Mash. A flashback of Mash's first meeting with Dr. Romani was told. She has been assigned with her full name, rather than her original code name "Summoning Experiment #2". In their first meeting with Dr. Romani, he teaches Mash about 'senpai' and 'kouhai' relationship. It's revealed by Romani that Mash is a designer baby and has limited life, and had a Heroic Spirit summoned into her long before Fuyuki. The continual battle and Demi-Servant status put a further strain on her body.[5]

Her possessing the power of Galahad is revealed by Bedivere and Sherlock Holmes. The realization ultimately allows her to activate Galahad's real Noble Phantasm.[6]

The Grand Temple of Time: Solomon[]

She is told that she has only three days of life left, but nonetheless accompanies her Master to the final battle. When invited by Goetia to a new world, she denies life to be worthless due to its destined termination, and stands her ground when Goetia launches its Noble Phantasm capable of annihilating anything on Earth. Even though her body could not withstand the immerse heat and is vaporized, her will to protect is indestructible. Her shield remains unscathed and continued to guard her Master.

However Cath Palug, Beast IV, having traveled with her for extensive period, had grown to admire her. Since death within the Time Temple is not registered in the real world, Cath Palug is able to transform its Magical Energy gathered through centuries into her fate, giving her the lifespan of a normal human and reviving her at the expense of its own sentience. She later reappears in the crumbling Time Temple and pulls Fujimaru out.[9]

After passing over seven singularities and overcoming many battles, she grew up as a single fully-fledged human, a Servant that is not merely a borrowed article. The battle surrounding the incineration of the anthropic principle will soon come to an end. What sort of conclusion will her journey reach? The beast of the planet continues to silently watch over that snowflake-like scenery.[2]

Epic of Remnant[]

Quarantined Territory of Malice: Shinjuku[]

During the Shinjuku Phantom Incident, Mash is forced to stay behind due to having lost her powers as a Demi-Servant; according to Da Vinci, her magic circuits should be functioning normally but something seems to be "jamming" them such that they cannot be activated.[10] So Mash decides to take over Romani's role as the navigator and help Ritsuka as he travels to the Shinjuku SIngularity. During this period, she mainly helps Ritsuka by providing him information.

Forbidden Advent Garden: Salem[]

Although still lacking her Demi-Servant abilities, Mash travels with Ritsuka and several Servants to the Salem Singularity as part of their cover as an acting troupe.


Cosmos in the Lostbelt[]

Second Prologue[]
Permafrost Empire: Anastasia[]

Mash shows that she can still draw on Galahad's power to a limited extent, but it is too taxing for her to do so on a normal basis as she once could as Galahad himself is unwilling to lend her his aid. As she is unwilling to stay behind as support as her Master continues to risk their life for humanity, Mash convinces Da Vinci to build Ortinax, a suit of powered armor able to let her fight as a Demi-Servant once more.

Eternal Icy Fire Century: Götterdämmerung[]

Mash shares a touching moment with Ophelia Phamrsolone as she dies, and Ophelia expresses regret at how they had never been able to become friends while working together as part of Team A at Chaldea.

Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN[]

Sion Eltnam Sokaris proposes equipping Mash's shield with a replica of Black Barrel.

Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus: Yugakshetra[]

Scandinavia Peperoncino remains friendly to Mash despite being a Crypter, and through him Mash learns that the Crypters all have their reasons for joining the Alien God.

Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods: Atlantis[]
Interstellar Mountainous City: Olympus[]

Mash wielding Black Barrel.

Mash uses Black Barrel to take down several of the Olympian gods.

Fae Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fae[]

After losing her memories in the Nameless Forest, Mash is found by Rob, Winky, and Wag, three goblins who think she is a fairy and bring her to Sheffield. She is protected and followed by a mysterious white wolf on the way. Mash is once again able to use her Demi-Servant abilities instead of needing to rely on the Ortinax. Despite her lost memories, Mash is still true to her heroic personality and tries to save people from the forces of Morgan. The inhabitants of the Lostbelt come to believe that she is the Child of Prophecy who will ring the six bells and save them from Morgan.

Shieffield's leader Boggart is impressed by her strength takes her as his 62nd "wife". Knowing that more than strength is required to defeat Morgan but that he'll need the dignity and grace of a king as well, Boggart allows the people of Sheffield to continue to believe Mash is the Child of Prophecy and tells her to stay at his side as the image of a perfect princess. He wants Mash to be a beacon of hope for the people who look toward Boggart in his quest for the throne, and expects nothing more from her. Bogart tries to take advantage of the situation and consummate their "marriage", but Mash reflexively throws him through the wall and out the castle. Because of this event he orders her never to touch him again and word of Mash's strength then spends through town, invigorating the people’s hopes.

In the process, she meets Habetrot, a seamstress who works in Boggart's service, prepares a bride dress for her and befriends Mash, who still doesn't know her real name. Calling herself the ally of all brides, Habetrot points out that the name "Mash" is written on her shield, but even though she regained her name, Mash didn't regain her memory back and did not recover her identity. Furthermore, Habetrot is revolted by the way Boggart is rude to Mash, who is amnesiac and innocent, doesn’t understand the situation, so Habetrot explains to her that they aren’t married, saying it’s only for appearance's sake therefore fake.

During the destruction of Sheffield Mash starts calling herself Fairy Knight Galahad, even though she doesn't even know why she did it, and acts as the Knight of Sheffield. After Boggart's death and Rob and Wag's sacrifice, she decides to head for Norwich and save it as the Child of Prophecy from the Calamity Pool that is gathering above the city, being accompanied by Habetrot and the wolf who turns out to be Grímr, The Wise. Spriggan intends on turning her over to Morgan, she briefly meets Fujimaru, but they aren’t able to talk for long time due to Spriggan's orders, and despite not being able to recognize them, Mash starts to cry without understanding why.[11]

When the Calamity strikes Norwich, Mash jumps into battle to defend the city. Fujimaru runs to her side to help, and in the process, regains both her identity and memories. She decides to save the city, not as the Child of Prophecy, but as herself, and together the two are able to stop the threat. Mash defends Da Vinci, Fujimaru, and Artoria from Morgan's spell called Water Mirror that was meant to be used on the Calamity of Norwich and disappears, though Beryl Gut insists she is still alive.

Habetrot appears to Fujimaru's group and explains Mash is fine and Morgan's Water Mirror is a teleportation spell. She recognizes Fujimaru's name even though Mash never informed her and Habetrot's goal now is to help reunite the bride with her prince. The Water Mirror sends Mash 2400 years into the past, where she meets Totorot and Tonelico, who strangely physically resemble Habetrot and Artoria, as well as Tonelico's other companion the Black Knight.

Mash followed Tonelico and Totorot to their camp in the forest to rest and explains the situation of the events of the future. Tonelico believes in Mash's words and realizes she will fail in her mission, furthermore, she explains to Mash that she must be careful not to interfere in the past so as not to cause contradictions. So, Tonelico decides to ask Mash for help to investigate the Great Pit with her, the biggest mystery of Britain.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]

Other appearances[]

Fate Gudao Order 6

Before her identity is revealed, she is called Child of the Shield (盾の子, Tate no Ko?) in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order. Demon Archer guesses Shielder's identity to be one of the ArgonautsWP, while Sakura Saber randomly guessed Shielder to be Pearl the Iron Wall.


Mash is a product of Chaldea's genetic engineering, a designer baby crafted to be born with a particularly strong set of Magic Circuits so as to become a suitable vessel for a Heroic Spirit. However, due to her nature, her life-span has been set to only eighteen years with her body cells increasingly deteriorating.[5] Since awakening the spirit sleeping inside her, her body has become more resilient, but that has done nothing to stop her deterioration. Mash carries a large cross-shaped shield as her primary weapon, which doubles as Chaldea's master summoning catalyst due to containing the Round Table- "the place where heroes gather". She also carries a sword in her waist, but she has never been shown actually using it. Instead, she fights with bashing and slamming strikes from her shield.

The healing scroll in the manga.

Mash also possesses healing scrolls, using them to heal her Master and others.[12][13][14] They appear to be produced by Chaldea, since Kiyohime also uses them on Ritsuka in Fate/Grand Order -turas réalta-.[15] Later in the manga, Romani introduces a mass-produced version, "scroll-type needleless injections" which injects liquid medicine with a healing effect into the body, developed jointly by Da Vinci and staff from Yumina.[16]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (A Rank): A rank and lower magecraft is nullified, no matter what greater magecraft it is.[1]
  • Riding (C Rank): She can perfectly ride things with the right breaking or adjustments.[1]
  • Self-Field Defense (C Rank): A power displayed when protecting allies or an allied camp. Exhibits damage reduction surpassing the defensive limit value, but she herself is not included as a target. Also, the higher the Rank more the protective range spreads.[1][2]
  • Succeed Phantasm (? Rank): An unique Skill that Demi-Servants possess. One of the Skills that the possessing Heroic Spirit owns is inherited and sublimated in a self-taught manner. In Mash's case, it is "Mana Defense". A Skill of the same type as "Mana Burst", magical power is translated directly into defensive power. For a Heroic Spirit possessing a huge magical power, it would probably become a sacred wall that protects a whole country.[1][2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Shield of Rousing Resolution: A skill that temporarily raises one's own defensive power and draws in an opponent's attack. It is only bestowed upon those who muster their courage and protect the back of those who egress before anyone else. This is not a skill that comes from the Noble Phantasm, but rather the form Mash's mentality takes.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Before discovering Galahad as the Heroic Spirit possessing her, Mash isn't able to access the full power of her defensive Noble Phantasm due to her not knowing its True Name. In this state, Mash is only able to deploy Lord Chaldeas thanks to her instincts.[2] This barrier is strong enough to block Excalibur Morgan, but Mash claimed that it wouldn't be able to block Altera's Teardrop Photon Ray on its own, as she needed the help of Boudica's Chariot of Boudica to block it.[17]

Once Mash learned her true nature in the Camelot Singularity, Mash finally accessed Galahad's Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot. It consists of an "ultimate protection" employing the Round Table, "where the Knights of the Round Table sat at the center of the Castle of White Walls, Camelot", in the form of a shield. Its strength is proportionate to the will power of the user, so as long as her heart doesn't break, the castle walls too shall never crumble, allowing her to block any attack.[2] Lord Camelot has been shown blocking all types of different attacks, such as protecting Gilgamesh, Merlin, Ishtar, Ereshkigal and herself from Tiamat's Nega-Genesis or protecting Ritsuka Fujimaru from Goetia's Ars Almadel Salomonis,[18][19] an attack that shoots Hundreds of Millions of A-Ranked beams of light each as strong as the Holy Sword wielded by the King Arthur from the Fuyuki Singularity.[20] However, Lord Camelot doesn't make Mash invulnerable, as Mash's body wasn't strong enough to resist the extreme heat of Ars Almadel Salomonis, which vaporized her, leaving only her shield.[19] With Ortenaus, she can use a variant of Lord Camelot called Mold Camelot, which has similar defensive functions.

Forms and alternate versions[]


Ortenaus (霊基外骨骼(オルテナウス), Orutenausu?, localized as "Ortinax") is a Spirit Origin Exoskeleton system designed to supplement Demi-Servants.[21] Named for the fish whose rib was used to make Galahad's destined sword,[22][23] its armaments include limited armor, a visor and a shield. Mash makes use of it after Galahad leaves her, allowing her to continue functioning as a Servant while travelling the Lostbelts.[24] While donning it, she is also called Armored Mash.

It contains internal pressurization, combustion engines and software, which can be updated from the Shadow Border or other external sources, such as coordinates provided by a Servant's magecraft. It has facilities that allow it to detect magical energy, and can also be synchronized with the Shadow Border's observation equipment. It has various modes of operation thanks to its installed software.

  • Stealth mode
  • Combat mode
  • Defensive mode

It is designed to be fireproof and can withstand extreme heat reasonably well, but being submerged in lava is noted to be beyond its limitations.

During the Greek Lostbelt, she gains a replica of Black Barrel from Sion Eltnam Sokaris.

Fairy Knight Galahad[]

Fairy Knight Galahad (妖精騎士ギャラハッド?) is Mash's form during the events of British Lostbelt. She gained this form when she openly declared herself to be Fairy Knight Galahad while still under the amnesiac effects of the Nameless Forest's fog.[11]


Similar to the Gifted Names providing the Lostbelt Knights of the Round Table with the abilities of the Proper Human History's Knights of the Round Table, Mash too gained the Galahad's powers when she declared herself as Fairy Knight Galahad.[11] However, she already had Galahad's powers beforehand albeit lying dormant due to Galahad's refusal to grant them because of Mash's unconscious fear of hurting others.[25] In essence, Mash had two-fold the powers of Galahad, making her the equivalent of a High-Servant according to Leonardo da Vinci.[26] She lost this state of being, however, once Chaldea left the British Lostbelt.[27]

Mash was able to break through Fairy Knight Tristan's strings, and Beryl Gut states that Tristan is no match for her. While Mash was able to fight Fairy Knight Lancelot for a while, she was eventually overwhelmed.[11]


In 26 September 2016, Risa TanedaWP announced she would take a break from voice-acting due to health concerns, with Rie TakahashiWP taking over the role.[28]

Creation and Conception[]

Main article: Tachie

The Stray Servant, planned for the original visual novel.

Mash evolved from the idea of Shielder, a Stray Servant who had been considered for numerous iterations of Fate/stay night since its inception, including an original anime film, but who had ultimately been scrapped each time. It was only until Fate/Grand Order in 2015 that her concept was revived by Kinoko Nasu to allow her to be one of the main heroines along with Saber and Ruler,[29] with Nasu being personally in charge of writing her scenario.[1]

Notes from the original anime film were collected and revised in the Fate/unpublished material booklet released on the fifteenth anniversary of Fate/stay night in 2019. This version of the character, Tachie, is the main heroine, sharing the Shielder class and Galahad as the Servant inside her.[30]


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    Class: Shielder  True Name:
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    Alignment: Lawful Good  Height: 158cm  Weight: 46kg

    Strength: C  Endurance: A  Agility: D  Mana: B  Luck: C  Noble Phantasm: ?

    Scenerio Writer: Nasu Kinoko/Character Designer: Takeuchi Takashi/Voice Actor: Taneda Risa
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    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    A rank and lower magecraft is nullified, no matter what high-thaumaturgy it is.

    Riding: C
    She can perfectly ride things with the right breaking or adjustments.

    Self-Field Defense: C
    A power displayed when protecting allies or an allied camp.
    Exhibits damage reduction surpassing the defensive limit value, but she herself is not included as a target.
    Also, the higher the Rank more the protective range spreads.

    Possession Inheritance: ?
    Succeed Phantasm. An unique Skill that Demi-Servants possess.
    One of the Skills that the possessing Heroic Spirit owns is inherited and sublimated in a self-taught manner.

    Personal Skills
    Wall of Fleeting Snowflakes
    Defense buff applied to the entire party. The user's mental fortitude is converted into physical defense.
    Because Mash misunderstands how to use her Noble Phantasm, it's true worth cannot be shown.

    Hazy Walls of Chalk
    A defensive skill that allows one to arbitrarily apply invincibility to someone in the party. NP also increases a bit.
    Following how it is called "hazy," the target temporarily shifts out of the time axis to avoid an attack.
    If the rank was higher, attacks from a higher order dimension could also be ignored. That principle is close to a certain defensive self-targeted Noble Phantasm.

    Shield of Rousing Resolution
    A skill that temporarily raises one's own defensive power and draws in an opponent's attack.
    It is only bestowed upon those who muster their courage and protect the back of those who egress before anyone else.
    This is not a skill that comes from the Noble Phantasm, but rather the form Mash's mentality takes.

    Noble Phantasm
    Lord Chaldeas: Imaginary Noble Phantasm Pseudo Deployment/Cornerstone of Anthropic Principle
    Rank: D  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm  Range: 1  Maximum Target: -
    Lord Chaldeas.

    The Noble Phantasm deployed by Mash in accordance to her instincts, without understanding the True Name of the Heroic Spirit possessing her.
    As for why it is crowned with the name of Chaldea, one would think that is because the wish that lies on Mash's basis is "to see the future of mankind".



    ○Motivation · Attitude to the Master

    ○Affiliated Characters
    Lev Lainur

    Dr. Roman

    Comment from Illustrator


    真名:シールダー  真名:召喚形式の不備により照会できず
    性別:女性  出典:Fate/Grand Order  地域:カルデア
    属性:秩序・善  身長:158cm  体重:46kg

    筋力:C  耐力:A  敏捷:D  魔力:B  幸運:C  宝具:

    主な登場作品:Fate/Grand Order








    ランク: D  種別:対人宝具  レンジ:1  最大捕捉:









    Dr. ロマン

    Comment from Illustrator

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    Strength: C
    Endurance: A
    Agility: D
    Mana: B
    Luck: C
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    Personal Skills
    Transient Wall of Snowflakes
    Obscurant Wall of Chalk
    Shield of Rousing Resolution

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: A
    Riding: C

    Noble Phantasm
    Lord Chaldeas: Imaginary Noble Phantasm Pseudo Deployment/Cornerstone of Anthropic Principle
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    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Lord Camelot: The Now Far Off Ideal Castle
    Rank: B+++
    Type: Anti-Evil Noble Phantasm

    The of figure Mash Kyrielight, a Chaldea clerk, who underwent a possession union with a Servant. This is called a Demi-Servant.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 158cm・46kg
    Source: Fate/grand order
    Region: Chaldea
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Female

    Level 2 Bond
    "Imaginary Noble Phantasm Pseudo Deployment/Cornerstone of Anthropic Principle"
    Rank: D  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Lord Chaldeas.
    The Noble Phantasm deployed by Mash in accordance to her instincts, without understanding the True Name of the Heroic Spirit possessing her.
    As for why it is crowned with the name of Chaldea, one would think that is because the wish that lies on Mash's basis is "to see the future of mankind".

    "The Now Far Off Ideal Castle"
    Rank: B+++  Type: Anti-Evil Noble Phantasm
    Lord Camelot.
    The Noble Phantasm that Heroic Spirit Galahad possesses.
    The ultimate protection that employed the Round Table - where the Knights of the Round Table sat at the center of the Castle of White Walls, Camelot - in the form of a shield.
    Its strength is proportionate to the will power of the user, and it has been said that, so long the heart doesn't break, those castle walls too shall never crumble.

    Level 3 Bond
    Self-Field Defense: C
    A power displayed when protecting allies or an allied camp. Exhibits damage reduction surpassing the defensive limit value, but she herself is not included as a target. Also, the higher the Rank more the protective range spreads.

    Possession Inheritance: ?
    Succeed Phantasm. An unique Skill that Demi-Servants possess. One of the Skills that the possessing Heroic Spirit owns is inherited and sublimated in a self-taught manner.
    In Mash's case, it is "Prana Defense". A Skill of the same type as "Prana Burst", magical power is translated directly into defensive power. For a Heroic Spirit possessing a huge magical power, it would probably become a sacred wall that protects a whole country.

    Level 4 Bond
    Mash has obtained the True Name of the Heroic Spirit possessing her.
    The name of that knight is Galahad.
    One of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian Legends.
    The saint who was the only one to obtain the Holy Grail, just to return it to heavens.
    Chaldea had success in summoning Heroic Spirits with its own original method, but what lies at its foundation is the "place where heroes assemble" - the shield held by Mash, which made use of the Round Table and became the catalyst for summoning Galahad.

    Level 5 Bond
    After passing over seven singularities and overcoming many battles, she grew up as a single fully-fledged human, a Servant that is not merely a borrowed article.

    The virtual Noble Phantasm she used before learning the True Name - Cornerstone of Anthropic Principle (Lord Chaldeas).
    That was the wish found at her roots - “to see the future of mankind” - given shape.

    ...the battle surrounding the incineration of the anthropic principle will soon come to an end.
    What sort of conclusion will her journey reach?
    The beast of the planet continues to silently watch over that snowflake-like scenery.

    マシュ・キリエライト - シールダー




    対魔力 A
    騎乗 C

    種別: 対人宝具

    種別: 対悪宝具


    出典:Fate/Grand Order
    属性:秩序・善  性別:女性

    仮想宝具 疑似展開/人理の礎
    ランク:D  種別:対人宝具

    ランク:B+++  種別:対悪宝具







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    Chaldean Timeline
    1950 A.D.
    Success of the Cyber-Daemon “LAPLACE”
    Chaldea, start of establishment in XX

    1990 A.D.
    Completion of the Global Environment Model “CHALDEAS” (Prototype No.1)
    (Transported from XXXXXXX)
    Due to a lack of funds and materials, the activation of CHALDEAS is abandoned

    1999 A.D.
    Completion of the Near-Future Observation Lens “SHEBA”

    2000 A.D.
    Development of Heroic Spirit fusion unit at Chaldea
    Birth of Mash

    2004 A.D.
    Marisbury, success in the summon of a Heroic Spirit at a certain place
    Victory in the Holy Grail War
    Beginning of the CHALDEAS test operation
    Drafting of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

    2005 A.D.
    Romani Archaman, new appointment at Chaldea

    2010 A.D.
    Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning No.2, success in spite of the refusal to manifest Spirit Origin
    Roman becomes Mash’s primary physician.
    Establishment of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

    2012 A.D.
    Animusphere Director, death
    Guardian Heroic Spirit No. 3, summoned. However, it refuses to contract with a Master and remained as a Rogue Servant

    2013 A.D.
    Olga Marie, new appointment

    2014 A.D.
    Mash, 14 years old
    Debuts working as a staff

    2016 A.D.
    The lights of civilization disappear from CHALDEAS
    Start of the main story


    地球環境モデル カルデアス 完成

    近未来観測レンズ シバ完成。

    カルデア 英霊融合素体を開発

    カルデアス テスト稼働開始
    守護英霊召喚システム フェイト 立案


    守護英霊召喚システム フェイト 成立





  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 Fate/Grand Order - Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm - Prologue
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2
    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm - Section 14: Hidden Research [T]

    You are Master Gudao, and she is Mash Kyrielight.
    Over there is Xuanzang Sanzang, a Servant. And you are Tawara Touta, a Servant.
    And you… Oh? What a surprise. You’ve befriended a knight of the Round Table.

    A pleasure to meet you, Sir Bedivere. I mustn’t forget to extend my friendship to a fellow Englishman.

    1.How do you know my name!?
    2.How do you know everyone’s true names!?

    Elementary, my friends.

    (There’s his signature line! He’s the real Mr. Holmes!)

    We’ve already made contact, through an exchange of information before you came here today.


    You safely recovered the intelligence that I left at the Magic Association in London, right?
    All I did was organize the documents, but I believe I did you a valuable service.
    I picked out only the information you needed, and arranged it in a manner that was easy to understand.
    At that point, you’d already accepted me as a collaborator aiding you from the shadows.

    1.Come to think of it…
    2.Andersen did say something…

    Yes, Andersen mentioned that someone had already organized everything before he started his research!
    So it was all thanks to Mr. Holmes!

    Yes. If I had made it too easy, Makiri would have found out.
    I arranged it so that only a truly wise man would come to realize its meaning, in his pursuit of truth.
    You needed to know that information. Not as observers, but as the investigators of this murder mystery.

    1.Murder mystery?

    Indeed, a murder mystery. A case on a scale unlike any I have encountered. “The Exhaustive Slaughter of Humanity by the Incineration of the Human Order.”
    Truly, a case of mythic proportions. Is it any surprise that I would appear on the scene?

    …Um, Gudao, Lady Mash, I’m sorry to interrupt when you’re so excited, but…
    Who is he? Holmes… I remember no knight by that name…

    How tragic.
    It’s true that I was never knighted as a “Sir,” but the man who recorded my exploits received that honor.

    ? The man who passed on your feats was a knight? Erm… my lady?

    Yes, Sir Bedivere. Mr. Holmes is the world’s most famous detective.
    Your class is… Caster, probably? You’re the genuine father of all detectives.
    Ahh, if only comms were up and running, the Doctor would be overjoyed!
    I can barely contain my own excitement! Sherlock Holmes was real!
    In other words, Sir Conan Doyle’s novels were Dr. Watson’s memoirs!

    Heh. Our humble attempts to earn a living were worth it after all, if they brought this angelic child such joy.
    But Miss Kyrielight, my true self is nothing like the man you imagine me to be. Sadly, that story will have to wait for another day.
    Right now, I cannot accept you as a client, Mr. Gudao.

    Oh… Really?
    Mr. Holmes just gave us his opinion without sugarcoating it at all… it really is him…

    Hahahahaha! What an avid reader! You know me so well!

    …Hm. There are many things I wish to help you with, but there are priorities to follow.
    I have been charged by Sir Babbage to uncover a mystery.
    He only left behind a slight shred of his intellect, but even that fragment was like a galaxy of brilliant genius.
    Until this case is concluded, I cannot join Chaldea.
    That is, however, not a critical problem. I shall leave the battle to your heroes.
    I am a detective. I have no interest in justice or glory. I merely solve mysteries. It is my duty to do so.

    (H-He’s exactly how I imagined him!)

    1.You’re saying that you just got here before us?
    2.What could the mystery be…?

    [1] Holmes:
    Exactly! I opened the trap door to invite you in!

    [2] Holmes:
    I’m going to give you a lecture on just that. We’ve a long road ahead, after all.

    You’re saying that you’re on Gudao’s side, but you can’t join us?

    Yes. My friends, you have come to this academy in search of knowledge.
    The Old Man of the Mountain probably impressed on you the need to know everything, correct?
    Thus, you must go to the center of the academy. I also have business there.
    The core lies a distant 500 meters below the surface. These tunnels were deliberately designed to resemble an underground labyrinth.
    I will lead the way to the core. You’ll clear the traps with your bodies.
    I’m sure this will be a rewarding collaboration. Now, let us make haste. Infinite knowledge awaits us!

    We’ve come to work together with Master Holmes… Are you sure about this, Gudao?
    1.Let’s trust the detective.
    2.We share a common goal.

    Foh. Foh, fooh!

    I see. I was never good at dealing with his type. He gives off the same odor as Merlin…

    Master, mana signatures detected! Something’s coming!
    This is the same as London — autonomous familiars!

    So the defense systems are still active after all! I was right to wait for your arrival!
    My existence is currently unstable, so I cannot engage in combat. I have high hopes for your performance!


    In any case, what precisely is the Academy at Atlas?
    A good question, Mister Gudao.
    That which is so called bases itself in the other Atlas Mountains (もう一つのアトラス山, mou hitotsu no Atorasu-san?), situated in Egypt -- an academy for Alchemists.
    It is referred to also by the appellation of "The Giant's Pit" (巨人の穴倉, Kyojin no Anagura?, lit. "Giant's Pit-Cellar").
    One of the three primary branches of the Thaumaturgical Association --
    an institution that specializes in aggregation (蓄積, chikuseki?, lit. "accumulation") and appraisal (計測, keisoku?, lit. "measurement").
    Diverging from the modern practice of Alchemy (現代錬金術, Gendai Renkinjutsu?, lit. "modern Alchemy") that has since the medieval period entered the vogue,
    they are an organization that conducts inquiry (解明, kaimei?, lit. "elucidation") into the basis of Magecraft (魔術の祖, Majutsu no So?, lit. "the forefathers / origins of Magecraft") and the Laws of the World (世界の理, Sekai no Kotowari?, lit. "the principles / rationalities of the World").
    Though they are indeed Magi, I've heard that they're predominantly academics possessed of scant Thaumaturgical Circuits (魔術回路の乏しい, Majutsu-Kairo no Toboshii?, lit. "a destitution of Magecraft Circuits").
    As an inevitable consequence, within the course of their study of Mysteries, they came to rely not upon Mana, but upon a great variety of instruments.
    Said instruments evolved in form so as to closely resemble those technologies employed in scientific inquiry.
    Pseudo-Spiritrons (疑似霊子, Gishi-Reishi?, lit. "pseudo- spirit particles") ...
    Making use of the soul as a quantifiable (観測可能な, kansoku-kanou-na?, lit. "capable of being observed") energy,
    they were able to coin (創造, souzou?, lit. "create / fabricate") Homunculi -- organisms possessed of Thaumaturgical Circuits.

    1.It’s really dangerous, got it.
    2.Why’s it called the Titan’s Pit?

    [1] Holmes:
    A simple understanding! Very good!

    [2] Holmes:
    Hm. In Greek mythology, remember that titan who held up the world? His name was Atlas.
    Perhaps they inherited his duty.
    The Atlas Academy has always been in the Atlas mountains. I’ve heard that its naming was just a simple decision.
    The alchemists of the Atlas Academy are descended from the goddess Isis, the ancestor of magi in Egyptian mythology.
    Its appearance in this Egypt may be thanks to that connection.

    They hid themselves underground in their study of magic… no wonder I’ve never heard of this school.
    But I see no students. Is the Atlas Academy destroyed?

    …No. According to my investigations, the Atlas Academy has operated from before the Common Era into the year 2016.
    The fact that we haven’t seen anyone is probably…
    No, let us avoid conjecture. All will be clear once we reach the core.
    An underground academy full of mysteries. Laboratories built with unknown technologies…
    It may be the ideal shelter. Or perhaps, it is little more than a mass grave.
    Let us pursue the truth with hope in our hearts.

    The construction of this place is rather convoluted. It’s more like a labyrinth than an academy.
    There have only been forks with two paths as we’ve descended, but turn back and you find yourself at yet another fork.
    It feels intended to confuse the traveler. Almost as if…

    Indeed, it is designed to confuse anyone trying to get out. One can enter, but leaving is no trivial feat.

    It’s the opposite of what you’d imagine as a defense against looters. I wonder why it’s built this way.

    They feared people leaving more than they cared about visitors.
    The Atlas Academy is an assembly of geniuses. They each have their own independent workshops, within which they conduct their research.
    There are no taboos in this place. No penalties to prevent the creation of the most unethical of weapons.
    There is only one rule here. That which is created here must never leave.
    That is the founding principle of the Atlas Academy. They have observed this rule for over two thousand years.

    If I were to name an exception, it would be the seven contracts created during the founding of the academy.
    The Atlas Academy is bound to cooperate with someone who possesses one of these contracts.
    I’m sure they posed no small source of headaches to the headmasters. They probably thought their predecessor created the contracts on a whim.
    As of the year 2000, four contracts had been recovered, but the locations of the remaining three were unknown.


    Oh, the automated defenses activated in the middle of our conversation! Take care of them quickly, would you?


    …Hm. Mister Gudao, do you care to hear my impressions of your battle command?


    [2] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha, too bad! It appears you don’t know me as well as Miss Kyrielight does!
    Sherlock Holmes never holds his tongue, never restrains himself, and never passes up a chance to annoy people!
    I merely offer my estimations!

    In other words, Mister Gudao, I’m frankly astonished.
    The might of your collective combat ability is breathtaking, of course, but this is merely secondary to a greater factor.
    I might say that the root of your strength comes from the form of your contract.
    Never before has there been a Master connected to so many Servants.
    Even more extraordinary is the duration of your contracts.
    Originally, the summoning of Servants was meant to be a temporary measure, something created only for a given battlefield.
    An indefinite contract like yours should be impossible. And I expect that you, Master Gudao, have no secrets.
    In other words…

    1.In other words? (gulp)

    …By the way, Miss Kyrielight. I see that you still can’t make full use of your Noble Phantasm.
    Why is that? Is it intentional?
    1.Did you just change the subject!?
    2.Mash still doesn’t know her true name…

    [1] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha. Hahahahahahahahaha.

    …Yes, I still don’t know the identity of the Heroic Spirit that granted me power…

    That isn’t true. Its identity isn’t much of a problem. Your approach is merely incorrect.
    But worry not. The solution will come soon. There is no problem I cannot solve with data.
    …No, I apologize. I overspoke. There are still things you don’t know.
    We are still locked in fierce baritsu with an outstanding problem — the culprit behind the incineration of humanity. The true nature of the King of Magic.
    There is just no information about him at all.
    He’s left many traces throughout the ages, but none of these clues lead directly to King Solomon.
    If only there were someone who had met the King of Magic directly, we could perhaps parley with Solomon, or investigate him further, but I doubt there are any convenient witnesses to be found. All we can do is make guesses about him with the limited information we have.

    1.Um… We’ve seen the King of Magic.
    2.Well… We’re acquainted with the King of Magic.

    ! So you were the critical reference I needed! By all means, tell me everything!
    What did he look like? What did he sound like? What style of magic did he use? And above all…
    …Above all, I want to hear your direct impression of him.
    Incongruity. Yes, that’s the word. Anything you noticed off about him will be key.
    Please, try and remember. Any trifle is valuable, no matter how small. Did you notice anything strange about the King of Magic?

    1.I remember what he looked like, but…
    2.Come to think of it, something was…

    [1] Mash:
    I remember too, but I can’t match up my memories… My visual memory of him feels like it’s smothered in noise…

    [2] Holmes:
    Yes, something was…?
    1.There was one thing about his appearance…
    2.It felt like he wasn’t complete…

    Something incomplete… Something incomplete, eh? If someone meeting the King of Magic for the first time felt that, then…
    It must be something unintentional, so subtle as to make one think, “oh?” in unconscious confusion.

    Miss Kyrielight. Could I ask you to sketch the suspect?
    I want you to draw the King of Magic that you saw. Normally, even this minor act would trigger a punitive curse, but we are in the Atlas Academy. Its countermeasures against external curses are likely impervious. There is no danger to you.

    Understood. Drawing isn’t my specialty, but I’ll do my best to get his form down on paper.
    And… if you don’t mind, Mister Holmes, I’d like to offer my opinion as well.
    It isn’t the same incongruity that Senpai mentioned, but the King of Magic we encountered felt unstable in his words and actions. That’s what stood out to me.
    His moods swung from violent to calm, and there were times he was completely indifferent to us.
    To me, the changes all felt very sudden…

    Hm. Describe it in detail. What was your dialogue like?

    I see. Thank you, Miss Kyrielight.
    That information was truly beneficial. It was enough to give me a slight grasp on the true nature of the King of Magic.

    Y-You’re welcome. The honor was mine.

    From your encounter, I believe that the King of Magic’s personality resembles a kind of mirror.

    A mirror?

    Yes. A mirror that reflects those who stand before it. It reflects the personalities of the people talking to it.
    If a disorderly person is speaking, he becomes vulgar…
    And if an intelligent person speaks, he answers seriously.
    He answers savagery with cruelty, and calm with serenity.
    I doubt that he lacks a self. This isn’t also the same as having multiple personalities.
    It is likely that the King of Magic possesses multiple attributes. Or rather, an excessive number of them. That appears to be who he is.

    1.Oh, so when Mordred was violent…
    2.Oh, so when Andersen was a jackass…

    But he also said that he was indifferent to us, and that life had no meaning.
     I don’t think there was anybody there who was thinking that.

    There’s the rub. That is what I find frightening, Miss Kyrielight.
    “Indifference to humans” is one of the truths about the King of Magic.
    After all, he has already annihilated humanity. He is unlike the Lion King currently attempting to destroy this era.
    He’s already won. He showed himself because victory was in his grasp.
    Of course he would feel indifferent to us. He has already moved on to his next endeavor.
    For example, imagine that there is a desk here. On top of the desk is a plan titled “Human Order Incineration.”
    He has long since completed that work, and is sitting at the next desk.
    Normally, that would be the end of it. Humanity should not have the option to fight him.
    But a miracle happened. It goes without saying that I mean all of you at Chaldea.
    A slim, blank space on the now unoccupied desk.

    …You’re saying that the King of Magic is indifferent to us because the incineration of the human order is a task he already completed?

    Right. It would be more accurate to say that he is busy with his current work.
    I am afraid to learn what that new endeavor is.
    Listen, my friends. This is what we call a perfect crime.
    There was no one who could prevent it. We’ve been completely outplayed.
    A detective’s job begins after the crime has occurred… After victims appear.
    Even if we can shed light on the truth behind the crime, there is no way to reverse the deed.
    But you are different, Mister Gudao. You alone have the power to defy this rule.
    The King of Magic doesn’t believe that you can, and that is the sole weakness in his diabolical atrocity.

    Rejoice, my friends. We’re almost at the core. Many answers await us ahead.
    The Old Man of the Mountain sent you here for two reasons.
    The first concerns this singularity. You are here to acquire information on the Lion King’s goals and holy lance.
    The second has to do with all seven singularities. In short, it relates to one aspect of the mystery behind the incineration of the human order.
    I am prepared to help you answer both of these questions. But before that…

    1.Before that, we have to clear out these defenses, right?
    2.Right on time!

    No. I have a warning. Rather, a declaration.
    The greatest reason I have come to you now is because Chaldea’s eyes cannot reach this place.
    I will say this while I can. I do not trust Doctor Roman.


    So this is the core of Atlas… There’s a sky in this underground chamber, Master!

    A space large enough to contain a town… To think someone could build such a massive cavern underground…
    This indeed seems to be an academy. It contains all the things people need to live.
    I’m sure the students find it wholesome as well, even if that sky is man-made.

    Furthermore, those obelisks in the center are the Atlas Academy’s greatest storage media, the pseudo-spiritronic processor Trihermes.

    1.This is the… original?
    2.Now that you mention it, this construction…!

    [1] Holmes:
    That’s right. What you have in Chaldea is nothing more than a copy of this.
    It is photonic crystal, which has even been called Philosopher’s Stone. It is an out-of-place artifact impossible for current terrestrial science to create.

    [2] Mash:
    You’re right! It’s the same as the control room in Chaldea!
    Though… most of it is buried in sand…

    Now, I’ve already acquired access rights. Normally, one would ask the staff for assistance…
    But as you can see, we are in a completely unoccupied ruin. With apologies to its owners, we will have to use it ourselves.

    …Yes. I wonder why the staff is absent, though.
    The entrance is buried in sand, but the facility seems to be in working order-

    The reason is obvious — this is the Atlas Academy of 2016. It is from your era.

    The Atlas Academy of our time… Oh! Da Vinci mentioned that.
    She said there was another temporal aberration within the Egyptian territory, already removed from this time period.
    So this is what she meant!

    Indeed. The magi have been incinerated, but the academy itself remains.
    Now, then. Let us proceed to the main topic. All events are recorded in Trihermes.
    Though we, not being Atlas alchemists, may be unable to learn all of that information…
    Unadulterated truth… We should be able to find what we need if we look for the outcomes alone. We’ll see the outcomes of the mathematical operations, at least.

    1.What are you looking for?
    2.It isn’t nice to spy on people, you know.

    [1] Holmes:
    I’m ashamed to say that I need records which even I cannot recall. I seek the document of a certain, secret event.

    [2] Holmes:
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s not it at all. I’m interested in the honest truth!
    There’s not a speck of guilt on my conscience, nope! The truth excites me, not the ecology of private individuals!

    Now, Trihermes, bird that soars through the afterlife! Answer my query!
    I seek an incident that has been erased from all records. Show me the unabridged record of the Holy Grail War that took place in Japan, in the year 2004!

    The Holy Grail War!? You mean Singularity X?
    T-The Director did say that a ritual called the Holy Grail War took place in Singularity X, but…
    Do you mean that the truth of humanity’s incineration- That the spark was lit there!?

    No, it didn’t begin there. But it is an important factor.
    The Holy Grail War is a grand ritual in which Heroic Spirits are summoned and made to fight each other, after which the surviving Master and Servant obtain the Holy Grail.
    You know that much, Mister Gudao?
    Good. Now, it really did happen. And the final occurrence was in 2004, in the Japanese city Fuyuki.
    I investigated the records of this war, but despite my efforts, I learned nothing about its course or its conclusion.
    All I could find was data on the beginning of the Holy Grail War; nothing but a list of the seven magi that gathered to fight in the war.
    And, one of those individuals is known to you. Rather, his daughter, I should say.

    1.Could it be…
    2.Chaldea’s previous director…?

    That’s right. I speak of Olga-Marie Animusphere’s father, the late Director of Chaldea.
    He was a Lord of the Clock Tower who traveled to Japan in secret and fought in that blood-soaked ritual.
    His name is…

    …Hm. The results are back. It’s kind of sad that it doesn’t make any noise.
    But, I’m glad to see that they were within my estimates. Now, one of my questions has been answered.
    In 2004, the Holy Grail War took place in Japan. Its victor was Marisbilly Animusphere.
    Trihermes recorded that he killed six magi and obtained the omnipotent wishing machine known as the Holy Grail.

    He… obtained the Holy Grail?
    Before the human order was incinerated… before rei-shifting had been developed?

    Yes. The record goes on. Marisbilly brought an assistant with him to the war.
    In the year following the Holy Grail War, this person received a special invitation to join the staff of Chaldea.
    It was unheard of for someone to become the head of the medical facility at age 22. So much that I would hesitate to call him a normal human being.

    1.The head of the medical facility…

    Romani Archiman?
    The Doctor… knew the previous director before coming to Chaldea?

    Yes. What’s even stranger is that Romani Archiman’s history is completely unknown.
    No matter how deeply I looked, I could find no records on him before the Holy Grail War. If we used Hermes, we could probably dig something up, but we simply don’t have time to sift through personnel files on billions of individuals, which change every year.
    That is why I don’t trust Doctor Roman. Without a doubt, he is a human, and no magus, yet…
    He is hiding something. It is something extraordinary. Something close to the truth of all this.


    Umm… Can I ask something?
    I’m not trying to complain that I’m tired of keeping quiet all this time, but…
    You said that Marisbilly guy got the Holy Grail, right?
    What did he wish for?

    Unfortunately, Hermes has no record of his wish. It only shows the results.
    According to Hermes, Marisbilly flourished as a magus after the war.
    In the Clock Tower, Chaldea and the Animusphere family’s theories had heretofore been regarded as abstract and impractical.
    But, a string of successes reversed the Animusphere’s fortunes. The Heroic Spirit summoning system was established.
    Virtual experiments were conducted that allowed one to not only observe the future, but to interact with different time periods through rei-shifting.
    Around 2004, Chaldea, previously a mere astronomical observatory, was built into a research facility.

    Conventional reasoning would conclude that Marisbilly wished for prosperity.
    He had no reason to wish for the incineration of the human order. According to documents, his personality was “hard-working.”
    He had ordinary desires, ordinary envy, and he loved ordinary fortune. That’s the kind of man he was.
    In that case, he may have been manipulated by a third party, or perhaps he unintentionally trod on a land mine.

    A third party… Might that be Professor Lev?

    Lev Reynol was assigned to Chaldea in 1999, coinciding with the technology transfer for Observation Lens Shiva.
    He was a pawn of the King of Magic. There is no doubt about that.
    …This is the part that vexes me most, to be honest. Lev joined Chaldea with an agenda in mind.
    In that case, it would mean that there was a problem at Chaldea before the Holy Grail War in 2004.
    It’s possible that for Marisbilly, the 2004 Holy Grail War was just a career move which had nothing to do with incineration of humanity.
    If true, I hate to admit it, but… It brings up the question of Romani Archiman.
    We are left with an enigma whose activities are unknown, who is unrelated to the case, and who is a trivial nuisance that might as well not exist.

    What the heck!? That’s so sketchy!

    1.Sounds just like Roman!
    2.A mystery man that might as well not exist!

    Yes, how very like the Doctor!

    In my view, he may well be an important player in this case.
    Take caution in what you share with him going forward. He cannot be trusted until his secrets are revealed.
    At the minimum, Romani Archiman knew about the conclusion of the Holy Grail War, and kept that information from you.

    …Now, that’s all I wanted to know. It’s your turn now. But before that…
    While I was looking through records on Chaldea, I found an answer for Miss Kyrielight.
    I apologize for going off on a tangent, but do you mind?

    An answer for me…?
    Oh, do you mean what we talked about earlier? The true name of the Heroic Spirit that granted me powers?

    Indeed I do! I suspected the truth, but held back because I had no proof…
    But now I can tell you with confidence. Are you ready to hear it, Miss Kyrielight?

    Wait. Lady Mash needs to discover that herself. It is not for us to say-

    No! I will reveal it! Everybody’s figured it out already, anyway!
    Only a fool turns one’s back on the truth. Is Miss Kyrielight a fool?
    Absolutely not! Emphatically not, Sir Bedivere! What are you afraid of, in the first place!?
    So what if nothing changes once she knows her true name? So what if she can’t activate her Noble Phantasm after hearing its name?
    I declare that your misgivings are needless! After all…
    Mash Kyrielight’s spirit is already whole! Her fears will not change whether or not she has a Noble Phantasm!
    Therefore! Even if she cannot use her Noble Phantasm, she will never cease to rise to the occasion!
    She will be brave and fight to the end, for the one thing she believes in!


    [also speechless]

    …Pardon me. I lost myself in the moment. May I reveal his name now, Miss?
    The name of the Heroic Spirit who bequeathed to you a new destiny, and saved your life.

    …Master, do you mind?

    1.Go ahead.
    2.Too bad Roman isn’t here.

    …Yes. I would have liked for this moment to be a bit more special.

    Please tell me, Mister Holmes. My true name. The name of this shield.

    Very well. Then, I shall work my way to the truth, as a detective should.
    To begin with, how did Chaldea stabilize its Heroic Spirit summoning system?
    It was thanks to something which gathers Heroic Spirits.
    Once, there was a gathering of heroes. A ritual of oaths, called the Round Table.
    Chaldea processed that holy relic, used it as a summoning catalyst, and buried it within a compound body.
    Do you understand, Mister Gudao? The weapon she wields looks like a shield, yet it is not.
    The first Servant you contracted with would become the foundation upon which many Heroic Spirits would gather.

    1.I knew it, somehow.
    2.It’s totally a Round Shield.

    A clever pun, to be sure. I applaud Chaldea’s engineers for this feat.
    She holds the core around which the Round Table was built — the sacred Round Shield.

    Hear me, Miss Kyrielight.
    The second Heroic Spirit summoned in 2010 was Chaldea’s only successful Heroic Spirit fusion trial.
    He decried Chaldea’s brutal experiments, but remained in the world to keep his host alive. Then, after the bombing of Chaldea, he entrusted her with all he had.

    Your Heroic Spirit’s name is Galahad.

    He was a sacred knight of the Round Table, and the only knight to succeed in his quest for the Holy Grail.

    Galahad, of the Round Table…

    [Mash falls]

    2.Are you okay!?

    Y-Yes… My legs felt weak, so I sat down…
    But, I don’t feel pain, or surprise.
    I’m just… very happy.
    I finally know the name of the person who believed in me, and saved my life…
    I’m just… so, so happy right now.
    Have I done his name justice…?

    See, didn’t I tell you? That’s just the sort of girl she is.
    She would never forget her gratitude. Do you think her someone that would be disappointed in her savior?

    …Truly, you were right. Galahad chose well.
    Even in a different age, and among a different people, he would surely entrust his legacy to someone like himself.

    Well, I will leave the awakening of the Noble Phantasm to Mister Gudao.
    Hermes is in poor condition. I believe it only has one search remaining before it loses power.

    …I should apologize, as well.
    I succumbed to the temptation of making it run background searches on the number of unsolved cases left in the world…

    Mister Holmes!?


    Not to worry, it will function properly one more time. I am a man who never lets the truth escape.
    You need to know about the Lion King’s holy lance Rhongomyniad.
    Of course, I have heard of the artifact before, but this will be my first time learning of its nature.

    Hermes, show us its true value.
    …I see.

    (Senpai, I think it’s finished searching. Hermes sure is handy.)

    Foh. Foh.

    Sir Bedivere, how much do you know of the holy lance?

    Nothing in detail. The king had several other treasures aside from the holy sword.
    The holy lance Rhongomyniad was one of these. The knights of the Round Table never learned its particular details.
    However, Merlin did refer to it the “Tower of the End.”
    He called it a pillar of light far across the sea to the west of Britain. A tower that stands at the World’s End, beyond the horizon.

    A tower? But it’s a spear, right? Both of them are really long… so which one is it?

    That is beyond my ken… Master Holmes?

    There are two holy lances, Miss Sanzang.
    One is a gigantic tower that pierces this world. That is the essence of the holy lance, given form.
    We were told that “the holy lance stands tall.” It actually is a tower, but it is out of human reach.
    After all, it is at the World’s End. Thus, it is eternally distant.
    The Tower stands beyond the world of humans, always watching over it.

    Tawara Touta:
    Hm, a tower with a commanding view reserved for the gods and Buddha, you say?

    The other lance is in the hands of the Lion King. That one is like a shadow the Tower dropped onto the earth.
    It is like a personal weapon that allows one to wield the powers and Authority of the Tower.

    So the Tower is the main body, and the lance is its remote terminal?

    A satisfactory example, Miss Kyrielight.
    The Tower stands at the end of the world, and its administrator wields the lance.
    The question is, why does the Tower pierce the planet?
    There is a theory that our world — the human world — is nothing more than one of the textured layers that wrap the surface of the planet, like a carpet.
    To the planet, this is the consciousness of the intelligent lifeforms that reign supreme. In other words, our physical laws.
    The “carpet” that maintains the laws of physics is our world. It is stitched to the planet so that it does not peel away.
    This seems to be the phenomenon called the Tower of the End. It is also not limited to Britain.
    There are multiple such pillars located throughout the world. One is the holy lance in the hands of the Lion King.

    So that’s the meaning behind the Tower of the End. The king held such a terrifying relic for years…

    It’s like a pagoda that people offer their faith in the Buddha to, right? I get it!
    But what does that have to do with the Holy City? What’s the Lion King planning to do with the Tower?

    …It’s likely that the Lion King intends to use the holy lance as the Tower.
    The Lion King built the Holy City into a utopia, and gathered selected humans.
    Not merely pure humans, but humans that will perform correctly under any circumstance.
    According to Hermes’ calculations, the holy lance can absorb five hundred souls.
    The Holy City was built atop the Holy Land in a single night. You may think it an impossible feat, but the truth is simple.
    That city is the lance itself. The people brought to the city are meant to be stored within the lance.
    The Lion King claimed that the pure humans would be protected, but the truth is that they’ve been sealed within so that they cannot escape.

    Impossible! That city is Camelot. It differs in small ways, but it is the castle of the Round Table.
    It couldn’t possibly be used for such evil ends!

    No, Mister Holmes is right. That isn’t Camelot.
    It’s true that Camelot was a castle built by the fairies. It also appeared in a single night.
    But that… is different. I’ve felt something frightening since I first saw it…
    It’s the outer shell of the holy lance Rhongomyniad. It can’t be something that helps people.

    Then… what about the people in the city? Under the king’s protection, are they forced into a life of oppression?

    It is no matter of life or death. Everyone in the Holy City will be absorbed into the lance.
    The holy lance is similar to the Atlas Institute. It is a shelter, Sir Bedivere.
    Yet, it is no place to live. All within are processed as elements required for good humans.
    Eventually, the Holy City will converge into a single tower. Only a compressed hell awaits those within the tower.
    The people were not gathered to live in a utopia. They were collected as ideal samples of humanity.
    Samples to be overseen by the Lion King for eternity. An example of humanity’s value, to be displayed in a show window.

    No!!! This is too disgusting to be the work of humans!


    Tawara Touta:
    …I cannot judge whether the Lion King’s actions are good or evil. The king is protecting her own people. That is without doubt.

    Of course it’s wrong! What are you talking about, Touta!?

    Tawara Touta:
    Let me finish! The Holy City will go into the Tower.
    What happens next? It’s obvious. The Holy City will disappear, and so will the Lion King’s army.
    At the very least, the mountain people will no longer fight the Lion King. The Lion King will have shut herself away, along with her ideals.

    Oh… I get it. The fighting will end, then. For a while, at least.
    “I will protect only the people of my land.” The Lion King is following that policy all the way through…

    That would be optimal. I agree with Mister Tawara.
    …That is, if it only went as far as Hermes’ analysis.

    …There’s more to it, isn’t there? The Lion King’s Holy Selection has a deeper meaning to it.

    Yes. The Lion King will turn the Holy City into the Tower of the End. You all know the implications of that, I’m sure.
    The creation of the Tower will turn its surroundings into the World’s End.
    In exchange for creating a complete world known as the Tower, the world outside of the tower will disappear.
    The Lion King is not only protecting the people of her own country. She intends to discard everything aside from her people.

    And, that destruction has already begun.
    This singularity is an exception among exceptions because it is already a place that exists nowhere in the world.

    …Oh. There’s nothing beyond the desert because this era is already cut off from the rest of history…

    Correct, Miss Sanzang.
    The party who both created this singularity and is now attempting to destroy it has long since ceased to be the King of Magic.
    It is the godlike Lion King, going so far as to sacrifice a cornerstone of the Human Order in the quest to create an ideal city.


    Everyone, let us return to the surface. We cannot afford to delay.
    We must gain entrance to the Holy City before the lance is complete, and ascertain the Lion King’s intentions.

    I agree with Bedivere. Now we know why the skeleton boss sent us here.
     Let’s hurry and meet up with the other skeleton folks. We need to tell them what we learned.
    …Huh? But why didn’t the boss just tell everyone back then? It would have saved us a lot of time…

    Tawara Touta:
    Gudao needed to come here. Perhaps, to this desert, rather than this academy.
    You can’t always depend on the aid of others. Even the first Old Man of the Mountain can only do so much.
    Gudao still has something to accomplish in this land. That might be why we were really sent here.


    Tawara Touta:
    Hm? What’s so funny, detective?

    Sorry. Was I laughing?
    If so, it’s because your words were so full of implication. I couldn’t contain myself.

    [later. alarms in the tunnels]

    Wait, there’s more of them on the way back!?

    Of course. And this time, they won’t compare to what we’ve faced before.
    Exit is not permitted at Atlas Academy. I said that, remember?
    This will be our final battle in this lost underworld. Fight as wildly as you please!


    Senpai, I can see light at the end of the tunnel! It’s sunlight!

    Our return was swift. It’s all thanks to Master Holmes.

    Elementary, my friends. One cannot rely solely on visual memory when entering the labyrinth.
    One must draw a concrete mental map while traversing the premises.

    1.Impressive, detective!
    2.Thanks, Holmes.

    Hm. I’m glad I was of help in the end. And this is where we part ways, my friends.

    So… you can’t trust Chaldea after all?

    Hrm. Chaldea does have its mysteries, but I am after a different quarry.
    Its name is Phantom-
    Ah, well, this isn’t really the time. I shall take my leave here, Mister Gudao.

    First, let me leave you with a problem to think about. It is the simplest question concerning the incineration of the Human Order.
    I’ve been thinking. Why did it originate in the year 2016?


    Hasn’t anyone else considered the question? The King of Magic incinerated human history itself.
    That’s just it. If he had done it at the start of the Common Era, the world should have ended without you ever being born.
    But he began in 2016. The burning started in 2016, and traced its way into the past.
    It was a flame that sparked in your 2016, and burned from there into the past.
    Why did he do that? I considered the question, and came to one conclusion.

    There must be a reason why the King of Magic had to wait until 2016. Let us suppose, for argument’s sake, that he is located in 1000 B.C.E.
    About 3000 years of history must pass between 1000 B.C.E. and 2016 C.E. And, he needed to burn all of this.
    Do you understand? The King of Magic didn’t destroy merely because he wanted to.
    There was a need to destroy. The conclusion may be the same, but we cannot ignore this distinction.

    1.It isn’t because he hates humanity?
    2.Come to think of it, “indifference” means…

    Right. Hostility cannot exist alongside indifference.
    …However, this is where my contemplations become troubling. I mean my suspicions about the possible reasons, of course.
     One hypothesis, which I mentioned, is that there is some significance in the length of time between 2016 and the distant past.
    …Another, is that there is something beyond 2016 which even King Solomon could not see.

    Solomon possesses clairvoyance that allows him to peer in to the future.
     If there is something beyond that date which even he couldn’t see…
    1.…Maybe the future never existed to begin with?
    2.What if doesn’t exist because he destroyed it?

    [1] Holmes:
    I arrived at the same conclusion. I pray that we’re wrong.

    [2] Holmes:
    Yes, that is the simplest answer. I hope that’s the case.

    Well, my friends, I shall take my leave here! The next time we meet, let me think…
    Let it be in a bustling city, rather than a wasteland! I look forward to working together again in a city worthy of London!

    第14節 秘匿の研究


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    -- a relief. It's good that you haven't yet departed, Mashu.
    Your annihilation was absolute.
    You'd reached the termination of your life.
    Even so, your consciousness yet lingers within this Void (虚無, Kyomu?).
    Even so, you have labors yet to complete.
    And therefore, I shan't tell you that "you've done a good job, and earned your rest."
    The time, however, has come for me to bid you "bye-bye."


    There isn't time to dally, and so I'll say it bluntly: I intend to bring you back to life.
    I am that which presides over the principle of "Comparison" (比較, Hikaku?).
    I am the Beast borne of the Distinction (特徴, tokuchou?, lit. "distinct feature") of "advancing beyond one's opponent," which comes unto maturation by the conflict that arises amongst Men, supping upon their Envies (妬み, Netami?) and Regrets (悔しさ, Kuyashisa?).
    The Beast of Calamity, Cath Palug (災厄の獣キャスパリーグ, Saiyaku no Juu Kyasu Pari-gu?).
    In a different world, I am the one that would be called the Slayer of the Primates(Primate Murder) (霊長の殺人者(プライミッツ・マーダー), Reichou no Satsujinsha(Puraimittsu Ma-da-)?).
    Removed of the Civilization of Man, I would be a harmless animal.
    And thus, I was once confined to a solitary isle, uninhabited by humans.
    However, the Magus charged with the duty of caring for me was a loathsome wretch.
    Forcing me from the comfort of the Tower of Imprisonment (幽閉塔, Yuuhei-Tou?), he released me unto the world without.
    ... but, it was thanks to that that I arrived upon Chaldea.
    And there, I discovered you and Gudako.

    -- y-you are --

    Perhaps you find this troubling?
    But, well, the Magus did once claim that goodwill is fundamentally something to be forced upon others.
    Let that my actions be an emulation of that.
    Expending the stores of Mana (魔力, Maryoku?, lit. "Magical Energy") that I've collected to myself across the centuries, I shall here enact a Miracle (奇蹟, Kiseki?) irreplicable even by way of the True Magics (魔法?).
    "The Complete Resurrection of the Dead" (死者の完全な蘇生, Shisha no Kanzen-na Sosei?).
    Or rather, any deaths that come to pass within the Temple of Time (時間神殿, Jikan Shinden?) aren't in fact counted as applicable within reality.
    I shall now be conducting a transference of my Force of Providence (運命力, Unmei-Ryoku?).
    It shall persist to the extent that your remaining lifespan -- less than three days in duration -- will be entirely overwritten.
    However, as I am yet to fully mature, I can grant you only a lifespan comparable to that of the Humans (人並, hitonami?).
    And by the consummation of this act, I shall be as merely a beast.
    Neither Sapience (知性, Chisei?) nor Distinction (特性, Tokusei?) shall remain.
    Until now, my responses to you in conversation have indeed held meaning, but henceforth, they may be little more than the cries of an animal.
    But this isn't something you should unnecessarily concern yourself with.
    From your perspective, after all, nothing will have changed.
    But, I suppose I can't help but feel a bit of loneliness in that.
    For this reason, I desired that my final act would be to bid you alone a personal farewell.
    Goodbye, Mashu Kyrielight.
    This journey that I've undertaken at your side was to me a refreshment.
    It is owing to that that I was able to retain this form until the end, even as I might have normally degenerated unto unsightliness.

    W- wait --
    Fou, -san -- Fou-san -- !

    ... Once, a certain Magus uttered these words on unleashing the Cath Palug upon the world.
    "Go forth and seek beauty," he said.
    -- Yes.
    I have indeed witnessed a beautiful thing.
    There exist evils that may be defeated without the crossing of blades, and answers that be reached only absent of the spilling of blood.
    I congratulate you, good folk of Chaldea.
    By your efforts, the 4th Beast (第四の獣, Dai-Yon no Juu?) is here defeated.









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    Takeuchi: Yes. But that shield girl's design existed before this project began.

    Nasu: It never came to be, but when Studio DEEN made their "stay night" anime, it was originally planned to have an original story. This heroine was formally made back then. We felt it was a waste to keep her locked away like that, and she fit right into the story of "FGO", so we decided to make her the main heroine this time around.

    4Gamer: So, is her true identity to be revealed at a later date?

    Takeuchi: It's too early (laugh). Trying to figure out a heroic spirit's true name-- their identity, is a big part of the enjoyment of "Fate".

    Nasu: In "FGO's" case, the servant's identity becomes revealed once players get their hands on them. So I'd be happy if all the players would do their best to avoid spoilers.

    4Gamer: あれはやっぱり盾なんですね。彼女のデザインは,武内さんが手がけられたということでいいのでしょうか。

    武内氏: そうです。でも,あの盾子のデザインは,この企画が始まる前から存在していたんですよ。

    奈須氏: >世に出ることはなかったんですが,以前スタジオディーンさんが「stay night」をアニメ化されたとき,オリジナルの話を作る予定があったんです。このヒロインは,その時に正式に作られたキャラクターでした。そのまま眠らせておくのはもったいない気持ちがありましたし,「FGO」のストーリーにハマる感触もあったので,今回メインヒロインとして立ってもらうことにしました。

    4Gamer: では,その正体が明らかになるのは,まだ先であると。

    武内氏: 今はまだ(笑)。英霊の真名――正体を想像するのも,「Fate」という作品の大きな楽しみの一つですからね。

    >奈須氏: 「FGO」の場合,キャラクターを手に入れた時点でサーヴァントの正体はどうしたってバレてしまいますから。なので,配信が始まった後もプレイヤーの皆さんにはなるべくネタバレを避けてもらえると嬉しいです。

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