Master Panda (パンダ師匠, Panda Shishō?) is a parody character introduced in Character Material.



It is heavily implied Master Panda is actually Shiki Nanaya (from speaking with the same voice in Carnival Phantasm, the symbol for "Nanatsu-yoru" on his back, Shiki Nanaya and Miyako's tagteam name in Act Cadenza is "The Long Road of the Panda," etc.)

He taught martial arts to Miyako Arima and entertains kids in the park.


He wears a panda suit with "Nanatsu-Yoru" (七夜?), the name of Shiki Tohno's knife, written on the back.


Miyako highly respects him.[1]


Character Material[]

Carnival Phantasm[]

Unmasked Master Panda.

He later makes an appearance in Carnival Phantasm, often appearing to give Miyako advice. He also appears as one of the characters sitting in the background. He appears unmasked at the time but is too small to be identified.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]

Master Panda appears in Miyako's Last Arc Final Thunder - Smashing Fist (ぜつぎらいきょくあんぽんけん(絶技雷極・安崩拳)?), performing a series of attacks with her. He also appears in Powered Ciel's Last Arc when used on Miyako, taking the blow for Miyako.


Master Panda is a master practitioner of Bajiquan.

In Miyako's Last Arc in Type Lumina, Final Thunder - Smashing Fist (ぜつぎらいきょくあんぽんけん(絶技雷極・安崩拳)?), Master Panda performs a series of attacks strikingly similarly to many of Shiki Nanaya'a moves, like Flash Sheath - Eightfold Thrust and Crescent Moon Nanaya.


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    Cap Girl
    Class: First-year, class B.
    Affiliated to: Super Aikido Club, Unexplored Cuisine Research Society
    Likes: Club activities, Old Kung-fu movies
    Dislikes: Discussing about love, seniors.
    Favorite foods: Chinese dumplings, Bright-red Mapo that she ate someday, somewhere
    Dislikes: Supplements, Bright-red Sandwich that she ate someday, somewhere
    Hobbies: Baseball, Soccer, Kung-fu
    Aspirations: Open a shop of delicious chinese food
    Respected/worthy people for her: Master Panda
    Blood type: O
    Birthday: May 4.

    Source: Spinning Type-Moon