The unnamed Master of Archer is the "False" Master of False Archer in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake before Tiné Chelc kills him to take over the contract.



The Master of Archer is part of a lineage that has begun to stagnate. While not an insignificant family in the Mage's Association hierarchy, their power had begun to wane, fading in the same manner as those like the Makiri. Due to his son having even less potential than himself, he began to greatly worry and felt the need for more drastic measures rather than simply working to strengthen his power normally due to the likelihood of his family losing touch with magecraft altogether. He could not use normal means to bring about greater successors because only those of a powerful bloodline could procure a method of doing so in the first place. He was a true magus in every respect, but not enough to secure his bloodline. He began to hear rumors about the False Holy Grail War, an imitation of the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, but thought nothing more of it until the report from Rohngall. Deciding to bet everything on the ritual, he killed his son because he had no future and killed his wife when she tried to stop him. He decided to blame her for not being able to produce a viable heir, feeling nothing for her as she was simply the "best woman he could obtain with his current rank" in the Association.

Deciding that winning the war to improve his standing, finding a path to the Root, finding the secrets behind the mechanics of the war, or anything of that nature would put him in a better standing, he headed to Snowfield without even considering the possibility of defeat. He obtained Command Spells and prepared for the ritual. He found out that Gilgamesh had been summoned in the Fourth Holy Grail War with a fossilized snake. He also planned to summon Gilgamesh in the False War with a key obtained by his ancestor who wagered everything to obtain the treasury of the golden city, but only ever found and verified the key without finding the treasury.


The Master of Archer is a prideful man who wishes to do anything in his power to accomplish his goal restoring his lineage, feeling intense pressure as the family head to restore their waning power. He does not care about the nature of the Holy Grail War as long as it is sufficient enough to fulfill his wish. More enthusiastic than any other about the prospect of the Grail, he is prepared for anything upon entering the war.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

  • False Archer is summoned

After becoming recognized as a Master, the Master of Archer heads to a cave north of Snowfield to use as an atelier, setting a bounded field to prevent others from interfering. Using his key as the catalyst, he performs the ritual, becoming ecstatic upon seeing Archer. Archer is annoyed with his attitude, but keeps with his duty as a Heroic Spirit, asking him the question to seal their contract. He becomes angered by Archer's contemptuous attitude, planning to use the Command Spells to make Archer know his place in their relationship as a mere tool for him. Before he can even react, he finds that his hand with the Command Spells has been removed with flames, feeling extreme pain as he looks at his burnt wrist. Archer reacts to his screams with boredom, telling him to scream more elegantly if he wishes to amuse him. The Master of Archer quickly calms himself in order to assess the situation, thinking that someone able to make it through the bounded field without setting off any traps must be a cautious enemy. As he calls out at the intruder, Tiné Chelc enters his view, ignores him, and makes an entreaty to Archer.

The Master of Archer is enraged by her, but decides not to act rashly without ascertaining her strength. She tells Archer that she wished to return to him the key to his treasury, but he dismisses it as a trifle. The Master of Archer, who treated the key as his family's pride, hearing it dismissed as such is overcome with rage, and when Tiné tells him to leave so as to spare his life, he loses control and tries to attack her. Tiné easily repels it and counterattacks with a spell of her own, extinguishing his life as he burnt by flames. His dying thoughts are that his lineage will live on even should he perish, but remembers killing his only successor. Losing his life and all that he had sacrificed for the war, his lineage comes to an end.


The Master of Archer is a reputable and intelligent magus who has formed a number of magical theories and learned a large number of techniques. He suffers from the stagnation of his family line, lacking in the raw power that should have been built up over the generations. He uses a spell that gathers all of his energy into a sphere of black light that can be fired at an enemy. He displays some healing ability in reconstituting his right hand and numbing the pain.


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