The unnamed Master of Caster is the Master of Caster in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. He is the current head of the Reiroukan family (玲瓏館の当主?) and Misaya Reiroukan's father.



In the Holy Grail War of 1991, he is the current family head of the Reiroukan family. His family includes his wife and only daughter, Misaya.

Being from one of the elite magus families in the east, Lord Reiroukan and his family maintain many connections with politicians, leaders and businessmen causing them to have a lot of pull with local governments.


Lord Reiroukan's appearance is not heavily mentioned or shown in the novels.


He is a very influential character, having ties to political figures. He loves his daughter Misaya and his family very much.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky SilverEdit

The Master of Caster is betrayed and kiled by Caster after the battle with Rider.

Day 6Edit

Conversation With The Reiroukan MasterEdit

The next night, Caster has a meeting with Lord Reiroukan over the previous days events. In the middle of the meeting, a magical message from Manaka starts playing. Manaka greets Lord Reiroukan and introduces herself to him. Manaka continues that she has something to tell him and informs about what she discussed with Saber about exploiting the other Masters' weakpoints.

Manaka asks for Lord Reiroukan's opinion on this and uses Misaya as an example. Manaka continues to explain that if Misaya were to disappear, it would be very hard and painful for him. Instantly, Lord Reiroukan becomes furious by this . Manaka then comes to the terms of their partnership where she will take the Greater Grail (Saint Graph) and in exchange Lord Reiroukan will protect the Lesser Grail (Symbol) for her. Lord Reiroukan gets upset and is shocked that Manaka knows its whereabouts. Lord Reiroukan then asks himself about how much she knows about the Greater Grail and its history.

Manaka then says her goodbyes and Lord Reiroukan yells out cursing Manaka's name.


The Master of Caster utilizes Rune Magic, Necromancy, and General Black Magic.


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