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« Oh dear? Is it my turn?"
"To bind, to open, please be drown by a woman like me! »


Mata Hari: The Girl Who Has Sunny Eyes  (陽の眼を持つ女
, Yō no Minako wo Motsu On'na
Mata Hari
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mata Hari. The materialization of the legend called "Mata Hari", it is a brainwashing Noble Phantasm. By means of a bewitching dance, it forcibly numbs trains of thoughts. Civilians and Masters are a matter of course, but this applies also to Servants who do not have mental resistance Skills or who are not under Mad Enhancement. Those who fail at their checks are, fundamentally, Mata Hari's puppets.[1][2]

The effects last until sunrise. However, because it leaves no evidence that the Noble Phantasm has been employed, it is possible to repeatedly use it on the same individual. Also, if one fails in the check even once, he or she will bear a handicap in the subsequent checks.[1]


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