Mato Tohma (戸馬的, Touma Mato?) is a police officer in DDD.



Mato, nicknamed Tomato (トマトちゃん?) is a female cop, in her twenties, that is very interested in demon-possession but not to the lengths of becoming one of them herself. After all, she’s a Public Security special agent. You’d have to be a superintendent to voice your opinions to her. As a matter of fact, in Shikura City, she’s invincible. Oh, and just to let you know, a superintendent would be the chief of police in Shikura City. She is a cold-blooded animal that Arika had been under complete supervision of for two years but she apparently has a nice side to her as well. The true nature of that woman is a sadist that loves tormenting weaklings like Arika and in the eyes of Arika, isn’t a shred of justice in this woman. But according to Mato, is Akira a harmless demon possessed and gets used by her to get information about demon possessed one's. She was the one that introduced Arika to Kaie and his limbs. She is, also a weapons expert and deadly with shotguns and pistols. She also, contrary to her nickname, hates tomatoes.







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