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Mecha Eli-chan (メカエリチャン, Meka Eri-chan?), Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is an Alter Ego-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Mecha Eli-chan, shortened from Magus Aegis Elizabeth Channel (メイガス・エイジス・エリザベート・チャンネル, Meigasu Eijisu Erizabēto Chan'neru?).

Has human technology already reached this point!?[1]

No, that's wrong, technology had little to do with it at all. After frequent disaster befell Castle ČachticeWP, it finally dispatched its final weapon. A legacy left by a nameless sage. A treasure stowed away beneath the castle. The guardian statue that wasn't supposed to talk - after presiding over scenes time and again, and again, and again, of the blood maiden's failure to retrieve the Holy Grail - has finally awoken as a guardian deity.[1]

Its name is the Alter Ego, Mecha Eli-chan. Having awoken to the heart of a lord presiding over land, she is a witch who enacts justice that goes a little too far.[1]



"My justice is unshaken. As you can see, it is ironclad."[1]

Through her steel expression, it is difficult to tell, but she is extremely tenacious. As a noble (one who defends their land), she has crushed her own 'personality as a young girl'. On very rare occasions, and only to a Master she trusts, she may possibly display a girly smile/embarrassed face.[1]

An (inflexible) Servant of justice. The lawful good alignment from Elizabeth Báthory of all people isn't just for show. Fundamentally collected and prudent, a true noble lady. She rarely ever raises her voice, but when standing before evil, she enters self-righteous/leader mode to give a sharp reprimand.[1]

... If Elizabeth was never caught up in her delusion of blood... no, if she had someone to protect her from the pressuring notion that, 'A woman holds no worth without beauty', the history of Čachtice would surely have changed. This Alter Ego might be that possibility given shape.[1]

While Mecha Eli-chan possesses perfect beauty, she comes with her share of faults. One of those faults is her 'Criterion for Justice'. Precisely because she exists as the guardian deity of her castle, no matter who they might be, whoever goes against her rules is deemed 'evil', and will be attacked...![1]

Note: As her digital brain takes some time to process the 'Contradictory Nature of Humans', she is seriously worried about whether she should just punish anyone who commits a textbook case of an 'evil deed', though she won't say a word about it.[1]

Traitors and criminals have their circumstance. Mecha Eli-chan possesses the intelligence to take extenuating factors into consideration, holding dissatisfactions towards her own self-righteous thought pattern, and mulling over how to improve herself. She's really just a good kid.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Halloween Event: Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber[]

Mecha Eli-chan was built by Osakabehime to serve as a terminal for the Guardian of Csejte using parts ordered from Amazoness.com and the vestiges of Elizabeth Bathory's Heroic Spirit in Csejte. Her Spirit Origin was stabilized by Elisa Particles, which were caused by the Grail's usage in Csejte and Elizabeth's leaking magical energy from her fusing, splitting, and changing her Spirit Origin into a Caster and Saber. But for whatever reason, Osakabehime removed Mecha Eli-chan's heart circuit. Mecha Eli-chan soon went rogue and conquered Csejte, brainwashing the knights to obey her. She sends them after Elizabeth and Osakabehime, who have fled from the castle and are considered fugitives.

A knight reports they failed to capture Elizabeth and Osakabehime, which doesn't surprise Mecha Eli-chan considering they were up against Servants. Mecha Eli-chan then orders the knight to call Carmilla, Wu Zetian, and Cleopatra. She orders them to capture Osakabehime and bring her back to the castle. She will then sentence her with compulsory labor. A knight reports that Osakabehime is returning to the castle with allies. Mecha Eli-chan realizes they mean to take Himeji Castle by force and decides to go and take care of them. Rescinding her earlier order, she orders everyone to protect the castle instead. Meanwhile, she will ambush Osakabehime and her allies. She also wants to ascertain Ritsuka's capabilities, vowing to kill them if they're deemed a threat to Csejte.

Confronting Ritsuka's party outside, Mecha Eli-chan gives Elizabeth and Osakabehime another chance to surrender and show remorse for their sloven ways. If they do, she will show mercy by letting them repaint their castles as part of their one-year compulsory labor sentence. They refuse, so Mecha Eli-chan fires at Elizabeth, but Osakabehime defends her with her origami. The group fights Mecha El-chan to no avail. She leaves, telling the group they need to climb if they wish to reach Himeji Castle.

When Ritsuka's party reaches Himeji Castle, Mecha Eli-chan is unsure how to treat Ritsuka as she knows very little about them. She, therefore, decides she will talk with them first. She then practices a few introduction speeches out of concern that responding improperly is unbecoming for a ruler. But none of them sound right to her, having never imagined it'd be so hard to greet a commoner.

Ritsuka's party soon enters Himeji Castle and finds that it was redecorated. Mecha Eli-chan explains the folding screen is a mural that depicts how unfit Elizabeth is to be Csjete’s ruler. She then readies to destroy the group, declaring “As Csjete’s rightful ruler, I shall purge you all!” Elizabeth is rather impressed she thought of such a catchphrase beforehand. She then suggests more mecha and techno-related expressions. Mecha Eli-chan is only angered by this, questioning why Elizabeth thought she could be an idol. She decides forced labor is insufficient punishment, so she’ll wipe Elizabeth from existence. The group nearly defeats her in the ensuing fight until she starts charging Breast Zero Erzsébet. Fortunately, they incapacitate her.

She is later carried by Yan Qing when he escapes the castle with Ritsuka following Osakabehime's betrayal. Asked by Leonardo da Vinci, she confirms she is a terminal for the Guardian of Csejte. Ritsuka despair they cannot repair the Singularity, but Mecha Eli-chan scolds them to continue fighting. She then joins their side to help retake the castle from Osakabehime and Mecha Eli-chan MkII. A moment later, like she suspected, Amazoness CEO arrives to deliver a shipment. But Amazoness CEO notices Yan Qing is a man and goes berserk, forcing the group to fight her. Afterward, she calms down and reveals what she delivered were weapons, ammo, and other miscellaneous items. Carmilla and Wu Zetian then arrive, having escaped the castle before they were caught in the explosion caused by the Guardian of Cesjte's missile. Both of them agree to help stop Osakabehime, though Carmilla says Mecha Eli-chan needs a heart circuit before she can fight again. Ritsuka installs the heart circuit into Mecha Eli-chan, stabilizing her Spirit Origin and changing her class from Berserker to Alter Ego. Then, with Amazoness CEO also joining them, Ritsuka's party climb the castle.

Passing through Castle Csejte into the pyramid, the group fight Cleopatra, who seems to believe Carmilla and Wu Zetian are forming a new queen trio with Amazoness CEO. After defeating Cleopatra, Wu Zetian briefly brings her out of her depression about having a minor role in the story now by saying she'll have to wait for a slim version of Julius Caesar to come. But Mecha Eli-chan says such a thing would be miraculous, and even if it did happen, Caesar would flirt with other women. Cleopatra faints and Ritsuka's party moves onto Himeji Castle.

At Himeji Castle, the group fights Halloween Knights seemingly under Osakabehime's control. Truthfully though, they were promised a raise and paid leave on Halloween to avoid Elizabeth's concert, so they were easy to defeat. A knight asks the group to take his worker's comp form, requesting paid leave on Halloween. Mecha Eli-chan agrees to process his request, though she tells him he will have to work on Christmas to make up for his absence on Halloween. The knight is disappointed until he realizes he'll miss Elizabeth's concert. Mecha Eli-chan doesn't understand what's great about singing and questions if it helps Elizabeth come to terms with the evil inside her. But she refuses to ask Elizabeth about it and decides to learn about it on her own time.

The group enters Osakabehime's room, but she isn't there. They search for a secret passage when they find Mecha Eli-chan's original heart circuit that Osakabehime removed. They soon find and pass through the secret passage. They soon catch up to Osakabehime, who had retreated from them earlier. She calls Mecha Eli-chan MkII for help, but the robot girl refuses. With no other choice, Osakabehime fights the group with the Guardian of Csejte. The group defeat her and use the same elevator she used to escape.

They arrive at the factory, where Mecha Eli-chan was built, and the Guardian of Csjete was modified. Osakabehime reveals she built for mass-producing Mecha Eli-chan MkII before Mecha Eli-chan went rogue. Mecha Eli-chan finds they would make Csejte too perfect to the point its citizens would forget the value of hard work and stay home. She finds such sloth is unsuitable for humans and believes those capable of growth should devote themselves to labor. Osakabehime tries again to justify what she is doing, though Ritsuka and Mecha Eli-chan notice she has doubts about what she is doing. But she refuses to abandon her plan and sics the mass-produced Mecha Eli-chan MkIIs on the group. The group destroys the robots, so Osakabehime retreats to the castle's reactor chamber. Ritsuka's party follows after her.

They arrive at the factory, where Mecha Eli-chan was built, and the Guardian of Csjete was modified. Osakabehime reveals she built for mass producing Mecha Eli-chan MkII before Mecha Eli-chan went rogue. She then activates the mass-produced models and retreats into the reactor chamber. The group destroy them then follow after Osakabehime. There they find Mecha Eli-chan MkII with an imprisoned Elizabeth Bathory. Mecha Eli-chan MkII activates "Omni-Eli-izer" to absorb everyone's magical energy (including Osakabehime) and convert it into Elisa Particles. Mecha Eli-chan however divides her energy among everyone so they can move again. The group struggle against Mecha Eli-chan MkII until Elizabeth's oddly beautiful singing weakens her. Invigorated by Elizabeth's singing, the group defeat Mecha Eli-chan MkII. Ritsuka installs a heart circuit in her, then frees Elizabeth. After Ritsuka decides to return to Chaldea with one of the Mecha Eli-chans, the reactor goes into overload. Everyone gets ready to escape, but Osakabehime stays behind to contain the blast with her Noble Phantasm, along with Elizabeth.

At Chaldea, as she prepares for her concert, Elizabeth suggests to Mecha Eli-chan that their alternate version join her up on stage. Mecha Eli-chan agrees and suggests giving Elizabeth's concert a more electronic feel.



Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Nullifies Magecraft with an incantation of three verses or less. Even with the use of greater magecraft and greater rituals it is difficult to hurt her. Rather, it is difficult to physically hurt her. Because she's pure steel.[2]
  • Item Construction (B Rank): She possesses surprisingly high creation skills. Functioning as a mother base, she seems to have the ability to produce armaments. She appears to have a special income from making special gifts for special occasions.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • Innocent Kaiju (EX Rank): An id es skill that mutated from "Innocent Monster". The Dragon-girl of iron, Mecha Eli-chan, flies through the sky with the power of special cinematography, breathing fire, leaking electric shocks, and firing missiles. That is truly how a guardian deity of steel should be. She secretly wishes for a theme song to play whenever she uses this skill.[1][2]
  • Final Eli-chan (C Rank): A defensive field which protects both the world and oneself--- By releasing the Eliza particles covering her body, it reveals her true form and final form. She looks the same, but her tail is probably super hot.[2]
  • Magus 100-Shot Volley (EX Rank): A demonic banquet that summons Mecha Eli-chans as she rides on the mass-production line and has them charge at the enemy target. In the end, over 100 Mecha Eli-chans combine into a giant spear and do something awful against the enemy. In another world view, this is also called "Superhuman Sisters Alliance". (It is not employed in Fate/Grand Order.)[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Mecha Eli's Noble Phantasm is Breast Zero Erzsébet.


Creation and Conception[]

Arco Wada is the character illustrator for Mecha Eli-chan.[1]

In the figure HAGANE WORKS 合金 アルターエゴ/メカエリチャン, a new form called 鋼鉄魔竜ワイバーン was introduced as an original setting, designed by the mechanical designer Kuramochi Kyoryu (倉持キョーリュー?). In this mode, parts of Mecha Eli-chan are released from her body and becomes a mechanical Wyvern. In this form, Mecha Eli-chan main body is more closely similar to her original form.[3]

Kuramochi Kyoryu was actually surprised that this idea was accepted this idea in the planning stage of the figure. [4]


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    Mecha Eli-chan - Alterego

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Rumi Ōkubo

    Strength: A
    Endurance: A
    Agility: E
    Mana: E
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Innocent Kaijuu: EX
    Overload: C
    Final Eli-chan: C

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Item Construction: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Breast Zero・Erzsebet: Soaring Metallic Demoness
    Rank: EX  
    Type: Anti-Army Individual Noble Phantasm

    Human science has finally come this far?!

    No, that’s not right - this has nothing to do with science.
    After being repeatedly assaulted by abnormal events, the Csejte Castle has finally dispatched its final weapon.
    That is a legacy left behind by a nameless sage.
    A treasure stored in the Csejte Castle’s basement.
    A guardian statue that shouldn’t be able to speak hailed at the figure of the demoness of fresh blood (who happened upon a Holy Grail many times over just to fail in the end) and finally awakened as a guardian deity.

    Her name is Alter Ego・Mecha Eli-chan.
    A demoness of justice who woke up to the heart of a feudal lord, and went a little bit too far.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 156cm・5t
    Source: Halloween Strike!
    Region: Prison Castle Csejte
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Female-model
    “My justice is solid. As you can see, I’m made of iron.”

    It is hard to tell due to her steel face, but she is actually quite the hard-worker. As an aristocrat (one who protects a fief), she is throughly stifling her “personality as a maiden”.
    Very rarely, she displays a maiden-like smile/embarrassed face to a trustworthy Master, or something.

    Level 2 Bond
    An (inflexible) Servant of justice.
    There is a reason why her alignment is “Lawful Good” - Elizabeth’s exact opposite.
    Fundamentally cool and prudent, a genuine noble lady.
    Although she seldom raises her voice, she gets into a self-righteous/sovereign-mode upon facing evil and begins a strict reprimand.
    ...Maybe, if Elizabeth had never been seized by that bloody delusion. No, if there was someone to protect her from pressure such as “a woman is worthless if she is not beautiful”, maybe the story of Csejte Castle would have been different.
    Perhaps, this Alter Ego is that “possibility” given shape.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Soaring Metallic Demoness"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Army Individual Noble Phantasm
    Range: 40→1  Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Breast Zero・Erzsebet.
    The ultimate private live in which Mecha Eli-chan throws all her armaments into a single individual.
    The reckless action of employing something meant for anti-army purposes against an individual.

    The Blast Voice at the end looks like a beam weapon, but is actually just noise. An after-effect of releasing the maximum output of her internal dragon lung.
    By means of spatial compression, said lung possess a spatial reverberation comparable to the Tokyo Dome and can produce a destructive sound wave on the same level as Elizabeth Bathory even without an amplifier such as the Csejte Castle.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Innocent Kaijuu: EX

    An id_es skill that mutated from "Innocent Monster".
    Through the power of a peculiar filming, the dragon-girl of iron Mecha Eli-chan flies on the sky, breathes fire, leaks electric shocks and fire missiles.
    That way of being is truly that of a guardian deity of steel.
    She secretly wishes for a theme song to be played whenever she uses this skill.

    • Overload (Revised): C

    A variation of the skill that Frankenstein and Babbage possess.
    Although it does not increase the power of the Noble Phantasm, it rises the NP charge sacrificing HP.
    According to the Eliza-resercher, Mr. R: "No matter how you look at it, this is the prelude for a self-destruction!"

    • Magus 100-Hit Combo: EX

    A demonic banquet that summons Mecha Eli-chan as she rides on the mass-production line and has them charge at the enemy target.
    In the end, over 100 Mecha Eli-chans combine into a giant spear and do something awful against the enemy.
    In another world view, this is also called "Superhuman Sisters Alliance".
    It is not employed in "FGO".

    Level 5 Bond
    Despite possessing perfect beauty, Mecha Eli-chan also have a few defects.
    One of those is her "evaluation criteria for justice".
    Maybe due the way of being as a castle's guardian deity, she surmises that anyone who breaks her own rules (no matter who that may be) is evil and ends up attacking him...!
     *despite not saying anything, she seriously worries on how she may be punishing those who did "something bad" in a textbook-manner due the fact that her electronic brain takes time to process the "human inconsistency".

    Both rebels and criminal offenders have their own circumstances.
    Intellectually believing that she should take those extenuating circumstances into consideration?, Mecha Eli-chan is unhappy about such self-righteous train of thought? of hers and is troubled on how to improve on it.
    She is simply a good girl.

    Mecha Eli-chan is properly aware of herself as a golem (mecha).
    Just like Passionlip and Meltlilith, she dislikes the basis of her character that is Elizabeth Bathory - despite respecting her as the original.
    She found faults on Elizabeth - saying things like “I’m better suited as a feudal lord” -and planned to driver her away, but it’s not like she wants to kill her.
    She would have no reasons to reject her if Elizabeth would only become an ideal feudal lord, but she understand that such time will never come - for Elizabeth is a Servant that can only come into existence as an innocent monster,.
    For similar reasons, Carmilla is also no good.
    Although Carmilla’s personality is that of an ideal feudal lord, she is out(1) due her way of being as a vampire.

    While she at first acknowledged the Master as an villain allied to the enemy (Elizabeth) that destroys the Himeji Castle, that misunderstanding was cleared through their joint struggle.
    For Mecha Eli-chan, the Master who attempted to protect the Csejte Castle (which was not even his/her country) became a candidate “pilot of justice that can be trusted despite being part of the masses”.

    (1) as in the baseball’s verdict.

    メカエリチャン - アルターエゴ









    属性:秩序・善   性別:女性型


    ランク:B  種別:対軍個人宝具
    レンジ:40→1  最大補足:1人







    アンロック条件:「第十五節 ファイナル・エクスプロージョン・コースター」をクリアすると開放


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