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MedeaWP (メデイアWP, Medeia?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is the Caster-class Servant of Atrum Galliasta in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night, who later forms a contract with Souichirou Kuzuki after killing Atrum. She also acts as the Master of another Servant, Sasaki Kojirou. She is also a Masterless Servant in the Subcategory Holy Grail War of Fate/Labyrinth, and one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



An unfortunate princess who was labeled as a witch in Greek mythology. She was the princess of ColchisWP who possessed the Golden Fleece. Her father, King Aeetes of Colchis, excelled at magic, and as his daughter, she was also practiced in such ways. Her personality at the time was far from what would be called a witch, and her fate became confounded after the hero famous from the Argo Expedition, Jason, appeared before her.[2][7]

Jason argued with King PeliasWP, the usurper of his father's country IolcosWP, and eventually made him promise to return the country upon traveling far east to Colchis and returning with the Golden Fleece. He was supported by the Goddess Aphrodite, and upon realizing that the King of Colchis was unshakable, she decided to control Medea's mind to help Jason. Medea was made to blindly love Jason, which resulted in her betraying her father and her country for a foreigner she had never seen. Her abilities allowed her to nullify her father's magic and the enchanted fire-breathing oxen, which gave Jason the chance to obtain the Golden Fleece.[2][7]

King Aeetes was infuriated, and decided to personally lead his army to capture Jason before he left the country. Aphrodite once again used Medea to assist Jason's escape by forcing her to kill her own brother, Apsyrtus. While she only knew Jason by name, her forced love caused her to board his ship, the Argo, and slice her brother into pieces right before the eyes of her pursing father. The King, overcome by grief, ordered for the collection of the pieces of his dead son, which allowed for the opportunity for the Argo to escape its pursuers.[2][7]

Upon returning to the safety of his native land, Jason asked for the return of his country as promised, but King Pelias refused. He formed a plot to kill Jason, and Jason was forced to rely on Medea's magic three times to escape from the danger. She eventually came up with a plan for Jason, where they invited Pelias to visit and displayed her magic. They killed his servant in front of him and revived him with her magic to display a spell of immortality. She offered to cast the same spell on the King, who was overjoyed at the prospect. He willingly gave his body to her, which was left in pieces and thrown in the sea.[2][7]

Jason became the king afterward, but his fellow Argonauts did not approve of his conduct, and most of all, they disapproved of Medea's very existence. They denounced her as a witch who betrayed her country for a man, killed her brother to save herself, and now had taken the throne by deceit. They were both chased out of the country, and fled to CorinthWP where they were welcomed by the king. She finally found a peaceful rest in this land after her abduction and denouncement, but it did not last long.[2][7]

The King of CorinthWP took a liking to Jason, and decided to have his daughterWP marry him. Jason also decided to choose the young daughter over Medea, which led to her exile. Her actions afterward were those that have truly marked her as a witch. She appeared at Jason's wedding, and burned all who attended with her magic. Everyone except for Jason was killed, including the King of Corinth and his daughter, and Medea's fate after she left Corinth is unknown. As her life was filled only with betrayal, it is said that the princess became a true witch and continued to roam the Greek lands.[2][7]

While Medea is not a proper Heroic Spirit, she does not truly fall under the category of Anti-Hero.[8]


Medea's appearance is much like a witch that would be seen in a fairy tale. She wears a hooded bluish-purple robe throughout Fate/stay night, and her appearance remains hidden for most of the story. Her face is only shown briefly after being slain by EMIYA during Unlimited Blade Works, she is noted to be an incredibly beautiful woman.[9] Her noticeable facial features are her knife shaped ears. She generally wears a much more casual attire during Fate/hollow ataraxia to match her attempts at being a normal wife for Kuzuki. The outfit consists of a black top with a jean jacket and long tan skirt. She still dons her robe if she has to enter into battle.


Medea presents herself as a cruel and cold-hearted, a wicked woman who is willing to do everything to achieve her objectives and makes evil tricks her forte. In truth, this personality is but a mask she puts on to impress the ones around her as a reaction to the tragic events that filled her life. After being faced with betrayal over and over, she fell into the role of a betrayer herself. But in truth, she is fundamentally an innocent and compassionate woman and will be wholeheartedly devoted to any one who sees her as such.[6] She is also shown to have a moral compass, as after she betrayed her Master, Atrum Galliasta, in the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War, Medea freed the children that Atrum had planned to sacrifice, before completely destroying his workshop.[10] Initially feeling that it would be her fate to be used by and betray those around her, this view was changed by Souichirou Kuzuki, who was the first to show show her genuine kindness after her tragic life had ended. Subconsciously she wishes to go back to her happy life in Colchis.[6]

She likes reticent men of sincerity, like Kuzuki, and girls in adorable clothes, and dislikes muscles and pretty men who remind her of Jason.[1][4][6] She's merciless against mature women. She doesn't like to be called a "witch", and while she will forgive someone once, she will prepare an appropriate punishment for those who call her a "witch" twice. In the manga adaptation of Fate/stay night, it is revealed that Medea had gone psychologically insane at one point in her life, and she did so again following Kuzuki's death.

As she began to betray her original Master, Atrum Galliasta, Medea was shown to possess a surprising amount of morality as she freed the children that Atrum had planned to sacrifice, before completely destroying his workshop.[10] While she was about to disappear after killing her first Master, she lamented that she would disappear before being able to fight. She would disappear unable to do anything as a pitiful Servant summoned only to be trampled upon. While such a situation was vexing, it was not out of the ordinary for her. It had always been that way for her, as she has always been used as a tool by others. She had always been treated unreasonably, and she was never once understood by anyone. Her life was always controlled by someone else, and her mind was destroyed at a young age to save a hero chosen by the gods. She was cursed to blindly love a man she had never seen just because he was favored by the goddess of beauty, which led to her being forced to betray her own father and country. She was originally an innocent person, but after suffering from repeated betrayal, she thought "Hmmm, fine, I might as well sink to rock bottom". Because of this, she was tainted by evil.[9]

She has no true memory after that point. She was brought to an unfamiliar country after betraying her father for a man, and made into a witch that cut apart her own brother and threw the pieces into the sea to escape her native country. After all that happened, even the man who had wanted it done cast her aside in order to become king after saying he could not marry a witch. Her origin is that she was controlled and taken to an unknown country, marked as a witch, and thrown away by the only person on which she could rely. There is nothing people can blame her for, and while the people around her were aware of that fact, they still demanded for her to be a witch.

People wanted a convenient scapegoat that they could blame for any disaster, whether it is an evil to protect the king or an evil to be on the end of evil superstitions. She was part of an unchanging pattern where people demand easily understandable evil to reassure themselves of the own goodness. She was considered the perfect sacrifice in that regard with the only person she could rely on, her father, in a distant country. Nobody defended her, and they gladly blamed her for all the ugly things in the world. They decided every ugliness was the witch's doing, from being poor, to hating others, the fact that humans are ugly, or even that people die.

She merely accepted that fact, and she decided because she can only live as a witch, that she would act as a witch. She imposed such a reason of existence on herself as it is the only role people gave to the girl called a witch who never had a free will. She swore to show them the ugliness of their wishes that they demanded of her. If they do not know their own ugliness, they can stay ignorant, go to hell for their own crimes, and suffer forever. They won't be able to get out of hell, where they will suffer forever as criminals because they do not know what crimes they have committed.

Nobody actually wished for such a thing, and neither did she wish for it. She seeks revenge against her will, without having any wish for herself. Her entire outlook changed upon meeting Kuzuki.

Her main talents lie in plotting and crafting plans. She likes reticent men of sincerity and girls in adorable clothes, and she dislikes muscles. She's merciless against mature women. She doesn't like to be called a "witch", and while she will forgive someone once, she will prepare an appropriate punishment for those who call her a "witch" twice. In the manga adaptation, it is revealed that, Medea has gone psychologically insane at one point in her life, and she did so again following Kuzuki's death.

She enjoys playing cooking lessons simulations on the NDS.[11] While she is still a novice when it comes to actual cooking, it is revealed in Fate/Grand Order that Medea possesses remarkable skills when it comes to building models, especially model ships and diorama of locations, which she also enchants. It also shows that when Medea has a master she could put her trust and faith in she won't betray them.

In regards to her Master, Medea can be troublesome and likely to betray them if she doesn't like them, but will actively try to show off for someone she likes and will even put herself in danger to help them. However, as she still has her trauma from being ditched by Jason, she will almost always interact with them from a safe distance.


Medea's love for and betrayal by Jason has shaped much of her personality and her view of men. She still bears a grudge against him but wonders if their tragedy might have been avoided if he did not seek to become a king.
A truly heroic Heroic Spirit, with very well-defined strengths and weaknesses. If his only role were “hero”, not also “king”, this tragedy could maybe have been avoided.[12]
Medea Lily
Medea gets along poorly with her younger self, and on at least one occasion she and Medea Lily have come to blows in an argument over the importance of maintaining beauty. Medea also sometimes secretly watches Lily to make sure she doesn't share any embarrassing secrets.
Circe is Medea's aunt, sister of her father Aeëtes. They learnt alongside each other under Hecate, and Medea considered Circe her "Sister-in-Training". Additionally Circe trained Medea for a total of 6 months in preparation for taking over as Shrine Priestess, Though she says the time training Medea's younger self was quite stressful. Circe feels sympathy for Medea's situation, and she claims that it would've been different if she didn't neglect Hecate's "Herbalis Techniquies", she also shows some sort of jealousy for that situation.
Heracles / Asterios
"How dreadfully sweltering. This is insufferable. Master! Please keep these 300-however many kilo hulking bunch of muscles away from me?"[4]
Legends says he is her fourth husband, but we don’t know for sure in the FateGO world.[12]
Though they are unrelated as magi, Medea respects the power that Europa's guardian wields. It is said that the one thing in the world Talos has trouble with is the witch named Medea.
Medusa claims that even though she didn't know her personally in life, they don't really get along. That even though Medea has dark roots similar to her, she is still strangely positive, which messes with Medusa's perception. She also dislikes her sly personality, even though she is the same, Its the sort of thing where one hate someone similar to themselves.
Sasaki Kojirou
He is always chill, but there was one madam who ticked him off.[12]
Artoria Pendragon
Medea originally set her sights on Artoria because she thought she would make a fine model for her dolls, but came to respect her personality and life choices as well. It is thought that the sight of Artoria Lily might make her pass out.
"There is a Saber, a small, blond haired one, yes? Yes, that one...She's quite something. She just makes you want to...do things..."[4]
"There is a small, blond haired Saber yes? An unpleasant looking one. Yes, yes...something is off. Her face is perfect, but...There's something that doesn't work for me, you know?"[4]
Medea finds Mordred to have a perfect face, similar to Artoria. But she lacks something to peak her modeler soul, as such she doesn't like her as much.
Helena Blavatsky
Helena as a seeker of Mahatma looks highly to Medea, not just as an impressive Caster, but as someone who was personally close with a goddess, whom she even receives her magecraft from. In Helena's interlude, Medea compliments Helena's magecraft saying that it is closer to the Age of Gods than of normal Modern Mages. Helena then claims that she can sense tons of Mahatma from Medea's goddess, Hecate.


Fate/stay night[]

Fsn caster

Medea in the Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works].

Medea was originally summoned by a magus from the Mage's Association before the start of the Holy Grail War. He was a legitimate magus who was in his thirties with a medium build and few other noteworthy characteristics. He had no drive for combat, but still dreamed of victory while waiting for the other Masters to kill each other. She quickly gave up on him within a few days while planning to sever her connection to him. She made him use his Command Spells on meaningless things, so that he would have no control over her. She acted as an obedient Servant and filled the man's conceit in order to make him believe that she would still be faithful without them, and upon using his third Command Spell, she killed him with Rule Breaker because she did not like the fact that the contract still existed.[13]

On the verge of her spiritual body dissipating, she stumbled upon Souichirou Kuzuki at the foot of the Ryuudou Temple. Medea begged this stranger for his help; Kuzuki obliged without hesitation, forming a new contract with her.[13] He then brought Medea into the temple and attended to her recovery. Medea quickly fell in love with Kuzuki, for he was the first man to show her genuine kindness, dedication and loyalty. Her primary objective shifted from obtaining the Holy Grail for herself to simply preserving their short time together. To achieve this end, she siphoned Mana from the populace of Fuyuki City and fortified her position on Mount Enzou.

She is known to others as an honored guest of the Ryuudou family, permitted to live at their temple until the preparations for her marriage have been finalized. She is thought of as a gorgeous and talented yet mysterious woman of high stature. Her presence has attracted the attention of many trainee monks.

Medea found and killed the regular master for Sasaki before he could do the summoning. She used the mountain gate as a catalyst to summon a fake servant Assassin known as Sasaki Kojirou.

Medea is killed in every scenario of Fate/stay night.

Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works][]

More detail about her relationship with her original master is given in the Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works].

Caster after being summoned

Caster after being summoned by Atrum.

Medea was summoned by Atrum Galliasta. He initially summoned her with the intent of taking advantage of her ability to summon the original dragon of Colchis. However, after Medea explained that while she indeed had the knowledge to summon said dragon, she didn't possess the knowledge to control it, he expressed displeasure towards her and dismissed her as useless.


Atrum showing Medea his workshop.

Some time after Medea's summoning, Atrum shows her his workshop. He demonstrates its functions via human sacrifice, but she quickly shows him how even its advanced functions paled in comparison to her mastery of magecraft. When Atrum justifies that he invented the human sacrifice process his workshop utilizes to skip the incantation step, Medea rebukes that she does not require any incantations like he does and that magic was hers to wield freely. She suggests that he close the workshop down, commenting that throwing the lives away in such a manner is unwise when the workshop is only generating a loss of resources; something she views as "The act of a third-rate magus". Taking it as an affront, he uses his first Command Spell to make it so she will not use her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, on him in fear of stabbed in the back by a "treacherous witch".[10]

Upon returning to his workshop after his meeting with Kirei Kotomine, Atrum finds that Medea has destroyed it, killed all his workers, and let the captives go free, deeming them unnecessary and the workshop inefficient. She suggests that she will bring him to a more suitable location, Ryuudou Temple, the heart of the ritual where the Greater Grail resides. He rejects her proposal and attempts to have her commit suicide via his second Command Spell. When the first command fails, the shocked Atrum uses his last Command Spell to reinforce the command only to find it did not work at all still. Medea then laughed at him and mocked him for his attempts before revealing that she had already broken their contract by using the Rule Breaker on herself and working around the command from the first Command Spell. She shows him an illusion of a labyrinth with murals depicting her legend. She berates him, saying it is a fitting death for one who sought results before it was the right time to get them, and then promptly immolates him.[10]



Medea being slain by Gilgamesh in Fate

In Fate, Medea's stronghold in the Ryuudou Temple is briefly assaulted by Artoria, though her own Servant, Sasaki, manages to hold her back. Some time after Heracles's defeat, she stops her collection of Magical Energy and invades the Emiya Residence to steal Artoria. However, Shirou stops her from using Rule Breaker on Artoria by using his own body. During this confrontation Medea mentions that both her Master and Sasaki are dead, stating that she killed her Master herself. Medea is then torn apart by Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon when she makes another attempt to take Artoria.

In Studio Deen's anime adaption, her role is expanded beyond her appearance in the Fate scenario. After the defeat of Heracles, Medea makes her move and captures Sakura Matou to use as a sacrifice in order to summon the Holy Grail and she is held in a cavern within Mount Enzo, Medea's stronghold. She disables Artoria with the Rule Breaker before leaving, so Shirou could not unleash her true power. Shirou, Artoria, and Rin attempt to rescue Sakura and to stop the Holy Grail from being summoned, during which Shirou is forced to fight against a magically reinforced Souichirou Kuzuki while Artoria personally deals with Assassin, respectively. Rin confronts Medea, who manipulates Sakura to fight against Rin, who fights on her own. During the fight, Sakura is revealed to be Rin's sister and that she actually comes from the Tohsaka family, which explains her abnormaly high magic circuits (the reason Medea chose her for the Holy Grail's vessel) despite not being a legitimate magus. In order to save her sister, Sakura allows Rin to stab her so Rin will be able to shut down Sakura's magic circuit and prevent Medea's plans from being completed. Even though Shirou manages to elude Kuzuki while Artoria manages to defeat Sasaki, Medea is not worried and declares her intent to sacrifice both the sisters for the Grail if need be. However, she considers sparing Shirou if Artoria were to also surrender and become her Servant in place of the fallen Sasaki. Just then, Gilgamesh intrudes and declares Medea's actions to have been nothing but a fool's gamble. He goes on about how he considered just watching things play out, but chose to step in when she announced her intent to enslave Artoria, since he views her as his own property. Deeming both Medea and Kuzuki thieves for trying to take what is his (Artoria and the Grail), he unleashes a hail of blades from his Gate of Babylon which Medea tries to fend off with a shield. When her shield is broken, Medea is torn into by the rain of blades (similar to the Unlimited Blade Works route), as she recalls how she first met Kuzuki and became his Servant. Dying, Medea checks Kuzuki to see if he is still alive, and he assures her he is before promising to achieve her wish in her stead. She brushes it aside and expresses that she is only glad he is alive at the very least, before fading away with a tearful smile; unaware that Kuzuki would die just after her, having only told her he was unharmed just to comfort Medea in her final moments. With their deaths, the entire temple fades away.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, It is revealed that Gilgamesh was the one who ceased Medea's gathering of Magical Energy, and that he had killed both Sasaki and Kuzuki.

Unlimited Blade Works[]

Medea has a prominent role in Unlimited Blade Works. She sets her sights on Artoria as a tool to defeat Heracles, and so uses her magecraft in order to control Shirou Emiya, making him go to Ryuudou Temple in order to take his command spells. Before she can take them, however, she is attacked by EMIYA, who defeats her with Caladbolg II, forcing her to retreat.

She appears again when Medusa uses Blood Fort Andromeda on the school, aiding her Master by holding Artoria back while her Master kills Medusa. This incident causes Shirou and Rin Tohsaka to try to ambush her Master at night. However, their attack is unsuccessful when Kuzuki proves to be more powerful than expected.

Medea's next move is taking Taiga Fujimura hostage and using her to bait Artoria, successfully taking her as a Servant. After capturing Artoria, Medea attacks the church and seemingly kills Kirei Kotomine, taking over the church and using it as a stronghold. She later takes EMIYA as her Servant when he betrays Rin.

Medea's faction's last battle takes place against Shirou, Rin and Cú Chulainn. While Cú Chulainn fights EMIYA and Shirou fights Kuzuki, Medea is confronted by Rin, and defeated through Rin's use of Chinese martial arts. Before Rin can finish off Medea, she is knocked out by Kuzuki, who already defeated Shirou. Medea's final moments are in protecting her Master from a barrage of blades from within EMIYA's Unlimited Blade Works when he betrays her.

Heaven's Feel[]

Medea is killed early on in Heaven's Feel by Artoria. After her defeat, she was the first Servant to be devoured by the Shadow before disappearing, thereby interfering with the ritual of 5th Holy Grail War and making Sakura into the Lesser Grail instead of Illya. Later, Zouken Matou uses one of his worm familiars to keep Medea's body alive as a puppet. Artoria and Archer later destroy the puppet during a confrontation with Zouken.

In Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, She notices Sasaki is not at the temple gate, and rushes to Kuzuki's room. There she finds Kuzuki, who had been severely wounded by Cursed Arm Hassan. He tells her to remove her control over him as a result of being summoned from Sasaki's body. Believing it could save Kuzuki, Medea stabs herself with Rule Breaker to rescind the contract. However, Cursed Arm Hassan responds by immediately slashing her throat to kill her and throwing a dirk into Kuzuki's head to finish him off afterwards. After he leaves, Medea's body is taken by the Shadow.

Medea later appears as Zouken's puppet sustained by his worms when Shirou, Artoria, Rin, and EMIYA confront him in the park. Disgusted at Medea's corpse being desecrated, Artoria charges at her and Zouken. Pulling Rule Breaker from her chest, Medea prepares to stab Saber, but EMIYA intervenes by cutting her arm off. She then prepares a massive fireball to kill both Shirou and Rin, but the Shadow appears to shock all present. Medea throws her fireball at the Shadow, only for the mysterious entity to absorb it. After Zouken escapes when he is beheaded by EMIYA, Medea's body is consumed by the Shadow.

Fate/stay night manga[]

In the Fate/stay night, Medea's role both remains the same as her roles in the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works scenarios and expanded at the same time. In the manga, Medea becomes the secondary villain or major antagonist, she manages to stab Artoria with Rule Breaker and negate her contract with Shirou; Medea then abducts Artoria and tortures her, hoping to provoke Artoria into becoming her Servant. She later blackmails EMIYA into joining her. While attempting to kill Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka in the basement of the Kotomine Church, she is severely wounded by EMIYA protecting her Master from EMIYA's hailstorm of blades and is hacked to near-death by the crimson knight. While she is left to die she mourns for her dead master, she survives when she is revived by Kirei Kotomine, who offers her a chance of winning the Holy Grail and an opportunity at revenge if she becomes his servant. This is all a deception as Kotomine is just manipulating her to allow him to have the joy of seeing her suffer and fail even more. When Medea assaults the Emiya residence she is torn apart by Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon during her ambush.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Medea goes about as a normal woman, normally encountered on shopping trips in areas like the town marketplace and the mall. She lives as Kuzuki Souichirou's wife and tries to be one of his approval with most of her actions. When seen at the Ryuudou Temple, she is usually doing menial chores and remains at odds with her own Servant, Sasaki. Medea, while having settled down like the rest of the Servants, is the most cautious despite the peace, ready to act on short notice. She also fights the dog-shadows using anti-army spells, often coming close to killing her allies.

Fate/unlimited codes[]

In Fate/unlimited codes, she is known as the Magus from the Age of the Gods (神代の魔術師, Jindai no Majutsushi?).

Fate/unlimited codes - Medea command list


  • Jupiter: Convened Thunder (召雷(ユピテル), Shōrai(Yupiteru)?) -
  • Jupiter Rod: Purple Light Bullets (紫光弾(ユピテル・ロッド), Shikōdan(Yupiteru Roddo)?) -
  • Persephone: White Coffin (白柩(ペルセフォネ), Shiro Hitsugi(Perusefone)?) -
  • Ere Hecate: Flashing Line (列閃(エレ・ヘカテ), Ressen(Ere Hekate)?) -
  • Colchis: Dragon Fang (龍牙(コルキス), Ryū Kiba(Korukisu)?) -
  • Nereids: Fern Hail (雹蕨(ネレイデス), Hyō Warabi(Nereidesu)?) -
  • Aetna: Dark Fire (冥火(エトナ), Meika(Etona)?) -
  • Jupiter Rock: Roaring Lightning (轟雷(ユビテル・ロック), Kōden(Yupiteru Rokku)?) -
  • Arachne: Strange Chains (怪鎖(アラクネ), Kaisa(Arakune)?) -
  • Ariadne: Reversal Scroll (逆巻(アリアドネ), Gyakkan(Ariadone)?) -
  • Atlas: Pressure (圧迫(アトラス), Appaku(Atorasu)?) -
  • Aero: Plague Wind (病風(アエロー), Yamai Kaze(Aerō)?) -
  • Ocypete: Instant Coming (瞬来(オキュペテー), Shunrai(Okyupetē)?) -
  • Celaeno: Flight (飛翔(ケライノー), Hishō (Kerainō)?) -


Super Move:

  • Rule Breaker: All Spells Must Be Broken (破戒すべき全ての符(ルールブレイカー), Hakai Subeki Subete no Fu(Rūru Bureikā)?) -
  • Corycian (コリュキオン, Koryukion?) -
  • Hecatic Graea: Black Magic Equation of the Priest - Bride of Ashes (神官魔術式・灰の花嫁(ヘカティック・グライアー), Shinkan Majutsu-shiki Hai no Hanayome(Hekatikku Guraiā)?) -

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

  • Hecatic Graea: Black Magic Equation of the Priest - Bride of Ashes (神官魔術式・灰の花嫁(ヘカティック・グライアー), Shinkan Majutsu-shiki Hai no Hanayome(Hekatikku Guraiā)?) -

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

Medea's route is set during one of her schemes to spend more time with Kuzuki, this time by pretending to a student at his school. Medeia first invites Sakura over to the temple and after it is made known that Sakura will not lend Medea her uniform, Medea quickly default to magic and place her in an enchanted sleep in order to steal her uniform. But before she could go through with the deed, Medusa intervenes to protect her mistress, however Medea make short work of her as well. Deciding that she no longer had the heart to steal the uniform, Medea chose to cast a disguise spell on herself to give the perception of her wearing a school uniform.

After leaving the temple, shenanigans ensues which included evading Artoria by boarding a bus, punishing Lancer, and battle Rin and EMIYA. After having had enough, Medea returns to the temple exhausted from her failed attempt at spending a day with Kuzuki and while taking her frustration out on Sasaki, Kuzuki returns and surprised her with two tickets to a movie.

Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[]

Medea appears under the name Mouri Medinari. She agrees with Chousokabe Emichika wishing he could refuse to obey as a Servant this time around while noting the magical energy flowing from the Grail is strange. Complaining about the Grail being used for something weird again, she asks Emichika and Shimuza Setanta if they want a proper Holy Grail War. Emichika suspects she figured out the situation. Medinari confirms this, but she admits she cannot do anything about it since the Grail has been tampered with and turned everything weird. When Shimuza senses Ritsuka's party coming, Medinari orders him to lure them away and Emichika to ambush them. She won't be doing anything since she wants to keep her ladylike image intact because of her younger self getting summoned and taking the “spotlight”.

After her strategy succeeds, she mocks the group for falling for it. She then wonders what to do with them after Emichika asks. However, she becomes terrified by a suddenly enraged Okita Souji donning the Coat of Oaths after hearing Medinari and her allies’ given names. After being defeated by Okita, Medinari laments that her old self is so pitiful that it hurts and disappears.

Event: Saber Wars[]

Medea tells Siegfried to destroy Ritsuka's party, saying the treasure on Mysterious Heroine X's ship will be his for the taking. Medea Lily tells Siegfried not to listen to Medea's words. X suddenly attacks the three of them. Medea's hood comes off, and she screams that her identity will be revealed.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

She is amongst the Servants of the "Okeanos" Singularity that assist Chaldea against the Demon Gods of the Observatory.[14]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

She appears under the name Mouri Medinaga as one of the Servants summoned by Andras to serve Oda Nobukatsu. Like Cú Chulainn, she is annoyed that they and EMIYA are partnered up again. She dislikes being Mouri again, not caring they're different from the one who ruled Chugoku. She notices they have two additional members, finding Mysterious Heroine X Alter to be cute. She found Chacha cute as well, but laments they have no choice but to let her be sacrificed. Ritsuka's party defeats her and Andras' other Servants.[15]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Due to her nature, she is asked by Leonardo da Vinci to serve as the Salem expedition party’s advisor to find the line between superstition and magecraft. She refused, however, saying she wouldn’t do it even if a Command Spell was used. Someone later rendered her unconscious. She rushes to the command room after regaining consciousness, but Ritsuka’s party has already left. She warns the one who accompanied them was an impostor.[16]

When comms with the party are restored, Medea is enraged to learn that Circe was her impostor. Fortunately for Circe, there is no audio for her to hear Medea's rant. After current circumstances are explained, Medea asks Circe through Da Vinci if she intends to return to Chaldea. Circe vehemently refuses, but Ritsuka tells Medea that she said "absolutely".[17]

After the Singularity is resolved, Medea joins Robin Hood and Charles-Henri Sanson while they’re having breakfast. She has Sanson confirm he was resummoned at the same time the others returned from Salem without his memories of what transpired there. She sympathizes with him for going through Da Vinci’s invasive examination to clear him of any suspicions. Then she asks Robin what happened to Circe. Robin asks her what she thinks of Circe, noting how she tricked everyone. Medea sees it as Circe taking revenge, confessing she was disrespectful to her when she was younger. Understanding she was stubborn and immature back then, she wants to thank Circe if she’s ever able to see her again. Even if most of what she learned was useless, she appreciated Circe’s kindness.[18]

GUDAGUDA: Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail[]

Medea joins Chacha as one of her Seven Imperial Spears, though she only came because she thought they were making dioramas of Japanese castles. She is also upset that Cú Chulainn and notices there are more people she doesn't recognize.[19] Confronting Ritsuka’s party under the name of Katou Medeaki, she immediately suspicious of Sakamoto Ryouma and asks Oryou if he’s being totally honest with her. When Ryouma insists to Oryou that he hasn’t been tricking her, Medea remarks how she used to fall for such words from men like him. She then watches in silence as Ryouma and Oryou plan a trip together. Then, after a brief moment of silence, she snaps and voices her disdain for PDA. She then becomes the fourth Spear to be defeated by Ritsuka’s party.[20]


In her interlude, Witch's Backyard, Medea requests Ritsuka and Mash's help in defeating the Doll King. She explains she created a diorama that she made into a miniature Reality Marble. As well, Medea claims the dolls are literally alive, thanks to her personally taking time to make each one. Unfortunately, the doll Medea gave administrative rights over the diorama began to ignore her orders and act on its own. Medea warns removing the so-called Doll King from the inside would cause everything to break. Thus, in order to minimize damage, it is best to go in and involve ones-self. Medea then transports everyone into the miniature world. Medea calls it "Imaginary Earth: Social Plan World", or "Jason World: Japan" for short, where handsome men are met with a terrible fate. She explains she transferred the group's minds into the diorama and that it will revert once the Doll King is defeated. After defeating a number of dolls, she is shocked they were able to create an automaton. After its defeated, the Doll King, or rather Doll Princess, reveals herself to be a younger Medea. The group then fight her and her Shadow Servants. After Medea finishes her off with Rule Breaker, she demands Ritsuka and Mash to forget everything they saw. She calls herself a pathetic and lonely girl who has dolls for friends. She declares she will achieve happiness one day after dismissing Mash's belief she would find love one day as worthless sympathy.

Fate/Grand Order: Fujimaru Ritsuka Doesn't Get It[]

In manga and anime for Fate/Grand Order: Fujimaru Ritsuka Doesn't Get It, Medea has a small starring role in one chapter where her Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru, attempts to improve the health regeneration effect of her Golden Fleece skill. They try various stimuli such as a microfiber fleece blanket and bubble wrap. But while they increase its effect, it is only slight. Then, Ritsuka reveals the mysterious last item to Medea which convinces her to test it in the Simulator with Cú Chulainn. Down to critically low health points, Medea and Ritsuka reveal what they kept hidden from the viewers: Artoria Pendragon in a blue lolita outfit. This heals Medea by increments of ten thousand health points as she proceeds to cuddle her, but leaving both Artoria and Cú confused and upset. Artoria because she was forced to wear such an embarrassing dress, and Cú because he points out that Ritsuka could have used Artoria to fight him from the start because of Fate/Grand Order's Class Advantage mechanic.[21]

Carnival Phantasm[]

Medea is reduced to a more comedic character within Carnival Phantasm, repeatedly hinting to Kuzuki that she wants to marry him. She gets a full personal segment in episode 7, detailing her obsession with Artoria. It is revealed that she is actually an Otaku who wants Artoria, not as a servant, but rather as a pet or a doll for her to dress up or play with. The episode ends with Kuzuki proposing to her, to which she begins sobbing out of happiness and wondering to herself if she deserves happiness.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

In Today's Menu for Emiya Family, Medea makes a brief appearance in Episode 4 and a larger appearance in Episode 9. In the latter, Medea wants to cook something special for Kuzuki but lacks the skill, and requests Shirou's help in tutoring her. She fails to do the dish perfectly when she tries it at home but Kuzuki is more than happy to give her a chance to practice and get better. In Episode 11, Medea and Kuzuki are customers at a cafe Lancer is working at, to Medea's dismay, who had wanted to spend time with Kuzuki without any other Servant involved. She does, however, enjoy the food cooked by EMIYA.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]


Medea in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.

When she manifested, her appearance is slightly altered. Her cloak and dress have a tattered appearance with white fur drapped across the shoulders. Miyu Edelfelt uses Gae Bolg to slay her and obtain the Class Card with the help of Illya.


Medea was summoned in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. Medea wishes to use the Subcategory of the Holy Grail. After encountering Artoria Pendragon and Manaka Sajyou during a boss battle with a Kelpie, Caster accompanies the pair along with Robin Hood and Hassan of the Cursed Arm to the start of the fourth floor.

When Manaka mysteriously disappears, Hassan is shocked to see Norma Goodfellow in her place. However, before he can ask her any questions, Norma runs away and winds up falling into a pit trap. Left with more questions than answers, Hassan and the other Servants battle their way through the remaining floors until they end up at the innermost chamber. Along the way, Artoria disappears due to Manaka no longer fuelling her magic circuits.

Entering the chamber, Medea spots Norma about to be killed by Wolfgang Faustus. Arriving in the nick of time, Medea and the other Servants save Norma and Gray and help them to defeat Wolfgang once and for all. Having completed their mission, Medea then disappears after the battle.

Other appearances[]

She is a playable Capsaba servant and she makes a brief cameo appearance in the true ending of Capsule Servant.


Medea is a magus from the Age of Gods that far surpasses modern magi.[22] She is something from the divine era that shouldn't exist in the Age of Man, so her abilities in magecraft are on an entirely different level than any living magus can produce. As a magus, Medea is on the tier of True Magicians, even without having access to True Magic.[9] While something "solid" like completed spells cannot normally be overcome by a "liquid" such as magical energy, Medea compares modern magecraft to mud buildings that, while solid, can easily be washed away by the violent water current of her superior spells.[23] Even though she is considered a witch, the magecraft she utilizes during the Holy Grail War is forbidden magic she has never before used in her life. Without a proper Master to provide her with magical energy and being the weakest of the Servants, she feels she must abuse such abilities to match her opponents.[13] Dr. Roman claims that Medea's skill in magecraft ranks among the top 5 in the entire world.[24]

She has a large amount of magical energy at her disposal, and at normal levels, she is capable of staying in the world for up to two days without an active contract with a Master even though she lacks the Independent Action skill of the Archer class. Due to her first Master being overly cautious of her abilities, he constantly kept her magical energy level below his own, so she was only able to last a brief period of time after killing him. She normally would have disappeared before finding another anchor to the world, but the Ryuudouji Temple kept her stable long enough to establish a contract with Kuzuki.

Medea binding Darius' Giant

Caster binding Darius' Headless Giant King in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

She does not need to cast her magecraft like modern magi, as incantations are unnecessary to connect herself with the world. She is always surrounded by divine mysteries of ancient lore, so magic is just something she commands like ordering her guard dog to attack. This stems from her High-Speed Divine Words, which allows for the activation of magecraft without connecting to Magic Circuits or using the normal incantations for the spells. Divine Words are a Thaumaturgical Theory and language from the Age of Gods that modern humans can no longer pronounce.[25] They are fundamentally different from modern incantations, The divine words are an ancient language that permit the user to enact a fraction of their gods authority, while modern incantations are mainly just a means of self-hypnosis to work one's circuits. Medea's use is advanced enough that spells are activated with just a single action, allowing for greater magecraft in an instant.

Her main offensive spell is Rain of Light (光弾雨, Kōdan'u?): Machia Hecatic Graea, which is a volley of rapidly fired beams of light each with an A rank power of attack. Each beam is a deadly spell on the level of greater magecraft with three times Shirou's entire amount of magical energy, capable of destroying the body of a Servant with a direct hit. Just the use of one single beam would normally require a magic circle, ten count aria, and one minute of casting for a normal magus, and still thirty seconds with a High-Speed Aria. Medea's Divine Words allow her to shoot them in rapid succession without any preparation after simply targeting the enemy with her wand. She can fire them without pause when she has a supply of stored magical energy, and the result is something that resembles a bombing raid that leaves the ground scorching red.[26]

Caster destroying Rin's jewels (Ufotable)

Caster destroying all three of Rin's jewels.

The speed of Medea's spells cannot be exceeded by anyone because she can bring forth divine mysteries from a single word. Rin Tohsaka, someone who will eventually be among the top one hundred modern magi, is able to match her on a single spell basis by releasing magic directly from her jewels. Equal in speed, it is a battle of power without a "first move" that will end only when one runs out of energy. Medea's spells are strong enough that the only way Rin is able to nullify a single one is by utilizing years worth of magical energy. Even that level of magecraft is simple to Medea, as three full powered jewels from Rin capable of destroying Medea's temple and the entire Fuyuki church are easily nullified after the magical energy is sucked into Medea's robe.[27]

She also uses Αερο (Aero) (病風(アエロー), Shippū(Aerō)?),[27][28] which is a plague wind spell[27] that easily minces part of Shirou's chest as if it were sent through an enormous fan.[28] She also makes use of an electrical attack and Κεραινο (Celaeno) (疾風(ケライノー), Shippū(Kerainō)?).[27]

Caster trapping Archer

Caster traps Archer with her Magic.

She also has various support spells like Ατλας (Atlas) (圧迫(アトラス), Appaku(Atorasu)?),[29] which freezes the target in place by altering the pressure of the atmosphere to anchor a region of space. Everything in the surrounding is frozen, and it is potent enough to hold even Servants in place.[26][29] She is able to easily cast it even while using Rain of Light, allowing her to freeze the target before destroying them.[26] EMIYA and Artoria Pendragon were able to break free by surging their magical energy.[26][29]

Caster tries to defend herself from Archer

Caster trying to use Argos to defend herself from Caladbolg II

She has a constant protection over her, and she can further shield herself with Μαρδοξ (Argos) ((アルゴス), Tate(Arugosu)?), a protective spell that borrows the concept of the Argos. It is a glass-like barrier that has the same toughness as Heracles's skin. She has a great amount of natural healing like Artoria, which keeps her alive upon being skewered by the Gate of Babylon.[30] She can also direct all of her magical energy into healing herself. If she is too damaged, she will be unable to manipulate the external energy, no matter how much is present.

Kuzuki overwhelming Saber

Caster using reinforcement Magecraft to help Kuzuki fight Saber.

She can also use an extremely strong version of Reinforcement on regular humans, greatly strengthening them and allowing them to harm spiritual bodies like Servants. This allows for Kuzuki to slay Medusa and almost kill Artoria due to his unique fighting style. If he were to go against Medea for some reason, the battle would come down to whoever manages to get the first strike.[31] She cannot utilize a Reality Marble, but she can potentially construct "another world" of the same scale by precisely constructing small magecraft and large magecraft. The time and expenses required to do so would be very vast.[32]

Caster teleportation

Caster teleporting herself and Saber.

While she is from the Age of Gods when True Magic was common, she is incompatible with the "Five True Magics of the Modern Era", and she would be unable to learn them.[33] She does display Tροψα (Trofa) (空間転移(トロイア), Kūkan Ten'i(Toroia)?), a Spatial Transportation spell that is an imitation of the True Magic governing teleportation much like the teleportation granted by Command Spells.[26] She can use it while in her territory, but she also displays the ability to teleport throughout the rest of the town as she wishes. She is able to transport Kuzuki at the same time by encircling him with her robe. She can also transport other people to her from far away, allowing her to bring Shirou to her from the mountain steps. it is described as being pulled out of the third dimension, being dragged through multiple dimensions, and then finally dropped back into the original dimension, but at a different location. Artoria is unaffected due to her Magic Resistance.

She is able to manipulate her figure and her robe in a number of ways. She can control the magical energy in the air to become a dense fog that covers her entire body. This allows her to manipulate her appearance by covering herself in darkness like a mirage. Looking like a shadow that reminds Shirou of Death, she can show herself as she wishes or remain hidden from sight. She can create solid images of herself that will fade away as if she were actually killed upon being attacked. She can control them from a long distance in order to manipulate her Warriors, or she can do it while in battle to create a diversion for her attacks. Upon being skewered by Gilgamesh, it seems she has died, but she is able to hide herself in her floating cape in an attempt to escape. She can extend her cape as wings for flight, which allows her to maximize her destructive potential with the Rain of Light.

Medea has a high rank in Item Construction, allowing her to manufacture a variety of magical items. She can make Mystic Codes for combat, but she thought it would be too time consuming and instead focused on fortifying her Temple. The difference in quality between Mystic Codes forged by her and those of normal magi is like heaven and earth.[2] Her rank makes her capable of creating healing potions that grant limited immortality, and she is capable of turning humans into formal tools to support her magic. She takes an interest in Shirou Emiya, calling him a "rare specimen" with an incomplete unique ability that is more interesting than someone who leans more towards "complete omnipotence" like Rin. She makes an "Artificial Noble Phantasm" out of him by removing his limbs and using him as a wand for Projection magecraft.[34] During the "Hazy" bad ending, he is shown to be thoughtlessly trapped in some form of container filled with water like an embryo in a test tube. He dies after the container is smashed by Rin.[35] Medea also has a crystal ball able to observe events from afar.[36] In the Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Manga, she gives Kuzuki a talisman that, when broken, immediately alerts her.[37]

Typically, Heroic Spirits of an evil nature like Medea are not eligible for participation in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars; however, after the Holy Grail was tainted in the third war, most of the restrictions against such spirits were lifted.[13]

Caster summoning Skeletons

Caster summoning Dragon Tooth warriors

She can create Dragon Tooth Warriors to act as basic soldiers to attack enemy Masters and Servants.

Additionally as stated during her conversation with her original Master, Atrum Galliasta, Medea also possess the knowledge on the summoning Ritual to summon the Guardian Dragon that protected the Golden Fleece of Colchis. She however does not possess the knowledge or means to actually control the beasts once it is summoned.


Medea lacks any offensive Noble Phantasms. She only has access to Rule Breaker, which is a ceremonial dagger unlikely to be able to kill even a regular human. Its main use is as an Anti-Magecraft Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of magecraft. The greatest benefit it offers during the Grail War is the ability to sever the connection between an enemy Servant and Master, allowing her to take their Command Seals for her own. While she also has access to Argon Coin, she does not have the capability to utilize it. It normally would allow for the summoning of a dragon, but she lacks the necessary spells to summon Phantasmal Beasts. It has been given the status of an unusable skill during the Fifth Holy Grail War, but if she did have the proper knowledge, it would raise her standing from the weakest of the Servants to the middle ranking.[38]

She cannot fight directly against the other Servants as a Caster. Due to the natural Magic Resistance of Saber, Lancer, and Rider, she is unable to match them in direct combat as a magus. She instead resorts to using tactics such as breaking the rules of the war to summon Sasaki, creating her territory to collect souls from the town, and staying out of the fight herself so that she can observe the progress of the war before making her move. Under normal conditions she may have restrained her Master like a puppet to further her plans, but her love for Kuzuki and his apathetic view of the war allows her to make all of the decisions without resorting to such a tactic. If forced into combat, she does have confidence in her own abilities. She claims that she is stronger than anyone besides Heracles and Artoria, and she states that EMIYA wouldn't be able to even scratch her. She is quickly proven wrong when EMIYA easily uses two attacks capable of killing her, one of which he even warns her to dodge.

She is not a threat in a direct confrontation like Heracles, but rather the most troublesome enemy able to worsen the situation without even showing herself. Her main goal is to prolong the time she can spend with Kuzuki, so she is mainly working hard for what comes afterward rather than forming strategies to deal with the other Servants. She uses her defensive position to have Sasaki fend off the other Servants while she makes her plans. During Fate, she doesn't make a move until Heracles is defeated, and during Unlimited Blade Works, she makes a move against Shirou upon finding that he is a weak magus so that she can obtain Artoria. She wishes to gain allies, so she claims that she can prepare a better Servant superior to Artoria for Shirou and a magus superior to Rin as a Master for EMIYA.

She has a method of winning the War Holy Grail War instead of the regular fashion of destroying all seven Servants. She has grasped its true nature, and seen past the pretense that it is an only a ritual to grant the wish of one winner. She knows that it is meant to forge a path to Akasha, and that Servants are summoned only as catalysts to create that path. Even though it is impossible for other Servants, she can see the trick behind it because she is a Medea and claims that it is easy for her to win at any time. She is prepared to do so once she has the proper tools behind her, and makes the claim that she can summon it at any moment with the help of someone with an enormous magical energy output like Artoria. Upon Shirou's cooperation during the "Hazy" bad ending, she is able to obtain it and seemingly win the Holy Grail War.

Medea's natural enemy is Heracles, and she feels that she will be unable to defeat him without taking control of Artoria. Even with support from Kuzuki and Sasaki, her two front-line Saber-class defenders, she would only be able to damage him two or three times before her high-level magecraft would become ineffective. She is capable of supporting Sasaki against him by weighing Heracles down with her magecraft, but that is only effective in repelling him from the mountain gate.[39]

Against humans[]


Medea controlling Issei

In a competition against humans, it can be said that she is the most dangerous opponent capable of bringing about the most horrifying and greatest results of all the Servants summoned during the Fifth Holy Grail War. Aoko Aozaki, a user of True Magic said to be capable of battling Servants in direct combat, and Ciel, who has a magical energy capacity one hundred times greater than an average magus and knowledge inherited from Michael Roa Valdamjong, would be completely outmatched in a full out battle of magecraft. Bazett Fraga McRemitz, who can potentially slay Servants with Fragarach and has the capability to dodge, deflect, or nullify greater magecraft, would be quickly fatigued before being able to get a chance at getting an advantage in the fight.[40] If Ciel were given cooperation from the Association and the Church, allowing her to get her hands on Gazamy, who lies in the deepest parts of the Evocationary area of the Association, and the Seventh Holy Scripture, the battle could have a different outcome.[41]

She can easily control humans and weak Magi like Shirou, and her degree of power allows her to take control of even a magus' body from kilometers away. Due to this, she can easily control anyone in the town from her location. While another magi would have to normally infuse their own magical energy into the enemy to gain control, Medea is able to take hold of someone with one single cursed word. Normal practice would allow the target fight off such control by forcing the enemy magical energy out with their own, or by concentrating all of it to one limb so they can regain control of the other three. Medea's use of a single completed spell inserts only a "poison-like element" in one small point on their chest rather than mixing her own magical energy into their bodies. It is potent enough that it feels as if there is something wrong with their blood vessels themselves, which affects the target's entire body by taking authority over it away from the them. This makes it impossible for them to regain control over their bodies, as trying to wash away something "solid" like a completed spell with a "liquid" like magical energy is not possible for modern magi.

She is able to call Shirou to her all the way from the Emiya residence simply by commanding him to "Come" repeatedly with a magic-infused voice as well as attaching magic threads towards parts of his body. Normally controlling him would be impossible even with his weak magic resistance, and doing from that distance is even more astonishing. It seems like a dream to him initially, but he eventually realizes that his limbs are not moving under his own will. Without any resistance, he walks all the way to the temple in a daze while his limbs are manipulated. Even once fully conscious, he is unable to stop himself, and he is unable to even scream due to his throat being frozen. The only way for him to regain control is for her to release him from the spell or to receive outside help. Once given control, she can skew their senses, distorting the vision or rendering them blind. She can eliminate their bodies or minds in a matter of seconds, which allows her to destroy Shirou's mind while keeping his body for her own use. She is capable of churning his insides from a simple whim, and then completely stops his senses and ceases his mind.

She can also easily turn humans into "dolls" for her own use. Using "artificial Command Spells", she instills her control upon all the people at Ryuudou Temple. They become "things" that execute a single command when they find someone that breaks one of the "three rules" she has established. Upon asking Issei Ryuudou about Medea, he immediately blacks out and slashes at Shirou's stomach upon getting back up. Medea is able to speak through him, and mentions that the implanted order only functions when someone inquires about her. She is also able to manipulate them further, which allows her to have Issei kill himself by stabbing his own neck.


She is capable of easily breaking the rules of the Holy Grail War by slaying the original Master who would have summoned Sasaki and summoning a Servant of her own.[42] He is an Sasaki summoned by an improper Master, so someone other than the proper Assassin, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, was summoned. Spirits cannot form proper contracts with other spirits, so only her knowledge as a magus allowed her to form the connection. The results are poorer and more ineffective than under conventional circumstances, so she summons a fictional hero who is based on a wraith rather than a true Heroic Spirit.

She had something similar to a Command Spell. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. While she may not originally have received any Command Spells, Medea may have skillfully borrowed the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation.[43] As with other Masters, she is able to forcibly remove Command Spells from a Master by severing their arm and all the nerves in their bodies in order to transplant the Spells and become the Master of their Servant. If she can come into contact with the Servant, Rule Breaker allows her to obtain the Command Spells much more easily. Through those methods, she can take control of as many Servants as she wishes due to siphoning energy directly from the land, allowing her to her to act as the master of Artoria, EMIYA, and Sasaki simultaneously.

To force Saber to submit, she tried torturing her by infusing the threads that bind her hands with Command Seals, causing the Saber Servant to be physically and mentally hurt, as if she was being electrocuted, and even flinching in pain whenever Medea touches her skin. Even after Medea's death and being free from her control, Saber was left weakened.


Medea has a high rank in Territory Creation, allowing her to use the Ryuudou Temple and surrounding mountain as her Temple. It is a very suitable place for her, as it is the greatest spiritual land of Fuyuki City that holds many of the leylines of the area. It is unfavorable for Servants and it allows her to easily draw energy from the land and the citizens of the city in order to provide her with a nearly limitless amount of magical energy. She compares it to having one thousand Masters, and she has enough energy that she claims to be able to have Artoria use Excalibur as many times as she wants. She has placed a magical string throughout the town for this purpose, and she has taken control of the leyline with sacrifices. It is also considered on of the four main areas where the ritual of advent of the Holy Grail can take place, which guarantees her the ability to summon the Grail once the conditions are met. It also provides for the greatest defense in the city due to a strong barrier that was likely set by those who first constructed the temple.

The entire mountain is surrounded by a powerful Bounded Field, Ryuudou Temple's Barrier (柳桐寺結界, Ryuūdō-ji Kekkai?), that rejects unnatural spirits that set foot around the area. Servants attempting to cross it will be repelled, and have their powers reduced if they force their way in. Medea has also set up her own anti-sorcery Bounded Field (対魔術の防御結界, Tai-Majutsu no Bōgyo Kekkai?) to greatly diminish the effects of outside magecraft and Noble Phantasms.[44] Humans and magi are unaffected, allowing them to enter anywhere on the mountain without any problems. The effects of the Bounded Field only affect those that directly cross the boundary line, and it has no affect on those directly inside the Bounded Field itself. Once inside the temple, it acts as a suitable place to sustain spiritual entities, which is one of the reasons Medea managed to avoid disappearing before establishing a contract with Kuzuki.

It is impossible to fully close off the area with the Bounded Field, as the leylines require a connecting point with the outer world in order keep them from being halted and rendered unusable. The only weakness in the barrier is the temple's front gate and the path leading to it up the mountain, which acts as the focal point of the leylines. This allows for Servants to enter through the gate undiminished as long as they follow the main path up the mountain. Medea has covered this weakness by placing Sasaki there, and due to the terrain advantage and his own skill, he manages to repel all five enemy Servants. This specific location was chosen due a policy of the temple’s monks in which they do not refuse entrance to anyone who walks through their front door.

The method she uses to take the energy is through a witches potion that destroys love. It takes their magical energy and renders men impotent. It leaves behind the smell of a rotten plant, and it can render a large number of people in various areas in comas. Rin finds fifty people, most of which are men, who have thrown up blood and fallen unconscious at once. The large number of people placed into comas is attributed to gas leaks causing people to pass out after running out of oxygen, which have been ongoing since before the formal start of the Holy Grail War. When she first began to collect the energy, it was hard for her to hold back because each individual only has a small amount. The result was that she ended up taking too much at a time, but she likes to keep her victims alive so that she can take every bit of magical energy as possible. She eventually managed to begin collecting it much better, allowing her take energy from hundreds of people at one time. The swirl of preserved magical energy, pieces of people, is collected within the land and used by Medea. Shirou sees that it is made of more than a thousand souls that stain the entire mountain in energy.


Class Skills[]

  • Item Construction (A Rank): A Skill that allows her to manufacture a variety of magical items. She can make Mystic Codes for combat, which far surpass those made by modern magi.[2] Her rank makes her capable of creating healing potions that grant limited immortality, and she is capable of turning humans into formal tools to support her magic. She also made an "Artificial Noble Phantasm" out of Shirou by removing his limbs and using him as a wand for Projection magecraft in one of the bad ends of Fate/stay night.[45]
  • Territory Creation (A Rank): The Skill needed to create a to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana or creating magic objects. At Medea's rank, she can construct a Temple-level terrain, which is superior to a Workshop.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • High-Speed Divine Words (A Rank): A Skill that assists with magical incantations via a power to activate magecraft without the use of Magic Circuits. The divine words are an ancient language from the Age of Gods that permit the user to enact a fraction of their gods authority, while modern incantations are mainly just a means of self-hypnosis to work one's circuits. and as such, it is a power long lost by modern magi. Thanks to this she does not need to cast her magecraft like modern magi, as incantations are unnecessary to connect herself with the world. She is always surrounded by divine mysteries of ancient lore, so magic is just something she commands like ordering her guard dog to attack.[46] Caster's use is advanced enough that spells are activated with just a single action, allowing for greater magecraft in an instant.
  • Argon Coin (-): A Skill that signifies Medea's possession of the golden fleece. With the fleece, Medea could potentially perform a summoning Ritual to summon the Guardian Dragon that protected it. Normally this would put it on the level of a Noble Phantasm, but because she does not possess the knowledge or means to actually control the beasts once it is summoned, its rendered a Skill instead.[47]
  • Teachings of Circe (A Rank): A Skill the represents the lessons Circe imparted on her when they were studying in a tempel of HecateWP.[3][6]

Noble Phantasm[]

Rule breaker

Medea's Noble Phantasm is Rule Breaker, an Anti-Magecraft Noble Phantasm that appears as a ceremonial dagger capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of magecraft. The greatest benefit it offers during the Grail War is the ability to sever the connection between an enemy Servant and Master, allowing her to take their Command Seals for her own. That said, the blade is blunt and cannot be used for offensive means, being unable to hurt even a regular human.


Creation and Conception[]

Medea was designed by Takashi Takeuchi in Fate/stay night.

Kinoko Nasu claims that if there was a Medea route, he thought it would be pretty interesting, with Medea seducing Medusa then setting up a trap to stab her in the back.[9]

In Old Fate, Medea's Master is much like Kuzuki, but more of a fighter than an assassin. Similar to RyuWP from Street FighterWP, he is not a magus, and after drawing Caster, she said, "So, I can be the magus, but what good are you?" He replied "Then you should leave the killing part to me, mage."[48]

Nasu refers Medea as Cas-ko (キャス子, Kyasu-ko?).[31]

Medea was illustrated by Nekotawawa in Fate/Grand Order. Her scenario writer is Kinoko Nasu in Fate/Grand Order.[6]

Comment from Illustrator[]

"Her dress is slender to the knees, vertically long and has few lines, making it hard to draw, so I leaned her body a lot, giving her a livelier vibe. I had to adjust the pose a lot to make her long staff fit into the frame and think about how that change would affect her cape, but then came the third ascension and she loses the cape that defined most of her movement and cover most of most of the area, so I went back and forth a lot when adjusting the balance between the second and third ascensions. Since she is a character who showed a lot of deep expressions in the previous games, I had no idea what mood I should show her. It was difficult to decide. As she exposes her face upon ascension, I decided to draw Medea looking less evil when her face is exposed." (Nekotawawa)[6]



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    Character Data 013
    True Identity: Medea
    Gender: Female
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: 51kg
    Three sizes: B82/W57/H84
    Image Color: Purple
    Talents: Plotting, crafting
    Likes: Men of few words and sincerity, girls in cute clothes
    Dislike: Muscles
    Worst enemy: Berserker
    Origin: Greece

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    >The catalyst for Caster's birth

    Nasu: Caster didn't change much from her old "Fate" days, as her true identity was also Medea. I always wanted to do a full-on mage type, and she was the best opportunity to explore that archetype. With regard to her visual design, I asked for an alluring beauty that would make a man's heart flutter. I thought hiding her eyes so that her mouth area was the only part of her face that was readily visible would add to her mystique.

    >Regarding Caster's character design

    Takeuchi: I didn't want Caster to look like a stereotypical "evil witch", as I though that would be too boring. Instead, I aimed for a character who looked like an alluring beauty upon first glance, but turned out to be beautiful in a surprisingly simple way when she removed her hood. Koyama was the one who designed her robes.

    Nasu: She really does give the impression of an elegant woman wearing a cape.

    Takeuchi: The hood designed like the hoods people in the Middle East wear, I think the fact that her hood isn't a stereotypical mage's hood only enhances her design.

    Nasu: I think Takeuchi's idea to make her more of a "simple beauty" under that mysterious hood was a great one. That made her perfectly suited for the "young wife" role.

    Takeuchi: With these kinds of characters, that sort of unexpected gap in their design tends to leave a stronger impression. Since she only reveals her face at the very end, I wanted it to have a strong impact. I hope I succeeded in that regard.

    Nasu: You did, I assure you. From start to finish, Caster was Koyama's favourite character, after all, Koyama has a thing for the "tragic woman" archetype and Caster was right up that alley.

    Takeuchi: For that same reason, Koyama seemed to like Sakura as well, but in a sentimental sense Caster won out in the end.

    >Medea's role as a mage

    Nasu: Caster is legitimately a straight-up mage type, so she has a hard time holding her own among the ranks of other Servants, who can be considered "cheaters" because they're so overpowered.

    Takeuchi: Most people don't seem to think of her as a Servant.

    Nasu: Medea wasn't exactly what you'd consider an "impressive" Heroic Spirit, so that's probably why. Still, from the perspectives of mages in the present era, she is quite godly. She can easily cast powerful spells that would require at least a month's worth of preparation for normal mages to cast. We don't have her casting anything as outrageously powerful as a nuke, though.

    Takeuchi: I guess you could say Rule Breaker can be a "cheating" Noble Phantasm, depending on how you use it... but it isn't really suited for direct combat applications.

    Nasu: As powerful as Rule Breaker is, it's still restricted by the fact that it can only affect things of a magical nature. Now, if it also affected regular attacks and mundane things, that would be a totally different story...

    Takeuchi: It really is that relatively dull and unexciting aspect of Rule Breaker that makes it more interesting as a Noble Phantasm. You need to utilise clever trickery in order to use Rule Breaker effectively.

    Nasu: Even if Caster attempted to make a regular attack using Rule Breaker, she probably wouldn't be able to hit anyone. The other Servants are all famous fighters, after all. She'd basically have to completely take them by surprise in order to have any hope of landing a strike. I came across quite a few mentions of magical tools and catalysts when I was looking into historical legends related to Medea, but none of them seemed like good candidates for a Noble Phantasm. In the end, we created Rule Breaker based on the key plot points of Medea's legend, like the fact that she betrayed her country and killed her own brother.

    Takeuchi: A character's "ultimate move" can take on a variety of forms in "Fate", and I think that's what makes the series so interesting. Caster's character was designed to take the role of the ultimate schemer, but I feel she never quite got there.

    Nasu: Falling in love with Kuzuki basically derailed her from that path, as looking good in his eyes became her main concern. You could also say she just got too complacent in her battle against Saber. I guess she felt overconfident because she was convinced she had acquired a weapon akin to a nuke. Of course, Caster would have been met with a bad end anyway if she had simply disappeared without ever meeting Souichirou. She suffered so much under the jealousy and mistreatment her original Master put her through, so she ended up tricking and murdering him. It was only after that experience that she met Souichirou, to whom she willingly devoted herself. I think it's safe to say Caster found true happiness in her relationship with Souichirou. Gilgamesh's attack in "hollow" was something I intended to do in the main storyline, but just couldn't find anywhere to fit it in. It felt like it was halting the flow of the story whenever I tried to insert it, and I didn't want to put it in toward the end of the story because I didn't think that would be the best time for the player to be empathising with Caster and Souichirou. So I set it aside with the intention to use it in a spin-off, and "hollow" gave me that opportunity.

    Takeuchi: How did Caster fail to sense Gilgamesh's presence?

    Nasu: I guess you could say he was outside of her "field of vision". She was able to understand the two-Grail system, but did not take notice of Gil's presence. Actually, I think a more accurate way to describe it would be to say it was her understanding of that system that made her not notice him, as he was a unique existence that lay "outside" of that system.

    Takeuchi: Why did she kill Souichirou in Sakura's route?

    Nasu: I've juggled a few theories about that one, though I haven't "officially" picked one to be the hard and fast truth. That was basically the result of Zouken manipulating her into the act. I felt like that was the only thing that could inflict a sense of desperate loss upon Caster.

    Takeuchi: True enough, but I still feel like you should "officially" pick one of the possible answers to that question.

    Nasu: I refuse (laughs). I want to leave that detail to the player's imagination. Though to be honest, the original reason why I didn't decide on a clear explanation for that incident is because I was simply too busy at the time.

    >The message Caster carries as a character

    Takeuchi: As a character, I'd say Caster was a success. Everyone assumed she was a villain through and through at first, but then her story turned out to be a pure love story, which is exactly what we were aiming for... How did she end up in the "wife" role anyway?

    Nasu: I did have a desire to maneuver her in that direction, but I think it was someone else's utter breakdown that took it as far as it got... I think Koyama was the one who took us down that path?

    Takeuchi: I'm not sure... I remember seeing that sort of theme in doujin and anthology works first, though.

    Nasu: You're right... I remember Koyama drawing a cute Caster in something based on "hollow", but I recall seeing similar stuff in doujin books well before that.

    Takeuchi: It could be the power of "Lord Souichirou". I think a lot of people imagine Caster in that kind of role because of the way she called him "Lord Souichirou". But she calls him plain old "Souichirou" in the main story, right?

    Nasu: That's what she calls him in public. I guess she wants to give the impression that she's in a superior position to him, but all the while she is calling him "Lord Souichirou" in her heart. That's why she just defaults to calling him "Lord Souichirou" in "hollow". I think a lot of people also made the jump to "wife" Caster because of the part in the main story where she was mistakenly thought of as Souichirou's fiancee.

    Takeuchi: At this point, Caster is fully viewed as a domestic-type character by fans, but she wasn't originally intended that way...

    Nasu: Anyway, I guess the character's main message was that Caster makes for a lovely young wife. (laughs)



    Character Data 013
    身長:163 cm

    奈須 きのこ&武内崇 • キャラクター別対談

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    Class: Caster
    Master: Souichirou Kuzuki
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Sex: Female
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: 51kg
    Weapon: None

    STR: E
    CON: D
    AGI: C
    MGI: A+
    LCK: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Medea, the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis in Greece, was a priestess taught by Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. While she was raised without any discomfort, her fate was shaken greatly by the arrival of the ship Argo that sought the Golden Fleece.
    Having fallen under the goddess Aphrodite's curse to fall in love with Jason, the Argo's captain, Medea stole the Golden Fleece from her father and attempted to flee the country together with Jason. Furthermore, to stall her father's ship that had been following them, she violently tore her brother to pieces and scattered his remains in the sea. With this, Medea lost a home she could return to, and came to be despised as a "witch" by the people. After that, Medea, in order to let her beloved Jason sit on the throne, continued to murder any opposition with magic and strategy, but her practices disgusted Jason and caused him to gradually become adverse to her. Eventually, Jason switched his interests to another woman, going so far as to have children, which Medea could not forgive. She murdered his new wife and children with magecraft, the brokenhearted Jason undergoing a miserable last moment.
    Thus, Medea's obsessiveness and cruelty made calling her a "witch" appropriate, but despite committing inhuman deeds, she herself received no reward from this. Theories have been left behind that Medea, who achieved an immortal body from her devotion to the study of magecraft, became the reigning queen of the paradise, Elysium.

    Having mastered magecraft from the Age of the Gods, Medea possessed extraordinary power as a magus. However, because her physical ability as a Servant was the lowest, she was at a disadvantage in battles against Servants with high Magic Resistance. Consequently, she faced the battles with basic tactics, avoiding personal combat to the best of her ability and using her Dragon Tooth Warriors as pawns. Even in combination with Kuzuki, he was the attacker and she bore the role of support with magecraft. She laid out a stratagem to summon Servant Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou) and order him to guard the Ryuudou temple gate while she gathered mana and used her own Noble Phantasm to destroy the other Servants' contracts and make them her allies.

    Class Abilities
    Territory Creation: A
    The ability to create a territory to gather mana is a special characteristic of the Caster class. Medea's inherent magical capacity is not that great but by expanding her territory to collect mana, it becomes possible for her to use high level magecraft. Moreover, because the place Medea selected to establish her territory is the underground limestone cave where the Greater Grail was instituted, Fuyuki City's greatest holy ground Ryuudou Temple, it is possible to gather an enormous amount of mana in a short time. She secured Ryuudou Temple as her main base solely to reserve enough mana to get Artoria and EMIYA to obey her after using "Rule Breaker" having summoning Servant Assassin independently. Furthermore, the influence of her created territory extends not only to Ryuudou Temple but also its surroundings. The rapid breakdown in the health of those inhabiting the periphery of the territory was because their life force was plundered for magical energy.
    Because she understood the importance of the Ryuudou Temple territory the best, Sasaki Kojirou was ordered to guard the temple gate, and the interior was fortified so it could not be invaded easily. Furthermore, immediately following the beginning of the Holy Grail War, Medea almost never left the Ryuudou Temple, instead hiding on the grounds and raising mana. However, as soon as she made the judgment that she had collected enough magical energy for combat, she left the territory and turned on to the offensive.

    Item Construction: A
    Another skill granted to the Caster class. It is possible to construct enchanted tools, from implements of war to items for daily use. Many different articles can be made at will.
    The dragon tooth warriors on the next page were made using this ability. In addition, it is also possible to make magical implements known as Mystic Codes. As Mystic Codes are used as devices to supplement thaumaturgy, or wielded as tools to activate specific effects during magical combat, this is a typical skill for a magus to possess. However, with an Item Construction rank of A, there is a great difference between the Mystic Codes that other magi build and the artifacts that Medea can create. Also, this skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. This is why she spent most of her efforts on Territory Creation and focused on creating dragon tooth warriors. Though it requires preparation and planning, given enough time Item Construction has the potential to be a formidable asset.

    Personal Skills
    High-Speed Divine Words: A
    A skill that assists magical incantations. Normally, the length of an incantation increases with the scale of the thaumaturgy being performed, but this skill allows chants to be greatly abbreviated. It is particularly useful for direct attack magic. There are many examples of Medea personally using direct attack magic during the Holy Grail War, but in the fight against EMIYA she instantly unleashed countless blasts of light in an attack comparable to high thaumaturgy.
    Caption: As long as a caster using High-Speed Divine Words has enough prana, she can continually fire powerful thaumaturgical attacks.

    Golden Fleece: EX
    The pelt of the golden-furred winged ram of Colchis. It contains the legend, "if thrown on the earth, a dragon will appear." Medea does not have the skill to summon the dragon, so she is unable to to do so even if she uses the Golden Fleece. This secret treasure might well have been the heart of the events that altered Medea's fate for the worse.
    The Golden Fleece appears in Greek mythology, beginning with the marriage of King Athamas of Thessaly to his second wife Ino. Ino, who despised the children Athamas had with his first wife, the cloud goddess Nephele, plotted to kill the prince Phrixus by telling the king a false oracle and sacrificing the prince in a ritual. But then, Phrixus rescued his sister Helle at the altar. Helle rode a winged ram with golden fleece to safety, brought to her by Hermes, one of the Twelve Olympians. With the help of his sister, Phrixus went to Colchis, sacrificed the meat of the golden ram to Zeus, and offered its pelt to King Aeetes of Colchis. From then on, the Golden Fleece was passed down as a secret treasure of the royal house of Colchis.

    Medea used many different types of magic during the Holy Grail War. Against nearby humans, she employed mind control, hypnosis, and other spells to gather intelligence and eliminate threats. She also used magic to lure Emiya Shirou into her own workshop.
    In combat, she supported her Master Kuzuki Souichirou, who wielded the assassination technique "Snake." Souichirou, who seemed powerful enough to overwhelm a Servant, was actually being magically Reinforced to give him enough destructive power to damage a Servant.
    Additionally, Medea used spatial teleportation whenever she was attacked. This spell was highly versatile.

    Magecraft Tool
    Dragon Tooth Warriors
    Magic that uses dragon teeth as foci to create golems. This is one of the magics Medea specialized in, passed down to the king of Colchis long ago. The combat strength of one dragon tooth soldier is no match for a Servant, and even a human Master can deal with one. However, they are dangerous in large numbers. Medea used these golems to buy time to advance her plans. The dragon tooth soldiers are not necessarily homogeneous in appearance, showing variations in the weapons they wield.

    Noble Phantasm
    Rule Breaker:
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Thaumaturgy Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1 person

    A Noble Phantasm with an ability clearly unlike that of the other Servants' Noble Phantasms. Its efficiency as a weapon is virtually nil, but it has the ability to "break" (as in, "violation of commandment" or "transgression of law") any magic on a target pierced by its blade. Targets that can be broken are contracts formed from prana, and life forms born from prana. Rule Breaker can reset the condition of the target to the state before magic was used on it. In other words, contracts formed from prana are wiped clean, and life forms created from prana are forcibly sublimated. Thus, its utility is quite limited, but it is extremely powerful within the context of the Servant system of the Holy Grail War.
    In practice, Medea successfully used this Noble Phantasm to nullify the contracts between other Masters and their Servants. For a time, Artoria and EMIYA served Medea as her own Servants.

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    However, true anti-heroes do not exist.
    Ultimately they only reach the level of "individuals who did good while carrying out evil" (stopping short of being true anti-hero).
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    Caster was quickly disposed of in Saber route, but she was quite the active villainess in Rin's route.
    She was originally an innocent person, but after suffering from repeated betrayal, she thought "Hmmm, fine, I might as well sink to rock bottom". Because of this, she was tainted by evil.
    To tell the truth, Caster really did possess qualities to become a villainess, but fundamentally she was just a young girl in love.
    Mmm, I thought Caster's embarrassed look would be pretty cute, after Shirou tattled on her "Mr. Kuzuki, Caster has been a bad bad girl".
    Under that robe hid one of the most beautiful women in Fate.
    Caster would do absolutely anything to the target of her affection, but up until now, all of her targets of affection abandoned her after getting their use out of her. Because of this, she kept people at a distance.
    Ah, it was such a pity that there was no Caster route. It would be pretty interesting, with Caster seducing Rider then setting up a trap to stab her in the back.
    On an unrelated note, Caster was a magus on the tier of True Magicians.
    However, since Caster did not learn Magic, she was still a magus.

    魔術師の英霊。 魔力に特化したクラスで、サーヴァント中最弱と言われている。
    マスターは葛木宗一郎。 正体はギリシャ神話において裏切りの魔女とされるメディアである。
    根は清純な人だったのだが、度重なる裏切りによって「ふーんだ、いいわよーだ、とうなったらとことん まで落ちてやるー!」と悪に染まってしまった。 一途だね。
    もともと悪女としての素質はあったのだが、なんだ かんだと根は恋する乙女,たったりするキャスターさん。
    「葛木先生、キャスターは悪い子です」と士郎に告げ口された途端、オロオロする様はとても可愛らしいと 思います、はい。
    惚れた相手にやトコトン尽くすのだが、今まで惚れ た相手はみんな甘えると逃げていったトラウマのため、 常に一歩引いた態度を贯くみたいです。
    あー、おしいなー。キャスタールートとかあったら 楽しそうだなあ、くそう!そしてライダーに浮気して後ろから刺されるワナ。
    余談ではあるが、魔術師としてのキャスターの能力 は魔法使いレベル。

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    Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?

    A: "A certain Aozaki" includes both Aoko and Touko. In a magecraft battle by modern standards, a "magus" who is capable of defeating a serious Caster does not exist.

    Q:某蒼崎でも本気キャス子に敵わないそうですが、その某蒼崎とは青子の方ですか?その場合、それは魔法 込みでの評価でしょうか?


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    A: They are seemingly different. Divine Words, so to speak, was an advance incantation language used in various mythological times. It cannot be reproduced with human vocal organs.
    The "Unified Language" is the "truth," people had before they were separated.



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    さあ、場外乱闘シリーズの開幕です! 犬も喰わない夫婦喧嘩の結末は――まぁ、惚れた
    方の負けという格言通り、何をどうやってもキャスターの自滅に終わるのでした! 頑張
    れ若奥さま! …などとオチから入ってしまいましたが、お互い本気だとしても「戦い」

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    Q: Caster's ability as a magus is at the wizard level, but is it possible for Caster (Medea) to become a wizard in the future? Also, are there beings that have a "higher level as magi" than the current wizards?

    Q: Caster's ability as a magus is at the wizard level, but is it possible for Caster (Medea) to become a wizard in the future? Also, are there beings that have a "higher level as magi" than the current wizards?

    A: Caster's a magus back in the day that true magic was common so she wouldn't have good affinity with the "Five True Magics of the Modern Era" anyhow, so, she isn't going to be able to pick up True Magic.
    Also there are actually quite a few magi with level higher than the current wizards. In the first place, Aozaki Aoko herself is inferior as a magus than the lecturers of the Clock Tower.

    Q:キャスターの魔術師としての実力は魔法使いレベルとのことですが、キャスター(メディア)が今後魔法使いになる可能性はあるのでしょうか? また現存する魔法使いより"魔術師としてのレベルが高い"存在はいるのでしょうか?


  34. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 12: moonlight (II) - Bad End: Artificial Noble Phantasm
  35. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 11: WitchCraft - Bad End: Hazy
  36. Fate/stay night Anime - Episode 4: "The Strongest Enemy"
  37. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Manga Chapter 22: "Day 5 / About Sakura (2)"
  38. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Noble Phantasms, p.134

    Q: If Caster had a skill (dragon summoning skill) that let her use the Golden Fleece, would she be able to escape the rank of being the weakest Servant?

    Q: If Caster had a skill (dragon summoning skill) that let her use the Golden Fleece, would she be able to escape the rank of being the weakest Servant? Also, will the spirit in the Golden Fleece ever see the light of day? He's cute so I wanted to see him in color.

    A: She'd move up to the middle rank, I think. Oh, but, the Colchis dragon isn't that strong right....

    Q:もしキャスターに金羊の皮を使いこなす技(竜召喚技能)があれば、彼女は最弱のサーヴァントな地位から脱することはできたのでしょうか? また、金羊の皮に宿る精霊は、日の目を見ることはありますでしょうか?かわいいからカラーで見たかったです。


  39. [v] Comptiq 2006-03 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: Lancer, Caster, Assassin, and True Assassins; all with normal attack and Noble Phantasms of B or lower. If they fought against Berserker, wouldn't it be a one-sided fight? Or are there any of them that can match up against him?

    Q. Lancer, Caster, Assassin, and True Assassins; all with normal attack and Noble Phantasms of B or lower. If they fought against Berserker, wouldn't it be a one-sided fight? Or are there any of them that can match up against him?

    A: Assassin and True Assassin by themselves wouldn't even be a fight. Lancer can use his runes and Noble Phantasm together to temporarily raise the rank to A, but it'd still be a very disadvantageous fight but "one with some chances". Caster has two front-line Saber-class defenders, so if she uses her high sorcery then she'd be able to deal damage, but that would be limited to 2 to 3 times. Also, in the game, Assassin was able to push Berserker back because of the terrain advantage and support from Caster (weighing down Berserker's body). ...Well, since the compatibility of Assassin and Berserker is horrible, the fact that Berserker was even pushed back is enough to say "whoah, Kojirou's amazing".


    A:アサシン、真アサシンは単体では勝負になりません。ランサーはルーン魔術と宝具の組み合わせで一時的にAランクに届くので、かなり不利な戦いになりますが「いくらか勝ち目のある」戦いを展開できます。キャスターはセイバークラスの前衛が2人ほどいるのなら大魔術でダメージを与えられますが、それも2回か3 回が限度でしょう。ちなみに、本編でアサシンがバーサーカを撃退しているのは地形の有利とキャスターの援護(バーサーカー本体への重圧)があったおかげです。……いやまあ、それでもアサシンとバーサーカーの相性は最悪なので、撃退したこと自体、小次郎スゲーということになるのですが。

  40. [v] Dengeki Hime 08/2006 - Fate Dream Battle Round 4 - Bazett vs. Caster

    Nasu: As has been speculated (by the editors), the battle would proceed with Caster winning overwhelmingly. As Caster doesn't have a trump card to use against Bazett, she's quite the difficult opponent for Bazett to handle. While lady Bazett is at times able to dodge, deflect, or nullify high thaumaturgy, she'd be fatigued before she could grab a chance at getting the upper hand.
    .....Oh and you see. Caster-san. She's merciless against mature women.

    『Fate』Dream Battle Round 4 です。



  41. [v] Comptiq special issue - Fate Dojo special edition:
    Q: If Caster and Ciel went full out on magic and fought each other, who would win?

    Q: If Caster and Ciel went full out on magic and fought each other, who would win?

    A: That'd be Caster. A lot's been said, but see, she's a witch from the divine era, something that shouldn't be in the present. If it was a competition against human opponents, then Caster would present the most horrifying and greatest results among the HF 5 Servants..... Though, if Ciel got her hands on what lies within the deepest parts of the Evocationary area of the Association and sends the Seventh Scripture in her, things will be different.



  42. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Servants, p.133

    Q: Caster summoned Kojirou as an irregular Master, but was there a person who would have summoned Assassin as a regular Master (someone with the sign of the bruise)? Or was that Zouken?

    Q: Caster summoned Kojirou as an irregular Master, but was there a person who would have summoned Assassin as a regular Master (someone with the sign of the bruise)? Or was that Zouken?

    A: Caster found him before he could do the summoning...



  43. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Command Spells, p.132
    Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals?

    Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals? I ask because I don’t think she ever used a Command Spell on Assassin.

    A: She had something similar to a Command Spell. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. While she may not originally have received any Command Spells, Caster may have skillfully borrowed the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation.

  44. [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Archer vs. Assassin

    Nasu-san CHECK! If it's a straight out death match, then Archer will win. But Assassin is an oddity that fights under different battle conditions from the other Servants. While many Servants are offensive, Assassin is defensive. At a Servant-killing battlefield like Ryuudou Temple and with Caster's anti-sorcery defensive barrier, sorcery and Noble Phantasm power is decreased significantly. As a result, if it's not a powerful Noble Phantasm, then he won't take a fatal wound. Which means that the battle between the two is clearly swordsmanship. With Archer having his sniping sealed off to him due to the terrain effect, could Archer actually lose...?



  45. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 12: moonlight (II) - Bad End: Artificial Noble Phantasm
  46. [v] Comptiq special issue - Fate Dojo special edition:
    Q: Caster's "Divine Words" and Kara no Kyoukai's Kurogiri Satsuki's "Unified Language," are the same thing right?

    Q: Caster's "Divine Words" and Kara no Kyoukai's Kurogiri Satsuki's "Unified Language," are the same thing right?

    A: They are seemingly different. Divine Words, so to speak, was an advance incantation language used in various mythological times. It cannot be reproduced with human vocal organs.
    The "Unified Language" is the "truth," people had before they were separated.



  47. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Noble Phantasms, p.134

    Q: If Caster had a skill (dragon summoning skill) that let her use the Golden Fleece, would she be able to escape the rank of being the weakest Servant?

    Q: If Caster had a skill (dragon summoning skill) that let her use the Golden Fleece, would she be able to escape the rank of being the weakest Servant? Also, will the spirit in the Golden Fleece ever see the light of day? He's cute so I wanted to see him in color.

    A: She'd move up to the middle rank, I think. Oh, but, the Colchis dragon isn't that strong right....

    Q:もしキャスターに金羊の皮を使いこなす技(竜召喚技能)があれば、彼女は最弱のサーヴァントな地位から脱することはできたのでしょうか? また、金羊の皮に宿る精霊は、日の目を見ることはありますでしょうか?かわいいからカラーで見たかったです。


  48. [v] Fate/complete material II: Character Material - Characters: Souichirou Kuzuki, p.080-083

    Souichirou Kuzuki

    Character Data 012
    Affiliation: Homurahara Academy, Social studies teacher
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Image Color: Colourless
    Talents: Combat sports
    Likes: None in particular
    Dislike: None in particular
    Worst enemy: Caster (If forced to)
    Origin: Unknown

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi Discussion

    >The catalyst for Souichirou Kuzuki's birth

    Nasu: This is another character whose role did not change from old "Fate". While the standard Master/Servant setup involves the servant fighting on the front lines while the Master stays in the back and supplies the Servant with mana, Souichirou did things in the opposite manner.

    Takeuchi: The setup of having Caster in the back while Souichirou stands out in from as the main combatant was something that was in place in old "Fate?"

    Nasu: That general battle flow was present, yes. In old "Fate," Caster's Master was an utter newbie with regard to the Holy Grail War. He wasn't even a magus and had no link to or relationship with Caster. Being summoned by this "civilian" was, in Caster's point of view, akin to drawing a losing ballot. Feeling utterly dejected, Caster stated that he would take on all the heavy lifting. When asked what he could do that could be considered useful to their cause, Caster's Master simply replied, "....Kill people?" Caster was totally taken aback by this most unexpected answer, and when his Master proceeded to prove his prowess in battle, Caster began to harbour genuine hope regarding their chances in the Holy Grail War. We imagine they might have had a conversation that went a little something like this: "I think we can go far together! Good job!" "....Yeah?" If I had to compare Caster's Master to another character, I'd compare him to purist martial artists like Ryu or Akuma from the "Street Fighter" series. Caster's Master in "stay night", Souichirou, isn't a martial artist and doesn't have the deadly "special attack" you'd expect from a character like that. Instead, Souichirou's personal philosophy was, "If I can't defeat an enemy in our first encounter, I have no chance of defeating them in our second encounter." It was his understanding that his skills would only be effective against an opponent if his opponent didn't know what to expect.

    Takeuchi: When did we decide that Caster's Master would be a teacher at the school?

    Nasu: We considered a few different options, but we did settle on the "teacher" role pretty early on. We wanted more characters with standing pose illustrations to show up during the segments of the story that took place at school, so that was a big reason for keeping the "teacher" trend from old "Fate".

    Takeuchi: Souichirou has a pretty hardcore backstory, but do you think his encounter with Caster eventually came to mean something special to him?

    Nasu: I think so, more or less. Even if he wasn't entirely conscious of it, he was deeply affected by the time he spent with Caster. We explore that concept some more in "hollow".

    >What being a teacher meant to Souichirou

    Nasu: Souichirou basically does not have any kind of ambition when it comes to the stereotypical ideas of "happiness that most people pursue. Instead, he performs his job dutifully as a cog in the machine we call society. He literally sees himself as part of a greater whole and is guided by a sense of independent will. He has no particular passion for or aversion to his career as a teacher, he simply accepts he fact that this is the job he got hired for and does his best to perform his duties. In a manner of speaking, Souichirou was living his life but was never truly "alive". If he had gotten into another line of work, he would have worked just as hard and been just as effective in that field.

    Takeuchi: He'd be the worlds most serious supermarket cashier. Souichirou is the kind of guy who would ask to use the restroom every time, even after being told he could do so at any time without seeking permission.

    Nasu: Since he feels no particular passion for or aversion to anything in life, Souichirou will readily accept any role assigned to him and perform his duties diligently. In his mind, that is the only way a sub-human creature like him can atone for his sins. He wasn't so irresponsible as to take the easy way out through suicide, nor was he so shameless as to believe that things would eventually "get better" for him. For this reason, the path to atonement he chose for himself was to become a useful cog in the machine and help to keep society running. He was convinced that was as close as he could get to making up for all of the murders he had committed.

    >Regarding Souichirou's design

    Takeuchi: Hmmm.... I'm trying to remember anything that could be considered interesting, but I can't think of a single thing...

    Nasu: The only thing that I remember is that I kept saying Souichirou needed to be a "dry" human being, and that Takeuchi came back to me saying he had no idea what I was trying to describe. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: I'll admit that description was still much easier to understand than "an ended/done human being", which was all the instruction I received when working on Araya Souren from "Kara no Kyoukai"... Despite Nasu's inability to properly define a character concept, I didn't have much trouble figuring things out once I started drawing Souichirou. The most notable thing about Souichirou is that his character development was quite solid, making him a memorable character without the need for him to be overly distinctive when it came to his overall look. I've seen him in quite a few doujin works, and you're always able to identify him regardless of his rather plain visual design. While his design could be described as a relatively boring one, there is some kind of "Souichirou element" that makes him stand out.

    >The message Souichirou carries as a character

    Nasu: While most people hate diligent teachers during their student years, they tend to recognise just how valuable those kinds of teachers are after they graduate. That was the idea behind Souichirou's character. In that interaction scene where he throws Saber during their battle, I aimed for something that looked like a pitcher throwing a baseball rather than a traditional judo toss. I've always admired the speed at which a professional baseball pitcher can throw a ball. I mean, achieving 150km/h through unadulterated human skill alone is pretty impressive, don't you think? I believe a pitcher's form has something in common with the philosophy of martial arts and is the most effective motion when it comes to throwing something. That's why I had Souichirou throw Saber like a pitcher would throw a baseball. Of course, it helped that Saber has such a petite figure. Getting to include that scene was enough to satisfy me with regard to Souichirou.

    Takeuchi: It would have been nice if we could have depicted that battle properly in terms of visuals.

    Nasu: Nah, if we had attempted anything like that, we would have been hard-pressed to get away from with all the "lies" we would have had to tell through that image. It was pretty tight as it was through text, but I felt we were able to get away with it. If we had depicted that battle using proper event CG, I imagine it would have made the whole thing look less cool.

    Takeuchi: I guess we would have had to use some pretty fancy manipulation techniques to make it work.

    Nasu: Yeah, like a totally distorted perspective combined with overly flashy presentation. It's hard to make the image of a human figure being thrown look really cool. I mean, Souichirou might have come out looking cool though, but Saber would have been a different story.

    Takeuchi: True enough.

    Nasu: Since the image would have turned out looking more comedic than dramatic, we chose to restrain ourselves for the sake of Saber's honour.


    Character Data 012
    所属:穂群原学園 社会科教師

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