Medusa (メドゥーサ, Medūsa?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters that appears in Greek Mythology. A goddess born as a perfected "image (idol)", the embodiment of men's longing. Due to some factor, the anti-hero Medusa acquired a condition as a goddess that is close to that of her two sisters and manifested as a Servant.[2]


Her appearance is that of a lovely girl similar to her sisters. Her personal statement is that her weight “is the same as my sisters”.[2]


Her personality has also changed from when she is a Rider.[2] In spite of this, she shares many similarities with her older counterpart. Perhaps their differences can be best boiled down to two things: The fact that she says and expresses everything she thinks and feels, never holding anything back, and her innocence due to her young age. She can be best be summed up as if she was Rider if Rider acted entirely on her emotions, expressing everything she keeps inside instead of being self-possessed. But if you catch her older self off guard or if you embarrass her, you can see her behave like her younger self from time to time.

Despite her intense remarks or the serious persona she tries to project, due to Medusiana's innocence, she often displays moments of unintentional cuteness. Although in time she will grow into the persona she tries to project, it is her childlike nature that makes the persona hard for her to maintain currently. She cannot help being sweethearted no matter how hard she tries. Although she may deny it, her favorite foods are actually confections.

Like her older counterparts, she too displays a single-minded zeal in the pursuit of her goals, never becoming distracted from the duty she has taken upon herself to carry out. She, like her older selves, possesses an immense self-hatred because of the fact that she became a monster at the end of her life. She believes she's unworthy of happiness and kindness because of all the horrible acts she committed in her time as the Gorgon monster. Like her Rider form, she is sharp-tongued, willing to chastise those she finds annoying or troublesome without a moment's hesitation, and she is highly protective of those she holds dear to her heart. Much like her older self, she displays a steadfast bravery in battle, never unwilling to engage in combat or lay her life down to protect others even against combatants that are much stronger than her or that she knows she can't defeat.

She claims to hate humans, but in reality, she's afraid of humans because of all the terrible things humanity did to her in her life. In truth, she actually loves humanity because at one time she was worshipped as a goddess by humans and had always longed for humanity to treat her with love and kindness instead of fear and hatred.

Since she was summoned at Chaldea, there are probably at least two individuals she wants to meet. At first, she will be unable to easily get close to them, and will probably only manage to stare at them at a distance while shedding tears. She will just watch over them without rushing things.[2]

If she were ever to have a wish, all she would want is to be treated well, to be happy, and to live out her life with those she holds most dear to her heart.

Eldest Sister.[1]
Future self.[1]
Chaldea staff


Fate/Grand Order[]

A Divine Spirit-type of Servant that originally would never be summoned. She manifested during the crisis of the demise of human history.[2]

Seventh Singularity: Babylonia[]

Medusa is a Rogue Servant summoned by the Grail’s influence. Without a Master, she is forced to feed on souls of the Demon Beasts she slew to sustain herself. She eventually meets Merlin, who was sent into the Cedar Forest by Gilgamesh to find the Tablet of Destinies.[4] He tricks her into a contract that seals her Divinity until she is truly ready to face Gorgon.[5]

After three days of being lost in the forest, Medusa and Merlin encounter Ritsuka, Mash, and Kingu who's pretending to be Enkidu. Kingu attacks the others when Merlin outs them as a fake. Merlin asks Medusa to assist Ritsuka and Mash, even though protecting them wasn’t part of their contract. During the fight though, Merlin uses an illusion to trick everyone except Medusa. Thinking they’re still in the forest, Kingu is led out by Medusa. She soon returns to the others and suggests they hasten to their destination. Merlin then introduces himself and her as Ana to Ritsuka and Mash. The group then leaves for Uruk.[4]

Along the way, Merlin explains the north is Demonic Beast territory, while the south is a jungle none return from. The group eventually reaches the gates of Uruk. Merlin gets the others entry by claiming they’re refugees from Girsu, and showing Siduri‘s seal to the guard. Medusa readies her blade underneath her cloak when the guard stops her. To her surprise, he offers his leftover candies to her. After she nervously takes one, the group enters the city.

Heading to the ziggurat, the group are led to Gilgamesh’s throne room. There Merlin reports he didn’t find the Tablet in the forest. Gilgamesh decides to fight Ritsuka and Mash, and orders Merlin not to interfere. Merlin agrees, but has Medusa support Ritsuka and Mash. Gilgamesh loses interest halfway through the fight however. He deduces Ritsuka and Mash are those he foresaw, given that Merlin brought them. He shows he possesses the Grail, but refuses to give it to Chaldea. Ritsuka asks for it in exchange for defeating the Three Goddess Alliance, but Gilgamesh refuses their aid. A soldier then reports Ishtar, a member of the Alliance, is heading for Uruk. Suddenly, Ishtar bursts from the roof. She tries to kill Gilgamesh for insulting her, and Ritsuka to stop any rumors of their first encounter. Following the ensuing battle, Ishtar prepares to destroy the ziggurat. She stops though upon seeing who Medusa truly is, and leaves. Not wanted by Gilgamesh, the group leave the Ziggurat. Siduri suggests they help the people of Uruk in their daily work to prove their worth to Gilgamesh. She then leads the group to their new lodgings, saying it was Gilgamesh’s command.[6]

Siduri leads the group to their new lodgings that Mash dubs the Chaldean Embassy. Medusa is frustrated that she is getting further from her goal. She then goes upstairs to make sure Merlin does nothing funny. She eats with the others later that night, meeting Gilgamesh’s other Servants: Ushiwakamaru, Musashibou Benkei, and Leonidas. Romani explains Ushiwakamaru and Benkei slay the Demonic Beasts around Uruk, and Leonidas commands the soldiers against the Demonic Beasts. Benkei reveals Gilgamesh summoned seven more Servants after summoning Merlin. However, of the seven summmoned, only four are remaining. Merlin explains how Gilgamesh summoned seven more Heroic Spirits despite being nearly drained by summoning him. Leonidas states Gilgamesh foresaw a future where Uruk was destroyed and swallowed into an abyss when the Demonic Beasts destroyed the northern cities and Kutha vanished overnight. After the era became a Singularity, he summoned seven Heroic Spirits, and half a year later, turned Uruk into a fortress city. Medusa eventually falls asleep.[7]

The next day, Ritsuka, Mash, and Medusa are tasked by Siduri to protect a sheep rancher on the Uruk’s outskirts from Demonic Beasts while he shears the sheep. Afterwards, they take the sheep reserved for the Sacred Temple to the priestesses there. The next day, Medusa helps the elderly flower shop owner instead of accompany the others on their next task.[7]

Leonidas’ shouting wakes her up the next morning, think it was an enemy raid. She, Ritsuka, and Mash are tasked to have a mock battle with a hundred of Leonidas’s trainees. Afterwards, Medusa confesses she knew nothing about being a Servant, having no such knowledge when she materialized. But she knew she had to kill Demonic Beasts so she could feed on their souls to sustain herself. To her surprise, Ritsuka asks her if she wants to contract with them. She rejects their offer and says she is only helping because of their hostilities with the Alliance, only waiting for when they’ll undoubtedly face against the Alliance at the Norther Wall. What happens to humanity doesn’t concern her.[7]

20 days later, Medusa offers Ritsuka and Mash seven King’s Sliver to accompany her on a job. Ritsuka and Mash agree to help, though payment isn’t necessary. Medusa takes them to a cave underneath Uruk, where they destroy evil spirits there. She suspects the spirits are connected to people falling into an eternal slumber, starting with the weak ones. Therefore, she thought destroying the spirits would reduce the death toll. She denies she destroyed the spirits to help the people of Uruk, saying they were simply an eyesore. She then leaves to report to Siduri.[7]

Recognizing their recent achievements, Gilgamesh tasks Ritsuka’s party with investigating Ur in the jungle. They eventually reach the jungle, which is hot and dense with ether on par with a Reality Marble. Nearing Ur, the group are confronted Jaguar Man. They fight her until she retreats, but they don’t pursue upon realizing she is too powerful. They then continue onwards to Ur.[8]

Entering Ur, the group finds its people alive and well. The jungle prevents the Demonic Beasts from entering, but the people are banned by the jungle goddess from leaving, lest they’ll be killed by the jungle. The rule also applies to those coming to help. Merlin deduces they sacrifice one person a day, noticing the lack of males. Those chosen are offered once a day to Eridu to satisfy the goddess. Jaguar Warrior then appears and fights the group. However, she is far too fast and powerful for them, as Merlin realizes she is a Divine Spirit. She catches up with the group several times as they escape the jungle, but Medusa drives her away each time. Returning to Uruk, the group reports their findings to Gilgamesh.[8]

Two days later, Mash tells Medusa that they’ve tasked by Gilgamesh to retrieve the Tablet of Destinies from Kutha. The job’s pay is 20 Priestess Sliver to Medusa’s surprise, so she immediately goes off to get ready. After she and the others get ready, Merlin reveals Kutha’s population suddenly died when the Alliance was formed. The expedition party sent there saw that none of the corpses had wounds on them.[9]

As they travel to Kutha, the group gather testimonies from ranchers about Ishtar. From the testimonies they learn Ishtar has been attacking and extorting the ranchers. Arriving at Kutha, the group split up to search for the Tablet. Medusa goes west, and after an hour, she rendezvous with the others. They then notice Ritsuka sitting on the Tablet. Ritsuka says Ziusudra rescued them from underground and relays his message to Merlin. Merlin understands it means the Queen of Kur has also materialized. Ishtar then arrives and attacks the group for questioning the ranchers. They fight her, but she flies away whenever they gain the advantage. She suddenly gets drowsy, so Medusa takes advantage of it to knock her down. The impact knocks Ishtar unconscious, and the group ties her up.[9]

Ishtar wakes up later that night, tied up in a rope woven from lapis lazuli and Demonic Beast hides. Medusa warns her that her scythe can kill immortal, but assures her she’ll only hurt her severely if she tries to move. At Ritsuka and Mash’s questioning, Ishtar explains the goddesses are competing to see who can destroy Uruk first and get Gilgamesh’s Grail. The winner will control the world, while the losers will either leave or become subservient. The goddesses also have a non-aggression pact with each other, and revealing their True Names violates that pact. Ishtar also reveals the Grail summoned the northern and southern goddesses. Skeletons of Kutha’s deceased population, including those from the past, then surround the group. Ishtar helps the group breakthrough the horde, so they can escape, and leaves.[9]

The group return to Uruk, and report what happened in Kutha to Gilgamesh. He orders them to evacuate the surviving population of Nippur to the Northern Wall. He then instructs Rittsuka on how to read the Tablet. After Ritsuka retrieves a vision revealing Solomon's location, the group leave for Nippur.[10]

The group arrive at Northern Wall, and encounter Demonic Beasts that soon attack. They meet up with Leonidas, Ushiwakamaru, and Benkei afterwards. Leonidas explains Ushiwakamaru and Benkei's unit will distract the Demonic Beasts from the east. Ritsuka's group will enter Nippur from the west and rescue the citzens. The operation will be launched tomorrow evening.[10]

Later that night, Merlin advises Medusa not to tell Ritsuka the truth of her situation. He finds her distrust of humans is wavering, and her hopes for them are returning. While he calls emotions disposable, he says it’s wasteful not to cherish those that were reclaimed. He tells Medusa that she’s keeping her distance from humans out of fear they’ll hate her if they discover her true identity, describing that emotion as the major difference between her and Gorgon, believing it’d be wasteful for her to discard it. He encourages her to continue hiding her true nature, as he does the same thing. Medusa asks him if he loves humans, to which Merlin confesses he doesn’t. As an inhuman, he has done terrible things for the sake of human society. While he doesn’t like individual humans, he enjoys the patterns humanity weaves. He tore himself trying to justify it to himself, which resulted in his imprisonment in Avalon. He tells Medusa that Ritsuka won’t care if she is hiding something, saying they’re happier to be with her than they would be if they discover her secret. Even if she tells them her True Name, it would only tell them the enemy’s name, not help them fight it. Merlin describes Medusa’s existence as the vital point Gorgon didn’t expect. He tells Medusa to watch for the instant she’ll have to sacrifice herself. But that ending is boring to him, preferring to trick the enemy, and emerge victorious unharmed. He suggests Medusa to do the same thing, which she agrees to consider.[10]

The next day, the operation is initiated. The group arrives in Nippur, only to find Kingu there. They reveal the citizens were taken to the Demonic Beasts’ lair last night. They also reveal the Demonic Beasts are taking humans and using them as raw materials to create more beasts. Kingu then wounds Medusa since she’s their main target. Fou teleports her and himself to safety.[11]

When the others return to Uruk, Medusa goes with them to report to Gilgamesh. Merlin theorizes Gorgon can create monsters because the Grail granted her Tiamat’s Authority, Potnia Theron. Gilgamesh then tasks the group with recruiting Ishtar. Medusa is surprised he wants to ally with her, given the shared animosity between them. Gilgamesh explains he wants to ally with her so he can use her Gugalanna. He even gives them a portion of his treasury to bribe her with.[12]

While travelling to Mt. Ebih, Ritsuka and Mash tell Medusa that they’re glad to see her again. Medusa rescinds their feelings and apologizes for not being useful in Nippur. Eventually the group reaches Ishtar’s temple, where they fight Ishtar until they convince her through bribery and flattery to join them. After making a temporary contract with Ritsuka, Ishtar leaves with the others. She seems to know about Medusa’s circumstances, which Medusa asks her not to divulge. The group rest for the night after leaving the mountain before returning to Uruk.[12]

Gilgamesh tells the group that Marduk’s Axe, which they can use against Gorgon, is in Eridu. Ishtar reveals the southern goddess is Quetzalcoatl. Outside, Quetzalcoatl heads straight for the ziggurat, killing any soldier who dares to attack her. The group heads out to stop her; Medusa saves a soldier from being killed twice. The group then fight Quetzalcoatl, but their attacks are ineffective. She then rides a pterosaur back to the jungle since she reached her quota of killing 100 humans a day. The group then witness Jaguar Warrior stacking the dead soldiers onto a cargo slab. They kill the were-jaguars she set upon them before leaving.[13]

Back in the ziggurat, it is insinuated Quetzalcoatl has a temple in Eridu dedicated to her to increase her divinity. The group realizes they will need to destroy the symbol of her power at the temple in order to lower her divinity. Gilgamesh then orders them to go to Eridu to defeat Quetzalcoatl and retrieve Marduk’s axe. He says they’ll immediately begin preparations for the battle with Gorgon upon their return.[13]

Before leaving for Eridu, Medusa speaks with the guard the group met when they first came to Uruk. She checks if he’s alright since Quetzalcoatl attacked the southern gate. The guard tells her that Quetzalcoatl didn’t choose him as an opponent, confessing he has the same symptoms of those who’ve died of weakness. Because of this, Quetzalcoatl gave him a mango, which made him feel better when he ate it. Feeling Quetzalcoatl isn’t truly evil, the guard tells the group to try talking with her first.[14]

Entering the jungle, the group fight Jaguar Warrior. With Ishtar’s help, they’re able to defeat her. Ritsuka then convinces her to join them through flattery. She then guides the group to Ur, where they find the Urukian soldiers alive. Jaguar Warrior explains Quetzalcoatl revived the soldiers right after killing them. She also reveals the soldiers are forbidden to leave because they’re members of Quetzalcoatl’s army.[14]

The next day, the group is guided through the jungle to Eridu. They learn Quetzalcoatl has recently returned from Uruk. Jaguar Warrior says she and the others will hold her off while Ritsuka destroys Piedra Del Sol, the symbol of her power. She then gives them a spare of her weapon she made last night for this very purpose. The group then enters Eridu, and breakthrough to the temple. They also see Marduk’s Axe behind it. The group then executes their plan, as Ritsuka realizes the joyous one Ziusudra spoke of refers to Quetzcoatl. Ritsuka reaches Piedra Del Sol at the temple altar, but Quetzalcoatl has defeated the others and begins approaching the altar. Ritsuka prepares to destroy the stone when they realize Quetzcoatl wants to see a display of human resolve. At Jaguar Warrior’s suggestion, Ishtar takes Ritsuka high into the air so they can body slam Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl catches them at the last moment, and joins the group, impressed by Ritsuka’s resolve.[14] Due to the sheer size of Marduk’s axe, Quetzalcoatl fastens ropes made from jungle vines to her winged serpents to carry it to Uruk. After preparations are complete, she takes the group to see a cylinder seal in the center of Eridu. Merlin transcribes its inscription into the air to reveal the prophecy of Mesopotamia becoming a Singularity and Tiamat razing Uruk. The group realize Gilgamesh made preparations against the Demonic Beasts because he knew of the prophecy. Thanks to his preparations and the resolve of Uruk’s populace, Mesopotamia was able to stave off destruction for half a year before Chaldea arrived. Quetzalcoatl then orders Jaguar Warrior to supervise the winged serpents carrying Marduk’s axe.[15]

Returning to Uruk, Medusa notices the guard isn’t there. Feeling something is wrong, she goes on ahead of the others. She says she’ll head to the Chaldean Embassy after checking to see everything is fine. She eventually learns from Siduri that the others have rescued Gilgamesh’s soul and convinced Ereshkigal to help. When they return, she apologizes to them for joining them. Mash notices she has her hood down. Medusa explains it would be rude to keep her face concealed since the people of Uruk have taken good care of them, having also been told it’d be better to show her face. She then leaves to herd some bulls at a farm. She later leaves for the Northern Wall with the others in preparation to infiltrate Gorgon’s temple, the Blood Fort, in the Cedar Forest.[5]

At the Northern Wall, Medusa takes a nightly stroll on the wall when she notices Ritsuka is also awake. She finds it pathetic that thinking about Uruk is keeping her from sleeping. She then thanks Ritsuka for trusting a suspicious Servant like herself without asking anything. Ritsuka asks her if she enjoyed Uruk. She replies she didn’t since she dislikes humans. Calling humans smart creatures that constantly look for what’s better, she questions what happens to things that are no longer “better”. It’d be better if they became “ordinary”, or if humans forgot about them or stopped using them. Instead, humans reject them as evil, believing the new will be useless if the old and ordinary remain. The old flower lady was treated the same way, protecting shriveled flowers in her dark, dreary house. Medusa at first only helped her because it was a job, but the old lady ended up treating her like her own grandchild. Ritsuka gives her a flower tiara that the old lady made for her. Medusa confesses she finds humans warm despite her dislike of them, saying Uruk was like a dream for her. She wanted humans to be nice to her, and vice versa. Her adult self shared the same dream, but she can no longer remember it. Medusa then thanks Ritsuka for the gift, but says she can’t accept it. She feels she doesn’t have the right to wear it, revealing the old lady’s actual grandchild was killed by Demonic Beasts at the Northern Wall. She confesses defeating Gorgon is why she is fighting alongside the others. But her reasons have changed, now she fights for the people of Uruk instead of for herself.[5]

The next day, Ritsuka’s party head for forest while Quetzalcoatl and Jaguar Warrior stay at the wall. They reach the Blood Fort, and Medusa signals Quetzalcoatl to throw Marduk’s Axe to destroy the temple’s entrance. Inside, Medusa leads the group to its deepest part. There she tells Gorgon that she isn’t a Tiamat, but a monster who forgot she truly is. Realizing Gorgon doesn’t recognize her, Medusa laments Gorgon could’ve been saved if she tried a little. She confesses she always told herself she wasn’t allowed to live, to be with others, or to smile. But she realized that was wrong, and she and Gorgon resulted from that. She thanks Ritsuka for helping her see that. Merlin then undoes the seal on her Divinity upon seeing she is finally to fight Gorgon. The group then fights Gorgon, while Medusa offsets her Mystic Eyes with her own. With her defeat, the temple begins to collapse, yet she still lives thanks to her immortality. Medusa kills her with Harpe, seemingly dying in the process.[5]

Medusa later returns as Gorgon, using her snakes to stop Tiamat from flying to Uruk. She intends to take vengeance on Tiamat for herself, telling Ritsuka not to interfere. But she soon realizes she’ll need to be in her own true body. She tells the others to retreat to Uruk, intending to destroy Tiamat’s horn-wings herself. Mash wishes for them to fight together again, but Medusa reminds her that the group can barely handle the Lahmu, and they’ve lost Quetzalcoatl. She also points out that Ritsuka’s fingertips are on the verge of necrosis from the drain of magical energy, and Mash can’t even lift her shield. After the group retreat, she expresses gratitude to Ritsuka for leaving the flower tiara for her. She then tells Tiamat that she sent Ritsuka away, not only to get them away from her but also because she didn’t want them to see her as a monster. She then uses Pandemonium Cetus to destroy Tiamat’s right horn at the cost of her own life.[16]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Medusa is amongst the "Babylonia" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[17]


Originally Divine Spirit-type of Servant that originally would never be summoned. Unlike her sisters who are “eternal young girls that cannot live on unless they borrow the help from another”, she is already endowed to some extent with the power to fight, the demoniac buds that can take many lives.[2]

In the Babylonia Singularity, her Divinity was originally sealed by Merlin. Being unable to make use of her full abilities, Ana gets easily overpowered by Jaguar Man and outperformed by Mash.[18] In this state, according to Kingu, Ana doesn't seem to be a great hero, and her power is that of a second-rate servant at best.[19] When facing a swarm of skeletons larger than the entire population of Kutha, she lacks the firepower to take them all down, and says she'd need to be older, to blast them away with her Noble Phantasm.[20]

Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Originally a Greek goddess that turned into a monster, she possesses extremely high Magic Resistance.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Alluring Euphony (B Rank): The same personal skill that her sisters possess. It works as a fascination magecraft-like effect towards males, but evasion is possible by means of the skill Magic Resistance. Even without Magic Resistance, one should be able to abate it so long he maintains a will to resist.[1][2]
  • Monstrous Strength (C Rank): The ability to temporarily amplify STR. An offensive special quality that only monsters, magical beasts have. It is possible to temporarily raise STR in 1 Rank by an amount of time that depends on the rank in this Skill....rank is low because her demoniac disposition is small.[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Medusa's scythe is Harpe, a Noble Phantasm capable of killing immortals and wounds that never heal. With it, Ana was capable of stripping Gorgon of her immortality in Babylonia Singularity.[3]

Her other Noble Phantasm is Caress of the Medusa. The abilities that Medusa had possessed as Skills attained as a Noble Phantasm. After haunting with the Harpe on her hands, she instantly turns the opponents within her line of sight into stone - an effect by means of the Mystic Eyes of the highest level, "Cybele". She performs a fierce attack with this at its focal point.[2] With this Noble Phantasm, Ana is able to offset Gorgon's own Mystic Eyes, albeit she was weakened due to Quetzalcoatl destroying Tiamat's temple with the Axe of Marduk.[3]


BLACK is the character illustrator for Lancer.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for his character.[1]


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    Medusa - Lancer

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: BLACK
    Voice Actor: Asakawa Yuu

    Strength: C
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: E
    Luck: C
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    Monstrous Strength: C
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    Goddesses Divine Core: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Caress of the Medusa: Embrace of the Goddess
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    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters that appears in Greek Mythology.
    A goddess born as a perfected "image (idol)", the embodiment of men's longing.
    Due some factor, the anti-hero Medusa acquired a condition as a goddess that is close to that of her two sisters and manifested as a Servant.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 134cm・30kg?
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Female
    Her personal statement is that her weight “is the same as my sisters”

    Level 2 Bond
    Her appearance is that of a lovely girl similar to her sisters, and the personality has also changed from when she is a Rider.
    However, unlike her sisters who are “eternal young girls that cannot live on unless they borrow the help from another”, she is already endowed to some extent with the power to fight, the demoniac buds that can take many lives.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Embrace of the Goddess"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit
    Caress of the Medusa.
    The abilities that up until now Medusa (Rider) had possessed as skills - in other words, that which the current Medusa should acquire in the “future” - attained as a Noble Phantasm.
    After haunting with the immortal-slayer blade on her hands, she instantly turns the opponents within her line of sight into stone - an effect by means of mystic eyes of the highest level, “Cybele”.
    She performs a fierce attack with this at its focal point.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Beautiful Voice of Fascination: B

    The same personal skill that her sisters possess.
    It works as a fascination magecraft-like effect towards males, but evasion is possible by means of the skill Magic Resistance. Even without Magic Resistance, one should be able to abate it so long he maintains a will to resist.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Monstrous Strength: C

    The ability to temporarily amplify STR. An offensive special quality that only monsters, magical beasts have. It is possible to temporarily raise STR in 1 Rank by an amount of time that depends on the rank in this Skill.
    ...rank is low because her demoniac disposition is small.

    • Feelings Towards the Distance: A

    The distance that might have been someday---
    The feelings towards those beloved days support her struggle to the very end.

    A divine spirit-type of Servant that originally would never be summoned.
    She manifested during the crisis of the demise of human history, but...
    Since she was summoned at Chaldea, there is probably at least two individuals she wants to meet.
    At first she will be unable to easily get close to them, and will probably only be manage to stare at them at a distance while shedding tears, but lets just watch over without rushing things.

    メドゥーサ - ランサー



    魅惑の美声 B
    怪力 C
    彼方への想い A

    対魔力 B
    女神の神核 A



    属性:中立・善  性別:女性


    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具





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