Medusa (メドゥーサ(WP), Medūsa?), Class Name Rider (ライダー, Raidā?), is the Rider-class Servant of Sakura Matou in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. Due to Sakura's unwillingness to participate as a Master, Shinji Matou is instead given control over Rider. She only truly acts as Sakura's Servant when their connection is revealed in the Heaven's Feel scenario. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



The Gorgon from Greek mythology. Rather than being a regular Heroic Spirit, she is an existence closer to a Divine Spirit, but her actions have made it better to categorize her as an "anti-hero closer to a monster."[7] With her older sisters Stheno and Euryale, they made up the three Gorgon Sisters who inhabited the Shapeless Isle. She was known as the "woman who dominates",[8] an anti-hero who became as such due to the dark thoughts of humans.[9] Differing from someone like Hassan of the Cursed Arm who was a hero who actually existed, she is said to be one of legends born by the gathering of belief.[10]

The legend of Medusa is different than her actual life. She was said to be a half-human, half-god female beast often portrayed with the form of a snake. Originally she was an Earth Goddess (大地の女神, Daichi no Megami?).[11] While all originally beautiful women, she and her sisters were hated by Poseidon's wife because of his love for them. Athena, jealous of their beautiful hair, transformed them into demons. Secluding themselves in a lightless temple on the Shapeless Isle, they only attacked humans with a reason. Eventually, as a victim of the gods' unreasonable actions, she was to have her head cut off on their whim. Defeated by Perseus by reflecting her petrification back at her with his mirror-like shield, Pegasus, the son of Poseidon, was said to have sprung from the blood of her headless neck.


Medusa and her sisters were born from the wishes of mankind for ideal idols, the embodiment of the yearning hearts of men. As "perfect goddesses", their "divine essence" was to remain the same from the moment of their creation to their destruction. Medusa was an exception who was a failure from birth, growing older over time. Though they should have all been copies, or even as close as clones, resulting from the deification of the same phenomenon, a mistake in her birth or something of deeper significance caused her to be copied imperfectly. While she did not embody "forever young and immortal", she gained abilities in compensation compared to her sisters' inability to even care for themselves. With divine powers, her Mystic Eyes, indispensable in protecting her sisters who could not live in the world on their own, this caused the previously united sisters to become three separate individuals. Although Medusa was different from the start, even the other two showed irregularities, their sadistic nature, from interacting with her.[8]

She was originally considered to be a princess loved by humans, but Athena, jealous of their beauty, cursed Medusa alone, taking away her "faith from each and every person" and exiling her to the Shapeless Isle. Their love for her turned to hatred, and she was banished by those who had adored her. The island had nothing to offer compared to her days of luxury, and she prayed that none of the humans that now frightened her with their unwarranted resentment would tread on the island. Weeping in loneliness, she had no idea as to her sin that forced her to be exiled. Although her sisters were not affected and still greatly loved, they too accompanied her there out of caring for their younger sister. She was happy even on the barren island due to their company, and only had to fear the coming humans.[8]

While they became rumored as monsters, her sisters were still revered by nearby men, while she was feared as a monster. Humans sought to kill that which had been branded as a monster and take away the goddesses, and after they began to also target her sisters, she decided to protect them while taking her revenge on the humans. Although littered with statues that had been warriors, they were harmonious for a time on the island, at one point receiving her Pegasus from Poseidon. Though bullied by her sisters daily, she simply moved about the island on days humans did not appear, hoping for the peace to continue. Repaying them in the same manner as they treated her, she killed many humans, simply hoping to be left alone on the only place she could exist with the company of her sisters.

Though she was protecting them from the foolish humans who sought their own deaths, her sisters warned her not to take pleasure in killing them. Using her eyes that were only a deterrent to sow terror in humans, she began to experiment in ways of killing them more quickly. Deciding to become a trap against those who would take her sisters, even they who had always been full of joy began to fear her after she started drinking their blood instead of simply petrifying them. The humans continued to journey the island no matter the infamy surrounding her, and she eventually became too ashamed of her slowly disfiguring self to appear before her sisters. Leaving them, she once again found herself alone, hungering for new sacrifices to replace her sadness and loneliness.

She grew into the Gorgon each day as her body, heart, and very being decayed, all backed by the thought of becoming stronger for the sake of protecting her sisters. Even that reached a point where her sisters instead became nuisances who were intruding upon her lair. They appeared before her after her full descent into a monster, lamenting that they had not asked for her protection and were just letting her enjoy what had seemed fun to her. Saddened by her state, they sacrificed themselves to the Gorgon because the sister who protected them was no longer there. Consumed by countless snakes without any trace of joy or sadness, they were ground into pulp and absorbed into the beast while still alive. Without leaving a trace, they became its flesh and blood, and it continued to thrive as the Gorgon sisters became monsters of nightmares and legends.

Medusa in her Gorgon form facing Perseus.

The Gorgon's notoriety continued until Perseus decided to bring back its head for his own fame. Granted five Noble Phantasms, he boldly traveled to the Shapeless Isle without any hesitation, only realizing his folly upon seeing the state of the island. He despaired upon encountering it, having decided that there is no victory to be found against the demon god, with his Noble Phantasms only acting as lifesaving equipment in the best scenario. Avoiding her gaze by focusing on his Mirror shield, he desperately fought to survive. Tired of toying with him, it used Breaker Gorgon, and he used the only possible method of defeating it, using Kibisis to have it encage itself.[12]

Reversing the nightmare of the Bounded Field upon it, it suffered as Medusa as the nightmare reflected upon it instead of Perseus. While it was a "nightmare beyond nightmares", it was not an evil vision that caused excruciating pain, but a pleasant dream of her sisters, paralyzing her with the joy of seeing those she thought she would never again meet. Despairing upon the reflection of itself from when it was still self-aware, this allowed Perseus to have his single counterattack, severing its head with Harpe. The monster, out of its own will, became Medusa again and let itself be struck down. Perseus used Kibisis to hold its head, later going on to become a successful hero.[12]


The Medusa materialized in the Fifth Holy Grail War appears differently to her legend. She appears to be in her human form, unlike her legend where she has snake for her hairs, she has long purple hair.

She wears an eye cover that seals her excessively powerful Mystic Eyes of Petrification within the Bounded Field. Her sight is completely sealed. Although Rider perceives the world through senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection, she is able to acquire more precise information than sight.[13]

She has a complex about her own height and the way she gets embarrassed when people see her Mystic Eyes, she might actually be pretty ladylike. Because of her outward appearance and primary weapon, a lot of people thought she was going to be an Assassin class Servant.[14]

In her casual attire, she wears a black polo neck top and blue jeans. She wears Touko Aozaki's "Mystic Eye Killer" to disable her Mystic Eyes.[15] It only seals the power of petrification. It does not act like the Breaker Gorgon, which "seals all magical properties".[13]

  • Gorgon Arrange (ゴルゴーン・アレンジ?).
  • Mobile Woman Miss Medusa (機動淑女メドゥーサさん?).
  • Voluptuous Bunny Suit (魅惑のバニースーツ?).


Concealing her eyes with a mask, she is a hard one to understand. However, it is not that she doesn't have much in the ways of emotion; rather, she is the type that thinks too much and ended up stuffed with emotions inside. In battle, she is ruthless and without mercy, willing to prey on unrelated innocents without hesitation if it's by her Master order in the Holy Grail War. On the other hand, she displays a degree of kindness to those who are not antagonistic towards her Master.

Rider is silent, sultry, blunt, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm. She is always faithful to her Master, even with Shinji acting in that role most of the time. She is not openly talkative, and she prefers to analyze people and their actions. She is very protective of Sakura and willing to sacrifice herself for Sakura's happiness. She is very logical and she doesn't act out of anger or instinct.

Despite being a beauty, she tends to appear to have a merciless personality because of her thorny aura and cold behavior. Her appearing indifferent and coldblooded is simply due to her feeling it to be bothersome otherwise, according to Artoria. She loves alcohol and reading. Being summoned as Rider, it seemed like she had grown a fondness towards bicycles. A beautiful woman with a tall figure and outstanding style, but since for Medusa the criteria for beauty is "being small and lovely", seems she has a complex over her tall figure and mature style. As she materialize, that complex of her ended up stirred towards girls with petite builds such as her sisters.

Due to being pushed around by her cruel and willful sisters, Stheno and Euryale, she ended up ingrained with a self conscious nature. It seemed that this sort of power relationship doesn't change even after they became Heroic Spirits, with her being abused by their unreasonable demands even in Chaldea. But despite this her and her sisters love each other with all their hearts.

She, at the very least, displays loyalty towards her Master. Even if she thinks that there is something wrong with her Master's standpoint or orders, she is capable of serving them while killing her own personal feelings. Ferocious and terrifying, yet beautiful. She is fundamentally indifferent towards humans other than her Master, but she opens her heart to those she deemed worthy of her trust.


Stheno, Euryale
In Fate/hollow ataraxia. After Medusa tells the story of her death to Shirou, she mentions that having her head used so casually by "an...adolescent..." angers her greatly. Shirou asks her to clarify, "You mean Perseus, right...?" and makes the point that he "can't call him a "victim," but it does sound like he got tricked into it." Medusa replies "I suppose so." and agrees that he was fooled by the gods.
While she does mention that in any case, she saw him as a "mere mosquito" at the time, and that she does not feel any sympathy for him, Medusa does give him credit; "Personally, there is no way I could bring myself to like him. Nevertheless, he did become a fine character afterwards." However right after she said this, when Shirou asks what Perseus was like, she insults him by calling him a "successful Shinji."[12]
In Fate/Grand Order Material, Medusa has a line about Perseus - "If he comes I'll kill him."[3]


Fate/stay night[]

Rider in the Fate/stay night anime

Rider's initial Master was Sakura Matou; however, she became the Servant of Shinji when Sakura, pressured by Shinji, yielded her Master's right to him. Rider holds no love for Shinji, seeing him as vile and predatory, but obeys his commands as a dutiful Servant. Because of their similar backgrounds, she is empathetic of Sakura, and seeks to protect her whenever possible. Like many of the Servants who participated in the 5th Holy Grail War, Rider has no motivation for seeking the Holy Grail.

Although regarded as one of the more powerful Servants of the 5th Holy Grail War, Rider is eliminated early in almost every scenario. She is obliterated by Saber's Excalibur in Fate, and killed early on in Unlimited Blade Works by Caster's master, Souichirou Kuzuki.

However, during Heaven's Feel, Rider is liberated from her indentured servitude to Shinji, and assists Shirou Emiya in his battle against Saber Alter and Angra Mainyu. She is later revealed to be the servant of Sakura Matou the heroine of the Heaven's Feel route thus making her the servant protagonist of said route.


Shinji places a life-draining spell over the school, forcing Shirou to confront Shinji. When Shirou proves to have the upper hand, Rider kicks Shirou out of a nearby window. Saber is summoned using a Command Spell and proceeds to go after Rider. Shirou ultimately coerces Shinji to undo the Bounded Field and Rider complies. She and Shinji then escape via Rider's Noble Phantasm.

By the evening, Rider appears on top of a skyscraper. She battles Saber using her mount, Pegasus, eventually forcing Saber to reveal her own Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, to save Shirou. With Excalibur revealed, Saber annihilates Rider with a single blow, whose defeat causes Shinji's Book of False Attendant to burn away. Although Shirou spares him, Berserker is ordered by Illya to kill Shinji soon after.

Unlimited Blade Works[]

Rider is first seen attacking a student. Rin and Shirou promptly team up to drive Rider away.

As in the Fate route, Rider activates her Bounded Field, Blood Fort Andromeda over the school. However, Caster's Master Souichirou Kuzuki kills her, leaving behind a terrified Shinji. Shinji decides to approach Kirei Kotomine for advice, and Kotomine opts to grant Shinji command over his own Servant, Gilgamesh.

Heaven's Feel[]

Rider is first seen attacking Ayako Mitsuzuri for mana. Shirou and Saber quickly dispatch Rider. Though defeated, Shinji tries to force Rider to resume the fight. Before Rider can act, Zouken Matou appears and reprimands Shinji for his weakness.

Rider later uses Shirou to replenish her depleted mana to heal herself. To do so she uses her noble phantasm Breaker Gorgon to draw Shirou into her mind. Under the pretense of a wet dream. The illusionary world appears to him as a Homuhara Academy classroom. Rider under the guise of Rin Tohsaka and later Sakura Matou proceeds to suck his blood and has sex with him. In the movie version the latter aspect isn't shown only alluded to.

When True Assassin attacks Shirou at Ryuudou Temple, Rider appears and drives True Assassin away, displaying far more strength than she did in her initial encounter with Shirou. She informs Shirou that she had been ordered to keep him alive before leaving the scene.

Later on, Shinji holds Sakura hostage at the school while demanding Shirou to come see them. He then orders Rider to physically assault, but not kill, Shirou. During their scuffle Rider and Shirou plot to save Sakura. In a feint, Rider launches Shirou towards Sakura and Shinji with her punch, allowing Shirou to both disarm Shinji and successfully get Sakura safely out of harm's way. After Shirou punches Shinji, Shinji in a fit of pique orders Rider with his book to kill Shirou. Rin and Archer suddenly arrives by smashing through the window. Whereby Rin readily paralyzes Rider with her gems and Archer slices her belly open, incapacitating her. It is during this encounter that Sakura's identity as a Master, as well as being Rider's Master, is revealed. Shinji orders Rider to continue battling despite her grave injuries and proceeds to torture her to try to get her back up. Sakura in state of empathy for Rider and wishing for the fighting to stop screams and with it Shinji's book burns. Heeding her master's call, Rider returns to her side as her faithful servant. With Sakura as her master again Rider is healed from her wounds and is rejuvenated with strength and power she didn't possess while under Shinji's thrall. Sensing Rider's might Rin exclaims "Gotta be kidding. This is... Rider?!" Before leaving the school, Shinji pours a substance on Sakura that causes her to lose control of her magecraft. Archer opts to kill Sakura before she can harm anyone, but Rider is determined to protect her Master and activates her boundary field Blood Fort Andromeda. As a fight breaks out, Rider is forced to use her Mystic Eyes to defeat Archer, revealing her identity as Medusa, and begins to petrify Archer. Shirou manages to protect Rin, but is badly wounded in the act. Seeing Shirou hurt, Sakura manages to take control long enough tp direct her magecraft onto herself, incapacitating her. Forcing Rider to desist.

When Shirou agrees to protect Sakura, Rider becomes his ally. When Shirou goes to warn Illya about the presence of "the Shadow," Sakura orders Rider to assist him. Rider arrives too late to save him, but Archer tells her to transplant his left arm onto Shirou.

Later Rider has a talk with Shirou explaining to him that she's fond of her master and asking him if he'll stay by Sakura's side no matter what may come past.

Although Shirou has abandoned his ideal of saving innocent lives over his loved one and vows to protect only Sakura, Sakura opts to confront Zouken Matou herself and orders Rider with her final command spell to stay behind and protect Shirou.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

Sakura and Rider fighting against the shadows

During Fate/hollow ataraxia, Rider is often found in the Emiya Household, always engaging in her passion for reading. She has a tentative relationship with Shirou (possessed by Avenger) in which they spend time reading together in her room.[16] She has a part-time job in the marketplace,[17] and tends to go out on her own for entertainment, revealing her fondness of the pool in Shinto. Despite having become more open with people, it is obvious that her actions are mostly done with Sakura in mind, going as far as to stop doing things she likes to appease her Master. She also has a disconcering attraction to Ayako Mitsuzuri like an animal fond of its prey, trying to seduce her whenever they're alone together and even suggesting diets for her to make her blood richer.

When Avenger realizes the truth and decides to end the ongoing temporal loop, Rider aids the other Servants in holding back the invasion of Shadow Wolf Beasts during the Fuyuki eclipse. In part due to her aid, Avenger reaches the Grail and sends himself into oblivion.

In her Eclipse scenario The backside of Kibisis Rider together with Sakura appear both naked in front of Shirou and seduce him with their bodies into a threesome. However eventually it turns out that whole scenery is just Rider's illusion cast by her Breaker Gorgon as she was trying to get Shirou to pursue Sakura more aggressively. Yet in the middle Shirou realizes the truth and reverses her spell on her, in the end revealing that Rider herself has deep feelings for Shirou. Apparently embarrassed by the whole situation, Rider erased the whole dream from Shirou's mind and upon finally waking up Shirou has no recollection of the event, although Rider obviously does. She contemplates acting on the feelings she came to terms with in the dream, but stands aside for Sakura's sake once more.[18]

Fate/Unlimited Codes[]

Rider following Sakura instruction in the opening.

In Fate/Unlimited Codes, she is known as the Bewitching Black Serpent (妖艶なる黒き蛇, Yōen'naru Kuroki Hebi?).

Her arcade story follow closely to the Heaven's Feel route. As Sakura removed her Command Spells, the connection between the two has been disconnected and Rider is free. Sakura requested Rider to protect Shirou and to form a contract with him. Rider decided to fulfill her final request before Sakura consumed by the Grail. As she is still strong with the mana Sakura provided, she was prepared to fade from this world. However Rider decided to fulfill her duty as Sakura's Servant.

Rider encounters Caster in her mid-fight in Ryuudou Temple. Caster greets her intruder and asks her reason to fight as she considers Rider, a stray Servant who has been thrown out by her Master like yesterday's trash. Rider states she wants the Holy Grail and questions Caster if there is any difference in whether a human or a Servant wants to get their hands on the Holy Grail. Caster replies that as long as the wish is sincere and she can tell that Rider is willing to do whatever it takes to get a hold of it. But Caster considers this is not enough reason to fight, therefore, there must have other reason why Rider desires the Grail. Caster reasoned that Rider might be devoted to the ritual itself. Rider decided to defeat Caster, as she would be able to use both white or black Grail too well and they never did get along.

Rider saving Sakura in the ending.

In her final fight, Rider meets the corrupted Dark Sakura and has defeated all the other Servants. Sakura would thank her but her body has not absorb the souls of the defeated Servants and she see Rider's eyes as if they are housing a great deal of power. Rider confirms that she has stored the souls of the Servants in order to use the most powerful versions of Breaker Gorgon and Blood Fort Andromeda. Sakura asked Rider to hurry up and present them to her so she can finish the ritual, she wanted to hold on to Rider's head. Rider doesn't deny that she has already exceeded her limits. Her body will not last much longer than a few more minutes. She believe it to be acceptable compensation to cancel the ritual before Sakura completely turn into the Grail. Sakura ask Rider to stop speaking, she will even forgive Rider if she stops and even heal her body. Sakura was madden when Rider wants to stop her and questions why everybody turned their back on her.

After Sakura was defeated, the Holy Grail becomes complete when the souls of the Servants are offered to it. So if all of the souls are used for something else, and not offered to the Grail. The ritual will end without the Holy Grail Vessel being damaged. It was not the most elegant of strategies, but it was the only way Rider could do it which she got the idea from Caster. As Sakura wakes up. Rider greets her with a Good morning. Rider comforted Sakura saying she won't be having any more nightmares from now on as the Holy Grail, or the Matou will ever threaten her again. Rider's body starts to disappear, as the Holy Grail War is over. Rider says everything will return to normal and she wants Sakura to live her life. Sakura apologizes and begs Rider not to leave. Rider is the one who is sorry, she bids her farewell and was so glad that she was able to save Sakura.

Fate/unlimited codes - Rider command list
  • Arrest Chain (アレストチェーン, Aresuto Chēn?) - Rider shoots a chained nail. Usable in the air.
    • Restive Shot (レスティブシュート, Resutibu Shūto?) - Performs a kick after pulling the opponent.
  • Storm Shot (ストームシュート, Sutōmu Shūto?) - A dashing kick. Knocks the opponent back.
  • Rise Shot (ライズシュート, Raizu Shūto?) - A low rising kick. Knocks the opponent up.
  • Slide Shot (スライドシュート, Suraido Shūto?) - A sweep kick. Knocks the opponent down.
  • Special Stance (特殊構え, Tokushu Kamae?)
    • Stance Followup (特殊構えから派生技, Tokushu Kamae kara Hasei-waza?)
  • Assault Attack (アサルトアタック, Asaruto Atakku?) - Warps, then perform a diving kick.
  • Mystic Eyes - Cybele (魔眼・キュベレイ, Magan - Kyuberei?)

Super Move:

  • Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry (騎英の手綱(ベルレファーン), Kiei no Tadzuna(Berurefān)?) - Bellerophon super - 1700 dmg.
  • Breaker Gorgon: Self Seal, Temple of Darkness (自己封印・暗黒神殿(ブレイカーゴルゴーン), Jigofūin - Ankoku Shinden(Breikā Gorugōn)?) - Remove blinders, required to activate Breaker Gorgon.

Holy Grail Burst Super Move:

  • Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry (騎英の手綱(ベルレファーン), Kiei no Tadzuna(Berurefān)?) - Rider uses her noble phantasm.

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

Rider's route in the game depicts her excited to start off her day with the hopes of trying on new pair of suspiciously tiger stripped glasses that promises to increase the wearer's power. However, she quickly finds the glasses have been stolen and the window in the living room busted open. Quickly concluding that it was a thief, Rider begins her rampage throughout the city, along the way recruiting a reluctant Archer, and failing to obtaining Caster's help.

Ultimately, it was discovered that Rin was the culprit behind the theft of the glasses and while Rider soundly defeats her after goading Rin into a fight, she discovers that Rin's own shenanigans ruined all of the magical properties of the glasses. As Rider sat in shame of her failure, it is revealed that the glasses weren't power enhancers, but breast size minimizers, a fact Caster teases Rider on.

Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[]

Medusa appears under name Sanada Medusa, translating for her lord, Takeda Darius, since he only speaks in roars. When she and Takeda encounter Ritsuka's party, Medusa translates her lord's intentions to them. After the group defeats them, she translates Takeda's last words, and feels relieved that the entire ordeal is over before disappearing herself.

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

Stheno and Euryale force Medusa to fight alongside them as Mash's first trial in a series of combat trials they forced Mash into to increase the hype of Valentine's Day. Medusa congratulates Mash when she proves victorious.

Event: Sanzang Coming to the West[]

Medusa plays the role of Bronze Horn. She is called upon by Golden Horned King and Sliver Horn King (played by her sisters) to fight Ritsuka's party on their behalf. After the group force Golden Horn and Sliver Horn to retreat, Bronze Horn surrendes herself to the group. But Xuanzang Sanzang lets her go, seeing that she relinquished her evil ways. She also decides to write her a letter of recommendation to the librarian at Daci’en Temple. Bronza Horn leaves grateful to Sanzang.

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

She makes a brief appearance as an unnamed tea shop girl working in Kyoto.[19]

Parvati Trial Quest[]

When Parvati materialized in a particular version of Fuyuki, Medusa stole the school uniform serving as an anchor for Parvati's existence. While she put on the uniform on impulse, that same impulse told her that she can't allow Parvati's vessel to fight as a Psuedo-Servant.

Using the uniform as bait, Medusa eventually lures Parvati to her. Parvati asks her about her intentions. Medusa explains she intends to eliminate Parvati Parvati shouldn't need to fight if she is using her current vessel. Since Parvati recently became a Servant, Medusa can remove her from her vessel with a powerful spiritual attack. This act may negate Parvati's existence as a Pseudo-Servant.

After the ensuing fight, Parvati tells Medusa that she understands she was only concerned for her vessel. While understanding though, she will not stop the manifestation because she still has a mission to accomplish. Her vessel also shares in her wish to save the world and protect those she loves, believing it is why she manifested in Fuyuki. Medusa accepts this and gives the uniform back in apology. Paravati then begins to disappear. She hopes to become Ritsuka's Servant, now that they have a connection. She also assures Medusa that she'll get along with the Servants at Chaldea. She then disappears thinking it would be wonderful they wore matching uniforms.

Afterward, Medusa demands Ritsuka not treat Parvati like a disposable pawn or place her in unnecessary danger if they manage to summon her. She doesn't want special treatment for her, only for her to be treated as well as Ritsuka's other Servants. Ritsuka promises they will do just that. Medusa then returns to Chaldea, wondering why she is feeling so restless.

GUDAGUDA: Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail[]

Medusa joins Chacha as one of her Seven Imperial Spears.[20] However, when Ritsuka’s party confronts, she expresses her displeasure at being involved in another GUDAGUDA event. She introduces herself as Katagiri Medumoto and demands the group to defeat her quickly so she can get back to her room and her books. Also, to make the battle go quicker, she advises the group to use Assassins and Alter Egos since she is weak to that particular class. Ritsuka’s party then defeats her, making her the fifth Spear they bested.[21]


Gorgon Bride[]

Medusa tells Ritsuka that her sisters have decided to arrange a marriage for her to tease her. However, she can only get out of the arranged marriage on the condition that she is already in a couple. So, she and Ritsuka pretend to be a couple while Romani records them for video evidence. However, their "date" is interrupted when a man tries to flirt with Medusa. She rejects him, and the man responds by attacking with his friends. Medusa defeats them, and thanks Ritsuka for treating her like a normal person.

Fate/Grand Order Arcade[]

Lost Jerusalem: Knight Order's Esteemed Expedition[]

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]

Main article: Rider Class Card (Medusa)


Medusa appears as playable character. She is a member of Tamamo-no-Mae's party along with Tamamo, Karna, Lu Bu, and Elizabeth Báthory.

Flame Poem[]

Medusa leads Tamamo's forces at Mare Mellum against Nero Claudius's forces. She activates Blood Fort Andromeda, and commands Lu Bu to attack Nero's forces while they're weakened. After her bounded field is deactivated, and much of her army is routed, she personally fights Nero, but is defeated.

Orchid Words[]

When palace alarms go off, Medusa correctly identifies the intruder as an Assassin Servant. She suddenly enters the throne room, and asks Tamamo if she can introduce herself to Hakuno. Tamamo however decides to introduce Medusa herself. Despite her dislike of fighting, Medusa recognizes the rule of the Regalia as absolute. Nonetheless she still looks forward to working with Hakuno. After being introduced along with the other generals, Medusa states the threat to SE.RA.PH should be dealt with as soon as possible. She tells Hakuno that she's glad they're Tamamo's Master, and tells them not to hesitate to call her. She then reveals herself as an Anti-Hero like Tamamo.

The next day, Medusa joins Tamamo and her forces in conquering the Neutral Sectors of Mare Mellum before Nero's forces do. A day later, she, along with Karna and Lu Bu, are celebrated by Tamamo for their numerous victories. she then joins in invading Mare Aurum which ends in Nero's retreat.

During Altera's conquest of SE.RA.PH, Medusa with Karna and Lu Bu struggle to hold back Altera's forces from taking Tamamo's territories. She later joins in conquering Mare Origo to stop Gilgamesh. After they return to Mare Luxuria, she, Tamamo, and Hakuno listen to Karna's report that Gilgamesh's bombardments on Mare Luxuria were part of a two-front attack by Altera. Medusa correctly deduces Altera is leading the other force, and questions why Altera needs a force in the first place. She then wonder if Servants join Altera because of her personal magnetism, or jokingly if AI in the Zero Dark are attracted to exotic women. Sensing Lu Bu, who went after Altera alone, is already dead by now, Medusa asks Tamamo for orders. Tamamo tells her and Karna to get some rest in whatever why they need to. After Karna leaves, Medusa tells Tamamo that she was more decent than expected, and reveals she would've killed her if she sowed chaos. Thankful that Hakuno is Tamamo's Master, she tells Tamamo not to become a monster before leaving. The next day, she joins in invading Mare Carcer.


Medusa is part of Tamamo's invasion force of Mare Origo, but she is killed by Altera.

Golden Poem[]

Medusa, along with Lu Bu and Karna, invades Mare Aurum. After Lu Bu is defeated, she commends Nero for defeating him, and finds her to be a considerable threat with the Regalia. She prepares to retreat when Nero offers to let her join her side. While amused by both Hakuno and Nero, Medusa declines Nero's offer, as she only wants peace in SE.RA.PH. Nero asks her if she believes Tamamo will bring peace, but Medusa answers she'll leave that to Nero's imagination. She continues if Tamamo ends up being foolish ruler, she could assassinate her after she conquers SE.RA.PH. Nero asks her if she is still waiting for Tamamo to meet her standards for a ruler, but Medusa tells Nero not to convince her to change her mind. She is confused when Nero mentions an evil star, but decides it best to believe her before leaving. The next day, she helps defend Mare Luxuria against Nero's forces.

During the meeting between Nero and Tamamo's allies, Medusa states Altera isn't the only Servant under Velber's thrall. Referring to Altera's generals, she lets Cu Chulainn continue his report on them. When Tamamo asks why Lu Bu has been silent the whole meeting, Medusa reveals he has been like that since the beginning.

Carnival Phantasm[]

Rider has several appearances in Carnival Phantasm, her major role is in a segment called Type-Moon Serial TV Novel Sakura, a parody of a soap opera.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Rider appears frequently in Today's Menu for Emiya Family, usually alongside Sakura.

Capsule Servant[]

There are two Rider in the Capsaba Servants, one is known as the regular Rider while the other is known as Pegasus Rider (ペガサスライダー, Pegasasu Raidā?).

In Shirou's ending in G-Sakura route, Rider is an anti-SAKURA giant humanoid weapon called MEDO-SA (めどーさ, Medōsa?) built by the Dimensional Empire MATO (時空帝国マト, Jikū Teikoku Mato?). G-Sakura commented that both her and Rider have trouble with their family.

Other appearances[]

Violet is composed of several goddesses including Medusa in Fate/EXTRA CCC.[11]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2008, she is a super heavyweight wrestler known as the Masked Gorgon (マスク・ゴルゴン, Masuku Gorugon?) in the T Moon Fighting Spirit (Tムーン 闘魂, T Mūn Tōkon?). A mysterious masked wrestler who hides her face behind a mask. Tall and silent, she has a powerful and skillful fighting style. She is polite to her opponents, and her modest character has gradually caused her fanbase to swell over time. She works in a tag team with Knight the Saber, and the pair is called the Golden Age of Fate Wrestling Federation. However, she had a different manager two years ago and her fighting style has radically changed since then. She is one of FWF's outstanding heels. At times she will propose unusual deathmatches in the style of a Gorgon, but not many in the FWF understand this idea.

In April Fools' Day 2009, moon.cinemas.jp is a fake movie theater site listing a number of parody films:

  • She was featured in Female prisoner Sakura ~Newly authentic backroom hell Great War~ (女囚さくら〜新本格密室地獄大戦争〜, Joshū Sakura ~Shin Honkaku Misshitsu Jigoku Dai Sensō~?).
  • She was featured in Kill Ciel (キル・チエル, Kiru Chieru?), a parody film of Kill Bill Volume 1(WP). Rider plays as the role of The Eyes (ザ・ガマン, Za Gaman?), a target for the Cat.
  • She was featured in the animated film Papillon Shin-chan ~I call for sleepiness! Spicy shaggy Kingdom~ (パピヨンしんちゃん〜眠気を呼ぶ!激辛モジャモジャ王国〜, Papiyon Shin-chan ~Nemuke wo Yobu! Gekikara Mojamoja Ōkoku~?), a parody film of Crayon Shin-chan(WP).

Rider has a minor role in the TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm comic of Chariot Man: A True Tank Man, a parody film of Densha Otoko(WP). She appears when Iskander punches Kariya Matou to save Waver in the book store, Rider was forced to work overtime and complains to Waver and Iskander for the damages.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2013, she appears in Back Alley Satsuki, a parody of Saint Seiya(WP). Rider is a gold heroine of ox to protect the second temple and she is known as the Armed Gorgon (アームド・ゴルゴーン, Āmudo Gorugōn?).

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, Rider is in the Imperial Roma talent agency and part of the female group called Momoiro Hassan Z (ももいろハサンZ, Momoiro Hasan Z?), her class is Stealth idol (ステルスアイドル, Suterusu Aidoru?).


Medusa is the frightening monster from Greek mythology who had a nest of poisonous snakes for hair, and eyes that would turn anyone that met them to stone. The story in which the hero Perseus slew Medusa is famous even in Japan.[2] Because she was originally an Earth Goddess,[11] Rider is an existence closer to a Divine Spirit than a Heroic Spirit. However, it is better to call her “an Anti-Hero closer to a monster” rather than a proper Divine Spirit.[7] Although Medusa is not a true Heroic Spirit, she isn’t a true Anti-Hero either.[9] Because she possesses the monster attribute, Rider is very incompatible with Servants such as Cú Chulainn who fought off monsters in their tales.[7] Due to her status as a former earth goddess, she has a strong connection to the earth, sensitive enough to its state to be able to sense disturbances in Fuyuki's leyline.[22]


Medusa in combat.

Medusa excels in a fight using Noble Phantasms,[2] as she is a unique Heroic Spirit who displays a great variety of skills and Noble Phantasms that are particularly high numbered even amongst other Servants, all of which are traces left from her time as a goddess. Her great versatility grants her several methods of attack that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.[2] Medusa also specializes in close combat, taking advantage of her Monstrous Strength and high Agility.[2] Both Cú Chulainn and Medusa boast the most outstanding speed in the Fifth Holy Grail War. In average speed, Rider is faster, being able to move like a bullet and race around the battle field. Lancer on the other hand, surpasses her in immediate maximum output, as he is able to counter attacks with a lance with the speed of gods, while standing still. If the two of them were to fight each other, While Rider has several different types of Noble Phantasms, Lancer also has protective ability from rune sorcery, so he'd be able to counter her Mystic Eyes.[23] Being an expert monster exterminator, Medusa would find a battle against him rather tough.[23] The compatibility between EMIYA and her isn't good, and if the two were to fight, they'd definitely both choose a low-risk and high-return type of warfare. Due to EMIYA surpassing Medusa in skill, at medium range combat, his bow would give him a great advantage. Although she would use her mystic eyes to petrify it rendering it useless. If EMIYA resorts to activating Unlimited Blade Works, Rider will just use Bellerophon and destroy him instantly. What determines victory or defeat is whether Aias on its own would be enough to block Bellerophon perhaps...?[24] All in all it can be deemed that her strength is on par with both Cú Chulainn and EMIYA.

Despite being regarded as one of the more powerful servants within the 5th Holy grail war, Rider lacked the ability to access her full strength for much of the events of Fate/stay night. Due to her contract being passed to Shinji Matou, her abilities are lowered greatly throughout most of the Fifth Holy Grail War, and she must seek out alternative means of magical energy. While she takes blood for the most part, she is not a Dead Apostle, but rather a bloodsucker whose most efficient manner of gaining energy is through drinking blood.[14] To regain the ability to use the full extent of her powers and capabilities she requires a master that could supply her with a constant and sufficient amount of mana, which Shinji Matou could not do.

Rider's dagger

One of her greatest strengths is her tactical acumen. Medusa is a highly skilled tactician having displayed this ability a fair amount of times throughout the 5th holy grail war. She specializes in being able to devise strategies in the heat of battle because the longer she fights with her opponent, the better she is able to analyze their fighting style, attack patterns and deduce their powers. The reason her tactical skill was underutilized was because under contract with Shinji who saw servants as tools and thus he too saw Rider as a mere tool, he would not care to listen to her strategic expertise. This often proves to be fatal for the pairing. She fights mainly with a pair of Nameless Dagger (無銘·短剣, Mumei Tanken?) in close combat that is more likely to be called a "nail" rather than a "dagger." It is attached to a long chain that can restrain and immobilize targets that she pierces. It is not suited to short-range battles, instead best utilized as a thrown weapon from a distance.[25] It is not a Noble Phantasm, and it is thought to be a weapon that reflects her inner character, as well as being strong enough for her to stand on and use to propel herself at an opponent.[26] She is also able to conjure numerous Nameless Daggers through a summoning circle and fire them over a large area in the direction of her choosing. She displays the ability to phase her Nameless Daggers into and out of spirit form due to her weapons being an extension of her hair. This ability is extremely valuable in combat because it allows her to stealthily restrain and or trap her enemies.

Rider's fighting style relies heavily on sneak attacks and evasive maneuvers which she uses in tandem with her speed. This style of fighting allows her to disorient her opponent as they don't know where her attacks are coming from until it's too late and to make the first move in a battle. Signature moves of her fighting style include: rushing at her opponents in spirit form and materializing just right before the moment of impact, striking at her opponents at great speed from all sides with a barrage of kicks and stabs from her daggers weakening them until she can land a fatal blow and utilizing her surroundings to rush for cover after striking to prepare for another sneak attack. Due to her speed and her ability to promptly strategize she is able to land multiple sneak attacks at a time even at close range, only those with great technique such as Saber are able to counter them all. She displays a preference for striking her enemies' weakspots because it allows her to incapacitate her opponents swiftly and efficiently.

As demonstrated in both Fate/Extella and the Heaven's Feel route in her fight against True Assassin, one of the best ways Rider uses her Nameless Daggers in combat is by stabbing her enemies with her daggers or ensnaring her opponents in her chains and proceeding to smash her captured adversaries into the surrounding environment to injure them, hurling them with a hammer throw or using them as flail like weapons against other enemies. She normally does this in tandem with her Monstrous Strength skill.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Having originally been a Greek goddess that turned into a monster, Medusa possesses extremely high Magic Resistance. The Magic Resistance ability that the Rider class possesses is weaker than that of the three knight classes, but the fact that it remains so high is thanks to Medusa's inherently high Magic Resistance.[2] Rank B Magic Resistance easily nullifies spells of three bars or less. It is also difficult to damage Medusa with even greater magecraft and grand rituals.[2][3][6] Moreover, Medusa herself is skilled in sorcery, so she has countless ways to counter enemy spells. In other words, Medusa is excellent at fighting magi. Backing all that up is her Agility. Compared to Cú Chulainn who boasts the same level of "speed" she is inferior in sudden bursts, but has more endurance. Even with powerful spells, it is extremely hard to hit Medusa who will keep moving at high speed.[2]
  • Riding (A+ Rank): As expected of a Rider class Servant, Medusa possess a high rank in the Riding skill.[2] Instead of covering only specific animals and vehicles, her ability extends to nearly all beasts, including Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts. However, even with an excellent Riding rank, she cannot ride Dragons.[2][3][6] The steed that makes best use of Medusa's Riding ability is the legendary winged horse Pegasus. Mastering a winged horse of the Phantasmal Species is a difficult accomplishment even for Rider-class Servants. When riding the heavenly mount that was born of her own blood, both rider and steed move as one.[2] She uses an unlisted, innate ability to bring forth the Pegasus given to her by Poseidon, initially thought by Shirou Emiya to be her main Noble Phantasm. It actually lacks any sort of name, and it is treated much in the same manner as her dagger. Having remained since the Age of Gods, its abilities are far beyond those of a normal Pegasus that would only be limited to the strength of a several hundred years old Monstrous Beast had it been one of the few remaining Phantasmal Species from the current age. Increasing in strength as it has lived, it has the strength of a Phantasmal Beast far beyond something like Invisible Air that could defeat a normal Pegasus.[27][28] Its strength is nearing that of the level of dragons, the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and its defense has already reached that level. It is made of enough energy to have come from several hundred magi, and constantly emits it while it flies. It is a divine mystery with magical protection even greater than that of Artoria, who displays the strongest resistance of the Fifth Holy Grail War, allowing it to easily brush past all thaumaturgy without issue. Not needing to halt its charge against anything, it is much like a giant castle wall crashing down on the opponent and leaving them no method of dodging or defending. Too powerful to defend against, even the trail of its charge is enough to damage a Servant. It destroys its surroundings just by moving, scorching the area around it. The buffets from its wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructures and lacerate the bodies of living beings.[28]
    Rider likes the recreational use of bicycles, but suffers from the fact that she endlessly accelerates to the point of breaking them. Even for a "granny bike" like the one used for shopping at the Emiya household, she could easily ride it at 100 km/h when it is only meant to peak at 20 km/h. She yearns for a racing bike like that belonging to Shirou that can allow her to reach even higher speeds with its gear system, wishing she could use Mana Burst to help with its control. If utilizing a motorcycle, she can match up against Grand Prix motorcycle former champion, Wayne Gardner(WP).[29]

Personal Skills[]

  • Independent Action (C Rank): The ability to materialize independently for a period of time even if the Magical Energy supply from the Master is severed.[2][3][6] At this rank, even if the Master is lost, or if the contract is nullified, Medusa can continue to materialize for one day.[2][3] Since Medusa can also obtain mana by drinking blood, she can prey on humans as the situation demands and extend this duration.[2][6] Thanks to this skill, Medusa was able to return to Sakura after Shinji Matou was defeated.[2]
  • Mystic Eyes (A+ Rank): Eyes that originally function to collect visual information are instead a method to impart magical effects upon a subject. Medusa possesses Cybele (キュベレイ, Kyuberei?), the Mystic Eyes of Petrification (石化の魔眼, Sekika no Magan?), which are Mystic Eyes of the highest order that cannot be replicated by Magecraft.[2] They are said to be a "curse of the gods sealed by the powers of shrines." Though petrification sorcery is no strange thing for modern Thaumaturgy, even if its users are rare and few in numbers, Mystic Eyes capable of petrifying others are something that nobody, human or not, possesses in the present era. They are designated as Jewel under the Noble Colors system, which surpasses the Gold-ranked Eyes of the Dead Apostles and are exclusively possessed by Holy Spirits and Magical Beasts from the Age of Gods. Their nature is strong enough a mystery that Shirou mistakes the identity of Breaker Gorgon as the eyes themselves. Despite their abnormality, Shirou believes that they are too beautiful for any human to possess, and could either be art the gods admired or a nature they cursed. The corneas do not take in light, and the pupils see the world through a square. The irises are solidified, not allowing the eyes to close, and the millions of cells that make up the retinas are composed of the Sixth Imaginary Element Factor.[30] It affects all targets within the owner’s field of vision, regardless of whether said targets are looking at the Eyes physically, or if they have their eyes closed but continue to view her with their mind's eye, as it is a curse to look upon her in any way.[31] The only way Perseus was able to avoid her gaze was by utilizing his Mirror shield to find her location without looking upon her at all.[12] As in her legend, subjects caught in her vision will be unconditionally petrified if their Mana rank is C or lower,[2][4] while those of B rank will be petrified depending on the result of saving throw. Those of A rank will not be petrified, but suffer a rank down on all of their abilities and receive a "heavy pressure".[3] This skill is normally sealed away by Breaker Gorgon.[4] The entire body of the target will be affected, including clothing and weaponry, "killing them while alive" as they are turned to stone. The ability is viable in petrifying a group of enemies, but it would not be useful against an infinite number like the horde of shades spawned by Avenger. The amount of energy it uses is comparable to also fighting them off with her Noble Phantasms, so it would quickly drain her faster than simply fighting them off in melee combat.[32] When Archer, with Rank B Mana, is affected at close range, he instantly feels the effects. He is immediately is frozen in place, unable to close his eyes or cover them with his arms even if he wanted to do so due to being unable to move either in the slightest. He tries to charge at her afterward, but his legs are already petrified up to his knees at that point. He is petrified up to his waist only a moment later before the effect is canceled. Shirou and Rin feel the effects instantly when targeted further away, barely or unable to move as their blood starts thickening. It immediately starts solidifying the flow of Shirou's body and ceasing his senses. If he tries to run at her, his body is instantly turned to stone, and his mind swiftly follows.[30] He is only saved when Sakura acting up causes Rider to cease her activity.[33] Although Saber Alter overwhelms Medusa in technique, vitality, and magical energy, Medusa is able to fight her thanks to her superior speed and her Mystic Eyes. Even though they aren't able to petrify Saber due to her having greater magical energy, it still forces a great pressure on her, reducing her ability and stunning her, allowing Medusa to both equal her in battle and keep her occupied by using her full strength for over twelve minutes. This helped Medusa be able to keep going despite having surpassed her limit. She forcibly pushed past the limit of what her endurance could take through sheer willpower alone until she could find the opportunity to momentarily subdue her opponent. Choosing never to give into her monumental fatigue demonstrating her great inner strength. Despite this Saber still overwhelmed Rider, and no matter how quickly Medusa leaps to attack her blind spots, Saber still deflects all of her attacks, without suffering a single scratch or showing any fatigue.[34] She is unable to control them in any manner on her own, requiring the use of Mystic Eye Killers like Breaker Gorgon or the glasses and contacts she later replaces it with after the Holy Grail War ends. Knowledge of the eyes render further attacks less potent, but it is not enough to allow Rider to go without Breaker Gorgon in their presence. Repeating the initial surprise effect would be impossible, making it possible to act without going completely numb and causing the effect of the petrification to go at a slower rate. The effect will be magnified again should the person's guard be let down.[35] It is possible to cancel the effect if it has not reached a certain point by closing her eyes. In the case of a lessened effect like when Shirou accidentally walks on her bathing, it starts to spread up his legs and is too far gone to simply close her eyes, but she is able to cancel the effect by sealing them with Breaker Gorgon. It takes some time for the petrification to recede, and she mentions that it would have been bad had it affected his heart.[36]
  • Monstrous Strength (B Rank): Medusa can temporarily magnify her Strength by one rank.[2][3][6] Although this offensive special characteristic was originally possessed only by monsters and Mystical Beasts,[3][6] Medusa can also use it despite being a Heroic Spirit thanks to her monster attribute. Furthermore, this is a necessary skill to Medusa, who does not fight using her Noble Phantasms in close combat. On the contrary. This skill is the reason Medusa possesses high close combat ability in the first place. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around.[2] The duration depends on the rank of the skill,[3] however, she tries not to rely too heavily on this skill for long durations of time out of fear of turning into the legendary Gorgon monster because of the skill's curse.
  • Divinity (E- Rank): In Greek mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, and thus, she originally possessed very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the monster attribute, antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits.[2][6] Due to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Although her aptitude as a Divine Spirit is mostly degraded, her Divinity has not been completely eliminated, and it appears that she still has it.[2][3]

Noble Phantasms[]

Medusa's first Noble Phantasm is Breaker Gorgon with which she can seal the target's consciousness within Medusa's mind, preventing them from activating any of their abilities. Medusa primarily uses this rather weak Noble Phantasm not on others, but on herself to seal her Mystic Eyes of Petrification.[2] While this keeps her blindfolded, she perceives the world through hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection to have an even more precise outlook than with sight.[13] Though mainly used to seal her eyes, its original use is obviously to exert a degree of mind control on the opponent. Actually, when she took control of enemy Master Shirou Emiya's mind and gave him erotic dreams, she was actually trying to extract mana from him. Also, it requires only a steady stream of mana to have an effect. It is difficult for individuals with low Magic Resistance to notice it, much less avoid it.[2]

Medusa's second Noble Phantasm is Blood Fort Andromeda, a counterpart to Breaker Gorgon. It takes the form of magic circles placed as predetermined points and people within the affected area will have their life force lightly sapped.[2] However, in case it is fully activated, regular people without the Magic Resistance skill will be quickly dissolved unless they possess knowledge of thaumaturgy, in which case it will be difficult to affect them.[2][3] Even Heroic Spirits will have their life force plundered as long as they are inside the barrier.[3] Thus, it is not a Noble Phantasm to be used for combat, but rather a Bounded Field created by Medusa to efficiently gather blood to drink mana.[2] In Fate/Grand Order it is utilized as her Skill, but because its True Name is not released, its output value falls.[3] Blood Fort Andromeda and Pandemonium Cetus are created abilities of the Mystic Eyes developed by Rider.

Medusa's most powerful attack is Bellerophon.[2] It is utilized on a beast from the Age of Gods; a physical attack that pulverizes the enemies by means of a super charge. Despite Pegasus displaying overwhelming ability, it is a docile being unfit for combat. It is with this Noble Phantasm that all of Pegasus's abilities are drastically increased by one rank for a limited time. Furthermore, thanks to the Pegasus’s Divine Protection, the armor class is also increased by 100, granting this Noble Phantasm of the highest level in terms of combination of offense and defense.[3] Even in the story, this combination was able to toy with Artoria by attacking from the skies, forcing her into a difficult battle. However, it could not display its merit when matched against the more powerful Noble Phantasm wielded by Artoria.[2][28] In Heaven's Feel, Excalibur Morgan would have had no trouble vaporizing Medusa's trump card, however, Shirou was able to aid her by making up for the difference with Rho Aias, barely gaining an edge in the confrontation of the Noble Phantasms. Although Excalibur Morgan managed to offset ninety percent of Bellerophon in less than an instant nonetheless (thus the Bellerophon that had hit Saber Alter was only 10% of it's normal strength), thanks to their combined efforts, Saber Alter was left gravely wounded and nearly died. However, she still had some power left, and had Shirou not killed her right there with the Azoth Sword, Saber Alter would have healed shortly after.[34]

EMIYA can't shoot down Bellerophon but Rho Aias can buy him time enough to pull out Harpe and maybe have a chance at victory. Even if Archer takes out a Saber-class holy sword, he doesn't have enough magical energy to draw on to maximize it, so it'd be hard to for him to attack Bellerophon. But what probably determines victory or defeat is whether Aias on its own would be enough to block Bellerophon.[24] Although Cú would generally have an advantage over her thanks to her monster alignment, in Fate/hollow ataraxia, Cú hinted that they had fought before and that he was now afraid of her because of it. Stating that "She's dangerous, she is. Not an ounce of mercy for her enemies." He even declared his fear for this Noble Phantasm calling it a "missile" with Child-Gil adding "with a nuclear warhead to boot."


Hirokazu Koyama felt a lot of intense motivation to make the art work when Saber was chasing Rider up the side of a building. There were a lot of fine details in the drawing and it was a lot of work to get the scene right for him. They ended up with some drawings of Rider rising up into the air and falling and Saber descending. However, recently Koyama image has changed. He drew the image of the building as if it was crashing to bits, and in front of it he drew Saber using her Excalibur Noble Phantasm as it rose from the building. Saber used a beam to intercept the charging attack by Pegasus, but it was a close shave. If Saber had tried to use a melee attack, she would have been struck down. That's why he wanted to focus attention on the beam as it blasted off of the rooftop.[37]

Creation and Conception[]

Concept draft of Rider

In the original plot of Fate, Rider was Perseus instead of Medusa.

In Rider's earlier design, Takashi Takeuchi initial drawing shows her appearance similar to Ayako Mitsuzuri.

Kinoko Nasu really wanted to have a scene in the Sakura route where she and Saber bickered with each other as they fought toward a common goal, but unfortunately the story didn't develop in that direction and Nasu had to discard the idea.[14]


Noriko Shitaya(WP) (Voice actress of Sakura Matou) said her first impression of Rider based on her first recording, to be scary and cold-blooded. In reality Rider turned out to be Sakura's most stalwart and dedicated supporter. Now Shitaya thinks of her as an elder sister. Rider didn't have anyone to rely on; instead she desperately tried to protect her own world. Rider has a big presence. Shitaya joked about she was not jealous that she didn't get an awesome Servant of the opposite sex the way that Emiya and Rin did.[38]


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    Character Data 006
    Affiliation: Sakura Matou's Servant
    True Identity: Medusa
    Gender: Female
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Three sizes: B88/W56/H84
    Image Color: Black
    Talents: Horse riding, acrobats, stalker
    Likes: Alcohol, reading, snakes
    Dislike: Mirrors, measuring height
    Natural enemy: Saber, Kojirou Sasaki, Souichirou Kuzuki
    Origin: Greece

    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi • Character Discussion

    >The catalyst for Rider's birth

    Takeuchi: Rider's one of the rare cases where the design changed quite a bit between the early days and the final design.

    Nasu: The early drafts actually lived on to become Ayako... and I don't want to hear anything about her eyebrows being thick! I saw a movie called "Vidocq", and I was totally charmed by the mirror-masked killer in it. I just really liked the way he moved and hid using his black cloak. I wanted to reproduce that feeling in the game, so I figured we could have a Rider with disheveled hair wearing a long robe. But then Takeuchi drew up the base design for the current Rider just on a lark, and even I had to admit it was the better design. That illustration of Rider where her face is angled down and to the side... that's the one that captured my heart.

    Takeuchi: So how did we decide on Medusa as an identity for Rider again? Was it because we were talking about the lack of a "sexy" type character?

    Nasu: Yes, that's right. Rider was originally a male character, but we realised we didn't have enough female characters for a bishoujo game. The original concept for Rider was a masterless "stray" Servant whose name was Perseus, from Greek mythology. By the time he made his first appearance, his master was long dead. The concept took two or three different turns before it finally settled into the current Rider.

    Takeuchi: When we reviewed the Servants in search of one that could be changed into a female, Berserker was out of the question and Assassin's identity as Kojiro was basically the punch line for his character, so that left Rider.

    Nasu: But there weren't any legendary heroines with ties to Pegasus, so we selected Medusa, who gave birth to Pegasus, as Rider's new identity.

    Takeuchi: We originally had no intention of releasing any information about Rider prior to the game's launch, but when the launch was delayed by about a month, we suddenly found ourselves in need of material to fill the gap. We reluctantly unveiled Medusa, but we didn't reveal the details of her character, like the fact that she was a Servant.

    Nasu: We imagined most people would assume she was Assassin, and we were quite pleased to let them think that.

    Takeuchi: Indeed, we were quite successful on that front, I mean, after seeing that nail...

    Nasu: No one would guess it was Rider!

    Takeuchi: The best part was that the magazine Rider was revealed in added the tagline "Sexy Fighting Lady". How great is that!?

    Nasu: I love it.(laughs)

    >Regarding Rider's character design

    The main thing I was conscious off with Rider's design was the fact I didn't want her outfit to turn out something obscene. I leaned more toward a snug-fitting bodysuit rather than a sexually charged leather suit.

    Nasu: I do recall you when I asked you if her outfit was leather, you said "no" with quite a bit of tenor.

    Takeuchi: I may not have wanted the suit itself to be leather, but I did imagine the bindings to be leather. I thought those little accents being made of leather might add a touch of elegance without making her look like a dominatrix.

    Nasu: I see. As a side note, Rider was initially supposed to have a height somewhere in the range of 175-180cm, but we were worried that PC gamers might not find such a tall woman particularly appealing, so we compromised at 172cm.

    Takeuchi: I imagine she wouldn't have such a wide appeal if we set her height in the 180cm range.

    Nasu: But you know, I did get some feedback suggesting that more than a few of our players were surprised that she was "so short" since I had emphasised her height in the original "stay night" material.

    Takeuchi: Personally, I think somewhere around 170cm was just the right height to make her self-conscious about her height without making her a giant.

    Nasu: You're right, I suppose any girl over 170cm in height is pretty tall. I think tall women are cool, but I do wonder if I should have eased up on that a bit.

    Takeuchi: I think it's fine. Rider's height is what makes her unique, and it was precisely her height that made that awesome pose at Ryuudouji Temple during Sakura's route possible.

    Nasu: That was one of the rare cases where I, as the writer, made a specific request about the visual aspect. I asked them to give her an "arachnid pose".

    >Rider's feelings about her master

    Nasu: I saw Rider as a Doberman, fierce and scary but beautiful and loyal. Rider considered Sakura to be her true Master, so when Sakura wanted rider to obey Shinji instead, Rider did so dutifully despite her personal feelings. But even Rider had her limits in dealing with a jerk like Shinji... (laughs)

    Takeuchi: She does come off as a very loyal individual.

    Nasu: Rider initially had a military theme, so she's definitely not the kind of person who interacts with others based on sentiment... she views it more as a duty.

    >The message Rider carries as a character

    Nasu: An outlaw with super long hair and the Mystic Eyes of Petrification... a winning trifecta!

    Takeuchi: Speaking of Mystic Eyes, the mark on Rider's forehead was designed to look like a snake and was originally going to be a third eye.

    Takeuchi: Now that I think about it... if we had given her a third eye, we probably wouldn't have had her wearing glasses...

    Nasu: ...You're right!

    Takeuchi: That was a close one... (laughs)

    Nasu: Even in the old "Fate" we had drilled it into our fans that Noble Phantasms were swords. So I could only imagine their reactions when Rider activated her reins of all things, which was immediately evaporated. (laughs) In a manner of speaking, Rider's true name was essentially the punch line of her character, much like Kojiro. That's why I mostly kept her quiet throughout the whole "stay night"

    Takeuchi: For the longest time, I thought Pegasus was her Noble Phantasm, so I assumed the reins were like a Noble Phantasm Rider used to control her Noble Phantasm... but then Nasu told me that Pegasus wasn't a Noble Phantasm, and my mind was blown.

    Nasu: At the school and on the roof, Rider only summoned Pegasus. After summoning Pegasus, Rider uses her reins as a kind of power-up item, and that was the recipe behind Bellerophon.

  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.19 2.20 2.21 2.22 2.23 2.24 2.25 2.26 2.27 2.28 2.29 2.30 2.31 2.32 2.33 2.34 2.35 2.36 2.37 2.38 2.39 2.40 2.41 2.42 2.43 2.44 2.45 2.46 2.47 2.48 2.49
    [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - The Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War: Rider, p.028-029 [T]

    Class: Rider
    Master: Matou Sakura
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Sex: Female
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Armament: Dagger

    STR: B
    CON: D
    AGI: A
    MGI: B
    LCK: E
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Medusa was a frightening female monster in Greek mythology. She had a nest of poisonous snakes for hair, copper green scales for skin, golden wings on her back, and eyes that would turn anyone that met them to stone.
    The story in which the hero Perseus slew Medusa is famous even in Japan. It's said that Perseus' divine blade Harpe sheared through Medusa's scaley skin, and Medusa's head contained the power of petrification even after being severed.
    Medusa was originally a goddess, but a curse by the goddess Athena lowered her to a monster. The story goes that Medusa, overly proud of her own beauty, desecrated a temple to Athena.
    According to the Theogony describing the genealogy of the Greek gods, Medusa had a pair of twin older sisters named Stheno and Euryale. Together they were known as the three Gorgon (derived from ancient Greek gorgós, meaning "dreadful") sisters.
    It is written that the aboriginal Pelasgians worshiped Medusa when she was still a goddess. After the Pelasgians were conquered by other groups, Medusa was demonized from a great earth goddess into a monster.
    After becoming a Heroic Spirit, she retains her wholesome beauty even while possessing the Mystic Eyes of Petrification. Her flying steed Pegasus was said to have been born from a piece of her severed head, or created by her blood when it dripped into the ocean.

    Medusa specializes in close combat, taking advantage of her high Agility and Monstrous Strength. Her weapons of choice are chained daggers. While quite lethal, they are not Noble Phantasms, so it is difficult to deal critical blows with them when fighting Servants. Medusa excels in a fight using Noble Phantasms. She can annihilate many enemies at once using her anti-army Noble Phantasm Bellerophon (Bridle of Chivalry), which requires an enormous amount of prana. Additionally, she has several methods of attack that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations, such as Blood Fort Andromeda (Outsider Seal - Blood Temple) which can close off a targeted area and dissolve the humans inside to obtain prana, and Cybele (Mystic Eyes of Petrification) which is normally sealed beneath her blindfold.

    Class Abilities
    Magic Resistance: B
    Originally a Greek goddess that turned into a monster, she possesses extremely high Magic Resistance. The Magic Resistance ability that the Rider class possesses is weaker than that of the three knight classes, but the fact that it remains so high is thanks to Medusa's inherently high Magic Resistance.
    Rank B Magic Resistance easily nullifies spells of three bars or less. It is also difficult to damage Medusa with even high thaumaturgy and grand rituals. Moreover, Medusa herself is skilled in sorcery, so she has countless ways to counter enemy spells. In other words, Medusa is excellent at fighting magi. Backing all that up is her Agility. Compared to Lancer who boasts the same level of "speed" she is inferior in sudden bursts, but has more endurance. Even with powerful spells, it is extremely hard to hit Medusa who will keep moving at high speed.

    Riding: A+
    As might be expected of the Servant Rider, Medusa posses a high rank in the Riding ability. But instead of covering only specific animals and vehicles, her ability extends to nearly all beasts, including Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts. However, even with an excellent Riding rank, she cannot ride dragons.
    The steed that makes best use of Medusa's Riding ability is the legendary winged horse Pegasus. Mastering a winged horse of the Phantasmal Species is a difficult accomplishment even for Rider-class Servants. When riding the heavenly mount that was born of her own blood, both rider and steed move as one.
    When the Noble Phantasm Bellerophon is used, all of Pegasus's abilities are drastically increased for a limited time. Even in the story, this combination was able to toy with Saber by attacking from the skies, forcing her into a difficult battle.
    Be that as it may, the only time Medusa was able to use Bellerophon was in her fight against Artoria. During the modern Holy Grail War which unfolded in a sprawling city, Medusa had few opportunities to use her Riding ability. Perhaps because of this, she was eliminated without sufficient chance to use her power.

    Personal Skills
    Mystic Eyes: A+
    Eyes that originally function to collect visual information are instead a method to impart magical effects upon a subject. Medusa possesses the Mystic Eyes of Petrification "Cybele", which are Mystic Eyes of the highest order. As in her legend, subjects caught in her vision will be petrified if their Magic Resistance is C or lower.
    Caption: Medusa's Mystic Eyes of Petrification cannot be replicated by magic.

    Independent Action: C
    The ability to materialize independently. If the Master is lost (or if the contract is nullified), Medusa can continue to materialize for one day. Since Medusa can also obtain prana by drinking blood, she can prey on humans as the situation demands and extend this duration.
    Caption: Thanks to Independent Action, Medusa was able to return to Sakura after Matou Shinji was defeated.

    Monstrous Strength: B
    Medusa has this skill due to her property as a monster despite being a Heroic Spirit. If used, she can temporarily magnify her Strength. This is a necessary skill to Medusa, who does not fight with Noble Phantasms in close combat. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around.
    Caption: Medusa possesses high close combat ability thanks to Monstrous Strength.

    Divinity: E-
    In Greek mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, so she originally has very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the "monstrous" attribute that is antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits. Thanks to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Nonetheless, her aptitude as a goddess Divine Spirit is mostly degraded.
    However, her Divinity has not been completely eliminated, and it appears that she still has it.

    Noble Phantasms
    Breaker Gorgon
    Rank: C-
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person

    One of Medusa's anti-personnel Noble Phantasms, Breaker Gorgon is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Blood Fort Andromeda. While the target's consciousness is sealed within Medusa's mind, the target can be prevented from activating any abilities. Also, Medusa primarily uses somewhat weak Noble Phantasm not on others, but on herself to seal her Mystic Eyes of Petrification that are normally always active.
    Though mainly used to seal Mystic Eyes, its original use is obviously to exert a degree of mind control on the opponent. Actually, when she took control of enemy Master Emiya Shirou's mind and gave him erotic dreams, she was actually trying to extract prana from him. Also, it requires only a steady stream of prana to have an effect. It is difficult for individuals with low magic resistance to notice it, much less avoid it.

    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 2~50
    Maximum Targets: 300 People

    Medusa's most powerful attack. It is not a Noble Phantasm to be used in a one-on-one fight, but rather an "anti-army Noble Phantasm" that can cut down enemies in a wide area. An uncommon type of Noble Phantasm consisting of a paired bridle and whip, it can rapidly augment the abilities of Phantasmal Species. In battle, the strengthened Phantasmal Beast and Medusa fight as one.
    Bellerophon is extraordinarily powerful whether used defensively or offensively. However, during the Holy Grail War, it could not display its merit when matched against the more powerful Noble Phantasm wielded by Artoria. Nonetheless, the fact alone that it temporarily withstood a full frontal attack by Excalibur is evidence of its great power.

    Blood Fort Andromeda
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 10~40
    Maximum Targets: 500 People

    One of Medusa's Noble Phantasms, Blood Fort Andromeda is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Breaker Gorgon. It takes the form of magic circles placed as predetermined points. Immediately following the placing of these circles, people within the affected area will only have their life force sapped slightly, but once the field is activated, they will be quickly dissolved. However, it is difficult to affect people with knowledge of thaumaturgy. Thus, it is not a Noble Phantasm to be used for combat, but rather a Bounded Field created by Medusa to efficiently gather blood to drink for prana.
    In the Holy Grail War, Blood Fort Andromeda was deployed at Homurahara Academy and activated. From outside the field, the school appeared normal as usual, but the interior was stained with blood, as its name suggests.

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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Medusa (Rider) Profile [T]

    Medusa - Rider

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
    Voice Actor: Asakawa Yuu

    Strength: B
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: B
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Personal Skills
    Mystic Eyes: A+
    Monstrous Strength: B

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Riding: A+
    Independent Action: C
    Divinity: E−

    Noble Phantasm
    Bellerophon: Bridle of Chivalry
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    The youngest of the Gorgon Sisters that appears in Greek Mythology.
    Originally an aboriginal Earth Mother Deity, but she had to run away to a shapeless island because of the Olympian Gods's stratagem and people's fanaticism. Once described as a snake monster that turns everything she sees into stone.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 172cm・57kg
    Source: Greek mythology
    Region: Greece, Shapeless Isle
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    This height is merely from the time of her summoning.
    The one from the Mythological Age is unknown.

    Level 2 Bond
    Despite being a beauty, she tends to appear to have a merciless personality because of her thorny aura and cold behavior. But in fact simply a languorous beautiful woman who prefers to spend her time doing nothing. Loves alcohol and reading.
    Her behavior is severe because she is indifferent about being appreciated by others.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Bridle of Chivalry"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    In myths, it has been said that the hero Perseus beheaded the female monster Medusa and the flying horse Pegasus appeared from her blood.
    Just like in legends, Medusa summons the Pegasus by using her own blood as a catalyst and rides it.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Mystic Eyes: A+

    Possession of mystic eyes of the highest level, Kybele.
    Unconditionally petrifies those with low magical power, and even those with high can be petrified if they are negligent.
    Normally sealed away by Breaker Gorgon - Self-Seal・Temple of Darkness.

    Level 5 Bond
    A beautiful woman with a tall figure and outstanding style, but since for Medusa the criteria for beauty is "being small and lovely", seems she has a complex over her tall figure and mature style.

    Among the Three Gorgon Sisters, she is the only goddess that ended up "growing".
    Despite also possessing the components to grow from a goddess that is merely loved by the people into a goddess that saves (rules) the people, she was tainted by hatred due to the persecution from humans and ended up becoming a hero-killing Magic Beast in result.
    Gorgon is the name of a mere shadow of a former goddess that ended up growing, enlarging to the limits.

    メドゥーサ - ライダー



    魔眼 A+
    怪力 B

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 A+
    単独行動 C
    神性 E-



    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性


    ランク:A+  種別:対軍宝具



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    Magical Beasts
    An umbrella term that encompasses all beasts that do not fall within the normal ecosystem. In this context, “beast” is a thaumaturgical term, and does not necessarily mean quadrupedal mammals. Magical Beasts cannot be explained by immature research or sudden mutations. They are true deviations from biology. Roughly Magical Beasts can be classified into Monstrous Beasts -> Phantasmal Beasts -> Divine Beasts in ascending order towards higher existence.
    Most Magical Beasts have existed since the Age of Gods, and are Chimeras formed from mixing different species. They live on currently undeveloped lands that cannot be reached by mankind. Furthermore, Phantasmal Beasts that have existed in the past have almost all migrated to a different world presented as the “Inside of the World”.
    Although classified as a Monstrous Beast, the Pegasus that Rider mounted in the story is an existence closer to that of a Phantasmal Beast due to surviving over a very long period of time. Also worth mentioning is that, Phantasmal Beasts that have survived over thousands of years are on the same tier as True Magic, thus rendering mysteries on the level of sorcery completely ineffective against them.


    • The Pinnacle of Phantasmal Species – Dragons

    Dragons, or Magical Beasts similar to Dragons, have members in all classes of Magical Beasts (Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine Beasts). Dragons are always thought to be the greatest species within their corresponding classes. Because there are dragons of the Monstrous, Phantasmal, and Divine classes, they have been involved with mankind since before the Age of Gods. They have also left many legends in the field of thaumaturgy.

    • A Heroic Spirit with a Rank in Monster ∙ Magical Beast

    Because Rider’s true identity is Medusa, she possesses a rank of Monster ∙ Magical Beast. As a result, the rank of her Divinity decreased to the lowest value of E-. As compensation, she received the ability of Monsters and Magical Beasts, Monstrous Strength.

    Rider is more of a Divine Spirit than a Heroic Spirit. Yet, it is better to call her “an anti-hero closer to a monster” instead of a Divine Spirit. Because she possesses a rank as a monster, Rider is very incompatible with Servants who fought off monsters in their tales.

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    Anti-Heroes [Others]
    People who are hated, yet the result of their atrocities ultimately saved others. They are the ones who define "good" with "evil".
    Although they are the targets of curses, they are still worshiped as messiahs.
    They are the anti-heroes.
    However, true anti-heroes do not exist.
    Ultimately they only reach the level of "individuals who did good while carrying out evil" (stopping short of being true anti-hero).
    Assassin and Archer fall into this category.
    Rider and Caster are not true Heroic Spirits, but they are not true anti-heroes either.


  10. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - Records of Heavens Feel - Servant System: Difference between Heroic Spirits and Servants, p.012

    Difference between Heroic Spirits and Servants
    Heroic Spirits were Heroes who have left behind great feats in legends after death and become subjects of belief.
    Normally, a Heroic Spirit is summoned by the world as power that protects humans.
    The ones summoned by humans are Servants. However, Heroic Spirits cannot be controlled by humans, and to summon them, the Holy Grail or something with power of that sort must be used.
    The Servant system of Fuyuki summons Heroic Spirits with the power of the Greater Grail. Heroic Spirits summoned as Servants are like "emanations", copies created using the information of the main body of the Heroic Servant.

    Thrones of Heroes diagram.png

    •Birth of Heroic Spirits
    It's been explained that Heroic Spirits are beings that heroes whom belief has been gathered upon become after death, but heroes of myths and legends can be born by the gathering of belief even if they didn't exist. Also, there are those who those who make a contract of some sort with the world when they were alive and as compensation become Heroic Spirits after death. In the Fifth War, Hasan Sabaha was a hero that actually existed, and Herakles and Medusa are ones of legends. Also, Emiya and Artoria are beings that became (or will become) Heroic Spirits after their contract with the world. Those who have become Heroic Spirits are freed from the constraints of time and are moved to the Throne of Heroes, existing to the outside of the World.

    •Heroic Spirit summoning
    Heroic Spirits are beings cut off from the time axis and can be summoned in any era, regardless of past and future. However, the only one that can summon the main body of the Heroic Spirits is the "world", and alas, humans can't summon the main body and can only summon their emanations, the Servants. Speaking of which, the information (souls) making up the Servants return to the main body at the same time as the death of the Servant, and the main body can know, as records, about the actions of the Servants as if reading a book.

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    [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail Material - Alter Ego C

    Alter Ego C
    Real Name: Violet
    Gender: Female
    Height/Mass: 182cm/64kg
    Attribute: Chaotic Good
    Strength: B
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A+
    Magic: B
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Alter Ego of chastity.
    C means cash, cool, and constriction.
    In the past was entrusted the financial affairs of the Sakura Camp.
    A complex of many goddesses, Greece mythology's female monster Medusa (Originally an Earth Goddess), Indian mythology's Apsara, the model that comprises Melusine from French folktales.

    Class Skills
    Crack Ice: EX
    Cheat Skill evolved from Mystic Eyes.
    Normally Mystic Eyes are invoked by "looking at the opponent," "eye contact with the opponent." Paralysis, Enchantment, and Petrification's effects are exhibited in this fashion. Crack Ice is "The space in Violet's field of vision is stored." That effect is paralysis. That is time stops.
    Violet is the only one who can move in this space, humans are conscious and can figure out what is happening.

    Personal Skills
    Shackled Desire: A
    A skill that increases physical restriction attacks (Paralysis, Sealing, Petrification) in battle.
    However, "to tie" is a day to day activity, so normal attacks drop by 10%.

    Riding: EX
    Talent of Riding. Can ride anything. Rather, just assimilates it.

    Transformation: A
    Skill that allows one to change his form.
    Violet can freely change herself into a fibrous shape. Strike system's attack damage is greatly reduced.
    In addition when this skill and the Riding Skill and combined in such a fashion...

    Noble Phantasm

    アルターエゴ C


    複数の女神の複合体で、ギリシャ神話の女怪メデューサ(元々は大地の女神)、インド神話のアプサラス、フラ ンスの伝承からメリジューヌ等のモデルが含まれている。

    通常の魔眼は ”対象を見つめる” "対象と目が合う” 事で発動し、麻痺・魅了・石化といった効果を発揮 するが、クラックアイスは ”ヴァイオレットが視界に納めた空間” そのものに発動する。その効果は麻痺。即ち、時間停止である。
    麻痺した空間の中で動けるのはヴァイオレットだけだが、空間内の人間は意識があるため何が起きているのがを 把握する事はできる.



    ヴァイオレットは自在に繊維状の体に変身できるため、打撃系の攻撃ダメージを大きく削減できる 。


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    Q: Rider's eye cover, Breaker Gorgon, does it allow her to see what's before her?

    Q: Rider's eye cover, Breaker Gorgon, does it allow her to see what's before her? Also, the Mystic Eyes Killer Rider is wearing, does it have a comparable sealing power as this Noble Phantasm?

    A: Her sight is completely sealed. Although Rider perceives the world through senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection, she is able to acquire more precise information than sight.
    About the glasses, it only seals the power of petrification. It does not act like the Breaker Gorgon, which "seals all magical properties".



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    Rider [Servant]
    Heroic Spirit of the mount. A type of Servant that requires high maneuverability, and tends to possess strong Noble Phantasms.
    The Rider in the story is no exception, riding Pegasus and making full use of its charging power in battle.
    Of course, Rider herself is also a unique Heroic Spirit, and the number of skills and Noble Phantasms she has is particularly high even amongst the Servants.
    She is taciturn and lacks self-assertiveness, but that doesn't mean she is apathetic toward her surroundings. Rather, she's the kind of person that worries about things from every conceivable angle but hides it behind a perfect poker face.
    Though parts of her personality are quite similar to Sakura's, Sakura is a commoner while Rider is more of a high-born type. Even her demeanor and tone of speech have a sort of high-class strictness to them.
    With the complex she has about her own height and the way she gets embarrassed when people see her mystic eyes, she might actually be pretty lady-like.
    Because of her outward appearance and primary weapon, a lot of people thought she was going to be an Assassin class Servant before the game came out, but nope, she's a Rider!
    I really wanted to have a scene in the Sakura route where she and Saber bickered with each other as they fought toward a common goal, but unfortunately the story didn't develop in that direction and I had to discard the idea.
    Incidentally, the lewd dream on the fifth day of the Sakura route was Rider's doing.
    She is not a Dead Apostle (vampire), but she is a bloodsucker. For her, the most efficient, luscious way of gaining magical energy is drinking blood.

    その外見と武器からゲーム発売前は「アサシンでは?」 と予想されていたが、正体はまさかのライダーでした。ニヤリ。

  15. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Servants, p.133

    Q: Who arranged to get Rider’s "Mystic Eye Killer" contact lenses at the end of Sakura’s route?

    Q: Who arranged to get Rider’s "Mystic Eye Killer" contact lenses at the end of Sakura’s route? And was the creator of those glasses Aozaki Touko?

    A: Touko-san seems to pop up everywhere... "Ah, for inquiries about Mystic Eyes, haunting ghosts, or troubles with ungrateful little sisters, please- please call Garan no Dou~"



  16. Fate/hollow ataraxia - 10/09 - Emiya's - Rider, reading, and the jealous Sakura
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    [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Rider vs. Lancer

    Nasu-san CHECK!
    The two boasting the most outstanding speed in the game. Rider, able to move like a bullet and race around the battle field vs Lancer, able to counter attackers with a lance with the speed of gods, while standing still. In average speed, Rider is faster, but in immediate maximum output, Lancer will win. While Rider has several different types of Noble Phantasms, Lancer also has protective ability from rune sorcery, hence counter measures from her mystic eyes. Against an expert monster exterminator like Lancer, one who has a monster alignment such as Rider might seem to be in for a tough fight....!?



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    [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Archer vs Rider

     Archer vs Rider
    Editorial department (Prediction)
    At long range his fire won't work against Bellerophon.
    At medium range the bow is really handy, and Rider who's inferior in skill only has her Mystic Eyes.
    But if Archer's bow starts to get petrified, he can activate Unlimited Blade Works.
    In which case Rider will just use Bellerophon and destroy him instantly.
    He can't shoot them down but Rho Aias can buy him time enough to pull out Harpe and maybe have a chance at victory.

    Nasu-san CHECK!
    You would think Archer would have the advantage, but Rider actually has the edge at long range? Just like that question, their compatibility is not very good. Since both aren't fixated on the methods of winning, they'd definitely both choose a low-risk and high-return type of warfare.
    Even if Archer takes out a Saber-class holy sword, he doesn't have enough magical energy to draw on to maximize it, so it'd be hard to for him to attack Bellerophon. What determines victory or defeat is whether Aias on its own would be enough to block Bellerophon perhaps...?


    一考するとアーチャー有利なのですが、ロングレンジではライダー有利? と言われてい

  25. [v] Fate/complete material II: Character material - Weapons: Nameless Dagger, p.129

    User: Rider
    The weapon favored by Rider. Called a “dagger”, but it might be more accurate to describe it as a “nail” that pierces the opponent. Attached to a long chain, which can be used to restrain and immobilize targets that have been pierced. It is not suited for short-range battles, and is better off being thrown around from a distance.

    ライダーが使用する武器。短剣というよりは、相手に突き刺す"釘" のような外見をしている。この武器は長い鎖と繋がれており、突き刺した対象を鎖で縛り拘束することもできる 。近づいて戦うというより、遠距離から投擲して使うことが主な運用方法となる。

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    Magical Beast [Others]
    In the world of Fate/stay night, a general term for beasts which do not correspond to normal ecosystems.
    They are divided into three ranks: monstrous, mythical, and divine.
    The vast majority of monstrous beasts are crossbreeds (chimera) living in still-uncivilized regions, but it seems that those of mythical rank and above have shifted to the far side of the world.
    Though the Pegasus that appears in the story is a monstrous beast, its long life puts it at the level of a mythical beast. Ordinary magi are completely unable to compete with something of this rank.
    Also, beings that take after dragons are considered to be superior, regardless of classification. Since dragons are endowed with the characteristics of several species, it appears that even consorting with humans was not uncommon.

    魔獣の多くは掛け合わせ(キメラ)であり.いまだ未開の地に生息しているが、幻獣はその特性上、世界 の裏側にシフトしてしまったらしい。
    本編で登場するライダーの天馬は魔獣だが、長く蓄 えた年月により幻獣の域に達している。幻獣ランクのモノには、並大抵の魔術師では歯が立たない。

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    Q: When Rider is on a motorcycle, can she go faster than GP Rider?

    'Q: When Rider is on a motorcycle, can she go faster than GP Rider? Also, when she’s on a bicycle, about how many kilometers per hour can she go up to?

    A: She’d be a match for Wayne Gardner. As for a bicycle, she’d accelerate endlessly until the bike itself broke down. “It would be nice if I could Mana Burst like Saber...” were her actual words. Thus, she yearns badly for a racing bike that can go even faster.



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