Meltryllis (メルトリリス, Merutoririsu?, also romanized as Meltlilith[Note 1]), Class Name Alter Ego S (アルターエゴ S, Arutā Ego S?), is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incidents of Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Alter Ego S (アルターエゴ S, Arutā Ego S?), whose True Name is Meltryllis, was created by BB as a Heroic Spirit-Complex. Classified as a High-Servant, she was created from BB accessing the Moon Cell's Servant Archive and selecting goddesses compatible with Ego from inside of it. She reproduced their data, and Meltryllis came to existence as a Composite Divinity (複合神性, Fukugō Shinsei?).[6]



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The first component of Meltryllis is ArtemisWP (アルテミスWP, Arutemisu?) of Greek mythology, the pure virgin goddess who would unfailing shoot through, simultaneously granting disease and death, those who sought to attain the magical power which pulls the tides and causes them to rise, in other words, their link to the moon's movement.[5]


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The second component of Meltryllis is LeviathanWP (リヴァイアサン?) from the Old Testament. It is possibly also the cruciform snake staff linked to LotanWP from Ugaritic myths. It is something with the same origin as the staff that Moses used to split the Red Sea, while also acting as a symbol of the sea that that staff split. Its owner will be granted a transformative property like that of water, making it feasible for them to adapt to any situation. Furthermore, their form will be able to change phantasmagorically, and it would even be possible to take the shape of the target of one's envy.[5] Meltryllis uses Leviathan as her primary component when she dons her swimsuit.


The third component of Meltryllis and her primary component in normal circumstances is SaraswatiWP (サラスヴァティーWP, Sarasuvatī?), a river goddess. She holds the ability to control "things that flow," such as natural phenomena, among which is water and wind, music and words, speech, poetry and prose. The timbre that flows from her can excite any emotion in the heart of those who hear it and, moreover, can interfere with the flow of electricity in a computer network.[5]


Meltryllis resembles Sakura Matou and BB with long violet hair (depicted with indigo tint in the artwork); compared to them, however, she has a noticeably slender figure, with a small chest and blue eyes. Her attire is composed mainly of a large cloak with two long sleeves that cover her hands, which flares out dramatically at her waist to resemble a hoop skirt. She accessorizes herself with a blue ribbon in her hair, metal armor gripping her waist, two belts on her sleeves and one x-shaped belt on her chest with a pentagonal emblem. Meltryllis' lower section, however, is completely exposed except for a tiny, seemingly insufficient metal codpiece. Her most prominent features are huge, metallic legs with a long spike attached to each knee, and giant, pointed needles extending from the bottom of her feet. Unlike Passionlip, she seems to be able to change the shape of her legs if she wishes, using three different pairs of more humanlike legs in each of her swimsuit version's ascensions; this suggests that they may in fact be prosthetics. Like the rest of the Sakura Five, her face is visually similar to BB's. She wears silver and blue underwear.[3]

In Fate/Grand Order her codpiece is slightly altered to include a metal string, while she gains a white ballroom dress reminiscent of a swan in her final ascension. According to Meltryllis, the choice of such a titillating outfit is because she believes that it's not only easy to move around in and shows off her physique, but is also a chaste and feminine outfit, thus suitable for the highest spec Alter Ego such as her. [7]


Meltryllis is the Alter Ego of "End of the pleasure" (快楽の果て, Kairaku no hate?), born out of BB's ego "service requirement" (「奉仕要求」, "hōshi yōkyū"?) and "pleasure"  (「快楽」, "kairaku"?). The type of abnormally lovely girl who cannot help but stir up a desire to protect her in men—is what she was, but possibly due to the effect of her skill which allows her to continuously steal her opponent's abilities, she currently possesses a belligerent disposition. Despite how she takes in other people, she doesn't desire understanding or sympathy from them due to the fact that Meltryllis does not understand the feelings of others. Meltryllis does not need other people. She doesn't understand love or dreams. Supposing a situation where she would acquire "LOVE," she would probably dedicate everything to and attend the object of it. To the self-sufficient Meltryllis, the feelings of the object of her affection aren't worth taking into account. She would declare in her oppressive manner that her own feelings are correct. Without any intention of conversing with them (I already love you so much that I don't feel the need for it), without any desire to touch them (that amount of pleasure is already unsatisfactory), she has no intention of telling them that she wants them to love her (that kind of mutual understanding is already unnecessary.) As haughty and dominating as she may seem, her love is unclouded and unwavering at its core.

Beneath that constant domineering attitude and permanent perch on a high horse, there is not a speck of doubt or hesitation but only overly pure "awakening to love", something Meltryllis remained unaware of until after the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC. Just what is the true foundation of herself, who is the incarnation of "self-pleasure." What makes up Meltryllis' core is "devotion to the person one has fallen in love with." That she repeatedly raised her level by draining and that she decided to control the Moon Cell is so she can offer supreme pleasure to her loved one. Protecting her loved one → taking her loved one into herself → the herself that she took them into (even if she is completely changed to the point where she doesn't understand herself) will continue to live forever. She has determined that that is the supreme love she will offer to her loved one. Looking at them from Meltryllis' perspective, even BB and Lip are nothing more than "foreign bodies that even I feel that I want to save." However, those feelings are far too closed. To her, who saw only her own feelings as definite, whose connection with the outside world was lacking, "LOVING another person" was itself a fatal bug (defect), which led her to fear the prospect of being loved herself.

She has since come to see that this way of thinking was why she was defeated and that she is genuinely capable of loving another person; now, BB herself has said that Meltryllis is better at understanding the emotions of others than she seems to be, and she has since come to see Passionlip as a sister worth protecting on her own merits. However, her pride is as strong as ever, which leads to her coming off as a tsundere at times when it keeps her from expressing her true feelings- especially when she is shown love and affection, as she is still not used to receiving either.

She seems cold, but only because she is rational and thoughtful. She acts merciless, but this is because she wishes to ascertain everything fairly. Her tastes can be sadistic, but only because like BB she meddles with the people she likes.

She has a Neurological Disorder (神経障害, Shinkei Shōgai?) and in regards to Meltryllis' five senses, her sense of touch has deteriorated. Especially her hands, she's almost completely lost sensation in her fingers and for that reason, she has become proactive in her relationship with the outside world in an attempt to stave off the isolation she feels from it.[5] While she can still move her fingers just fine, she is unable to sense body heat (including her own) or light touches very well. This is a digression, but because of the clumsiness of her fingers caused by this, despite her hobby of collecting figures, she cannot immerse herself in assembling Garage kitWPs without difficulty.[3][5]

Meltryllis is a collector of dolls and figurines, and her interest in them can only be described as obsessive. At first, this was because she simply wanted to love someone without needing to consider their thoughts and feelings or worrying about being loved in return, all while allowing her to be in total control of the other party. Later events suggest that an equally significant part of her fixation is that she sees herself as being more like a doll than a person- she possesses a humanlike form but can never truly be human herself, and the same beauty she prides herself on is more likely to frighten people than charm them.

Following the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Melt has come to terms with her monstrous nature, and acts misanthropic and aloof to hide her fear of being rejected by humans. She openly admits that she is a monster to those who would accuse her of being one, in part because she believes she will be treated as a monster no matter what she does. She doesn't believe that any human could possibly relate to her or understand her feelings, but should she ever find someone who is willing to accept who she is in spite of her inhuman appearance and prickly attitude, she will follow them to the ends of the earth if that is what they ask of her. As seen in Fate/Grand Order, she will not hesitate to sacrifice her own life if it means keeping the one she loves safe, and nothing terrifies her more than the possibility that she might fail to protect her beloved despite her best efforts to do so.

Meltryllis has a penchant for fighting. It is thought that even her interest in causing others pain ultimately arose "because like this, I'm the only one who cannot feel the existence of other people", causing her to feel intensely lonely. As Melt describes it, she struggles to feel her own joy and so feels most alive when she can see how much pain she can inflict on others; only when someone has been utterly dominated by her can she feel like she understands what it is like to love another, or so she claims. She is not as comfortable with her sadistic tendencies as she once was, however, fearing that they will lead her to hurt the people she loves. She will speak harshly to them or suggest that she might hurt them if she felt like it, but she would never put them in genuine danger or injure them herself.

Meltryllis is very proud of her physical form, calling out at BB and Passionlip for having "excess meat" and seeing herself as the peak of structural beauty. However, it's noted by Caster that this statement may not be entirely true,[8] and she does get noticeably defensive when attention is called to her small bust size.[9] She hates ugliness, but admires those things which display true beauty. When flustered or upset, her speech is prone to becoming overly dramatic.

With her Master, Meltryllis typically continues to act distant and unfriendly, reminding them that she could end their contract any time she wishes and that the Master is not her equal. However, if the Master earns her trust she will eventually begin to be more honest with her feelings and will start to show them her true self: a devoted, pure-hearted maiden whose only wish is to make the person she loves happy even if it comes at the expense of her own happiness.


  • BB: Meltryllis considers her "mother" to be lacking in elegance at best, and will often oppose BB's schemes just to annoy her. She threatens to knee her Master in the stomach if she is put in the same party as BB.
  • Passionlip: Originally she and Lip were enemies, but they have since developed a sisterly bond. Meltryllis still thinks that Lip is a bit dense, but urges her Master to be patient with Lip nevertheless.
  • No Name: Meltryllis insists that she doesn't care about him anymore and says that the next time they meet she'll take his "Don Juan wannabe" face down a peg. It is virtually impossible to tell if Melt still has feelings for him; she herself might not know the answer.
  • Tristan: He gets on her nerves, but Melt admits his voice isn't half bad and calls him the most beautiful Knight of the Round Table. In her opinion, he'd be even more attractive if he just stopped talking.
  • Gawain: Melt likes how he takes care of Passionlip. But she's also jealous that Lip found her knight in shining armor first...
  • Artemis: Melt originally thought she was hallucinating when she first saw Artemis and was shocked to learn that one of the goddesses she admires is "a voluptuous bimbo into a stuffed animal". She fears that being partially made from her essence means that one day she'll be part of a nauseating, PDA-obsessed couple.
  • Hans Christian Andersen: Less than pleased about dealing with him. Would prefer that he read Kiara her last rites, although Andersen says the chances of that are roughly equal to that of Melt ever getting along with "that seaweed head".
  • Kiara Sessoyin: Meltryllis had already been enemies with Kiara before the SE.RA.PH. Singularity, but her murder of Ritsuka deepened their enmity even further. Meltryllis acknowledges that like Kiara she is an embodiment of pleasure, but unlike her she learned how to love someone besides herself. To her, Kiara is an unpleasant reminder of what she could have become were it not for her meeting Hakuno and Ritsuka.
  • Osakabehime: As a fellow collector, Meltryllis can relate to Osakabehime. She occasionally wonders if she should take a look at her online purchase history when they meet.



Meltryllis attacked Shinji Matou and became Berserker's new master.[10][11] Like Passionlip, she also loves Hakuno Kishinami regardless of their gender and expresses her love in her own deranged manner. However, if Archer is the female's Servant, she will love him instead.

She is the main focus in Chapter 6.[12]

In CCC route, it is possible to spare Meltryllis by not using SG on her. However, the sentinel is beyond saving as she begins to slowly fade away. Realizing that to be able to love the Hakuno Kishinami or Archer is good enough for her, she releases them from the boundary of her heart for them to stop BB. As she is deciding to offer the last of her power to assist Rin and Rani VIII, Kiara Sessyoin prevents her by dissolving her quasi-particles and absorbs her instead. Because of this, Meltryllis, along with Passionlip, BB, and Sakura are able to prevent Kiara from achieving status of True Demon due to their love for the protagonist.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Passionlip and Meltryllis performing "Virgin Laser - Palladion"

Meltryllis and Passionlip invaded the school and Gawain fought back and things seem at a disadvantage for him. Karna later appears and allies with Gawain to take both Alter Ego. As Passionlip was cut down, Passionlip and Meltryllis combined an attack called "Virgin Laser - Palladion". Meltryllis attack fails as Gawain's Numeral of the Saint skill was active and Meltryllis was killed by him. She claims her power was restricted and she wasn't able to use her invincibility. As she dies, she wished to meet Hakuno once more.[13][14][15][16]

However, it is later revealed that Meltryllis survived and was used as the inside of the duplicate BB while Kazuradrop could pretend to be Sakura.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Meltryllis, along with BB and Passionlip, is salvaged from Kiara Sessyoin, as she had absorbed them in the Far Side of the Moon, to serve her and manage SE.RA.PH.[17] Meltryllis and Passionlip were infected with parts of her, Karmaphage, to turn them into Sentinels who had no choice but to serve as SE.RA.PH's self-defense mechanisms.[18][19] However, they still refused to obey Kiara. As punishment, Passionlip was bound into a restraining hood that suppressed her personality and Meltryllis was disposed of after having her level forcibly reset to 1.[17]

Meltyrllis was dumped at the church, where she was going to die from lack of magical energy until Ritsuka found her. As they travelled and fought together, Meltryllis fell in love with Ritsuka and swore to protect them at all costs. They eventually managed to free Passionlip (though they could not remove her restraints), won the Holy Grail War, and fought Kiara at the planetarium. They lost however, as their Karmaphages prevented the Alter Egos from being able to harm Kiara. As punishment for their defiance, Kiara broke Meltryllis's hands and dissolved Ritsuka in front of her despite her pleas to let them live. With the last of her willpower, Passionlip then used Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch Meltryllis upwards at the speed needed for Meltryllis to travel back in time to the moment Ritsuka arrived in SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis vowed to redo everything so she could help Ritsuka free the Sentinels from Kiara's influence and fulfill the promise she had made to protect them, knowing that using Virgin Laser - Palladion in this way would cause irreversible damage to her Saint Graph. She then met the past version of herself at the chapel where Ritsuka originally found her, and shared her memories with her. Determining that there was no way she could gather the strength to fight Kiara directly in the limited time available, the past Meltryllis committed suicide without hesitation to prevent Kiara from realizing there were two Meltryllis.[18] All that was left of the past Meltryllis was a broken ceramic doll. Later, Meltryllis shared her memories with BB.

Meltyrllis saves Ritsuka from Suzuka Gozen, and forcibly has them contract with her. She then fights Suzuka, but Suzuka’s Karmaphage reduce her attacks by 90%. Suzuka retreats however when Meltryllis threatens to use her Melt Virus against her. Meltryllis asks Ritsuka if they got their bearings, calling them by name. Ritsuka doesn’t recall giving their name, so Meltryllis claims she overheard it during their talk with BB. She decides they should enter the facility from the main oil deck cable area, given the front gate is completely digitized. She warns Ritsuka that they’ll eventually be disintegrated if they stay too long in digitized areas. In such areas, humans are converted into data after a few hours and imported to SE.RA.PH. Even Servants will only last a few days. Meltryllis warns everyone will be converted into data well before SE.RA.PH reaches the bottom of the trench. She reveals time in SE.RA.PH passes a hundred times quicker than in reality. After she explains SE.RA.PH is based on Seraphix, though it’s significantly larger. The pair then search for a safe haven before Ritsuka is digitized.[20][21]

After hearing about Ritsuka’s circumstances, Meltyrllis claims she saved them by mere happenstance. She then explains what SE.RA.PH and the Moon Holy Grail War are. However, while that Grail War operated like a tournament, the current one is a free-for-all. The pair then encounter Gawain, who wasn’t among the 128 Servants. He claims he was one of the three Servants who rayshifted with Ritsuka, though their memories say otherwise. Meltyrllis gets upset at Ritsuka for initially arriving with three other Servants. After telling Gawain about their circumstances, she demands Ritsuka to tell her about their two other Servants: EMIYA and Tamamo-no-Mae. Though she feels dejected at Ritsuka having other Servants, Meltyrllis realizes she can’t afford to be picky now as she’ll never get another chance. The group decides to search for Ritsuka’s other Servants in addition to finding a safe area. BB then suddenly appears to punish Ritsuka for breaking the rule of having more than one Servant. She then summons Robin Hood and orders him to kill the group. After they kill Robin, BB claims she’ll let Ritsuka go free if they either win her Grail War, or discover the secret behind SE.RA.PH. She reveals she locked several passageways that she’ll discreetly open for a fee. Then, after explaining the Sentinels and their function, BB resurrects Robin and sends him away.[20]

Later, Meltryllis explains most Servants in SE.RA.PH have fallen into depravity. She also reveals the Masters died long ago when they summoned their Servants; the current set of Servants never even saw their Masters before being sent to SE.RA.PH. The group come across what Ritsuka assumes is a Grail. Upon touching it, they see the final memories of a Seraphix crew member.[20]

The group eventually comes to a fork; one path leads to the Chest while the other leads to the Thighs. Meltryllis reveals the current area, the Hair, is relatively safe, but the Chest may have survivors. The group is then confronted by Tristan, who tries to kill Meltryllis under the assumption that she works for BB. They fight him until Ritsuka and Gawain convince him to join. Meltryllis is annoyed another Servant has joined, thinking she was going to be Ritsuka’s only Servant. Tristan explains his circumstances. He recalls encountering an Alter Ego many times, each time forced to retreat to avoid being crushed. He calls the path to leading the Chest, Breast Valley, the Alter Ego’s domain. Meltryllis reveals the Alter Ego is Passionlip.[20]

The group comes to Breast Valley when Ritsuka feels the effects of digitization. They encounter Mable Macintosh, and she believes Ritsuka’s Servants are insane like the ones she encountered so far. Upon noticing Ritsuka’s Chaldean uniform, though, she calms down and introduces herself. She begs Gawain to kill Meltryllis upon noticing the latter, asserting that humans and Alter Egos are mortal enemies. However, her pursuer, Passionlip, soon catches up to her. Passionlip also crushed the new 128 Servants when they arrived. Meltryllis reveals Passionlip is a Sentinel. The group fights her, but they’re forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crush on the passageway. With the passageway now compressed into a cube and their path to the Chest gone, the group return to the fork with Mable.[20]

Later, Marble reveals the one only survivors beside her are Arnold Beckman, Ms. Trapayne, and Holly since they stayed in the Central Command Room. However, the only people left in the Command Room are her and Arnold before she ran away when food got scarce. Meltryllis reveals there is a chapel in the Thighs that can be used as a safe haven since it has magical protection and too many indecipherable elements to be digitized. However, Vlad III guards that area, so he must be defeated if the group wish to get to the chapel. They eventually encounter Vlad and defeat him. Before disappearing, he reveals EMIYA is in the chapel, though he is not be trusted.[20]

The group enters the chapel, only to find EMIYA Alter (much to Meltryllis’ disappointment). He explains BB switched him for his regular self. He reveals there is a terminal hidden behind the altar that contains a report. However, it is locked to even Servants and Alter Egos, so its key needs to be found. The group believes the report may contain a clue and decide to search for the key tomorrow. Meltryllis decides to rest outside after Marble again asserts Alter Egos are dangerous to humans. Ritsuka notices a broken ceramic figure near the wall, not knowing they’re the remains of the past Meltryllis. Meltyrllis claims it was probably something EMIYA Alter knocked over, and tells Ritsuka to ignore it. After sending Ritsuka to bed, she coments it’s just like them to notice “‘’her’’” even though they do not know what’s going on. She thanks them, glad at least someone noticed “‘’her’’” even if it’s just remains.[20]

After purchasing the terminal key from BB, Ritsuka uses it on the terminal. They view the record and tell everyone about it. Meltryllis reveals the planetarium is in the middle of SE.RA.PH, and it’s the source of the digitization. Ritsuka, Meltryllis and Gawain decide to continue exploring while Tristan and Marble stay in the chapel. EMIYA Alter leaves to kill the Servants. Meltryllis assures Ritsuka that they can rayshift back to Chaldea as long as SHEBA continues to observe them. She doesn’t think she can leave SE.RA.PH, nor does she think she should. But she will fight to help ensure Ritsuka can leave, claiming her contract with them is only out of necessity. She tells them not to be sad for her because to a human’s perspective an Alter Ego is more akin to a doll. She assures them she’ll always remain by their side[20]

The group discovers the upper part of the Arm. BB contacts them, and introduces them to the next Sentinel, Tamamo Cat, who also claims to have come with Ritsuka. After Cat is defeated, BB sends her down a trapdoor out of annoyance that she forgot to use her Karmaphage. She warns there is only one real world hour left before SE.RA.PH hits the seabed before ending contact.[22][23][24]

Eventually, the group makes it to the Flank Seperator. A memory appears that Ritsuka promptly touches it. After they view the memory, the group soon comes to the area’s final area. Meltryllis asks Ritsuka if they truly intend to recruit Cat. She and EMIYA Alter agree that it’d be less troublesome to just kill her. Then asked by Gawain, Meltryllis explains that the Alter Egos were originally salvaged to be Sentinels. But Sentinels don't need to Alter Egos, they just need a Spirit Origin that can handle a Karmaphage. The group eventually encounters Cat and fights her. After she is defeated, EMIYA Alter seemingly fatally shoots her. However, she lives because he used his knowledge of Magic Circuits to target and destroy the parts of her Spirit Origin infected by the Karmaphage. Now free of BB’s control, Cat joins the group.[22]

Returning to the chapel, the group note the areas they’ve yet to explore. Meltryllis reveals SE.RA.PH. has a two layer structure, with a front side and back side. She was a back side Sentinel before BB scrapped her for disobedience. Humans and Servants cannot cross the border between the sides though, only Sentinels can. Thus, the only way to get to the back side would be to flip SE.RA.PH over. Ritsuka realizes there is a way to flip SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis reveals they can reach the Command Room through the back side, where they can flip SE.RA.PH. again to arrive at the Chest. While this method will help them bypass Breast Valley, they’ll still need to fight Passionlip. However, she will help them if her restraints are destroyed.[22]

Joined by Cat and EMIYA Alter, the group arrive at the Flank Separator. Ritsuka hits the Separator using a tickling hand they bought from BB, and SE.RA.PH starts shaking. BB sends a Sentinel, Elizabeth Bathory, to punish them for their transgression. The group defeat her when Passionlip approaches. Gawain holds her off, while Ritsuka successfully flips SE.RA.PH.[22]

Arriving on the back side, the group is greeted by Suzuka. She ignores BB’s orders to escort them and fights them. After the fight, BB orders her to return to the temple. She tells the group to check out the Nape if they plan to head to the Command Roon. She then leaves saying the Seraphix’s crew brought the crisis on themselves, and Seraphix was never just an oil rig. The group soon comes to a gate reserved for employees that reported directly to the Animuspheres. They’re forced to destroy its defenses when they fail to present identification. They eventually meet Robin again, who warns Passionlip is waiting for them on the front side. He also reveals BB developed a weapon that can break “the shackles” on Passionlip’s heart, along with her restraints. He then takes everyone except EMIYA Alter back to the front side.[25][26]

The group arrives back on the front side being approached by Passionlip. BB reveals the only way to defeat Passionlip is to use the Maiden Coaster, a battle to conquer the mind. It is connected to the Code Cast Ritsuka bought earlier. They only need to place their hand on Passionlip’s chest, but the group will need to pin her down first. Gawain arrives to hold Passionlip long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest. Upon doing so they’re converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip’s mindscape. In the aftermath of this mental battle, Passionlip’s Karmaphage is removed, and she collapses. After Cat returns to the chapel carrying Passionlip, Robin sneaks off somewhere. Ritsuka, Meltryllis, and Gawain then continue into the Command Room.[25]

Inside they find and kill a Demon God. Afterwards, they then meet Arnold Beckman. He tries to stop the group from viewing the room’s records by asserting they can only access by those authorized by the Animusphere’s head. He also insists the planetarium doesn’t exist. Meltryllis however reveals the data was deleted long before they arrived, so they’ll have to find the planetarium themselves. She then finds a passcode for the chapel terminal, which she notes wasn’t there “last time”. Ritsuka asks what she means by that, but she insists it was nothing and changes the subject. Beckman explains the situation regarding the Demon God, which Ritsuka and Gawain both note was unusually weaker than previous ones. The group then return to the chapel with Beckman. Passionlip is awake when they return. After introducing herself and apologizing for the trouble she caused as a Sentinel, Passionlip joins the party.[25]

Afterwards, Ritsuka accesses the record on the terminal. After the record ends, Meltryllis confesses she knew Zepar summoned BB to serve as his navigator by running SE.RA.PH. BB however placed restrictions on her and Passionlip to prohibited them from revealing SE.RA.PH’s true origin and purpose. She is surprised though BB allowed a record revealing Zepar’s plan to exist. EMIYA Alter surmises Zepar somehow learned of the Moon Holy Grail War from a different timeline, and summoned BB to transform Seraphix into SE.RA.PH so he can be reborn. Meltryllis reveals BB summoned Servants to procure the Pseudo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running and use their deaths from the “Moon Holy Grail War” as a fuel source. The group decides to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar’s plan.[25]

Out of consideration for the others, Meltryllis and Passionlip stand guard outside the church. Lip asks Melt what happened to make her views of humanity soften while she was away, suggesting that Ritsuka might be the cause. Melt dodges the question, and in an attempt to change the subject Passionlip asks how Melt injured her hands. Deciding to trust her with the truth, Meltryllis shares her memories with Passionlip. She then asks her to lend her the use of Virgin Laser- Palladion, promising that this time they will defeat Kiara.[25]

The next morning, everyone discovers Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltryllis and Passionlip are accused by everyone except Ritsuka and Cat because they’re Alter Egos. Meltryllis asserts they were outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow her to ambush him. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while he continues to stay behind to protect Marble and Arnold. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can monitor him. He is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn’t especially concerned. Thus, he’ll have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter monitors the Alter Egos.[25]

Returning to the back side, the group head towards the Spine, the center of SE.RA.PH. Along the way, Meltryllis is happy to see Passionlip talking with Cat, finding it rare for her to speak up without concern about what others might think. She therefore rescinds her previous belief that Ritsuka’s decision to recruit Cat instead of killing her was a mistake. Shethen explains Suzuka’s temple is at the spine, and Suzuka is charged with the back side. However, the group finds the Spine has been gated off. Beckman then contacts them, ordering them to flip SE.RA.PH. once they’re at the spine to arrive at the planetarium. He also reveals SE.RA.PH will the reach the bottom of the trench in 15 real world minutes, or 24 hours in SE.RA.PH time. He ends his transmission, saying he’ll meet them at the planetarium. Meltryllis promises Passionlip that they’ll leave Beckman overnight at the most dangerous place in SE.RA.PH in response to Passionlip being upset at him for treating Ritsuka like a flunky. If he’s still alive in the morning, he should be more appreciative of his own insignificance. Meltryllis tells Passionlip to remember that any human can be useful once they’ve learned a little humility. Ritsuka asks her if she’s hiding something, to which she replies it’s only natural if she’s only using them to come out on top in the end. She asks them if they’ll still trust her knowing that.[27]

Entering the Spine, the group soon arrives at Suzuka’s temple. Suzuka proves too fast and strong for the group to pin her long enough for Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster. Beckman suddenly contacts them to warn SE.RA.PH has started to sink faster, so he orders them to defeat Suzuka quicker. Cat uses her ultimate technique to trap Suzuka in response to her conviction to win for her Master. Ritsuka uses this opportunity to open Suzuka’s Maiden Coaster with the key they bought from BB earlier. Following the mental battle, Suzuka tries to jump off a cliff. Cat stops her though and convinces her to join them. Suddenly, a Demon God emerges from the ground and knocks Meltryllis into the dump.[27]

Meltryllis awakens to find her legs broken from the fall and despairs over her inability to protect Ritsuka once again. Ritsuka and Suzuka then arrive to save her, and out of sheer relief she begs Ritsuka to hold her hand. Suzuka protects Meltryllis and Ritsuka from the monsters, but they seem to be innumerable. The trio try to retreat, but they find the cable has been cut. Tristan arrives to save them, but now he's also trapped with them. Meltryllis warns that Beckman will self-destruct from his desires if he enters the planetarium. She then realizes they're in the Calf when BB arrives to confirm the Cruel Thenar, Meltryllis's former workplace, is ahead. She prepares to send the group further down into SE.RA.PH, warning it'll reach the seabed in five and a half hours.[27]

BB sends the group to the Cruel Thenar. Meltryllis reveals Seraphix’s true purpose is to investigate Leylines. She then asks Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster, knowing they bought the key to it from BB earlier. If defeated in her mindscape, her Karmaphage will also disappear, and the area will be unlocked. Following the mental battle, Meltryllis insists that Ritsuka leaves her behind since she’s too weak to help them any further, But Ritsuka insists on bringing her back to the chapel to recover. The group enters the chapel, but they see no signs of Arnold, Marble, or EMIYA Alter. BB then announces SE.RA.PH will soon reach the seabed and offers the chance to fight her at the planetarium. After the others leave for the planetarium, Meltryllis notes she and Passionlip were the only ones left last time. She implores Suzuka, Cat, and Tristan to give Ritsuka a fighting chance. She suspects Kiara won’t able to consume them as they’re not Alter Egos.[27]

Meltryllis is killed by Kiara along with the rest of Ritsuka’s allies, though their deaths were undone when BB reserved time. Like everyone else, she ends up in the classroom used to keep Hakuno and the other Masters safe during the CCC incident. After explaining time travel in the digital world, BB reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara’s plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War’s conclusion. She also reveals Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become Beast III/R, though she’s still bound to it. The group then prepares to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet and unleashing her full power.[17]

Before that, Meltryllis admits to Ritsuka that she, BB, and Passionlip have a connection to the school. She says she’s almost fully recovered, so she asks Ritsuka to take her with them when they leave to fight Kiara. Ritsuka thanks her for everything, but she feels she should thank them. She states she and Passionlip will return to their world if SE.RA.PH ceases, and their bond with Ritsuka will be severed. She will stay with them until then. She prepares to leave when Ritsuka asks if she’s hiding anything. She answers she isn’t, saying the past is the past. She bids them farewell, asking them to give her regards to BB if they escape SE.RA.PH.[17]

The group arrives back at the planetarium. Kiara asks Meltryllis why she helps Ritsuka, deciding to take her time destroying her, starting with her hands. Meltryllis mocks her by saying she’ll regret not destroying her legs first. Kiara then reveals she became a Beast out of jealousy of the delight she felt from Zepar’s memories of the Battle at the Time Temple. Meltryllis describes how Kiara used her love, words, and devotion for her own benefit, fooling everyone with her saint-like appearance. She refutes Kiara’s claims of loving humans and wanting to save them, noting Kiaras sees herself as the only human, and everyone else exists solely for her amusement. Kiara reveals she wishes to be worshiped as a god of pleasure, and tries to convert the group into her followers. It is negated, however, by BB’s secret weapon that counteracts the erotic magical energy in SE.RA.PH for the next five minutes, and her powers are further suppressed by “Kiara Punishers” developed by BB. Kiara then fights the group more directly. They defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. SE.RA.PH accelerates, and a colossal number of Demon Gods manifest. Meltryllis points out to Kiara that disabling SE.RA.PH’s gravitational field has left it defenseless. At her request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells to empower her and Passionlip. Meltryllis then has BB transport everyone except her and Passionlip to safety.[18]

Meltryllis smiles as she recalls how fun the past days have been, without a hint of sadness in them. As Passionlip prepares Virgin Laser - Palladion, Meltyrllis asks her for forgiveness for leaving her behind back then. Passionlip says it’s nothing, and launches Meltryllis at Kiara. Meltryllis crashes into Kiara and smashes her heart, telling her it’s only natural to protect one’s love and dreams with one’s life. As her body crumbles away, Kiara turns her hair into Demon Gods to grab Meltryllis in an effort to possess her. Her effort is made in vain though when EMIYA Alter destroys the Demon Gods entangling Meltryllis. Tristan then puts a cable around Meltryllis’s waist and has her pulled up to safety. Kiara’s body soon crumbles away completely.[18]

Meltryllis finds herself in BB’s studio, surprised that she is still alive. She is surprised When Passionlip tells her it was Tristan who pulled her up. She asks what happened to EMIYA Alter, to which BB suspects he went down with Kiara using the last of his strength to free Meltyryllis from her grasp. Meltryllis then asks why Tristan would save her. BB answers that Tristan was always there to protect her. She suspects he noticed Meltryllis’ broken hands when they fought, and he saw she resembled Isolde. Meltyrllis finds it unbelievable that Tristan would save her for such a reason. She then begins to disappear as a consequence of using Virgin Laser - Palladion a second time. BB tells her she and Passionlip will cease to exist once they disappear, as they were born from Kiara, so the Moon Cell won’t receive them. She’ll save their cores as cubes so they can be resummoned as Heroic Spirits, although they won’t remember their actions in SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis is fine with that, and thanks Tristan and EMIYA Alter for saving her. BB tells her she’ll have her data saved before she disappears. Meltryllis accepts Ritsuka isn’t the same one who found her at the church. She states she didn’t fight wanting to be loved, rather, she flew from the “lake“ for love. She asks BB to tell Ritsuka that they’ll meet again if fate permits it, and Passionlip to give Ritsuka a kiss on the cheek for her before finally disappearing.[18]

Summer Event: Las Vegas Official Bout[]

Other appearances[]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, she part of the Imperial Roma talent agency.


With her All Drain function, a top-class synthesizing ability even among the Alter Egos produced by BB, Meltryllis surpasses even her creator, BB.[2] Although Meltryllis can’t completely absorb enemies into herself the way that BB can, she can melt them into a pure Magical Energy form and then absorb them as Experience Points.[6] BB states that Meltryllis is an unmanageable ego who ranks next to her; someone who can “quickly grow strong if left alone.”[28] Meltryllis is always improving her level, up to the limits of her fuselage. By the start of the 6th Chapter of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Meltryllis in her greed had stolen enough XP from Servants and NPCs to increase her level to 999.[12] Having increased her level to the maximum,[6] Meltryllis had stopped the level counter.[12] Rin Tohsaka states that even using all of the processing power in the old school building, it would take about 10 years to analyze Melt’s wavelength.[11] Even Gilgamesh after having decided to fight for Hakuno Kishinami's sake, and lifted the ban preventing him from using Enuma Elish,[29] was at a disadvantage against Meltryllis, and was forced to run away from her multiple times.[12]

If only Meltryllis weren’t bound by the level cap, she would be an Advanced AI surpassing even BB. She planned to take over if BB failed to reach the Moon Cell core. Then, the first thing she would do is remove the limits on her level. By doing so, she would be able to grow infinitely, as long as there were humans. If she raised her level to one trillion, she shouldn’t be deleted, even if the Moon Cell subsumes her. Hakuno Kishinami wonders if BB had realized that she had given birth to an Alter Ego that might happen to destroy her, not to mention the Moon Cell.[12] Meltryllis would also become the most terrible of monsters, even surpassing BB, if she happened to possess Kingprotea’s “Huge Scale” skill, which effectively removes the level cap.[6]


Meltryllis states that her performance in battle is all she has to offer her Master. She claims that her hands aren't very sensitive, so she is not the best at delicate operations, however, her other stats are the best out of all the Alter Egos.[24] Being the smartest of the Sakura Five,[23] Meltryllis is different from Passionlip, and doesn’t play around.[11] Even from just having exchanged a few blows with Meltryllis, Hakuno Kishinami states that she surpasses Elizabeth Báthory in strength.[10] Although Meltryllis claims to be capable of slicing about anything up, she states that she would have no chance of physically overpowering Passionlip, who boasts the highest strength out of all the Sakura Five.[26] Nevertheless, in terms of compatibility, Meltryllis is Passionlip's natural enemy. The Alter Ego sisters seem to enjoy a triangular power relationship where Passionlip beats Kingprotea, Kingprotea beats Meltryllis, and Meltryllis beats Passionlip.[30]

In Fate/EXTRA CCC, it was possible to defeat Meltryllis thanks to Shinji Matou's trap. After secretly reducing his own level to minus 999, he teased Meltryllis to have her drain him, gaining a minus 999 level debt from him. With her former power vanished into mist, Meltryllis doesn’t have more power than an average Servant, and thus, she decides to withdraw to start draining humans again. Although she claimed that she wouldn't face Hakuno again until she had recovered a suitable level satisfying her, during their final battle, she was still a shadow compared to her former self. However, due to the fight taking place inside her heart, she was able to maintain her level at its default state. Because her default level is well below the level cap, she was defeated by Hakuno Kishinami and their Servant.[12]

During the events of the SE.RA.PH. Singularity, Meltryllis suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Beast III/R, as the Karma Phage she had installed prevented her from causing harm to Kiara.[19] In order to revert back these events and defeat Kiara, Meltryllis traveled back in time to before it all began using Virgin Laser- Palladion. Although this is normally possible in SE.RA.PH, this time, it was nigh impossible due to Kiara’s sexual allure acting as a pseudo gravitational field. In order to overpower Kiara's field, Meltryllis needed to exceed the speed of light. Although that is definitely possible in the digital world, the Spiritrons that compose her Saint Graph wouldn’t be able to survive the stress of those speeds. Accelerating to those speeds would make short work of even an A-rank Servant.[17] Because she had pushed herself too hard to get there, by the time the player first meets Meltryllis, she says she is unfortunately just "a tad below her peak performance level". She states that if she were really unlucky, she could even end up losing to a lower-class opponent. After making a temporary contract with Ritsuka Fujimaru, she asks him to be ready with a Command Spell if necessary. If Ritsuka could be generous enough to use one to let her unleash her Noble Phantasm at the start of the battle, that would be even better. Although Meltryllis is weakened in this state, her poison still works, and was able to force Suzuka Gozen to withdraw.[21] The damage to her Saint Graph inflicts a slow but unavoidable level draining effect on her, and only her own willpower and resolve to help Ritsuka gives her the strength to keep fighting.

During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Kazuradrop devoured Meltryllis just like she had Passionlip, stealing most of her power.[16] Although they still had their skills and Noble Phantasms they could no longer use them due to regulations.[14] No longer been complete,[13] Gawain empowered by the protection of the Sun was strong enough to fight both Passionlip and Meltryllis simultaneously.[13][14][15] Despite being severely weakened, Gawain is still impressed at how skillful Meltryllis is, who is capable of blocking Gawain's attacks multiple times.[13] Even though Karna states that Gawain should be able to handle both of them, he joins him in their battle following Jinako Carigiri's orders. By working together, they defeat the Alter Egos rather rapidly.[14]


During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Meltryllis acquired "Invincibility."[12] Her invincibility is not simple defensive power or a special skill that gives her this quality.[11] Meltryllis has not falsified herself, but the system through an illegal modification. By hacking into SE.RA.PH’s administrative system and overwriting the first item of the basic rule, she made it so that “Meltryllis cannot be injured.”[12] Meltryllis claims that she is invincible and immortal due to this and that there is nothing in the Moon Cell that can hurt her.[11]

Gilgamesh blocks Meltryllis' surprise attack.

The first time Hakuno Kishinami and their Servant fought Meltryllis in a one-on-one duel, they couldn't hurt her at all. Although her battle strength certainly exceeds theirs, Hakuno stated that the difference shouldn’t be this overwhelming, and made them wonder if Meltryllis also had the Ten Crowns just like BB. It is then revealed that Meltryllis wasn't going all out when she starts to charge her legs with more power than before, and Hakuno states that they won't be able to defend. They say that there is no chance for them to win because she nullifies all attacks, and decide to withdraw.[11] Hakuno states that even if they broke her invincibility, they can’t cross blades with Meltryllis. Her attack power is so incredible it fills Hakuno with unease.[12]

Normally, Sakura Matou should be able to return Meltryllis to normal by checking the SE.RA.PH administrative system and debugging it. However, in CCC, her right to run system checks was nullified by BB, who was controlling the Far Side of the Moon. To lift Meltryllis’s Invincibility, the student council planned to have Hakuno Kishinami enter the Moon Cell core zone and access the SE.RA.PH’s foundational system themselves. Rani VIII states that such as strategy where Hakuno and their Servant would have to remove the illegal rule before Meltryllis catches them has less than 10% chance of success. In the end, it was actually BB the one that removed this modification, saying that the only one who should be allowed invincibility is herself. Even then, Meltryllis still overwhelms Hakuno's servant.[12]


Class Skills[]

  • High-Servant (A Rank): Artificial Servant created by combining multiple mythological essences.[2] In Meltryllis' case, three goddesses. The first is the pure-hearted Greek Goddess of virginity, Artemis. The second is a Goddess that appears in the Old Testament, Leviathan. Or perhaps the Rod of Asclepius version that is based on Ugaritic (Semitic) mythology, where she is known as Litan. The third is the Hindu Goddess of rivers, Saraswati. She has the power to manipulate anything that “flows.” Including natural phenomena, like wind or water, and also other things like music, speech, and prose.[6] After meeting her for the first time at the end of Chapter 2 in Fate/EXTRA CCC, Gilgamesh states that it is a shame a shame that she has no Mesopotamian lineage. He says that if Ishtar were among them, he would have unsealed Ea right there no questions asked, rather than later on.[10]
  • Divine Core of the Goddess (B Rank): A Skill representing one as a perfect goddess from birth. It has the effect of preserving the absolute nature of one's mind and body. Repels all forms of mental interference, prevents the body's growth and maintains one's figure no matter how much calories are ingested.[2]
  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Invalidates spells with a chant below three verses. Even if one is targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be wounded.[2]
  • Independent Action (A Rank): The ability to act independently for a while even if the supply of Magical Energy from the Master is rejected. An Alter Ego which exists as 『another aspect of an existence』 can act alone even without a Master. Meltryllis is more geared towards Independent Action, but this seems to be due to her heart which finds "an étoile (star) shining on the stage all by herself" beautiful.[2]
  • Riding (B Rank): The ability to ride mounts. As long as it is an animal that exists in reality, she can ride it, even if it is a wild one.[2][5] Usually, knight-type Servants, such as Saber or Rider, would have this skill but... Why Meltryllis possesses this skill is something best left to the imagination.[5]

Personal Skills[]

  • All Drain/Melt Virus (EX Rank): The special powers possessed by the Alter Egos since birth called id es. A cheat skill evolved from Absorption. The highest grade of energy drain. It makes draining, copying and scaling down possible. The process of draining is: The virus produced inside Meltryllis' body is injected into the target in the form of nectar (poison), melting the parameters stolen at that time, such as "experience points", "skills" and "capacity". After that, she absorbs, converts and turns the parameters liquefied by her virus into a part of herself. Something like that. If it possesses a shape, organic matter, inorganic substance, no matter what it might be, she can drain it, but if it's something shapeless...such things as a spiritual nature or skills, although they can be liquefied, converting them into "something of her own" is difficult so it seems like she can only use them as simple nutrients. Due to this, "experience points" and "capacity" are the main things she can make "her own".[2][5] Utilizing this ability, Meltryllis plans to augment "my own transcription." She created a transference-type of virus that would melt all the contents of an electronic body and transform them into herself... Meltryllis.[5] In Fate/EXTRA CCC, she managed to pull off a drastic move where she scaled down humans and Servants, shrinking them to minimum size and she sent them into the enemy's body as a virus. In Fate/Grand Order, making no distinction between friend or foe, it has the effect of reducing (draining) the power of Noble Phantasms while increasing the power of her own.[2]
  • Crime Ballet (A Rank): Merely a battle style. A number of combat skills created as a result of Meltryllis, who adores classic ballet, retuning herself. She came to possess diverse abilities by converting already perfected stories and settings into skills. 『The Name on the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle』『Unforgivable Hilarion』『Farewell Albrecht』『The Siren Who Burns Entrails』and so on. Originally, Meltryllis is an Alter Ego created from BB's "Altruism Desire" and "Pleasure", its true nature being the figure of an abnormally lovely maiden who can't help but stir up the desire in men to protect her―――――is how it used to be. Although it appears her adoration for ballet is due to that image, perhaps due to the influence of the skill that continues to steal the opponent's abilities, currently, her personality is quite belligerent.[2]
  • Sadistic Constitution (A Rank): A Skill that provides a bonus correction to one's aggression during battle. It seems like a positive Skill, but the longer its possessor stays in combat, the more their abusive disposition will grow, causing them to lose their usual composure. It could be called a skill that causes one to rampage just one step short of becoming a Berserker. One becomes stronger the more they attack, but on the other hand, their defensive power drops. Since it also has the negative aspect of unconsciously lowering the possibility that the possessor would withdraw, you could say that it has a bad compatibility with the usually composed Meltryllis.[2][5]
  • Saint Graph Expansion (B Rank): A skill similar but dissimilar to Shapeshift. Meltryllis' essence is water, and if she felt like it, she could behave like a fluid. The mythological essences who became her foundation...the god of rivers and civilization, Saraswati; the great tidal wave swallowing cities, Leviathan; these two grant her a perfectly slipstream-like constitution.[2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Meltryllis' Noble Phantasm is Saraswati Meltout.

In combination with Passionlip, Meltryllis can also use Virgin Laser - Palladion, modeled after the goddess Athena's spear. This is a super long-distance Noble Phantasm where Meltryllis - whose whole body's been turned into a Noble Phantasm by transforming into a liquid state - is fired as a projectile, using the space compressing ability of Passionlip's Trash & Crush as a shooting device (catapult).[2] By combining Passionlip's Brynhildr Romantia and Meltryllis' Saraswati Meltout, Meltryllis is lauched like a spear moving faster than the speed of light.[19]

In the SE.RA.PH. Singularity, this Noble Phantasm was responsible for dealing the finishing blow to Beast III/R. Thanks to BB sealing away Kiara's skills with her Anti-R-18 Field: Wisdom Hold Intelligence Powered,[18] the combined efforts of Meltryllis, Passionlip, and Tristan were able to overpower her, and the combined efforts of BB and Suzuka Gozen with her Trichiliocosm ability managed to stop the expansion of SE.RA.PH. After having lifted the veil that was her greatest protection, Kiara was left defenseless and exposed. Ritsuka Fujimaru used all his remaining Command Spells on Passionlip and Meltryllis to give them extra Magical Energy to empower their Virgin Laser - Palladion. Since SE.RA.PH/Kiara’s body wouldn’t stay intact long enough to reach the Earth’s core, she tried to take over Melt’s body by transforming her hair into Demon God Pillars, however, EMIYA Alter shot down them down, giving Meltryllis enough time to finish her off.[19]

During the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Meltryllis and Passionlip are unable to use their skills and Noble Phantasms due to a regulation preventing them from doing so. However, Virgin Laser - Palladion serves as a loophole due to being a combined attack.[14] Being extremely weakened due to Kazuradrop having previously devoured most of their power,[16] Gawain empowered by the protection of the Sun was able to take a direct hit from this Noble Phantasm without suffering a single scratch.[15]


Fate/EXTRA CCC - Meltryllis Skills list

  • Unforgivable Hilarion (許されぬヒラリオン, Yurusarenu Hirarion?): From the classical ballet "GiselleWP" (「ジゼル」, "Jizeru"?). HilarionWP (ヒラリオン, Hirarion?), who deceived Giselle, is caught by the Wilis and comes to pay for this crime. He is not forgiven and without waiting for daybreak, they make him dance in ecstasy until he dies from exhaustion.[5] She does a spin dance for this self apply skill, when using ATTACK, it grants MP absorption effect.
  • Farewell Albrecht (さよならアルブレヒト, Sayonara Aruburehito?): From the classical ballet "Giselle." AlbrechtWP (アルブレヒト, Aruburehito?) is taken prisoner by the wilis but due to Giselle saving him, his life is spared. When Albrecht, who was spared from death by exhaustion, raises his face, the form of the girl he most loved disappears like an illusion.[5] She does a spin dance for this self apply skill, she turns invincible her the whole turn.
  • The Name on the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle (踵の名は魔剣ジゼル, Kakato no Na wa Maken Jizeru?): From the classical ballet "Giselle". Having fallen into despair to being betrayed by her beloved Albrecht through the machinations of Hilarion, Giselle uses his sword in a frenzied dance, during which she dies. Women who die before marriage become ghosts known as wilis. Giselle becomes one of the wilis, who capture men and dance them to death, but ultimately leaves them to forgive Albrecht.[5] She produce beams of energy blade by kicking, the shock wave from the heel causes 30% damage depending on your HP.
  • The Siren Who Burns Entrails (臓腑を灼くセイレーン, Zōfu wo Yaku Seirēn?): From the classical ballet "The Prodigal SonWP" (「放蕩息子」, "Hōtō Musuko"?). A country feudal lord's son, out of admiration for life in the city, runs away. There are many temptations lurking in the city, the most extreme of which is the enchantress, Siren, who corrupts men the wiles she's come to possess from a life of adversity.[5] Her metallic leg would heats up, it causes physical damage by piercing the enemy with her knee spike and at the same time absorbs health.
  • Odile, the Demon Who Invites the Prince (王子を誘う魔のオディール, Ōji wo Sasou Ma no Odīru?): Based on the ballet called "Swan LakeWP" (「白鳥の湖」, "Hakuchō no Mizūmi"?), OdileWP (オディール, Odīru?) magically disguised as Odette in order to help her father trick Prince Siegfried. She does a series of fast kick and a strong blow at the end. It causes Physical damage, there is no additional effect but the damage is much higher.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


A mysterious Servant that appeared in Las Vegas. Although her identity is unknown, she is water and penguin (which she insists is actually a Leviathan in spite of all evidence to the contrary) Servant who is a top-notch ballet dancer, artistic goddess, and this time also shows off her talent as a figure skater.

Owner of "Suiten-gū", one of the five largest casinos in Vegas. The casino is mostly slots, but at any rate the wind speed is fast.... It is unknown what happens to the customers (Servants) who are left penniless on the roadside, but it's rumored they're captured by Lambdas to become experience points.

Primadonna on the water, and, charismatic figure skater. Named the queen of the sea who unleashes various waves. War-like and Ruthless. The queen attribute is a oppressive hobby. A person who prefers structural beauty and does not tolerate the unseemly. She is highly conceited because of her perfection and ability to accomplish everything on her own.

Usually a sweetheart, but this time as a professional figure skater pleasured by the audience's applause, in addition her hobby is (somewhat) sealed. Nonetheless, the core part of "I make my beauty absolute on my own standards" remains the same. No matter how beautiful and popular the other swimsuit blademasters are, she smiles elegantly, "Yes, but what is most beautiful?"

Because she is a star who hides their identity, there is a reward for zealous fans who don't reveal her private life. She claims to be a mysterious Alter Ego, not Meltryllis. She isn't usually overly charismatic in front of her sisters (is that so?), anyway her spiritual foundation is claimed to be a professional artist and lambda. In addition, she has become "jealous" due to Leviathan's influence, but she was originally obsessed with love and attached to "the only thing she loves", so the jealously was there from the beginning.

Leviathan is a giant demonic beast in the sea recorded in the Old Testament, the Book of Job. After the final judgement, a giant demonic beast is created to serve humanity. it is the demonic beast BehemothWP that lives on the land, the demonic beast Leviathan lives in the sea.

It is said that Leviathan and Behemoth were a match (pair), Behemoth was a gentle herbivore, but Leviathan was a ferocious beast.

Leviathan is considered by all to be female, and later drawn in the image of a giant serpent. Before the Middle Ages, the sea was adjoined with death for the people, it became considered as a devil because of its ferociousness, eventually it was circulated as a great demon that symbolized "jealousy" among "The Seven Deadly Sins". Leviathan holds a status after Satan and Beelzebub, and the authority as a naval admiral in hell. According to the Book of Job, it is excessively huge, causing the sea to swirl and rushing waves just by swimming.

"No Matter how ferocious, if you are a divine girl, you are a goddess★"

A hyper-interpretation bursting from BB.


Class Skills:

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Invalidates magic invoked through arias with less than three verses. Even greater magecraft and Greater Rituals will have a hard time wounding Lambda.[31]
  • Riding (C Rank): A talent/ability for riding. Having become a Lancer, the rank dropped.[31]
  • Independent Action (EX Rank): The ability to be self-reliant for a while even if the Magical Energy supply from her Master is cut. As an Alter Ego that is "a different aspect of a certain being", she is capable of acting independently even without a Master. Having awakened to not only ballet but also figure skating, her "Star Upon a Stage" has been further refined. Before her charisma, the contractor would surely rather be the Servant who supports her. Perhaps.[31]

Personal Skills:

  • Swan Lake (A Rank): By suppressing her "Sadistic Constitution" skill, "Crime Ballet" has transformed into this. In exchange for diluting its offensive and evasive aspects, she has become a dancer who can mesmerize the audience for even longer and in a more beautiful manner. Her Arts performance is raised for 5 turns. At max rank, the cooldown is reduced to 4 turns, and by stacking it, the chance for "the greatest triple axel" will arrive as well.[31]
  • Perfect Fluid (B Rank): The Authority of Leviathan. She fills the world with seawater by turning herself into a fluid state. Invincibility + buff removal resistance + the field is changed to "waterside" for 3 turns. The only way to defeat a Melt who has used this skill would be with invincibility pierce.[31]
  • Melt Envy (EX Rank): Tainted by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Envy. Due to the influence of Leviathan, the Melt Virus has transformed. She steals 20~30% of the Noble Phantasm gauges of the party's Servants, concentrates the critical stars on herself, and raises the might of her Noble Phantasm. It charges her gauge by 60% at maximum. It might appear to be powerful at first glance, but it is a devilish skill that can throw the party off-kilter in a critical moment.[31]

Noble Phantasm:
Meltryllis' Noble Phantasms are Blue Summer Palladion and Leviathan Melt Purge.

"First" BB[]

In Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Kazuradrop used Meltryllis as a core to create a puppet taking the appearance of BB.

Main article: Kazuradrop#"First" BB



  1. Meltryllis' name was originally romanized by TYPE-MOON as Meltlilith on the Fate/Extra CCC official website in 2011 and material books like Fate/EXTRA material in 2013. As of the release of Fate/Grand Order, they began to use Meltryllis as of Fate/Grand Order Servant Storage II in 2017.


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    Alter Ego S

    • Master: BB
    • Identity: Meltlilith
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 190cm/33kg
    • Alignment:Lawful Good
    • Strength: E
    • Endurance: C
    • Agility: A+
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: EX

    Class Skills

    • Melt Virus: EX

    Personal Skills

    • Sadistic Constitution: A
    • Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm

    • Sarasvati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five-String Biwa

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1 ~ 999
    Maximum number of targets: 1 person

    アルターエゴ S

    • マスター:BB
    • 真名:メルトリリス
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:190cm/33kg
    • 属性:秩序・善
    • 筋力:E
    • 耐久:C
    • 敏捷:A+
    • 魔力:A
    • 幸運:B
    • 宝具:EX






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    Character Description
    Voice Content
    NAME Meltlilith “Doesn’t it sound beautiful?”
    HEIGHT 190cm “Hmf... Can’t you see these legs? I’ll look down on you as much as I want.”
    WEIGHT 33kg “Including both legs it’s 53kg. Lip and BB have far too much excess meat on them, don’t they.”
    3SIZE B75/W55/H80 “By excluding all vulgar fat, this body pursues beauty of shape to the limit.”
    HOME The far side of the moon “A boring place, isn’t it. There isn’t even a doll shop.”
    BIRTHDAY April 9th “Honestly any time is fine, but I can’t stand being Lip’s little sister.”
    WEAK POINT Isn’t it obvious I’d hide it “Isn’t it obvious I’d hide my weak point? Which, you ask? Hah, imagine whatever you want.”
    FETISHISM A fetish for screams “Screams wrung from the discord and disgrace of the heart are irresistible. I feel like I could melt just hearing them.”

    ◆What do you look for in a partner?

    • Nothing in particular. “I’m just going to melt them whole and make them me.”

    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

    • Silver and blue… I suppose. “But really, can't you tell by looking? Intentionally making me say it, you’re a pervert.”

    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • Collecting dolls and figurines. “The shame of buying an evil god figurine, I will absolutely never forget it.”

    Sadisitic Predisposition:

    This “sadism” refers to tormenting others and attacking them without cause.

    This is less of an SG and more of a special quality Meltlilith possesses. It represents a queenly character, never interacting with anyone, no matter who, without sadism.

    This quality is like a curse, but Melt herself is entirely unconcerned by it. Rather, sadism is the truest form of love, as she perceives it.

    While Passionlip was ashamed of her predisposition, Meltlilith seems to take pride in hers. Perhaps because Her sadism is not an attack intended to negate its target, but rather an aggression that allows her to stay herself.


    Meltlilith was born from BB’s “aggressor side.” Born a destroyer, a sovereign who consumes the weak as nourishment.

    Consequently, normally this wouldn’t be a weakness... or an SG. The reason this weighs on Melt’s heart is not because she’s embarrassed by her sadistic predisposition but perhaps because she experiences sexual arousal through sadism, and her own foolishness in failing to conceal that pains the heart in her lacking chest.

    After all, her coolheadedness is her selling point. She may well be remembering how her cheeks flushed immodestly, sighing to herself, “...good grief, that wasn’t cool at all.”

    Doll Mania:

    Meltlilith’s second SG.

    There are a variety of different preferences when it comes to doll mania, or doll fanciers. Some collect them as antiques or works of art, and others who use them for interior decorating. Then there are those who, though they may seem to have things backwards, who love doll-like people.

    Meltlilith’s doll mania falls under all of these categories. She obsessively collects dolls, displays them, loves them, and tramples them. There is only one-way affection.

    “I need nothing but myself. I don’t even need the heart of the one I love —”

    That is how Meltlilith lives. What she wants is “a lover(thing) to pour love into, nothing more.” She may not acknowledge even the existence of things like the other person’s sentience and freedom.


    What is a doll, to begin with? A substitute modeled after a human being, or a perfected image emulating the ideal human? Having the SG “doll mania” may be the perfectionist Meltlilith’s own sort of romanticism.

    Also, it seems she as a special fondness for “small things.” Taking things that catch her interest, abusing them, shrinking them down, and collecting them is one of Meltlilith’s few hobbies. Calling it a doll house might sound nice, but you’ll find nothing there but a cage of despair. A young girl’s innocence leads to bizarreness at times.

    Crime Ballet:

    Meltlilith’s third SG. This is not an SG as a private part of her heart to be kept secret but as an actual hidden crime.

    To make herself invincible, Meltlilith overwrote a basic rule of the far side of the moon "loss of sense of time" into "loss of hit detection on Meltlilith".

    Although Meltlilith's victory was inevitable upon completion of this scheme, her parent BB confirmed the illegality, and she fell from her place as star of the stage.


    In classical ballet, an excellent dancer seems to have no sense of gravity, enabling her to dance like a feather. This may be why Meltlilith, who adores ballet, visualizes invincibility as “a solitary, untouchable prima donna.”

    NAME メルトリリス
    HEIGHT 190cm
    WEIGHT 33kg
    3SIZE B75/W55/H80
    HOME 月の裏側
    BIRTHDAY 4月9日
    WEAK POINT 隠すに決まっているでしょう
    FETISHISM 悲鳴フェチよ


    • 特にないわ


    • 銀と青……かしら


    • ドールとフィギュアの収集ね

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    Meltlilith Alto Ego S

    • Height: 190cm
    • Weight: 33kg
    • Blood type: O
    • Birthday: 9TH April
    • Image colour: Ice Blue
    • Talents: Doll appraisal
    • Likes: Main Protagonist, Figurines
    • Dislike: Human
    • Enemy: No Name, Kingprotea

    メルトリリス Alter Ego

    • 身長:190cm
    • 体重:33kg
    • 血液型:O
    • 誕生日:4月9日
    • イメージカラー:アイスブルー
    • 特技:人形鑑定
    • 好きな物:主人公、フィギュア
    • 嫌いな物:人間
    • 天敵:無銘、キングプロテア

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    Class: Alter Ego
    Name: Meltlilith
    Master: BB
    Noble Phantasm: Saraswati Meltout (Benzaiten's Five String Biwa)
    Keyword: Crime ballet, composite divinity
    Strength: E, Endurance: C, Agility: A+, Magic: A, Luck: B
    Constitution of an Abuser: A, Melt Virus: EX, Riding: B


    01 - Saraswati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five String Biwa
    The Noble Phantasm that BB gave to this Alter Ego.
    Originally, it was not an Anti-Unit but an Anti-Group, Anti-World Noble Phantasm. It was not something to be used in combat or by a warrior, but rather something used on a civilization with an established culture.
    Meltlilith's honey sweetly melts not only the body but also the soul. This Noble Phantasm melts the community's good sense and morals to integrate it into a single unit resembling a colony.
    Trampling and absorbing that slimified body, heart, and society is its original ability.
    Its immense effectiveness against non-combatants oozes Meltlilith's nastiness.

    Its ingredient is one of the Seven Deities of Good Luck—equated with three Munakata goddesses, Ugajin, etc.—Benzaiten.
    This is the biwa of Benzaiten—who controls "things that flow", such as natural phenomena (among other things, water and wind), music and words, speech, poetry and prose—given form as a Noble Phantasm. The origin of Benzaiten is the river goddess of Hindu mythology, Saraswati. She was born from the god of creation Brahma, but she was unable to stand the passionate gaze of Brahma, who desired her as his consort due to her overwhelming beauty, and desperately ran from him; such account shows her to be a goddess who is timid when faced with love. Saraswati is a goddess who rules over the arts and academics, and after being worshipped as Benzaiten, she has gained authority over increase of wealth as well.

    02 - Crime Ballet
    Merely a battle style. The result of Meltlilith, who adores classical ballet, retuning herself: an arrangement of various offensive skills. She came to possess diverse powers by converting already completed stories/stages into skills.
    Those references are quite diverse. Below are explanations for them.
    "The Name of the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Having fallen into despair from her beloved Albrecht's betrayal, Giselle uses his sword in a frenzied dance, during which she dies. Women who die before marriage become ghosts known as wilis. Giselle becomes one of the wilis, who capture men and dance them to death, but...
    "Unforgivable Hilarion": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Hilarion, who deceived Giselle, is caught by the wilis and pays for this crime. He is not forgiven and without waiting for daybreak, they make him dance in ecstasy until he dies from exhaustion.
    "Farewell, Albrecht": From the classical ballet "Giselle." Albrecht is taken prisoner by the wilis, but due to one of the wilis saving him, he keeps his life. When Albrecht, who was spared from death by exhaustion, raises his face, the form of the girl he most loved disappears like an illusion.
    "The Siren Who Burns Entrails": From the classical ballet "The Prodigal Son." A country feudal lord's son, out of admiration for city life, runs away. There are many temptations lurking in the streets; the most extreme of which is the enchantress Siren, who corrupts men with her veteran wiles.

    However, the lineage of these skills is merely a smokescreen. Crime Ballet points out how Meltlilith has been cheating.
    To make herself invincible, Meltlilith overwrote a basic rule of the far side of the moon "loss of sense of time" into "loss of hit detection on Meltlilith".
    Meltlilith's act of selfishly giving herself such privilege, not by training herself but by altering the rules of the world, is an exemplary criminal act.

    03 - Composite Divinity
    Alter Egos are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits.
    BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.
    Meltlilith is made of three goddesses.
    The first is the pure virgin goddess Artemis of Greek mythology. Without fail, she shoots through, granting them disease and death, those who seek to attain magical energy behind ebb and flow of tides, in other words, linkage to the moon's movement.
    The second is the cruciform snake staff which originates from Leviathan, who appears in the Old Testament, or maybe Lotan from Ugaritic mythology. It is a being with the same origin as the staff that Moses used to split the Red Sea and, at the same time, a symbol of the sea split by that staff. Its owner is granted a transformative property like that of water, enabling them to adapt to any situation. Furthermore, they would be able to change their form freely and could even take the shape of the target of their envy.
    The third is the river goddess Saraswati of Hindu mythology. She holds the ability to control "things that flow", such as natural phenomena (among other things, water and wind), music and words, speech, poetry and prose. The timbre that flows from her can excite any emotion in the heart of the listener and, moreover, interfere with flow of electrons in a computer network.

    01 - 弁財天五弦琵琶(サラスヴァティー・メルトアウト)







    02 - クライム・バレエ









    03 - 複合神性




    二神目は旧約聖書に登場するレヴィアタン、あるいはウガリット神話のリタンに由来する、蛇十字 の杖。



    01 - Constitution of an Abuser [A]
    A skill that augments one's aggression in battle. It appears to be a positive skill, but the longer its owner stays in battle, the more their abusive disposition will grow, causing them to lose their usual composure. It's possible to say that this is just one step short of the skill that causes Berserkers to go insane.
    The more one attacks, the stronger one becomes, but on the other hand, one's defensive abilities drop. With the added disadvantage of unconsciously lowering one's chances of escape, it can be said that this is a skill that had bad compatibility with the usually composed Meltlilith.

    02 - Melt Virus [EX]
    A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation.
    A cheat skill that evolved from "Absorption". The highest grade of energy drain. Draining, copying, and scaling down are all possible.
    The drain process has two parts. First, the virus honey(poison) that is produced in Meltlilith's body is injected into the target and fuses parameters that will be stolen, "experience", "skill", "capacity", etc. After that, she absorbs, converts, and makes a part of herself the parameters that were liquefied by the virus.
    As long as it has a form, regardless of whether it is organic or inorganic matter, she can drain; however, things without shape... things like spiritual nature and skills can be fused but converting them into "her own things" is difficult, so it seems she can only use them as simple nutrients.
    For this reason, what Meltlilith mainly makes into "her own things" are primarily "experience" and "capacity".
    Utilizing this ability, Meltlilith plans to augment "her own transcription". She created a transfer-type of virus that would melt the entire content of an electronic body and transform it into herself... Meltlilith.

    03 - Riding [B]
    Riding ability. As long as it is an animal that exists in reality, even if it is a wild animal, she can ride it. Usually, knight-type Servants, such as Saber or Rider, would have this skill but...
    Why Meltlilith possesses this skill is something best left to the imagination.

    01 - 加虐待質 [A]


    02 - メルトウィルス [EX]




    03 - 騎乗 [B]



    01 - Neurological Disorder
    Neurological disorder: Humans possess five sense--sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch--and use those five sensors come to recognize the outside world and, as a result of that, they come to comprehend their own state of being.
    At their foundation, humans come in contact with the world through these passive senses. By unconsciously using the excellent sensors known as the five senses, they accept the ordinary. However, in the case that any of the five senses degrade, the consciousness must actively face toward the outside world. That which was passive becomes active.
    For example, someone who has lost their sight will deliberately specialize in their remaining four senses and will utilize them as even greater sensors. Ironically, they will come to function as someone whose perception is several times superior to that of a person who has all five senses.

    In regards to Meltlilith's five senses, her sense of touch has deteriorated. Especially her hands--she's almost completely lost sensation in her fingers, and for that reason, she has become proactive in her relationship with the outside world.
    It is thought that even her interest in causing others pains ultimately arose "because just by myself, I cannot feel the existence of other people."
    This is a digression, but because of the clumsiness of her fingers caused by this, despite her hobby of collecting figures, she cannot immerse herself in assembling garage kits. Currently accepting applications for a skilled assembler!

    02 - The End of Pleasure
    The end of pleasure: The ego born from BB's "service requirement" and "pleasure". The type of abnormally lovely girl who cannot help but stir up a desire to protect her in men—is what she was, but possibly due to the effect of her skill that continuously steals opponents' abilities, she currently possesses a belligerent personality.

    Although she tries to take in other people, she desires neither understanding nor sympathy from them because Meltlilith does not understand others' feelings.
    Meltlilith does not need others. She does not understand love or dreams. If she acquires "love(romance)" somehow, she would probably dedicate everything to serve its target.
    To the self-sufficient Meltlilith, the target's feelings are not worth considering. She would declare in her oppressive manner that her feelings are correct.
    With no intention of discussing together (Already, I love you so much that I don't feel the need), with no desire to touch each other (Already, that amount of pleasure is unsatisfactory), with no thought about telling them she wants them to love her (Already, such mutual understanding is unnecessary).
    Truly, a domineering Ego full of no's and not's. Beneath that condescending attitude and oppressive manner, there is not a speck of doubt or hesitation, only overly pure "feeling of love(romance)".

    Meltlilith has not noticed—what is truly at the foundation of herself, who is an incarnation of "self-pleasure".
    At Meltlilith's core is "devotion to the person she has fallen in love with".
    Repeatedly raising her level with draining, trying to control the Moon Cell—all were done to offer supreme pleasure to her loved one.
    Protecting her loved one → taking them into herself → living forever with them taken into herself (even if she is completely changed to the point where she doesn't understand herself). She has determined that to be the supreme love she will offer to her loved one.
    From Meltlilith's such perspective, even BB and Lip are nothing more than "foreign matter that think they want to be also saved".

    ... However, those feelings are far too closed. To her, who saw only her own feelings as definite, whose connection with the outside world was lacking, "falling in love with another" was itself a fatal defect(bug).

    01 - 神経障害








    02 - 快楽の果て











    恋人を庇護する→自分に取り込む→ 取り込んだ自分が(たとえ自分が分からなくなるほど変わり果てても)永遠に生き続ける。




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    Meltlilith [Alter Ego]
    Meltlilith is the Alter Ego of pleasure.
    She is a young girl that leaves a strong impression with her feet as sharp as swords and slender body.
    She is a High Level AI created from a piece of BB’s heart.
    She is classified as a High Servant, and was created by cutting and pasting together pieces of Goddess type Servants.
    Merciless, aggressive, and sadistic, she is CCC’s leading Queen character.
    She favors structural beauty, and refuses to forgive anything less.
    To Meltlilith, anyone other than the protagonist is no more than rubbish in the gutter.
    Meltlilith makes it her goal to bestow the greatest pleasure possible upon the protagonist, and she is even prepared to rebel against her creator BB if necessary to achieve this.
    However, that “pleasure” she plans on bestowing amounts to a monumental disaster of greater proportions that BB, and is certainly not something the protagonist would ever want to experience.

    Her id_es skill is “All Drain.”
    Although Meltlilith can’t completely absorb enemies into herself the way that BB can, Meltlilith can melt enemies into a pure energy form and then absorb them as XP.
    Meltlilith has used All Drain to increase her level to the maximum.
    If she only has Kingprotea’s “Huge Scale” skill (effectively removes level cap), she would have become the most terrible of monsters even surpassing BB.
    Meltlilith refers to herself as “The Honey Queen,” she has various skills to drain her opponents.
    In the game she appears as a speedster that whizzes around using ballet as a motif for her combat style. She uses her dance to run the protagonist down.
    She is an incarnation of maternal instinct that goes about melting and absorbing everything in the world in order to create a world where only she and the protagonist are left.

    Meltlilith was made from three Goddesses.
    The first is the pure-hearted Greek Goddess of virginity, Artemis.
    The second is a Goddess that appears in the Old Testament, Leviathan. Or perhaps the Rod of Asclepius version that is based on Ugaritic (Semitic) mythology, where she is known as Litan.
    The third is the Hindu Goddess of rivers, Saraswati.
    She has the power to manipulate anything that “flows.” Including natural phenomena, like wind or water, and also other things like music, speech, and prose.

    She is not usually on good terms with Passionlip.
    While they don’t hate each other, things just feel sour and out of place whenever they are together. They get irritated and it often seems like a fight could break out at any moment. Basically whenever then meet they just want to get their business done quickly so they can get away from each other.
    This is completely instinctual, and the reasoning is the same as why BB dislikes the Alter Egos.
    Despite this instinctual dislike, Meltlilith and Passionlip are conscious of the fact that they are sisters, and Meltlilith’s final words are addressed to Passionlip, who shared the same fate.
    (On the other hand it might be that the incredibly self-centered Passionlip just thinks of Meltlilith as a nuisance and one-sidedly rejects her.)
    In the initial game concept there was a combination attack where Passionlip would act as a launching pad for Meltlilith by holding her in the grasp of her claws, and then she would shoot Meltlilith out like a laser beam…
    It was called Virgin Laser Palladion.

    Meltlilith: “Let’s do it! Make sure you do it at the same time as me, Lip!”
    Passionlip: “U-uhh…! One, two, three… Please, die (with Melt)…!”

    Melth Lilith is pretty pumped up about doing a combo move with Passionlip, but Passionlip is reluctant and just wants to get things over with as soon as possible.
    Meltlilith always seems gets into these half-baked situations.







  7. Fate/Grand Order - Meltryllis: It’s easy to move in, streamlined, and, above all, it shows off my perfect figure. It is chaste, feminine, and in all other aspects a perfect garment for the ultimate Alter Ego. If anything, it deserves even more praise!
  8. Caster: This precipice girl has no confidence in her chest, only indecency! It isn't good to look at something like this, Master. There would've have been more erotic appeal if it is covered up more. If she was truly a goddess, then she knew nothing of elegance.
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  30. [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Kingprotea [Alter Ego], p.176-178

    Kingprotea [Alter Ego]
    Kingprotea is one of the Sakura Five that didn’t happen.
    She’s the Alter Ego of craving and desire.
    On one hand she is the lowest ranked of the Sakura Five, but on the other hand she is the strongest within SE.RA.PH.
    A giant Sakura with the id_es skill “Huge Scale.”
    She tend to come and interfere with players who spend a long time in the labyrinth. She destroys paths as she moves along, so she would prevent players from repeating the same actions or grinding the same area. She’s an adorably foolish character who destroys parts of the dungeon when she trips and falls.
    In areas outside of the Arena she was to be a rare epic encounter. A wondrous colossal colossus, just like the massive warship that comes along in Darius1. Rather than being a character designed to liven up the story, she is a character to liven up our game design.
    For example, within the Arena, she would evoke situations like “I can see an item box ahead, but there is a huge hand blocking the way,” or “I see a transparent box-thingy over there with Sakura stuffed inside, I can’t get through.”
    We were thinking of using her as a “living wall” type gimmick where after eventually defeating her you would be able to get at those item boxes.
    She was set to be a slave-tier character who is constantly bullied and abused by attack programs on the far side of the Moon.
    “A main personality of a Sakura who is more worthless than those lowly mass produced Sakura enemies,” Kingprotea Sakura was to be the materialization of this bullying mentality. Isn’t it just terrible that there exists a Sakura being bullied even within Sakura’s inner mind!?
    Actually, she just barely missed the cut as a boss character.
    Since she was not involved in the story we were planning to make her a hidden boss, but unfortunately she was cut.
    Here are some bits and pieces that were planned for her in the game:

    Kingprotea is an Alter Ego created from BB, however she is considered too dangerous to reside anywhere on the Moon, so she is disposed of into a place with “nothing,” in short, the emptiness of outer space.
    This Alter Ego should never come into contact with anyone.
    She is the materialization of the desire for love.
    She gobbles up anything and everything around her and grows bigger and bigger, which results in her having a bigger stomach that requires even more food. She engages in a malicious cycle of consumption and growth which represents the human desire itself.
    Passionlip and Meltlilith are her sisters, but it’s unknown if they are on good terms or not.

    Fallen Seraphic Cage:
    Klein Cube.
    A baby with a bottomless stomach, basically a giant hole. A cage built to contain the Kingprotea who blindly desires love. Just like Angelica Cage in the Moon Cell’s Core, it is a physical container made using photonic crystals.
    BB, who realized the danger Kingprotea posed, seals her in the Fallen Seraphic Cage. Although BB sealed Kingprotea inside, nobody knows how massive Kingprotea might have become.

    Huge Scale: EX
    An id_es skill. id_es skills are the inborn special powers of the Alter Egos.
    Her “Self Modification” cheat skill goes out of control and activates Huge Scale EX.
    It enables unlimited expansion of her size and scale.
    Due to limitations imposed by the force of gravity on Earth, life forms have an upper limit on their size. Even in the sea, the size of a whale is more of less as big as it can get. The same goes for buildings, due to limitations of construction technology and financing; there is nothing that can be infinitely enlarged. This also holds true in the cyber world where the laws of physics don’t apply.
    All programs have a limit on their level, and no matter how greatly a program excels, in order to surpass its boundary it must separate and optimize itself.
    (As a rule, when a program gets bigger the speed of communication with the hardware terminal drops, so a program needs to be split into various specialized parts. So called God-spirits are an example of this, having successfully split up their processes into multiple avatars.)
    However, the owner of this skill, Kingprotea, can grow without end. When her level exceeds the limit, she expands the boundary herself and sets an even higher max limit. This can be repeated infinitely.
    Kingprotea has no desire to complicate things, it’s just that she has specialized in “swallow” therefore she is unable separate from her ability to enlarge which is vital to her specialization.
    The result is that she is unable to create duplicates of herself (avatar) that is of normal size and limitation, and as a lone Ego she is destined to continue to enlarge.
    If left alone, she will end up becoming a disaster on a universe scale that would destroy the stars, however she would not destroy the universe itself. This is because the speed at which the universe is expanding is faster than the speed at which Kingprotea is enlarging.

    Grow Up Grow: EX
    This is her cheat skill “Experience Point Bonus” gone out of control.
    “Experience Point Bonus” is supposed to increase the amount of XP gained from battle by a certain percent, but Kingprotea further hacked the skill so that she receives a continuous stream of XP. Although this skill seems rather threatening, there is an upper level limit set for all programs.
    Anyone who obtains this skill can effortlessly achieve the highest level in the game; however it only increases the target’s level, and does not improve their stats.
    If you compare a character who achieved max level through fair play to a character who used this cheat skill to achieve max level, the cheater character’s stats will be far lower. This is, in other words, a so-called “trap skill.”

    Infantile Regression:
    The opposite of aging.
    BB created this cursed skill with much difficulty in order to impose some restrictions on Kingprotea.
    Once Kingprotea’s age has surpassed a predefined value this curse restores her to the state she was in at a younger age. It’s a protective process that prevents her from ever reaching an adult age.
    This curse starts to take effect when Kingprotea reaches age 20, and restores her back to her 8 year old state. When returned to the age of 8 her growth resumes again, so this cycle is a repeating loop.

    The limit of craving and desire:
    Because it’s fun, because it tastes good, because it’s warm.
    Without these kinds of animalistic impulses she pursues love without a reason for doing so— This is Kingprotea’s Ego “Craving and Desire.”
    The incarnation of a certain bodhisattva carries the sin of “without a goal, to fill the universe with love for myself,” but this Ego follows “without a goal, for myself, crave the love found in the universe.”
    Originally no one was supposed to find her, to understand her, to defeat her. She would simply be floating along in the void of space. But eventually a curious Master would come across her, and they would do battle.
    Is Kingprotea just a pure infant? An abominable disaster? Has she sinned? In any case, those of us who live in this age of mass consumption have no right to judge her. The proof of humanity that everyone has.
    The strongest and most fundamental Ego. But until the day comes when her “desire without limit” can be used for good rather than evil, she is destined to continue floating in the empty sky.
    By the way, her natural enemy is Passionlip. In theory Lip’s “Trash & Crash” skill makes it possible to seal Kingprotea away. The Alter Ego sisters seem to enjoy a triangular power relationship where Lip beats Protea, Protea beats Melt, and Melt beats Lip.

    Noble Phantasm:
    None. Huge Scale essentially qualifies as a Noble Phantasm.

    アリーナの通路の外、海を泳いでやっ てくる白鯨のようなもの。 まんまワンダど巨像の巨像、ダライアスの巨大戦艦である。物語を盛り上げるのではなく、ゲームデザインを盛り上げるキャラとして用意された。
    等々、色々な『肉壁』 ギミックを用意し、いつかこのエゴを倒せたらアイテムフォルダを人手できる.....といった用途が考えられていた。
    桜の心理世界でずら、 いじめられる桜がいるという酷い現実……!


    底なしの赤子。 あるいは穴。盲目的に愛を求めろキングフロテアを閉じこめるために作られた檻。月の中枢・熾天の檻と同じく、フォトニック結晶によって作られた物理的な“容れ物”でもある。

    結果、制御できない自分を持て余して分身(アパター)を作ることなく、単一 のエゴとして膨張し続けてしまう。



    ある菩薩の化身は“目的もなく、己がために宇宙を愛で満たす” 悪であったが、このエゴは“理由なく、己がために宇宙中の愛を求める”悪である。
    最強にして基本のエゴである “際限なく求める心”が悪ではなく善として利用できる日が来る事を夢見て、キングプロテアは無のソラを漂い続ける。


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