Cover of Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver.B

Melty Blood Act Cadenza is the third installment in the Melty Blood series series of fighting games, preceded by Melty Blood Re-ACT and followed by the sequel Melty Blood Actress Again.


In Melty Blood Act Cadenza, almost all events that occur in the story-modes of the characters in this game are set in events based on alternate realities and different timelines that are totally out of current chronological timeline of Tsukihime/Melty Blood series (except certain story-modes of some characters). The arcade mode stories are the same as those introduced in Re-ACT, save for those of characters who weren't playable in Re-ACT.

The story-modes of the characters in this game are basically events that occurred as if certain characters act as if they appeared for the first time in Misaki Town (Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Sion Eltnam Atlasia, Sion TATARI, Nrvnqsr Chaos and Night of Wallachia) and knew the inhabitants of this city in their story-modes, while other characters act as if they knew certain characters for the first time or to solve a mystery that is causing a supernatural disturbance which is disturbing the people of Misaki town (Shiki Tohno, Akiha Tohno, Hisui, Kohaku, Hisui & Kohaku, Aoko Aozaki, Satsuki Yumizuka and Len).

There are those that are causing problems, and these enemies were generated and materialized by TATARI phenomenon caused by Wallachia, like if the first time they appeared in Misaki Town to terrorize the population (Shiki Nanaya, Red Arcueid and Kouma Kishima), and there are also those that appear during the confusion caused by TATARI phenomenon this same alternate reality, only to pursue their own personal goals (Akiha Vermilion and Mech-Hisui).

And finally have certain characters whose events occurred within the chronological timeline of Tsukihime/Melty Blood series, where these small events occurred some time after the events in Melty Blood Re-ACT (Miyako Arima, Neco-Arc, White Len and Neco-Arc Chaos), then follow later on in the future where the events of Melty Blood Actress Again/Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code would occur soon.


Playable characters introduced in Act Cadenza are:


Certain gameplay changes introduced in Act Cadenza include:

  • Introduction of Shielding (as opposed to EX Shielding)
  • Adjustment of animation frames and attack properties
  • An Evasion maneuver (either a dodge or an evasive roll, depending on character)
  • Introduction of a timer/clock, limiting the length of gameplay rounds

Cosmetic differences in Act Cadenza include:

  • New artwork for character portraits
  • New background scenarios
  • New special effects
  • New animation
  • Different naming conventions for characters (organic Japanese names are always presented family-name first)
  • Remixed and shortened soundtrack

Team names[]

Each pair of characters is given a unique name when used in a team battle.

Team names
× Sion Arcueid Ciel Akiha Hisui Kohaku Shiki Tohno Miyako Wallachia Nrvnqsr Chaos Sion TATARI Red Arcueid Akiha Vermillion Mech-Hisui Shiki Nanaya Satsuki Yumizuka Len Neco-Arc Aoko White Len Kouma Kishima Neco-Arc Chaos
Sion Alchemist of Atlas True Ancestor and Alchemist No life-No blood Lady and Alchemist Acting in character 2 Doctors under the Tohno mansion Midsummer night's dream Egyptian - Chinese kick Code: Uroboros Greed and Surfeit Night of Tatari Virus and Kranke Strong lady and Alchemist Scientifically Impossible Assassin and Alchemist Original Back Alley Alliance Dream familiar and Alchemist Biologically Impossible Cline - Magus Second Back Alley Alliance United Silent Front Not even possible in this galaxy
Arcueid True Ancestor and Alchemist Princess of the True Ancestors Female friendship - Megaton punch! Lady and Princess Maid and Princess "Interesting" and "Fine with me!" Combo! Moonlight - Lovers The master is a cheerful vampire Fruitless Millenium True Ancestor and Chaos Gold and Purple vampires Princesses of the Millenium Castle Blood Lady and Vampire Princess Blood-sucking Robo Mech-Hisui Walking dead man True cat and mouse team Original cat-san team Super lunar legend Tsukihime Top Duelers Biting for justice cat-san team 2001 10,000 powers Hey cat, no smoking!
Ciel No life-No blood Female friendship - Megaton punch! Agent of the Burial Agency Splendor from Above Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Curry Conflict Frightening Glasses I can't eat curry yet. Blood Lord - Crusade Chaos and Agent Blood Lord - Reconquista Executioners in Black and White Misaki Town's Night Protection Association Mecha and Curry Moon Nightliner Eagle and Mouse Team Thou shalt not tempt others. Teach Me! Ciel-Sensei! Older Sisters/Top Shooters Curry Cake Dream Show Demon and Bow Teach! Professor Neko Chaos!
Akiha Lady and Alchemist Lady and Princess Splendor from Above Will the Head of the Tohno Family do? Mistress and Servant (Proper Relationship) Mistress and Servant (Complex Power Balance) A lot goes on, but good siblings Red Tension Sisters Giselle Nightmare Surfeit and Restraint Blood-drinking Ladies Demon Lady and Lady Inversion Impulse Command Path Pandemonium ...This is not so bad every once in a while... I will forgive you if you become my servant. Family Head and Pet Cat Constantly in Conflict Lady and Sorceress Ladies' Sorority - Personality Edition Demon and Descendant Really Constantly in Conflict
Hisui Acting in character Maid and Princess Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Mistress and Servant (Proper Relationship) Mansion Servant Hisui & Kohaku You are my master. Iron Fist Girl and Iron Curtain Alice in Tatari Land Dandy and Maid-san Sion Tatari and Maid-boiled Wonderland Alice in Demon Lady Land Tomboy Family Head Adventure Which is the real one? Tohno House Murder Incident Shy Girls Living Together Quietly I'm not scared. I'm not scared. Mailish - Wizards Plum Cakes Can Never Be Forgiven! Quiet People Tobacco is not good for your health.
Kohaku 2 Doctors under the Tohno mansion "Interesting" and "Fine with me!" Combo! Curry Conflict Mistress and Servant (Complex Power Balance) Hisui & Kohaku Devil in a Cooking Apron I'll pass on the injection, please You're amazing, Kohaku! Playwright and Director Schemer and Chaos World Overthrow Committee Demon-user Kohakucchi Definitely Being Tricked Menacing Kohaku Technology Master and Servant (The Devil's Defeat) Gained Another Pawn Kitchen Friends Combo This combo is dissolved! Devil's Smile - Fixers Secretly Rivals Sunflower and Lion Hey, Cooking Apron! Light my tobacco!
Shiki Tohno Midsummer night's dream Moonlight - Lovers Frightening Glasses A lot goes on, but good siblings  You are my master. Seventh Night Moon 666 Pieces
Miyako Egyptian - Chinese kick The master is a cheerful vampire I can't eat curry yet. Rivals of Chaos
Wallachia Code: Uroboros Fruitless Millenium Even More of a Nightmare
Nrvnqsr Chaos Greed and Surfeit True Ancestor and Chaos 667 Beast Friends I'm tired already, Neko Rush.
Sion TATARI Night of Tatari Gold and Purple vampires Blood Lord - Reconquista Desert Noise - Lost World Apologize to Hitchcock.
Red Arcueid Virus and Kranke Princesses of the Millenium Castle Desert Noise - Lost World The Demon Lady's Army Best Accessory!
Akiha Vermillion Strong lady and Alchemist Blood Lady and Vampire Princess I said, stop smoking!
Mech-Hisui Scientifically Impossible Blood-sucking Robo Mech-Hisui No one really knows at this point.
Shiki Nanaya Assassin and Alchemist Walking dead man ... Get rid of the smoke smell.
Satsuki Yumizuka Original Back Alley Alliance True cat and mouse team Chaos Deja Vu
Len Dream familiar and Alchemist Original cat-san team Stomach Hell Nightmare
Neco-Arc Biologically Impossible Super lunar legend Tsukihime Great Old Cats
Aoko Cline - Magus Top Duelers Cosmos and Chaos Could you start smoking?
White Len Second Back Alley Alliance Biting for justice cat-san team White Cat and Mosaic Cat Dandy Chaos and Tsundere Lolita
Kouma Kishima United Silent Front 2001 10,000 powers I love sake, tobacco, and gambling.
Neco-Arc Chaos Not even possible in this galaxy Hey cat, no smoking! I love sake, tobacco, and gambling. Super Sandbaggers


Act Cadenza was the first version of the original Melty Blood line to be an arcade game (for Sega NAOMI), and later became the first Melty Blood game on a console when it ported to the PlayStation 2. After that, it was ported to the PC.

It was also the first Melty Blood game not developed by French Bread, though the game was more of a port of Re-ACT than an entirely new game.

Version history[]

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver.B[]

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Ver. B is an arcade port of the PS2 game with various changes and upgrades, the most notable of which is the inclusion of 'White Len' as an initial playable character and Neco-Arc Chaos as a hidden character.

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver.B2[]

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B2 is an updated edition of the series which corrects several errors and glitches from Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B. Released in March 20, 2007.

Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver.B PC[]

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B PC is a Windows PC port of the arcade ver.B2. It has added features including tag-team mode, a 4-player team battle mode, and a new hidden boss character, Neco-Arc Chaos Black G666 (replacing G-Akiha from Melty Blood Re-ACT). It was released on July 27, 2007.