Melvin Weins (メルヴィン・ウェインズ, Meruvin Weinzu?) is one of the people involved in the Mystic Eyes Collection Train incident of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.[1]



Melvin is a member of the Weins family, who are a branch family of the Trambellios. He is part of the Department of Creation.


Melvin is constantly seeking excitement - from the sidelines - and is drawn to Waver Velvet as he seems to be a constant source of interesting events and stories, regardless of how dangerous they actually are. He is uncaring about the money he spends or loans, so long as he receives something exciting in turn. Upon discovering El-Melloi II has boarded the Rail Zeppelin, Melvin reacts with outrage at being left out, and charters a helicopter to the middle of a Child of Ainnash to join him.

He professes to be Lord El-Melloi II's best friend, being one of the few people to still call him Waver on a regular basis. While he treats El-Melloi in a similar manner to Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, in that Melvin finds him to be a source of amusement, he expresses quiet anger to Gray when finding El-Melloi injured, asking, "Who injured waver this badly? Who other than myself?"




Upon hearing that Melvin would pay a large sum of money to anyone who could bring him a interesting story, Waver asks that he use the money to pay for a trip to Japan.

Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Three years after the Fourth Holy Grail War, Melvin is tricked by Barzan into providing funds and heading to Iraq, unaware until afterwards that Barzan is there to unearth and pillage the tomb of Iskander. Melvin is imprisoned with the intention of being used as a sacrifice in Barzan's future workshop.

He is eventually reunited with Waver, also captured by Barzan, in their jail cell, and it was from him that Waver confirms the death of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald during the Holy Grail War. He also questions Waver about the "return" on his loan, only for the latter, traumatized from the events, to answer that it is not a story he can share.

While Waver initiates their escape, he learns from Melvin of Barzan's plans for the tomb and resolves to destroy the site. Melvin, in turn, decides to stay due to his constitution likely preventing his escape alone and because he wants a VIP seat to the events. Waver distracts Barzan while Melvin sets up a spell to cause an explosion, disrupting the leyline and unleashing evil spirits, killing Barzan and his men in the process. The two of them leave the destruction behind on a motorcycle, laughing heartily.

At the airport, Waver apologizes for having neither the money to give back nor the interesting story that Melvin wanted, before again asking for a loan to buy the El-Melloi classroom, as Waver felt responsible for Kayneth's death. Melvin wholeheartedly agrees, only insisting that they become best friends, after which he would be happy to wait forever for the return of his loan.

When Waver took on the debt of the El-Mellois and the responsibility of restoring the family's Magic Crest, Melvin was selected as the Tuner, taking Waver's own Magic Crest as collateral.

Case. Mystic Eyes collection trainEdit

Melvin barges into Reines' office to complain about not being told that Lord El-Melloi II had been invited to the Rail Zeppelin, outraged that he is missing out on more excitement. He reveals he has procured an invitation to the train, and immediately charters a helicopter.

He catches up with the Rail Zeppelin while it is stuck in a Child of Ainnash, which attacks the helicopter when it flies overhead. He manages to survive the following explosion and crash, and makes his way to the train, scaring Gray when he knocks on the window of their carriage. Inside, he observes El-Melloi II's injured state; lightly admonishing him over how he keeps geting himself into dangerous situations before ominously asking Gray who caused his condition.

He is later present when Karabo Frampton and Yvette L. Lehrman convince Gray to accompany them outside to reactivate the leyline to return functionality to the Rail Zeppelin. Melvin invites himself along, and displays his skills as a Tuner by empowering the Magic Circuits of Yvette and Gray.

Melvin is greets El-Melloi when he recovers from his injuries and agrees to provide assistance for the auction so long as it results in something exciting. He then attends the final auction aboard the Rail Zeppelin where he witnesses El-Melloi put it on hold and explain the truth behind the murder of Trisha Fellows as well as the killing spree of those with Mystic Eyes in the past, expressing excitement over the findings as well as when the true culprit is revealed.

Melvin then aids Hishiri Adashino, Fernando LiReines El-Melloi Archisorte, and Yvette L. Lehrman in assisting Olga Marie Animusphere with a spell made to protect the Rail Zepplelin.


He has a weak constitution and suffers from an unknown malady that causes him to puke blood at random intervals, although it does not appear to hamper him in any significant way.

Magic Tuning

Melvin augmenting Gray and Yvette's Magic Circuits with his music.

Melvin is a Tuner for Magic Crests. By playing his violin he temporarily improved Gray and Yvette L. Lehrman's Magic Circuits by 20%.


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