MephistophelesWP (メフィストフェレスWP, Mefisutoferesu?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The demon of temptation that appears in GoetheWP's masterpiece, "FaustWP". Waging a bet with God on whether Georg Faust would fall into depravity or not, Mephistopheles attempts to pull him into the path of evil. Mephistopheles exhausts all arts of coaxing and succeeds into enticing Faust into the path of evil. However, just before his soul was cast into hell, Faust had his soul saved by a loved one.[1]

... Of course, it is different in "reality". The excellent magus Faust coined a single Homunculus. Naming him Mephistopheles, Faust was very affectionate to him, but was betrayed as if it was only natural and died.[1]


Georg Faust is the model for the protagonist in Goethe's play, "Faust". He is an alchemist and astrologer, and he contracted with the demon Mephistopheles.[2]

Mephistopheles is the demon of temptation in "Faust" that was said to have played a bet on whether he can corrupt Dr. Faust and God.[2]

In the end, Mephistopheles was defeated in this bet, his wish did not come true, and he was unable to acquire Faust's soul, but it is said that the real Faust, in the middle of his alchemy experiment, was killed in a bombing and had his whole body broken apart. It did not become clear if this was Mephistopheles carrying out his contract, or whether something else was the main cause of Faust's death.[2]

... In this work, Mephistopheles is a kind of Familiar casted by Dr. Faust; namely, a kind of Homunculus. Dr. Faust, with his gifted engineering, has advanced homunculus technology several generations ahead of his time, but due to his strange nature and sense of aesthetics, he strengthened the Homunculus' ego. A Homunculus that is exceedingly quite human———that is the key part of "Mephistopheles"; furthermore, by being clad in that legend, the Caster Servant Mephistopheles was born.[2]

"I am born to be a Servant."[2]

Pay special attention to his face that feigns ignorance. Indeed, it may not become known that while perhaps, he was born to become a Servant, there is never a person that he calls his Master———[2]


Mephistopheles' appearance is influenced by the effects of Innocent Monster, making him appear like a clown with demonic traits. His skin is pale white, eyes are purple with pinkish pupils, and the hair is of a light purple, flowing downwards and curling into tubes, separated into multiple bangs. Purple tear-shaped drawings of makeup are found underneath his eyes, and his lips are painted blue lipstick. Mephistopheles has a thin tail that splits into three, each end with a heart-shaped tip.

His outfit includes: an elaborately ornate hat with horn shaped protrusions; a cape of purple fur that reaches his waist; a red bow tied around his neck with golden trims; a carmine jacket with the zipper pulled down, revealing his white thorax, with electric blue sleeves with attached gloves and holes exposing the overside of the arm, the blue turning carmine in the gloves; a pair of electric blue shorts, decorated with golden lines, and with carmine frills; thin stockings with a diamond pattern, colored light purple and violet-blue; high-heeled boots, resembling elf shoes, colored purple and gold with green fur around the ankles.

His armament is a pair of straight, white shears, whose handles are heavily decorated.

In his second Ascension, the torso of his jacket becomes decorated with gold lines, the horns of his hat grow longer, and his cape extends down to his feet, parted in two, somewhat resembling demon wings. A set of bombs of his Noble Phantasm, Ticktock Bomb, appears around his right arm.

In his third Ascension, the electric blue changes to various rich colors, his hat gains a few more horn-like decorations, the bow around his neck took the shape of a butterfly, with the same golden lines decorating it, another set of bombs is wrapped around his left leg, and his shears changed in appearance, becoming a grotesque weapon with jagged blades, coloured purple.


« Ah, the fiend! The fiend! The fiend has come! It's Mephistopheles! The foulest fiend in all the world! »


Mephistopheles mockingly states that he is a pacifist and that there is no one greater than him when it comes to serving with loyalty. He acts as someone easygoing and cheerful, and because he takes up a jestful-like attitude no matter the kind of ocassion it is, one cannot feel a sense of seriousness from him. That is, he is more cruel than what he can imagine, and he is similarily cruel towards the Master too. He is like, "making fun" of everything in the world, and if he is happy, it seems he is willing to keep killing Masters as well.[2]

At a first glance, Mephistopheles seems to faithfully work in a cheerful manner. However, he basically thinks of his Master as nothing but "a toy to entertain himself with" and will try to drive his Master into despair if given the chance. In other words, one just has to take the proper attitude as a magus and do not trust him.[1]

In the case where his Master restrains every way for him to decide with his reasoning, Mephistopheles will unwillingly accept the relationship between a master and a servant. Basically, he does not take up the "disobeying one's commands" attitude. However, it is said to be a different story of how he properly understands and acts on the commands. And from there progressing one step even further, where a situation appears in that the Master deepens their bond with Mephistopheles while accepting all that is childish and wicked, it seems he will fight while gambling his life for the sake of his Master with pleasure and while laughing.[2]


This genius demon is not always lonely. Ok, he is just a little lonely.[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[]

Mephistopheles appears under the name Kuroda Mephisto. Toyotomi Gilyoshi orders him and Takenaka Andersen to give him a plan when Ritsuka and Mash’s desire to fight him angers him. Takenake says he doesn’t have a plan which Kuroda considers a shame. After the three are defeated, Kuroda calls it a shame that they lost. Regardless, he offers Ritsuka and Mash a teapot as a present. Mash takes the pot, but Kuroda reveals it’s a bomb before disappearing.

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Mephistopheles is a Servant that materialized from the Demonic Fog. Project Demonic Fog ordered him to kill Victor Frankenstein for refusing to join them. By the time Ritsuka, Mash, Mordred arrives at Victor’s manor, Mephistopheles has already killed him with his bombs. He playfully admits as much when the group confronts him. He introduces himself and warns his Noble Phantasm has already been set up. After he is defeated, he regrets he couldn’t fully enjoy this materialization. Pondering on the bond between Master and Servant, he tells Mash she’ll have countless chances to betray Ritsuka before disappearing.[3]

Valentine Event: Chocolate Lady's Commotion[]

Appearing on Blackbeard's ship without his notice, Mephistopheles hits him with an explosion upon hearing him say explode. Blackbeard initially blames Ritsuka and William Shakespeare given they only just arrived. Mephistopheles is quickly deduced to be the true culprit, and he gives his reason for doing so. He joins Blackbeard in fighting Ritsuka and Shakespeare once it's confirmed Blackbeard took several Choco-Servants,

Following another fight with Spartacus, Blackbeard decides to leave. Mephistopheles gives him a bomb as a farewell gift. Blackbeard is happy at first until he realizes what he was given. The bomb then explodes, sending Blackbeard skyward.

Event: Garden of Order[]

Mephistopheles was summoned to the Ogawa Apartment by Solomon. Afterward, he proceeded to split himself into good and evil versions of himself. The Evil Mephistopheles infiltrated Chaldea and convinced the Servants to come to the apartment. The Good Mephistopheles escaped from Solomon's contract and waited for Chaldea to arrive.[4]

Ritsuka's party encounters Evil Mephistopheles in Room 102. He boasts how he brought the Servants to the apartment before attacking. He is defeated and disappears, telling the group to solve the mystery of the apartment. The Good Mephistopheles then appears to the confusion of the others since they just saw Mephistopheles disappear. He explains his circumstances, then joins the others in their investigation.[4]

Shiki Ryougi realizes the apartment is now collecting stuff unrelated to its original design and turning it evil. Henry Jekyll then appears and explains he is the manager of the corridor. He advises the group to stay on the first floor a little longer and invites them to stay in his room. When they reject his invitation, he turns into Mr. Hyde and attacks them.[5]

Returning to normal with his defeat, Jekyll claims he and Hyde were manipulated. He warns Ritsuka not to trust Mephistopheles and prepares to hand them the key to the next floor. However, he changes back into Hyde and attacks Ritsuka. Shiki blocks him and takes the key. She deduces he was always Hyde and only pretended to possess dual personalities. After Hyde disappears, Mephistopheles reveals Jekyll mutated upon his arrival until his main personality vanished. He explains the Servants are being affected by the apartment's residual resentments, changing their alignment as a result. The group then move to the 2nd floor.[5]

On the 2nd floor, the group remove Elizabeth Bathory from the apartment.[6] Next, on the 3rd floor, they remove Boudica.[7]

Nearly complete with their investigation of the 4th floor, the group is confronted by Artoria Alter. She warns them to leave as the floor above is filled with vengeful ghosts. The group accuses her of being the mastermind behind the incidentArtoria Alter then removes her armor in response to Mephistopheles saying she is a skeleton underneath. She agrees to forgive their disrespect if they can survive and prove their bravery to her.[8]

She stops the fight however upon realizing Shiki has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, so she allows them to pass. Mephistopheles reveals Artoria Alter hasn't mutated like the other Servants, as she'll never be a cruel queen regardless of her strength. Artoria Alter explains she's been weeding out those who can't handle the apartment's grudges. She reveals Solomon attempted to convert the apartment into a Singularity after recovering it from the incinerated history. This plan failed however as the person Solomon had sent to do so transformed the apartment into a tower that attracts and imprisons Servants to convert them into demons. Artoria Alter warns the apartment will someday become the Singularity called "Hell", though it has no bearing on the Incineration of Humanity. Deciding to rescue the remaining Servants, the group continue their investigation.[8]

Later, Ritsuka has the group investigate outside. After communications with Chaldea are cut, a Servant surrounded by darkness appears before them. He reveals the ghosts are souls who were unrewarded in life, and their regrets kept them from moving to the afterlife. So if Hell denies them, he'll create a new Hell with the apartment. He warns the group not to stand in his way and leaves. The group is then suddenly confronted by a ghost differing from the others. Mephistopheles warns it is reaching a state near that of Primate Murder, but Shiki says it's a defective Monster of Alya. Her appearance and personality have changed in response to the ghost's nature. After destroying the ghost, she returns to normal after tripping over a tree root. She mistakes the victory as Ritsuka and Mash's, having no memory of it. Fou then gives her a key he found.[9]

On the apartment's 5th floor, the group enters the room where the Singularity's source is located. There they're welcomed by another evil Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles reveals a greater ghost called the Great Avici Hell, which draws in spirits and turns them into a pillar, is behind his evil self. Evil Mephistopheles asks Ritsuka why they're rescuing their Servants since they changed of their own will. He also says the distortion is safe to ignore since it's a fake Singularity. Even if the Foundations of Humanity are restored, the distortion will continue to exist outside the world gathering hatred and pain. Evil Mephistopheles then fights the group after Ritsuka responds they couldn't ignore the suffering inside the apartment. After his evil self is destroyed, Mephistopheles also disappears.[10]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Mephistopheles is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[11]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Mephistopheles appears in the Salem Singularity unexpectedly, confronting Ritsuka as they’re walking out at night. When asked how he got in without rayshifting, Mephistopheles only replies that visiting hellscapes is a hobby of his. He describes it as easy as, unlike heaven, the doors to hellscapes are always wide open. He theorizes Raum wasn’t the one who created Salem, rather it was a god far beyond humanity. He also reveals time is speeding up, and the date is the evening of April 29. Tomorrow is Walpurgisnatch, the time when witches become maddened. Mephistopheles then left the Singularity.[12]

Halloween Event: The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!![]

Mephistopheles, Christopher Columbus, and the Phantom of the Opera are lost in Oniland’s house of mirrors. They run into Ritsuka's party, Blackbeard, and supposedly Henry Jekyll, who are also lost, and travel with them. Everyone goes their separate ways, though, when they come to a four-way intersection. Mephistopheles, Columbus, and the Phantom travel together, but they return to the intersection upon hearing Blackbeard’s scream coming from there.

After learning Blackbeard was stabbed in the back, Columbus assures none in his group are the culprit. Jekyll, however, accuses him, Mephistopheles, or the Phantom of being the culprit, having heard that Gold Servants are only made from copies of evil Heroic Spirits. Mephistopheles says he doesn't know how to use a blade, only to immediately admit that he does. Columbus states neither of them could possibly sneak up on Blackbeard without being noticed and finds it convenient for Jekyll that they’re the suspects. But, refusing to come quietly, Mephistopheles triggers a battle between everyone when he attacks Jekyll with his bombs.

The Phantom comes at Ritsuka with his claws, but stops and pulls back at the last moment. Mephistopheles asks Jekyll why he only stood idly by and how long he’ll keep his farce up. Realizing it’s pointless to bluff now, Jekyll turns into Hyde, revealing himself to be the Gold Servant in charge of the house of mirrors. Shuten-douji arrives to help defeat “Hyde”, leaving once Sitonai collects his gold fragment. Mochizuki Chiyome asks Columbus, Mephistopheles, and the Phantom why they didn’t take part in the battle. Columbus confesses they didn’t have the magical energy thanks to Oniland and reveals the amusement park keeps them from returning to Chaldea. Mephistopheles adds they were already low on magical energy when they fought, so they had barely any left to spare to help fight “Jekyll”.


Tick, Tock, Bang![]

Mephistopheles, Ritsuka, and Mash travel to London to stop its ruling oppressor. He sets up bombs at certain locations while the others fend off monsters. Eventually, he confesses the enemy is his creator, Faust. He tells Faust that he betrayed him out of boredom because none of his lethal experiments yielded any results, and for claiming he sought unseen dreams while leading an ordinary life. After Faust is defeated, Mephistopheles tells him that no one would remember him if Goethe never wrote a play about them. After Faust dies, Mephistopheles sets off his bombs.


Mephistopheles is neither a Human nor a Demon, but is actually a Homunculus.[1] He wields a pair of scissors in combat. His Noble Phantasm is Ticktock Bomb.


Item Construction (Rank B): The production of devices that carries magical energy. As he was an assistant to an alchemist for many years, he can create any of the alchemist’s magical items.

Territory Creation (Rank C+): As a magus, creates a position that is advantageous to oneself. Although smaller in scale compared to a Workshop, he can create an extremely efficient “Laboratory”.

Clown's Laughter (Rank A+): A Skill derived from Innocent Monster. As a(n) (established) devil, Mephistopheles can put an intense heavy pressure on the entirety of mankind as a species. If there is a possibility of failure in any situation, it will fail without exception, one falling into a state like they had been abandoned by fortune.

Curse Arts (Rank A): He uses classical western Curse Arts as his specialty. Its purpose covers many variances, like returning twofold to his opponent the wounds he himself has received from them, sowing discord in one’s personal relationships, giving nightmares by using incubi, and so forth. It is even difficult for the average magus to resist it.

Innocent Monster (Rank B): Contract Demon ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. The name of a monster that distorted Mephistopheles’ past and way of being due to the image born from his deeds while alive. His abilities/appearance has completely transformed. In his case, there is nothing but merits, such as having his Curse Arts strengthened, possessing magecraft that reached the level of a Noble Phantasm, and so forth. A first-class demon.


Koyasu-ko (コャスコ?) is his nickname in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order because he is voiced by Takehito KoyasuWP, who also voiced Caster.

Creation and Conception[]

Shimokoshi is the character illustrator for Mephistopheles.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for his character.[2]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Caster Profile [T]

    Mephistopheles - Caster

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Shimokoshi
    Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu

    Strength: D
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B
    Mana: A
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Witchcraft: A
    Innocent Monster: B

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: C+
    Item Construction: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Ticktock Bomb: Dozing Bomb
    Rank: A→A+
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    Alas, the demon! The demon! The demon has come!
    Is Mephistopheles! That vile demon!

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 188cm・78kg
    Source: "Faust"
    Region: Germany
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Male (?)
    Not a human, but neither a demon.

    Level 2 Bond
    Mephistopheles is demon of temptation that appears in Goethe's masterpiece, "Faust". Waging a bet with God on whatever Dr. Faust would fall into depravity or not, Mephisto attempts to pull him into the path of evil.

    Level 3 Bond
    Mephistopheles exhausts all arts of coaxing and succeeds into enticing Faust into the path of evil. However, just before his soul was cast to hell, Faust had his soul saved by a loved one.
    Ah, how magnificent of a happy end!

    Level 4 Bond
    ...of course, it is different in "reality". The excellent magus Faust minted a single homunculus. Naming him Mephistopheles, Faust was very affectionate to him, but was betrayed as if only natural and died.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Innocent Monster: B

    Contract demon ■■■■■■■■■. The name of a monster that had his past and way of being has been distorted by means of the image born from his deeds while alive. The abilities・figure ended up being transformed. In his case, there is nothing but merits in that transformation.

    At a first glance, he seems to faithfully work in a cheerful manner.
    However, he thinks of the Master as nothing but "a toy to entertain himself" and will try drive the Master into despair if given the chance. In other words, one just have to take the proper attitude as magus.--do not trust him.

    メフィストフェレス - キャスター



    呪術 A
    無辜の怪物 B

    陣地作成 C+
    道具作成 B


    ああ、悪魔! 悪魔! 悪魔が来たぞ!
    メフィストフェレスだ! あの最悪の悪魔め!

    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性(?)






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