Merem Solomon (メレム・ソロモン, Meremu Soromon?), also known as "Crown" (王冠, Ōkan?) or "Daemon Summoner" (悪魔召喚, Akuma Shōkan?), is the twentieth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors and the fifth member of the Burial Agency. He is an independent Apostle with the appearance of a fourteen-year-old.



Early YearsEdit

He was an originally a child with the ability to speak with animals and materialize people's wishes due to his status as a "planet terminal." The inhabitants of his village removed his arms and legs to keep him from ever leaving, all while revering him as a deity for their own convenience. Crimson Moon took note of this, and challenged the villagers to a morbid game: all throughout the night, the villagers would have to imagine beasts for Merem to materialize, and if none of the creatures were able to defeat him by daybreak, they would all be slaughtered. Nothing from their imaginations could possibly stand up to Crimson Moon, so he kept his promise and killed all of them at dawn. The act of materializing the beasts was too much for Merem to bear, which lead to his death. He was revived by Crimson Moon as an Apostle and told, that as he was now free of his captors, to imagine beasts to replace his lost limbs. Merem feels an immense sense of gratitude towards him, which he has directed towards his golden princess, Arcueid, since his destruction.[1]

Merem is acquaintances with Gransurg Blackmore, considering him to be both a friend and an enemy at the same time. They both consider Crimson Moon as their god, but they are at odds with one another, as Merem sees him as an idol whereas Blackmore sees him as a master. He has always wished to fight Blackmore for the millennium they have known each other, and he plans to do so while under orders from the Church to stop the Aylesbury Ritual. He hates Altrouge Brunestud, calling her an impostor of Crimson Moon who stole Arcueid's long hair. He would only be able to kill one of her bodyguards while also facing destruction, so he is willing to fight alongside Blackmore in order to kill her.

Joining the ChurchEdit

He is a collector of treasures, so he joined the Church in order to have access to holy relics. In spite of his nature as a vampire, he was admitted into the Burial Agency, and became the fifth out of the eight Executioners that assassinate vampires. Despite being a traitor, he was tolerated by the other Ancestors.[2]


He seems to like Van-Fem’s carefree nature as someone who likes human life, and he finds Ortenrosse’s old-fashioned personality to be disagreeable. He can be whimsical, often acting very kind and other times acting cruel.[3]

He greatly reveres Arcueid, whom he calls "Princess", helping her out with various tasks that would make traveling the world difficult for her. Though she was Hades to the True Ancestors, he is quite fond of her, but she does not know how to respond to his unconditional affection.[4]


Tsukihime Edit

In the side story “Talk”, he accompanies Ciel in her expedition into the Forest of Ainnash. He guides DEATH to the core of Einnashe with just his voice while his body is far away with Ciel.

Other appearancesEdit

Carnival Phantasm Mr.Dawn, Barthomeloi, Merem

Mr. Dawn, Barthomeloi Lorelei, and Merem Solomon, with Gransurg Blackmore in the background, in Carnival Phantasm.

Merem makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.


Merem replaced his lost limbs with four imagined creatures, based on the idol gods of his village, referred to as the Four Great Daemon Beasts (四大魔獣
, Yondai Majū
Fōdēmon Za Gureitobīsuto
?). While he personally has no offensive power of which to speak, these four beings are classified as Divine Beast-class beings each as powerful as one of the twenty seven Ancestors. Imagined and brought into reality through Demonition (デモニッション, Demonisshon?), part of Merem's abilities as a Planet Terminal (星の端末, Hoshi no Tanmatsu?), they do not belong to any specific species of natural animals, but rather can be seen as homages to all the species of the world. Compared to a Reality Marble, which overwrites the caster's internal world over reality, Demonition is the capacity to bring forth beings from the world of fairy tales that have been abandoned by mankind. The mere presence of the Beasts naturally causes the "realism" of the environment around them to weaken.

Merem has no personal control over the thought processes or the forms of the Beasts after they are brought into existence, and he does not even need to be alive for their existence to continue. They have continued to serve him out of debt and loyalty, acting as his limbs during dormant periods and lending their powers when necessary, while he continues to reimagine and bring them back into the world if they are destroyed. Though they are considered separate existences, they are still close enough to him that if he were to give them names, it would be the same as admitting to the World that they are completely independent daemons. Upon the defeat of a daemon, the corresponding limb ruptures and is rendered immobile for a time.

Daemon of the Left ArmEdit

« ...That's funny? Say, I didn't design you to like humans did I?
My humble self will be on the side of humans as long as there's pizza. »

(Merem and the Left Arm)

The Daemon of the Left Arm (左腕の悪魔, Hidariude no Akuma?), classified as the King of Rats (ネズミの王様, Nezumi no Ōsama?), is a daemon without any abilities related towards battle. He is the manifestation of Merem's wish to become others, the hope to transform, and he was designed after a friend of Merem who lived in the ceiling of his temple. He is a rat who is capable of transforming into anything that resembles the size and shape of a human, allowing him to act Merem's representative in human society under the guise of an elderly priest due to Merem being in the unaging form of a boy. It is his preferred persona despite his ability to transform into a myriad of people. He even acts as if he is Merem himself to all the other members of the Burial Agency besides Narbareck and Ciel because the organization values experience, with Merem believing that his true form would bring about unnecessary trouble. Ciel calls the priest "wise and cool" compared to Merem's more childlike personality. If ever brought under the gaze of a high-class exorcist, his facade will be undone and cause him to return to its original form.


Rats gather for Merem in his temple.

Despite being intrinsically linked, they are not able to communicate telepathically. Should Merem leave the Left Arm behind with Narbareck, he must communicate with rats using his ability to speak to animals in order to relay messages. He is able to obtain information from them and relay messages to the Left Arm. They act reverently towards Merem, and consider the Left Arm to be the hero and idol of the rat world, thought of as the "third most beautiful rat in the world." He is popular in communities in narrow spaces underground, on ceiling boards, in drainage conduits, and behind furniture. Despite his fame, they often point out the contradiction in his status by asking "Just what part of you is a 'Great' Daemon Beast?", leaving him troubled while apologetically trying to think of an answer, or not. He is a cheese lover who likes humans because of pizza, and works daily at a relaxed pace for the sake of Merem, humans, and rats.

Daemon of the Right ArmEdit

The Daemon of the Right Arm (右腕の悪魔, Migiude no Akuma?), classified as Lady Windup (機巧令嬢, Kikō Reijō?), is a ten-meter tall mechanical doll. It is the manifestation of weapons of war, combat, and puppets. He designed it after the duality of angels and daemons. It is armed with diverse weaponry, though it is only fit with the types of weapons that a single individual could use as Merem's personal rule. It also acts as a mobile fortress with an entrance and a set of stairs on its stomach to allow access to its interior. As a symbol of armaments, it is the only Beast to have been shaped through modifications in order to keep up with the advancements in the field of warfare. Its latest configuration has been established for one hundred years. Its face is normally covered with a mask that is rarely removed, and it has a limited amount of intelligence and a stubborn personality. It will quickly perform the first command given with the utmost priority, ignoring anything unrelated, but will quickly become disinterested and ignore subsequent orders. Due to these traits, Merem dislikes using it.

Daemon of the Left LegEdit

The Daemon of the Left Leg (左足の悪魔, Hidariashi no Akuma?), classified as the King of the Sky (空の王者, Sora no Ōja?), is a manta ray-like daemon around two hundred meters in size. The concept behind its creation is that of freedom and shooting for the cosmos. It is considered to be his most beautiful creation with membranes composed of countless animal species. It "swims" through the skies and remains unmatched in the air, but will face destruction once it touches the ground. It is meant to be used in situations where one-on-one combat against a strong opponent is necessary, though it has a weak defense that will cause it to fade away after receiving severe damage. Merem believes that it is a great weapon with too high a cost to properly utilize.

Daemon of The Right LegEdit

The Daemon of The Right Leg (右足の悪魔, Migiashi no Akuma?), classified as the King of the Land (陸の王者, Riku no Ōja?) and also known as the Black Dog of Destruction (破壊の黒犬, Hakai no Kokken?), The Bell of Ending (終末の鐘, Shūmatsu no Kane?), The Beast of God (神の獣, Kami no Kemono?), and the Whale Dog (鯨犬, Kujira Inu?), is a four-legged whale-like monster around two hundred meters long. The concept behind its creation is that of a manifestation of divine punishment and a tsunami, and the design reference is his temple and the animal statues that adorned it. While it was meant to be an adorable puppy, the result was a whale dog because his skill as an artist is a bit slanted.

It is the daemon he most often utilizes. It lacks any sort of human-like intelligence compared to the arms, and it will follow his orders. Due to him being a dog lover, it listens to him more so than the Left Leg. It lacks any special abilities, but its enormous size itself is more than enough for its classification as a daemon. It specializes in conquest and destruction, acting like a beast that stomps and crushes the world around it. Even bringing it forth briefly allows it to create a patch of ruined wasteland like the site of a meteor impact digging deep enough to destroy the roots of trees. He feeds it at times, and the soil of the Forest of Ainnash is particularly good for it.


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