Merodach: The Original Sin (原罪メロダック, GenzaiMerodakku?) is the original model of the "legends of the swords of selection in the various lands of the world" and "the foundation of the sacred right to select the king", including Gram and the sword modeled on Gram, Caliburn.[1][2] It is possessed by Gilgamesh in the Gate of Babylon, utilized as a means of testing if an opponent is worthy of Ea.[1] Although it has a different appearance from Caliburn, its "true nature", the "idea of its creation" and its "soul" are nearly identical. Due to being its model, its strength as a Noble Phantasm is incomparable, easily shattering Caliburn without it being able to put up any resistance. Though not as powerful as Excalibur, it utilizes the same power as Caliburn, a "light that can burn away everything it touches" that could kill Berserker with one slash.[2][3]


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