Michael Roa Valdamjong
Tsukihime (2021)

Michael Roa Valdamjong (ミハイル・ロア・バルダムヨォン, Mihairu Roa Barudamuyōn?) is the unofficial twenty eighth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors in the Tsukihime Remake series. Former priest of the Holy Church.[3] He is called The Serpent of Akasha (アカシャの蛇, Akasha no Hebi?) and The Infinite Reincarnator (転生無限者, Tensei Mugensha?), which refers to his ability to constantly reincarnate after entering Akasha, the root of everything within the universe, no matter how many times he dies. His seventeenth incarnation is known as Elesia (エレイシア, Ereishia?), and his eighteenth incarnation, SHIKI Tohno (遠野 四季(シキ), Tōno Shiki?), is his latest as of the time period of Tsukihime.



Roa’s original appearance.

Born in the late 15th century to a wealthy family, Roa was a blessed child, loved by all. Instead of inheriting his father's lands, he decided to join the Church. He loved people, not as humans, but as a collective, and so resolved to record their deeds. One day, he realized he lacked the time to record everything, his life too short to satisfy his need to learn and know everything. The more he continued his work, the more his despair grew. As a result, he decided he needed to become eternal by becoming a vampire.[4]

He relinquished the Burial Agency to the ancestor of Narbareck, also called Narbareck, who tells him she accepts his decision and understand it is his first step towards completing his Magecraft Theory. When she speculates that he'll maybe be done in about 100 years, he corrects her, saying that he'll have completed it in 10 years, and then become a target for inquisition already. Narbareck found it hard to believe, but he insisted that to become a powerful vampire, you just have to be bitten by the most powerful one.[4] Somewhere along the cycle of Arcueid's duties of killing Demon Lords, Roa tricked her into drinking his blood, causing her to go haywire. After killing all the True Ancestors who raised her, she regained her sanity and locked herself in the Millennium Castle. After that, she formed a new cycle where every time Roa reincarnated, she would visit the world outside the castle, punish him, and return to sleep.[5][6]

Roa convinced Vlov Arkhangel to kill Zaria Offenbaum and lied about how the blood of a True Ancestor would save the knight's life, seemingly stealing away the past 200 years away from Vlov, resulting in the knight developing a deep hatred for Roa and a desire for revenge against him.[7][8][9] One day, Roa and Nrvnqsr Chaos had a discussion about immortality, with Nrvnqsr Chaos asking him about his answer to the question of eternal life. Nrvnqsr Chaos was impressed at Roa for finding the "Wandering Sea" they've met in, but Roa praises him back for his 800 year old still-functioning magecraft. Nrvnqsr Chaos asks Roa about what happened in the North Sea, but Roa says it can wait, for now, there is someone he wants help with capturing.[10] At some point, Roa met Kiara Kisshouin.[11]

Roa's seventeenth incarnation, Elesia, later known as Ciel, was born in 1989 to a normal family in a remote village in France one hundred years after his sixteenth incarnation died. The sixteenth was destroyed by Arcueid before he had a chance to find a family bloodline with both wealth and power. He could only fulfill the requirement that his next incarnation would have physical potential, so he was born into a normal family without any social standing. In exchange, her body instead had extremely high magical potential, which is the closest in power to his original body in all of his incarnations. Roa's influence gave Ciel abnormal violent urges but she always kept them in check. It became too much to bear, so she shut herself into her room. One day, she emerged, killing her parents. He began manifesting on her twelfth birthday, and greatly enjoyed the amount of power the body gave him. Being chosen as Roa's new body caused her to awaken at age 12, become a vampire, take over her village, and eventually become a center figure of what would be called the French Incident. Even though he would have to take a long period of time to take over the town without status, he was fine with waiting until later to obtain social standing. He committed various atrocities to the citizens as he used his new powers to slowly take over the town. After the town was completely under his control, he was inevitably hunted down by Arcueid, who managed to find him after two days of searching. He was killed, and Elesia's body was taken by the Church. She eventually revived with her original personality without any of Roa's influence, while Roa moved on to his next incarnation.[2][12][13]


Roa's form varies upon the body he is currently inhabiting, but he is able to change it to some degree to suit his preferences.[14] The longer hairstyle Roa initially appears with, more closely resembling his design in the original Tsukihime, is a result of the lingering influence of his host body SHIKI Tohno.[1][14]

Roa’s clothing in SHIKI’s body is nearly identical to his original design, with the only change being the addition of a brown leather belt with a silver cross-shaped buckle. His white dress shirt now has silver cross-shaped cufflinks as well. In Elesia’s body, he forgoes any clothing save for a fur-trimmed black cloak with a high collar and a red pattern based on his Magic Crest on the inside.

In his original body, Roa had long blonde hair he wore in a ponytail and red eyes. He wore a standard Executor’s uniform with a long coat and golden cross around his neck, and small circular glasses.



He loved people, not as humans, but as a collective, and so resolved to record their deeds. One day, he realized he lacked the time to record everything, his life too short to satisfy his need to learn and know everything. The more he continued his work, the more his despair grew. As a result, he decided he needed to become eternal by becoming a vampire.[4] The reason why he chose to reincarnate endlessly is not that he sought power, but simply to continue being, until the world comes to a close. When Shiki asks "if the world is infinitely expanding, surely the priest's goals are misplaced?" Roa replies that "humans were placed in the universe to define it, if not, why where they given intelligence?"[11]

At some point his objective changed. He who had sought eternity for the sake of completeness, had his purity robbed of him. He saw the "Princess", believing it was all her fault. He wanted to continue living, not as an observer, but as someone a part of the events. But those pure feelings were all washed away in face of her.[15]


Roa as an individual has ceased to exist, and the part of his soul left over can only be called the conceptualization of Roa's desire for immortality. He considered one's ego as unnecessary, so he doesn't really care what he does as long as he can continue his thesis on immortality. That first image of Arcueid is the only remaining emotion in Roa's heart after eight hundred years and seventeen reincarnations. While his personality has long died out, it is an eternal memory burned into his soul that continues to exist without disappearing. This memory made him hate the True Ancestor that caused his purity to fall, her existence, and everything about her. The hatred guided him trick her, become a Dead Apostle, steal her power, and wait for her to come to him. It has caused him to reincarnate so many times, just so that he can wait for her to come pursue him every time. Shiki believes that he wouldn't have made such mistakes if he was simply told that he was feeling love.

In Arcueid's story, he retained SHIKI's consciousness until the moment his knife stabbed Shiki. After SHIKI's greatest wish was fulfilled, Roa completely took over the body.[1][14]

Once he starts to possess Shiki, he has no direct control. He only acts as a voice inside Shiki's head, but it often devolves into repeating nonsense as it urges him to act. When confronting Ciel, he repeats "Slice her apart" numerous times until Shiki uses his willpower to silence him.



Arcueid route[]

Roa-SHIKI first appears as a shadowy figure on the road as Shiki Tohno is walking home. He walks up to Shiki, and with his approaching the street lights go out. In complete darkness, with only the lines visible, he feels the shadow attack him with a knife. The two start to spar, though Shiki still cannot make out who or what the shadow is. He gets the upper-hand, but still cannot cut his opponent's lines. He realizes that the shadow can see them too. Suddenly, a thin blade from Noel impales the shadow, sending him flying into a wall. She throws a few more knives at the shadow, finishing it off, as they curse Shiki.[16]

Roa-SHIKI on the school's corridor.

As Shiki heads out in the corridor of the school, that's when he once again sees it. The shadowy figure. It gets closer. He knows it from somewhere. But it's too close, he has to strike. Shiki pulls out his knife and attacks, but it's too late. The figure flashes with lightinng and in an instant, has moved to Shiki's back and disarmed him. The figure strikes, declaring Shiki is not the only one who can see the lines, and hits him in the chest. His face is revealed and so Shiki remembers. He thinks back to the scene of Akiha crying, the dead boy. It's him; SHIKI Tohno. The other person they would always play with.[14]

Roa-SHIKI stabbing Shiki.

The figure declares SHIKI's revenge settled, and so Roa takes over, his reincarnation complete. He's about to deal the killing blow, when Ciel bursts through the window, protecting Shiki. Roa is amused at seeing his "husk" come after him. Another voice rings out. It's Mario speaking through a microphone. He offers to spare Roa for seven days in exchange for his research on immortality. Roa recognizes Mario as one of Laurentis’ children, and claims that it is impossible for a mere human like the Cardinal to obtain immortality, which is why he abandoned that research as a dead end and switched his research over to the soul.[14]

On Day 13, Shiki arrives in a school corridor where Roa and Arcueid are facing off, but just as he gets there Arcueid turns around and paralyzes him with her eyes. Shiki doesn't understand why, but is now powerless to help. Arcueid activates her trump card. The corridor changes shape, becoming somewhere else. Roa's Magecraft Foundation is disabled, to his panic, yet he screams in joy as Arcueid traps him in a construct. She swipes her claws over it, and Roa's body is disintegrated.[17]

However, Roa's feet remain. His body starts to rapidly reassemble, it's an automatic spell that activates if the practitioner's body is destroyed. Arcueid is tired from the strain of her attack and with that, Roa approaches, cutting her lines with his claws. Arcueid collapses, and with it, Shiki's paralysis is broken. He rushes over to the dying Arcueid, they talk briefly and kiss, before Arcueid passes away.[17]

Roa asks if Shiki's done yet, entering into his view. He considers the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception valuable and wants Shiki as his slave, even though he has a pair of his own. He is grateful for Shiki inspiring him, it made it easy to realize the process behind the eyes. Roa, who has reincarnated so many times, has died tens of times more than Shiki has, he is much closer to death. But Shiki asks him a question. Can Roa only see the lines on things that are alive? Roa doesn't understand the point of the question, of course it's only that, things that aren't alive can't die. With his suspicions confirms, Shiki declares that what they're seeing are different. Roa can only see life.[17]

Roa's death point pierced by Shiki.

Roa's body instinctively starts to feel fear, he demands that Shiki stop looking at him. Shiki says he'll show Roa what it really means to see death and then pierces the point of death of the corridor, which collapses, burying Roa under the debris. Though his lower body is crushed, and unable to recover as he did against Arcueid, having spent most of his power, Roa still manages to creep out with his arms. Shiki comes after him, and finally deals the killing blow, erasing Roa's existence all together. He won't be coming back anymore.[17]

Though Shiki believes Roa gone, the vampire rises once more, though rapidly falling apart at the seams. He declares he'll use their "bond" to take over Shiki's body, before he can disappear. Then, a blade pierces through Roa. Ciel is back. Ciel insists that she'll claim credit for killing Roa, since it will mean less trouble for Shiki. Shiki is relieved, and loses consciousness with good faith.[17]

Ciel route[]

In Ciel's route, Roa gets killed shortly after the battle against Vlov by Arcueid who rips his heart out and crushes it.[10] Just as in the original Tsukihime, Roa survives by possessing Shiki due to the spiritual link between him and SHIKI.[10]

If Shiki allows Dr. Arach to inject him with the "vaccine" she claims is painful and has less of an effect, Roa will fully take over his body two days after the suspicious injection is administered.[18]

Ciel's Normal End has Shiki stab himself to kill off Roa for good, with Ciel sacrificing her own life to keep Shiki from dying from his suicide attempt.[15] The new True End has Roa offer a truce with Shiki in order to stop Arcueid's Luminous Body-powered rampage, using his magecraft to keep Shiki safe. While initially unwilling to do so, Shiki convinces him to sacrifice himself by using his soul to activate the last star of Ciel's Calvaria's Star, which allows Shiki to damage Arcueid's Luminous Body enough for him to save her.[19]

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]

The story of Roa appearing in Souya that came to him predicts the possibilities he might have had a following a chance encounter with Arcueid and Shiki.[3]


As of the events of Tsukihime, Roa is only ranked as a Stage VI Dead Apostle,[20][17] with Ciel even saying that Roa himself isn't that strong. Despite this, the Church still regards him as a threat comparable to a Dead Apostle Ancestor. While he is weaker in terms of raw power than the other Ancestors, and even less destructive than Vlov, his ability to take over the bodies of those who already have connections in human society and transform a town or city into his feeding grounds before the Church is even aware that he has appeared makes him extremely dangerous. The total amount of damage he has inflicted on human society is estimated by Ciel to be equivalent to that inflicted by Altrouge Brunestud.[21]

Once his will is awakened in a host, he starts off as a weak Dead Apostle, and begins to increase his power by creating The Dead throughout a city like a traditional vampire. Draining the blood of humans, he increases his power bit by bit as more victims are slowly transformed. Due to being born as a human baby with parents, it is impossible to detect him beforehand. He shows no signs of being anything other than human, and only transforms into a vampire upon reaching an age where he can do everything at a satisfactory level. He quickly begins to utilize the relationships he gained until that time to blend perfectly into society, and it is usually only when the entire town is turned to The Dead, the Church is able to finally detect his presence. Due to the fact that he only chooses fine lineages and excellent hosts, it is much easier for Ciel, who has innate knowledge of how Roa works, to find him by searching out the families in the area that meet his criteria. It quickly allowed her to find the bloodline he reincarnated into in Souya due to the Tohno family being the only old family that meets his criteria.

The status of being a Dead Apostle is stored within his soul. Those transformed by a True Ancestor don't just have their bodies corrupted, but also forever have their souls spoiled by the bite.[21] Those he takes over return to normal if his influence is removed from them. Ciel, despite acting as Roa for a long duration of time, has no remaining traces of having been a vampire. Shiki, who is slightly taken over by Roa in Ciel's route, slowly gains the advantages of a Dead Apostle, such as strength, speed, and regeneration. After Roa is fully destroyed, Shiki's half-vampiric body doesn't return to normal,[11] unlike Ciel's case. Arcueid's stolen power is also kept within his soul, and it will not be returned to her unless it is fully destroyed. Even after killing him seventeen times, she is unable to regain it until he is fully destroyed during the Near-Side routes.

Roa's Curse of Restoration.

When Roa's manages to fully become the dominant force in SHIKI's mind during the Arcueid and Ciel routes, he takes on the full benefits of being a Dead Apostle created by Arcueid. As a Dead Apostle created by a True Ancestor, being under the full moon greatly increases his power, and it can be said he is practically immortal under such conditions. During a night with a full moon, his regeneration was potent enough to allow to instantly regenerate his limbs and parts of his skull, over and over, while fighting Arcueid prior to her using her Marble Phantasm. In addition to his regenerative abilities as a Dead Apostle, Roa also has access to SHIKI’s regenerative powers, and claims that he can use them to restore his legs after Shiki "kills" them using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.[17]


Having been a powerful Magus during his original lifetime, and having inherited the knowledge of his hosts, many of whom practiced magecraft, Roa is proficient in a variety of different types of Magecraft. He can manipulate information and electricity at will.[3] Spells inherited by Ciel also show that he has knowledge in High Speed Incantation, Simplified Repetitive Incantation, Suggestion, and Necromancy. He has the ability to modify his appearance to suit his own preferences, such as when modifying SHIKI's body when he fully takes control.[14][17] As Tarantella, he showed skill in both Curses and Barriers and he can seemingly make use of the unique abilities that belonged to his previous hosts and past incarnations.[22][23]

His favourite seems to be Numerology (数秘術, Sūhijutsu?), which is related to the Kabbalah's Thaumaturgical Theory. He specializes in lightning based attacks, and most of his abilities involve electrical discharges. He uses it to generate blasts of electrity or summon white lightning to strike down his enemies.[22][23][14] He even seems to be able to temporarily turn himself into electricity, as he did prior to finally taking over SHIKI Tohno's body, where he vanished from Shiki Tohno's sight as the latter rushed towards him, only for him to reappear behind Shiki and stab him with a knife.[14]

He is also highly proficient in Time Magecraft, setting up an automated spell that will reverse all damage done to him if he is killed while inside a pre-established area. However, he states that without the extra power derived from the full moon, he would not have been able to come back from being just an ankle.[17]

He is also skilled in Gravity-based magecraft, through the spell "Attraction", as when he was sharing a body with Shiki, he showcased the ability to aid in Shiki's maneuverability by manipulating the trajectory of his falls and even controlling some large stones that were around Shiki.[19]

He is also very skilled with barriers, being able to set up a barrier around his lair that can shield it from Arcueid's Event Storage ability while in her Luminous Body state, several days after the body which set up that barrier in the first place having already been killed. When discussing his barrier with Shiki, he claims that it could even resist the power of an Ancestor's Principle.[19]

Roa is also able to "hack" into Ciel's Calvaria's Star and force it to release what energy it has left, at his command. Furthermore, he is able to forcefully convert the nerves in Shiki's arm into makeshift Magic Circuits over a short period of time.[19] He also possesses the Reality Marble Overload (オーバーロード (過負荷), Ōbārōdo (Kafuka)?), which he uses in his Last Arc.

Mystic Eyes[]

Roa has Mystic Eyes with properties similar to Shiki's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and uses them to aim for lines when fighting. While Roa believes that they are the same Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that Shiki gained from viewing death, they are significantly different. His eyes allow him to see "the point that makes things live", making them more akin to cutting the "life" of a person rather than the "death". He cannot see lines on inanimate objects or destroy them, as it stems from the abilities of the Tohno's bloodline to perceive the "life" of a being and then "plunder" it. The lines seen by the eyes have the same placement as lines of death, allowing Shiki to block Roa's strikes by viewing the lines on his own body to anticipate the target of the cut.[16][14][17]


When thinking about his plans for his 15th incarnation, he decided that he would develop a Psychic Power that would allow him to inherit the Principles of other Ancestors and make their powers his own. It is unknown if he actually succeeded in achieving this, let alone if this is a trait that carried over into his subsequent incarnations.


Roa is an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable individual. He was able to find and even infiltrate the Wandering Sea in order to later have it as a meeting point between himself and Nrvnqsr Chaos.[10] He is also extremely well versed in True Ancestors and their various unique traits and powers. Furthermore, he is easily able to perceive that Ciel's Calvaria's Star was not particularly efficient and that it still had some leftover power that could be used by him.[19]

As evident from his encounter with a Masterless displaced Saber-class Servant Artoria Pendragon, despite having had a knowledge of Holy Grail War and multiverse, Roa has a strong distaste towards Summoning Magic Art and knows the risk of using it.[24]


Roa's method of reincarnation and its workings seem to be derived from a Principle that he stole from Arcueid in the past. Normally, the soul scatters and returns to Akasha after leaving the envelope of the body upon death, but Roa's soul is able to be transmitted. It has lost the concept of destruction entirely and morphed so that it can remain conscious even while held within the record. No matter how many times his body is destroyed, he will always revive within a new one after a period of time.[25][21] He is able to completely persist beyond death so long as human beings exist in the world, by taking them as host bodies.[10] However, he loses more of his identity with each soul he assimilates into his own.[25][21]

Mario explains that Roa is a man who sought real immortality, not the incomplete one vampires have. He can reincarnate into a new body after death, having the ability to keep his soul alive after it leaves his body. Until his next body grows up, they won't know they are Roa themselves. In addition, Mario reveals that Roa can choose his next vessel beforehand. He will always target someone who, has powerful family connections, and/or has a special innate ability.[25] His usual priority is of 'good connections',[12] often choosing a balanced mixture of both wealth and magical abilities to ensure his quick ascension to power without attracting attention.

Arcueid only has the ability to kill his body rather than his "meaning", so she has failed to completely destroy him. Only something with the concept of "rejection of reincarnation" like the Seventh Holy Scripture can disperse his soul into nothingness and stop it from resurrecting,[26] or it must be destroyed completely, such as by having his point of death pierced by a Mystic Eyes of Death Perception user.[17] If the Mystic Eyes of Roses are successfully used on Roa, the souls of all his potential future hosts get trapped in her Mystic Eyes thus preventing Roa from reincarnating suggesting that she can't directly target his soul, although Noel would be unable to confirm the final death of Roa if his incarnation is killed afterwards Roa would only be able to survive as a disembodied soul.[27]


Creation and Conception[]

PFALZ designed the Serpent of Akasha crest that appears when Roa has full control of the body.[1]


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    • 性別:男性
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    • 嫌いな物: 突発的なイベント、無教養、不完全、喜劇
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    • Weight: 52kg
    • Birthday: May 3rd
    • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Good from an objective perspective, but Ciel considers herself evil)
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    • Dislikes: Lazy lifestyles, vampires
    • Natural enemy: None in particular (she’s an all-rounder)

    Comment from the illustrator: One of the main heroines in this game. Arc’s narrative foil. While she’s the Tsukihime heroine with the biggest variety of outfits, she isn’t particularly fashionable, which fits with her unaffected and sincere personality. She doesn’t stop getting into battle after battle, to the point it feels like all of her CGs are fight scenes. I made her more sprites in cute poses to compensate that.

    Explanation: Birth name: Elesia. A girl born in the French countryside. Being chosen as Roa's new body caused her to awaken at age 12, become a vampire, take over her village, and eventually become a center figure of what would be called the French Incident. But after being defeated by Arcueid, Roa transferred to the next incarnation and the corpse taken to the Curia revived as Elesia. The girl, now immortal for as long as Roa is alive, discarded her name, was baptized as Ciel, and joined the Church as a vampire hunter. In order to one day die as a human.

    Sensing Roa's reincarnation, Ciel assigned herself alone to Souya town to punish him. She lives a double life, steadily getting rid of the constantly proliferating vampires by night, and infiltrating a school by day to investigate and observe her Roa body candidate, Toono Shiki, eldest son of the Toono family. Despite her suspicions about the assignment of her pupil Noel, she tries to use Shiki to seal and/or destroy Roa, but things don't go as planned.

    One of the story's heroines. She looks about 16-18. She's poses as upperclassman in Shiki's school but is actually a Holy Church Executor who came to Souya after Roa. The people of the Church call her by the pejorative name Quinze. Although she explains their secrets to Shiki as he gets involved in the situation, the mystery woman doesn't tell him a thing about herself. She's Lawful Good. Extroverted, timid, and active. Has a generally quiet and caring personality. However she's also nosy and curious, and can't leave lazy or depressed people alone.

    The character whose personality best fits the big sister archetype. She takes cares of people and does anything they ask. She's satisfied with her class representative-like position... but, things get different if she grows affectionate to the person she's helping. Her teasing can get mean-spirited. Maybe she just likes troubling her loved ones.

    However, that's all just the base Ciel. She uses a different persona as an Executor, so she can become a cold-blooded machine to fulfill her objectives if necessary.


    • 性別:女性
    • 年齢:18歳 (推定)
    • 血液型:O
    • 身長:167cm
    • 体重:52kg
    • 生日: 5月3日
    • 属性:秩序・悪 (客観的には善だが、本人は悪だと思っている)
    • 好きな物: 香辛料の効いた料理、ボランティア、道具いじり、仔犬
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    • 天敵: とくになし (オールラウンダー)







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    Comment from the illustrator: True Ancestor, a vampire born as one. One of the main heroines in A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, and the poster girl for Tsukihime as a whole. A character designed after idea of an un-vampire-like vampire. Not the best person to have as an ally and the absolute worst to have as an enemy. Her long skirt form at the second half of Ciel’s route was meant as little surprise. It goes to show how much I can’t let go of my habits.

    Explanation: A True Ancestor who, around the year 1200, spawned naturally, as True Ancestors always do. It was soon discovered that her specs were a far above the True Ancestor standard. It was decided impromptu that she was to be educated for anti-corrupted True Ancestor purposes. She woke up only to kill corrupted True Ancestors, and went to sleep after defeating her target. Somewhere along this cycle, she was tricked by the mage Roa into drinking human blood, causing her to go haywire. After killing all the True Ancestors who raised her, she regained her sanity and locked herself in the Millenium Castle. After that, she formed a new cycle where every time Roa reincarnated, she would visit the world outside the castle, punish him, and return to sleep. This princess is a killer machine who never experienced anything other than fighting and doesn't care for "useless" matters. Or rather, was.

    The main heroine of the story. She has the appearance of a woman around 16-17. Her real age is about 800-900. That said, the total time she's been active is less than an year. She's a genuine bloodsucker who came to Souya town in pursuit of the vampire Roa. An invigorating heroine with looks and a personality unbecoming of a vampire, who gets killed by the protagonist in her introduction scene. She gets interested in Shiki's murder skills and asks him for his help. She's Chaotic Good. Introverted (extroverted when it comes to Shiki), cheerful, and active. Since her appearance is stuck in an late teens form, her mental age is also not matured. Not caring about details is in her personality. She got happy-go-lucky ever since Shiki killed her, but she still has her vast knowledge and dry humor (her logical nature as a True Ancestor), resulting in an unbalanced personality, carefree yet intellectual.

    After being broken as a True Ancestor beyond repair, she grew greatly interested in Shiki, and this interest eventually developed into affection, which was taken to extreme level of loving Shiki's life, so she wants to protect not only Shiki himself, but also everything Shiki approves. Except when she is rampaging or awakened. In Ciel's route, the awakened Arc's directive was to first obtain Shiki, and only then respect his life. And to obtain Shiki, she chose the frightening method of eliminating all obstacles.


    • 性別:女性
    • 年齢:17歳(自称)
    • 血液型:不明
    • 身長:167cm
    • 体重:52kg
    • 生日: 12月25日(自称)
    • 属性:善性・中立
    • 好きな物: 映画、小説、おでかけ、お部屋デート、志貴の暴言、子猫
    • 嫌いな物: 蛇、退屈、環境汚染、志貴の暴言
    • 天敵: 直死の魔眼、逆行運河

    「真祖」と呼ばれる生まれながらの吸血種。本作『-A piece of blue glass moon-』で描かれるメインヒロインであり、月姫という物語全体の顔役となるキャラクター。

    西暦1200年頃、他の真祖たち同様に自然発生した真相だったが、そのスペックが他の真祖たちより遥かに優れたものである事が判明。 気頃、 対「堕ちた真祖」用としての教育を施される事となった。
    自分を育てていた直祖たちを殺め尽くしたのち、正気を取り戻した彼 女は自らを「千年城」に封じ込める。
    その後はロアが転生するたびに千年城から外界に赴き、処罰しては成 に戻って眠るという事を繰り返していた。
    戦闘しか経験した事がなく“無駄”という事柄を知らないキラーマシー ンみたいなお姫さま――だった。

    本編のメインヒロイン。女性、外見年齢は16〜17才前後。実年齢は 800〜900年ほど。といっても、実際に活動していた時間は1年に満た ない。吸血鬼ロアを追って総耶の街にやってきた純正の吸血種。吸血鬼 にあるまじき外見・性格をしており、登場するなり主人公に殺されるさ わやか系ヒロイン。志貴の殺人スキルに興味を持ち、協力を求めてくる。
    中立・善。内向的(志貴に関わる事なら外向的)、陽気、能動的。外見 午前の十代後半で止まっている為、精神年齢も成長していない。細かい のスにしない、さっぱりした性格。志貴に殺されてからは人のヌボ く」な性格になるが、本人の豊富な知識とドライさ(真祖としての合理性) もあり、お気楽なのに理知的というアンバランスな性格になっ ている。


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    Idea Blood. The quality of the blood that makes the Ancestors what they are, and a foundational commandment etched on their soul.

    The Dead Apostles who inherited this blood would always rise up to become Ancestors no matter their rank; Arcueid compared it to a "crown".

    On the other hand, a millennium-class foundation is needed for the Hemonomic Principle to function, and even if a Dead Apostle with hundreds of years of activity were to inherit it they would be crushed by that curse. Properly speaking it was not something that Vlov could withstand, but thanks to a technique given to him by a certain Dead Apostle as well as his desire for revenge against that person he managed to retain his sanity until the end.


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