Mifune City (観布子市?) is the city where the events Kara no Kyoukai takes place in.


Garan no DouEdit

  • Garan no Dou
  • Garan no Dou
  • Touko's desk
  • Workshop
  • Workshop

Garan no Dou (伽藍の堂, Hollow Shrine?) is a contract-based agency run by Touko Aozaki. The majority of the jobs involve puppet-making, but they also take on cases with supernatural or abnormal elements and, if Touko was interested, all sorts of jobs are accepted such as anime production. She placed a bounded field around the building that houses Garan no Dou that was supposed to make it undetectable via hypnotic suggestions, and made it into her workshop.[1] Mail service, water and electricity runs just fine. It’s because even though it repels unwanted visitors, it also has to maintain its existence as a legitimate business.[2]

It appeared to be an abandoned building, and it really was an abandoned building. Touko purchased this building which was abandoned mid-construction and insisted on calling it her office. The first floor is just ruins. The second and third floors are where Touko works. The fourth floor was the office. Mikiya and Shiki have only seen the fourth floor.[1]

During the events of Kara no Kyoukai, Touko recruits Mikiya Kokutou and Shiki Ryougi.


In third chapter Remaining Sense of Pain, Azaka Kokutou and Fujino Asagami were supposed to meet Mikiya in this cafe. This is also where Mikiya and Shizune Seo talked at in Future Gospel.

Broad BridgeEdit

The Broad Bridge is a newly constructed architecture that connects the two harbors. It is ten kilometers long in a crescent moon shape and it was planned to have a shopping arcade.

The bridge was entirely destroyed when Fujino awakened her Clairvoyance abilities.

Fujou BuildingEdit

The Fujou Building (巫条ビル, Fujou Biru?) was originally built in the 70's during the economic boom as a symbol of the city. It was very popular for its height and observation deck. It is located in the deserted part of town which have now fallen into disrepair and is about to be demolished.

Ogawa Apartment ComplexEdit

It is a ten-story apartment with a complex structure, located in Kayamihama, Mifune City.[3] The Apartment complex was an experiment to reach the Spiral of Origin. The building was originally designed by Touko, it was originally meant to be the embodiment Taikyokuzu (Ying and Yang). Souren Araya used her blueprint for his goals but he placed the Taikyokuzu within a Taikyokuzu.

The apartment walls has been inscribed with strange patterns which caused people to go into depression leading them to become insane thus driving them to their deaths. There were 50 households in the apartment complex but only 30 of the household are real; the Enjou family were one of the subjects of the experiments.

Cornelius Alba was responsible for the system at the Ogawa apartment, where only the brains of residents were kept alive and connected to puppet bodies. The experiment involved controlling the brain that was still functioning and implant their thought processes into the replica puppets.

Araya created the Apartment Complex to create a cyclical loop in which the puppet residents repeat their last day before death as a means to discover an access to the Spiral of Origin. To avoid the Counter Force, he placed a powerful bounded field "Hounouden Rokujyuyonshou" so the experiment wouldn't leak out and the Counter Force wouldn't notice it.

Tomoe Enjou was able to escape from the repetitive spiral, something that Araya didn't expect.

Lio Shirazumi lived in the apartment for some time.


Kontsuki (昏月?) is a delivery udon shop in Mifune City. There is a shop that shares the same name in Misaki Town.


Daikokuya (大黒屋?) is a shop in the Mifune City.


Takamidai (高見台?) is the place name of the suburbs in Mifune City.

Department storeEdit

The Department store (デパート, Departer?) is the largest department store in Mifune City. It is a typical suburban department store, it is located in the city centre and near the Mifune station. It celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1998.

In 3 August 1998, Shiki fought Mitsuru Kamekura in the third floor of the parking area.


A restaurant in Mifune City.


A place name in Mifune City.


A place name in Mifune City.


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