Miike Tenta Mitsuyo (三池典太光世みいけてんたみつよ?) is the sword of Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, formerly the favored blade of a "certain one-eyed master swordsman." While normally just a simple armament summoned with Shirou, Caster of Red's Enchant Skill is able to render it as a C-rank Noble Phantasm.[1] Due to it being an "incredibly famous sword", Caster was able to make it of much higher quality than other objects, using his writing prowess to describe how the blade is "magnificently sharp" and the amount of blood that had stained it in its lifetime to great effect. It is a Japanese sword with an iron scabbard, sharing the traditional shape but also carrying "various aspects" imbued by the soul of the swordsmith. Compared to "beautiful and lovely blades that possess a shine worthy of being called works of art", the sword is a "broadminded and deadly blade" that "specializes in cutting something." It is a first-rate sword, acknowledged as such by even Servants with their wide-ranging perspectives on all kinds of weapons. It carries the magical energy normally found in Noble Phantasms, and it allows him to damage Berserker of Black and receive her blows without at all damaging the sword.[2]


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