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Misaki Town

Misaki Town (三咲町, Misaki Cho?) is the town where the events Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Melty Blood series, and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru takes place in, and the town also appears in Kara no Kyoukai.

The town is located around the mountains, it was formerly known as Misaki City Misaki town (三咲市三咲町?). It flourished as a post town from the Edo period, modernization in the town has progressed rapidly in the last decade. It is also known as a commuter town leading towards Misaki city.

The town was under the control of the Aozaki clan from several hundred years ago. The land is far from Mage's Association reaches but it is targeted by other mages as it is the last remaining magic source.

The distance between Fuyuki City and Misaki Town is equivalent to the distance of Kantō and Kyūshū.[1] In accordance with the Tsukihime Rebirth, Misaki Town is located near of Tokyo, in the Kanto region. 


Tohno ResidenceEdit

  • Tohno Mansion
  • Tohno Mansion
  • Dining Room
  • Staircase

The home of Shiki Tohno and Akiha Tohno. Shiki's bedroom is a luxurious grand room, although you can't see the background graphic in the game there's a fireplace and a desk in the room as well, among other things.[2]

Tohno Mansion Basement Kingdom (遠野家地下王国?) is one of the Tohno family's secrets. With features like an underground room for disposing of those who have awakened to their Tohno blood, a dungeon that can confine people for a lifetime, and a research lab run by a mere servant, it really is a suspicious place. But most conspicuous of all is the enormous cavern beneath the mansion, the Tohno Mansion Basement Kingdom! It's unclear who made it, and for what purpose, but it appears to be a miniature world that functions as a pseudo-absolute monarchy. Though it looks like a nuclear bomb shelter designed by a crazy rich person, judging from the equipment within its actually the base of a secret society scheming world domination.[3]

Kohaku made and planted her own Mekong Delta in the Tohno mansion's back yard. The botanical gardens is known as Psycho Garden.[4]

Kuonji ResidenceEdit

In the Mahou Tsukai no Yoru world, the Kuonji mansion shares the same location as the Tohno mansion.[5]

Kunoji residence (久遠寺邸?) is a mansion located at the top of the hill of white Inuzuka, Misaki Town. It can only be seen from a place high above from a certain level. Upon Alice Kuonji father's death, Alice inherited the mansion and it became a keepsake of her parents. The mansion is an old European-style building which was taken from the United Kingdom in certain circumstances. It is rumoured with "two witches are living" and "Haunted House". It is a large house with three floors, there is an annex built for a library of magic that even Alice could not grasp all of the contents. Aoko and Alice claims it to be their Magic Den (魔窟?).

Alice claims the forest behind the backyard is her special place and thus the condition of the forest is also deeply involved when presented with a ritual magic.

Initially she lived with Aoko Aozaki and later with Shizuki Soujuurou.

Imperial MetropolisEdit

Imperial Metropolis (大帝都, Dai Teito?) is the grilled beef restaurant that appeared in Tsukihime and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.[5] Technically it is located next to the town. There is a special menu, an all-you-can-eat to challenge the limits of human beings. As a paradise of meat that competes not on quality but price, it's a popular hangout for students who want to get a lot of bang for their buck. They have an all-you-can-eat special available that tests the limits of human endurance, and the rankings are updated monthly. However, it seems that the monsters occupying the first and second place spots are unlikely to be displaced any time in the foreseeable future.[6]


Messiaen (メシアン?) is a Curry shop in Misaki town. It is Ciel's favourite store.

Shopping DistrictEdit

Shopping District (繁華街?)

Aida churchEdit

  • Church Entrance
  • Church Hall
  • Church's small guestroom
  • Park Entrance

Aida church (合田教会?), Eiri Fumizuka and Yuika Suse both work for this church.


In Tsukihime PLUS-DISC, Seo Akira meets the fake Shiki Tohno in Ahnenerbe and consults about her future vision.


Kontsuki (昏月?) is a delivery udon shop in Misaki town. There is a shop in Mifune City.

Private Misaki High SchoolEdit

  • Private Misaki High School
  • School Gym
  • Classroom
  • Teacher's lounge
  • Abandoned school
  • Abandoned school

Private Misaki High School (私立三咲高等学校?) is a Private high school established in Misaki town. The school has a 50-year history, originally there was once a primary school that was located where the school is located now but it was closed for 20 years and relocated to the mountain further away from the current school. It established a second school building thanks to the funding of a certain department store group due to the modernization of Misaki town. However, there was a decline of students because the local residents of Misaki town wants a public high school. The students are obliged to join the club activities as a general rule. Aoko is the student council president.

Faculty StaffEdit

Known StudentsEdit

Misaki Municipal High SchoolEdit

  • High School
  • High School

Misaki Municipal High School (三咲町の市立高校?) is the local high school where Tsukihime sets in.

Known StudentsEdit

Asagami Private Girls AcademyEdit

Asagami Private Girls Academy (浅上女学院?) is the school Akiha attends. The name is written as 浅上, which may be a reference to the Asagami family that owns a construction business in Kara no Kyoukai. It is about an hour away from the Tohno mansion by car. Normally students are forced to live on campus, but Akiha has received special permission to commute to school from her own home.[7]

Known StudentsEdit

Asagami Private High Class AcademyEdit


Asagami Private High Class Academy (私立浅上高等学校?) is a school in the world of Hana no Miyako. It focuses on martial prowess and possesses a student ranking system based on combat.

Reien Girl's AcademyEdit

Reines Girl Academy Kara no Kyoukai

Reien Girl's Academy (礼園女学院, Reien Jogakuin?) is a private prestigious girls school, located in the suburbs of Misaki. Its value is much higher than Misaki high school, the school is sponsored by Fujino Asagami's father.[8] It is a strict school that is sealed off from the outside and it is rare to see the students in public. While the school is in session, the girls need to stay at the dorms and can't go out unless they receive a special permission. Similarly people from the outside are not allowed in. However Alice is a special case, she is allowed to commute from home and Fujino is allowed to enter the city twice a month due to periodic medical appointments. It supposedly wants to educate girls with manners, but students who transfers from a regular school do not like it at all. It has a size of a university, and the garden of thick trees almost feels like a forest. Their school uniform looks like a cassock. It's said to have been a sister-school of a renowned school in England, but recently other girls' academies had emerged using Reien as the template.[8] Since this school is cut off from the outside world, you can say it's a natural bounded field. A magus might do an experiment in here and society wouldn't know.

In the events of Kara no Kyoukai sixth chapter, the principal "Mother Riesbyfe Stridberg" requested Touko to investigate the suicide of one of the student death.

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Known StudentsEdit

Shrine SkyscraperEdit

  • Shrine Skyscraper's Main Entrance
  • Shrine Skyscraper's Roof
  • Shrine Skyscraper's Roof with the Crimson Moon of 1000 years of future invoked by Arcueid to materialize Wallachia in his real body.

Is the building in the final stages of construction which was originally to represent the symbol of Misaki Town. This is also the place where the events of Melty Blood begins with Shiki Tohno knowing Sion Eltnam Atlasia and is also the location where the TATARI caused by Night of Wallachia is operated with Walalchia hidden in the top of the building.[10]

Back AlleysEdit

BG10 S BG10S

Back Alleys

This is the darkest alleys of Misaki Town. It is this place where the dangers of this city are hiding to kill their victims when they step in these places, with the most walk by this place are Shiki Nanaya and Nrvnqsr Chaos, the latter which ends sometimes hiding these dark alleys after being materialized by TATARI.

Satsuki Yumizuka and Sion were forced to live in back alleys. They formed Back alley alliance where Satsuki and Sion are the only official members, though sometimes White Len stops by as well. In Tsukihime, back alleys were a terrifying place full of corpses, where girls that should have been dead chased you down and cornered you, and classmates hid their blood-drenched arms. However, it seems that ever since the BAA was founded, safety in the alleys has improved remarkably.[11]

At the end of Melty Blood Actress Again, in storylines where Riesbyfe survives after the destruction of Dust of Osiris, she ends up becoming an official member of the Back Alley Alliance and is it is always appended with Sion and Satsuki.


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