Misaya Ouji (黄路 美沙夜, Ouji Misaya?) is a popular senior at the Reien Girl's Academy.



The Oujis are an elite family where they adopt a successor who is talented. She's a respectable person who looks after students who follows the rules, but is strict on those who don't. She is a student of the Reien Girl's Academy, and an upperclassman of Azaka Kokutou.[1]

She has known Kaori since they were in the elementary class. After her death she's been pursuing the reason why she had to die. Finding out that Hideo Hayama was responsible, she accidentally kills him. Not knowing what to do, she spoke with Satsuki Kurogiri. There she gained the power of the fairies. She also found out Satsuki was her brother with whom she got separated in her childhood but since it can be a part of Satsuki's hypnosis, the truth is unknown.


A girl in her late teens.[1]


Misaya is a talented girl who acted as the chairwoman of the student committee until the previous year. She is an impeccable mistress, and as Azaka once said, she is more of an intimidating empress rather than a cute princess.[1]

She still believed in Kurogiri and loved him regardless, though after Azaka revealed that she was brainwashed, she turns on him and murders him. Although she clashed with Azaka like water and oil, their secret desires were very similar.[1]


Takashi Takeuchi expresses that he loves Mizuki Nana (voice actress of Misaya Ouji).[2]

According to Kinoko Nasu, the dialogue that Misaya says in the anime "That's good, very good!" is original and it didn't appear in the original novel. It originated when Nasu discussed how to establish Misaya's character after abridging the novel for the movie, Mr. Hiramatsu, the screenwriter, asked him, "In your mind, Mr. Nasu, is Misaya a well-bred young lady?" and Nasu answered, "Hmm, well...'Very well!'". Mizuki's performance with the dialogue has made an impact on the cast such as Maaya Sakamoto (Voice Actress of Shiki Ryougi) & crew members to the point where everybody in the studio thought "Amazing! Incredible!"[3] Nasu thinks Mizuki's dialogue "That's good, very good!" has a charm to it.[2] Nasu joked about having "That's good, very good!" dialogue as his ringtone, thinking positively that "Kinoko, you're way past the deadline!" "That's good, very good!".[4]

Takeuchi pointed out that Misaya is flat chested and the anime adaption had made her breasts look bigger.[5]


Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Future GospelEdit

Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin Misaya Oji

Misaya talking to Kaori

In the anime adaption, she makes a brief cameo appearance when Seo Shizune talks to her friend Naomi, she is seen talking to Kaori.

Chapter 6: Oblivion RecorderEdit


Misaya is a fairy-user, wielding fairies as Familiars, but they are not the true thing. Creating beings of such a scale is beyond magecraft, so they are instead false fairies, formless low-rank Spirits possessing the image of woodland fairies. They are able to wield a portion of the original's powers due to wearing fairy-like shells. The fairy-disguises are thought to be the creation of Misaya's Master, Kurogiri, rather than her own.[6] Due to her mentor being a student of Atlas, she leads the mindless familiars while conducting multiple parallel cognitive processes, demonstrating characteristics found in Alchemists.[1]


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