Miyako Arima
Tsukihime (2000)

Miyako Arima (有間 都古, Arima Miyako?) is a cousin of Shiki Tohno, as well as his other step sister. She received a slight mention in both Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya, then made her first real appearance in the Melty Blood fighting game series.



The Arimas are relatives to the Tohno family, but have very weak demon blood compared to them. When Shiki was adopted into the Arima family, Miyako became close to him, despite being several years younger than Shiki.[2][3]


Keeping with her "China Girl" theme, Miyako seems to wear a traditional Chinese outfit. Her clothing in Melty Blood also resemble traditional Chinese dress.

However, one of her victory poses in Melty Blood shows that she wears a T-shirt and shorts inside.

Her T-shirt prints says 大トロ (Ootoro?, quality tuna; fat under-belly of tuna).[1][4]


Although she tries to look strong, Miyako is actually quite shy, especially around Shiki. One of the routes in Melty Blood story mode shows that Miyako has a hard time saying anything to Shiki. Because of her frowning reticence, Shiki mistakenly assumes that Miyako is always angry at him for some reason.

She respects her mentor Master Panda.[1]


Melty Blood[]

Miyako's ending

She is annoyed at the lack of contact she has with Shiki since the events of Tsukihime, and attempts to 'rescue' him from the Tohno family in Melty Blood.

Character Material[]

Miyako enters Misaki High school in First-year, class B group.[4]

Hana no Miyako![]

Main article: Miyako Arima (Hana no Miyako)

Set in a world where Miyako attends Asagami Academy to live a normal school life, everything that changes when she meets a girl named Shiki Nanaya.


Although her martial arts, Bajiquan, are not that skilled, she gains amazing strength through Wallachia's influence in Melty Blood.


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    In Melty Blood, she appears as a hidden character. Burning with a passion to bring back her big brother, she confronted the entire Tohno household on her own. It was one of Melty Blood's comedy routes, the showdown to determine the strongest little sister…!!
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    Also, she is recognized by Neco Arc as a much-awaited future rival.

    有間の家には使われていない道場があり、このままでは勿体ない、と日々拳法の鍛錬をしている。子供の遊びの域を出ないなんちゃって八極拳だが、MELTY BLOODではタタリの影響で一夜だけ本物の八極挙使いになってしまった。無論、本人は大喜び。

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    出典/月姫、MELTY BLOOD