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Miyako Arima (有間都古, Arima Miyako?) is the main character of Hana no Miyako. She is a student of Asagami Private High Class Academy.



This version of Miyako has exactly the same history as the main version up until a certain point. When Shiki disappeared alongside Arcueid after the events of Melty Blood, Miyako was deeply upset. Having been still a child at the time and not understanding the underlying reasons for Shiki's actions, she blamed his leaving on Arcueid, who she called an "evil witch", having kidnapped him. At some point, she also somehow forgot Shiki's name.

While in middle school, Miyako spent much of her time taking on local bullies and built up a reputation among her schoolmates as an extremely skilled martial artist and a dangerous person. As a result, she was unable to make any friends, as nearly everyone either hated her or was scared of her. Because of this, she determined that she was going to go to a high school where no one knew her and be as normal as possible.


In terms of physical features, Miyako looks more or less the same as she always has, merely being a teenager now. She still has slightly wavy brown hair and piercing green eyes.

In terms of clothing, Miyako wears a variant school uniform with a long skirt. She also wears glasses, as part of her attempts to be more normal, as well as possibly to mimic her "onii-chan". Her casual clothing consists of lightly coloured cargo pants and a black tank top, occasionally with a baseball cap or raincoat.


Miyako's personality has undergone a radical change in the few years since Shiki left. Where she was once bubbly and excitable, she now comes across as boring and stoic. She shows little emotion, and rarely interacts with anyone. However, this is merely a facade, which cracks quickly around her few friends, especially Shiki Nanaya. Underneath this facade, she is still a cheerful and happy person, who enjoys friendly competition and hanging out with her friends, few as they are. She is also a very protective person, quick to jump to the defence of others, even complete strangers.

Miyako dislikes it when others involve themselves in her life, not because she dislikes having company, but because she thinks that associating with someone like her is a mistake and unlikely to end happily.


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