Mochizuki ChiyomeWP (望月千代女WP, Mochizuki Chiyome?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A woman of the late Warring States periodWP whose name was recorded in the documents of Netsumura, ShinshuWP. She is regarded as a female ninja (kunoichi) that served the Takeda ClanWP of the Kai Province and a descendant of Mochizuki Izumo-no-Kami, but it is unsure whether she was actually a ninja.[1]

In a sense, her existence—it may be a sarcastic answer to the proposition called a “renowned ninja”, which is a contradiction for a ninja that should make a principle to keep one's activities covert.[1]

In this work, Chiyome is an existence endowed with grotesque powers, having inherited a curse cast by a god from her ancestor Kouga Saburou. At the same time that she works as a shinobi for the sake of her lord... she dedicates prayers as a single mikoWP of a serpent in order to appease the aramitamaWP of a god.[1]



« Curse, this blood of mine. Curse, this sin of mine. No matter how much time passes, there is something here that cannot be washed away. »

(Mochizuki Chiyome)

Warring States/Widow/Young Girl/Kunoichi/Miko. Apparently, a few Servants are worried about her in regards to “having too many attributes”...[1] She has demonstrated great sorrow over being unable to cleanse herself or her clan of her curse. When Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell used her own connection to Orochi to forcibly activate it, she was quite horrified.

Even while under the torture of her inherited curse, she carries out her duties as a ninja with loyalty.

Very earnest.

If her lord told her to die she would do so on the spot.

She appears as a calm and collected kunoichi who acts as her master's eyes, ears and blade, but behind that she hides a part of herself that fears, shivers and cries due to the serpent's curse.

She carries out her duties in a calm and serious way without any jokes, but...

She actually really enjoys pleasant entertainment, and during her off-time she frequently shows many different expressions.

During her time as Assassin of Paraiso, she is belligerent towards Fuuma Kotarou and derides him as an inferior ninja.

Motivations/Actitude towards her Master[]

Loyalty. Very docile.

She recognizes her Master as her lord, and will obey orders wholeheartedly.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[]

Chiyome was summoned by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada to serve as one of the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters.[2] Her Cursed Name is Assassin of Parasio.[3]

She and her fellow Swordmasters first encounter Ritsuka’s party as they tried to cut through a bamboo forest to reach Onui and Tasuke’s hermitage. She seemingly ambushes Miyamoto Musashi, though what Musashi thwarted was Chiyome’s afterimage. Soon afterward, Chiyome and her fellows watch Houzouin Inshun fight Yagyuu Munenori alone to let the others escape. This is followed by Ashiya Douman infusing Inshun with the Curse of Annihilation to become the final Swordmaster: Lancer of Purgatorio.[3]

Later Chiyome delivers a letter to Toke Castle threatening to assassinate Kiyohime, killing several guards. Afterward, she reports her success to Amakusa Shirou at Katori Shrine. She suspects security around Kiyohime has increased by now, and rumors should be already circulating around town. Amakusa Shirou orders her to assassinate Kiyohime once panic spreads amongst the populace. The populace will then be instilled utterly with fear, thus their souls will be better sacrifices. Amakusa Shirou leaves after telling Chiyome she needs only to stay true to the serpent within. Shuten-douji tries to tempt her to kill everyone now. Chiyome tells her to be quiet, only to immediately realize that she responded out loud to an illusion. The real Shuten is standing next to her, smiling. Merely looking at her causes the curse inside Chiyome to surface. She understands Shuten can’t do anything about the illusions inflicted by her curse. She then declares she’ll kill more than just Kiyohime before the night is over.[4]

That night she and her monsters attack Toke Castle. She fights the guards in the courtyard until Ritsuka and Fuuma Kotarou arrive. She declares that news of Kiyohime’s death will plummet Shimosa’s people into despair, thus making Shimosa easier to destroy. Then, knowing Kiyohime’s infatuation with them, she decides to kill Ritsuka to devastate the princess. To demonstrate how easy it will be, she kills twenty guards with her snakes. After slaying her monsters, Kotarou asks her if she isn’t going against her wishes as a Heroic Spirit by acting as a Swordmaster. She replies that Swordmasters only exist to kill. Kotarou asks if committing such atrocities eats away at her soul. Chiyome asks him how his soul feels when he kills other Heroic Spirits to grant his Master’s wish in a Holy Grail War. Kotarou, however, explains he asked as a fellow ninja. Chiyome calls him an immature whelp, but Kotarou declares he’s stronger than her. Chiyome is enraged at his demand for surrender and fights him. After killing her once, Kotarou tells her that a soulless ninja is nothing more than a hollow blade. By forgetting that, she has proved her immaturity. Chiyome revives and decides to stop holding back. Musashi suddenly throws Myoujingiri Muramasa at her, only for it to miss and be caught by Kotarou. He then blocks Chiyome’s kunai that she threw at Kiyohime, who followed Musashi outside. Musashi slashes at Chiyome, only for it to be an illusion while the real one had already escaped.[5]

Chiyome reprimands herself for underestimating Kotarou and failing to kill Kiyohime. However, she achieved her true objective of leaving designated patterns throughout the castle. She prepares to return to Katori Shrine to restore her magical energy when Shuten suddenly appears. Shuten proceeds to connect Chiyome’s heart and brain to the power of Yamata-no-Orochi that resides within herself to the latter’s protest.[6]

Chiyome returns to the castle and summons Orochi to kill everyone. Musashi and Kotarou slay it when Kiyohime suddenly attacks Ritsuka with her fire. Kotarou manages to protect them with his own body. Kiyohime confesses she unintentionally destroyed a snake nest long ago. Despite her regrets, the snakes still come for her. Orochi then revives despite being reduced to ash by Kotarou’s Immortal Chaos Brigade due to Chiyome’s Saigyou revival technique. Chiyome tells her to kill the group to gain the snakes’ forgiveness, after which she’ll kill her. Kotarou realizes the kunai that Chiyome threw was a feint to put Kiyohime under a spell. After the resurrected Orochi is slain, Kiyohime realizes she’ll never earn the snakes’ forgiveness. She wishes she never went to Mt. Ibuki, even though it was actually her ancestor who did. Tainted by his cursed blood, Kiyohime wants to kill the group to earn the gods’ forgiveness. However, Ritsuka and Musashi both realize her words are actually Chiyome’s, prompting Kiyohime to faint. Chiyome laments there is nothing neither she nor anyone can do about her curse; Not even becoming a Heroic Spirit or a Swordmaster freed her of it. She then brings herself and Musashi to the bloody battlefield for their duel. She loses and dies content that she’ s finally at peace.[6]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Ritsuka's party encounters Chiyome on the 20th floor of the Oni Pagoda, though she isn't the guard. She theorizes that since the tower is made from Shuten's Noble Phantasm, its intoxicating effects differ from Servant to Servant. Shuten's affinity or bond with a Servant may be a factor. On the subject of bonds, Chiyome confesses that being inside the tower inspires strange yet familiar feelings in her. That feeling is especially strong on this floor. Chiyome and Tomeo Gozen then sense Gorgon's presence, who came at Shuten's invitation. Chiyome requests to speak with Gorgon, feeling she is what she's been sensing. Gorgon admits she has no intention of serving as a guard, but she cannot simply let the group pass. After the ensuing fight, Chiyome comes to believe that Gorgon has the same curse as her. It makes her happy to meet someone like herself, having never thought it would happen, especially after becoming a Servant. Gorgon tries to correct her, but Chiyome interrupts her and tries to bring her to the hot springs for a discussion. Gorgon refuses to go and flees from Chiyome.

Halloween Event: The Mysterious Country of ONILAND!![]

Chiyome joins RItsuka and Ibaraki-douji on their mission to the Singularity that manifested within the vicinity of the abandoned Chitose Mine in Hokkaido. But when they arrive, they’re at a Halloween themed amusement park run by oni called Oniland. Mash confirms these are the kind that come from stories, though it isn’t known yet if they’re a creation of the Singularity. But even stranger is that these oni are more concerned about safety and security. This upsets Ibaraki, who loudly calls the oni frauds. The oni move to eliminate her as per their orders from the Great Oni to destroy anything that bothers the guests.

Ritsuka’s party defeat them, but more keep coming. Ibaraki wants to keep fighting, but Chiyome reminds her that they can only fight for long as RItsuka has magical energy. Ibaraki concedes, and the group prepares to break through when Shuten, acting as Magifender Girl Oni Cure for Ibaraki’s sake, arrives to help. After the oni are slain, Shuten tells Ritsuka’s party that the Great Oni likely has the Grail and leaves after establishing a temporary contract with Ritsuka. A mysterious girl then arrives to lead the group to safety.

At her cabin, the girl introduces herself as Sitonai and admits that she and Shuten both want to defeat the Great Oni. She explains the Great Oni is the ruler of Oniland and most of its staff was created by splitting off bits of his magical energy. For long as his magical energy lasts, Oniland will keep growing and gain more employees. Nothing is known about him beyond his attire and that he invited everyone to Oniland for an endless carnival. Sitonai explains the Great Oni gets his power from Kamuy’s Gold, the manifestation of the Grail deep inside Chitose Mine after it collected the leyline’s magical energy. Mash concludes the Great Oni created Oniland to guard the mine. Sitonai explains the gold was broken into multiple fragments, with the largest being carried by Oniland’s attraction managers. If all the gold fragments are collected and sealed away, the Great Oni should become weaker. Once everyone agrees with her plan, Sitonai takes the group to a cave to test their combat prowess. After they prove themselves, she reveals the attraction managers are both oni and Servants.

Returning to Oniland, Ritsuka’s party comes to the first attraction, the merry-go-round, and sees several Servants riding on it. Da Vinci says Servants have been disappearing from Chaldea, to which Sitonai reveals Kamuy’s Gold called them to Singularity to replenish and bolster its magical energy with theirs. Mash confirms what Sitonai said, revealing the merry-go-round is draining a tiny amount of magical energy from every Servant riding it. Medb then appears, though Mash questions if she is from Chaldea, as her magical energy readings are a match for Oniland. Sitonai confirms it is because she is the merry-go-round’s manager. Medb then calls in reinforcements, but fortunately, Sitonai reveals the gold fragments limit the number of oni that can be produced around attractions. Ritsuka’s party then struggles against Medb until Shuten arrives to help. Mash becomes worried though when Medb disappears following her defeat instead of retreating back to Chaldea. Da Vinci, however, reveals the Medb who disappeared was an imitation of the real Medb’s Spirit Origin created by Kamuy’s Gold. Sitonai then gets the gold fragment, so Shuten takes her leave. Sitonai then says they’re going to the spinning teacups next.

At the teacups, Ritsuka’s party immediately encounters its manager, the fake Blackbeard. “Blackbeard” finds Chiyome to be his type and asks her to go out with him, even if it’s out of pity. Flabbergasted, Chiyome nervously says that she is already committed to serving Ritsuka and she could never betray Lord Moritoki. Still, she admires the courage it took for “Blackbeard” to confess his feelings. She also thinks it’s wrong to dismiss a stranger and admits to enjoying hearing a confession of love towards her. Ibaraki soon becomes bored and challenges “Blackbeard” for his gold fragment. “Blackbeard”, nearly overwhelmed by the group, then uses the gold’s magical energy to strengthen himself. Fortunately, once again, Shuten arrives to help. Ritsuka’s party then defeats “Blackbeard” and Sitonai gets his fragment. After Shuten leaves, Sitonai agrees with Chiyome that Ritsuka needs rest and loudly declares they’re going to the food court.

Shuten, who isn’t in her Oni Cure guise, approaches the group while they’re eating. Shuten recognizes Chiyome and recalls the kunoichi always keeps her distance from her in Chaldea. She then steps closer to her, saying it’s time they introduce themselves. Chiyome feels her curse writhe inside her in response to Shuten getting closer. After Shuten leaves, the group encounters the food court’s manager, fake Gilles de Rais. Sitonai says the food court didn’t have a manager yesterday and determines that the Great Oni now sees them as a threat. Then, after fake Jack the Ripper appears, Ritsuka’s party fight her and “Gilles”. They struggle against them, especially considering the innumerable Sea Demons summoned by “Gilles”, until Shuten arrives as Oni Cure and helps defeat the pair. She immediately leaves after Sitonai retrieves the gold fragment. Sitonai decides they’ll return to her cabin before going to the next attraction. Chiyome decides she’ll scout the area in the meantime and gather information on their next target: the house of mirrors.

Following Chiyome’s report that the house of mirrors’ manager hides in the attraction itself, Ritsuka’s party leave SItonai’s cabin and head for the house of mirrors. While traversing its halls, though, they become lost and disoriented, which Chiyome suspects is due to the magical energy permeating throughout. Fortunately, Sitonai still has her sense of direction, thanks to Louhi’s magecraft, so she can lead the others. They’re soon joined by Blackbeard, Henry Jekyll, the Phantom of the Opera, Christopher Columbus, and Mephistopheles. Everyone goes their seperate ways, though, when they come to a four-way intersection. SItonai is wary that the manager hasn’t attacked them yet and considers causing trouble to get their attention, but remembers the food court manager attacked with provocation. Everyone then hears Blackbeard scream back near the four-way intersection.

They find Blackbeard collapsed, having been stabbed in the back. After Sitonai heals him, Blackbeard explains he was walking with Jekyll after everyone parted ways at the intersection, only for Jekyll to disappear when he took his eyes off him. He was then stabbed in the back whilst standing around. Jekyll, Columbus, Mephistopheles, and the Phantom then arrive, having also heard Blackbeard’s scream. After hearing what happened, Columbus assures none in his group are the culprit. But Jekyll accuses either him, Mephistopheles, or the Phantom of being the culprit, having heard that attraction managers are only made from copies of evil Heroic Spirits. Columbus defends himself and the others and finds it convenient for Jekyll that they’re the suspects. But, refusing to come quietly, Mephistopheles triggers a battle between everyone when he attacks Jekyll with his bombs.

The Phantom comes at Ritsuka with his claws, but stops and pulls back at the last moment. Mephistopheles asks Jekyll why he only stood idly by and how long he’ll keep his farce up. Realizing it’s pointless to bluff now, Jekyll turns into Hyde, revealing himself to be the attraction manager. Shuten arrives to help defeat “Hyde”, leaving once Sitonai collects his gold fragment. Chiyome asks Columbus, Mephistopheles, and the Phantom why they didn’t take part in the battle. Columbus confesses they didn’t have the magical energy thanks to Oniland and reveals the amusment park keeps them from returning to Chaldea. Mephistopheles adds they were already low on magical energy when they fought, so they had barely any left to spare to help fight “Jekyll”. Ritsuka’s party then returns to Sitonai’s cabin, taking the wounded Blackbeard with them.

Chiyome confirms the final attraction is the Ferris wheel and reveals its manager is the strongest of them all. Afterward, RItsuka’s party head for the Ferrris Wheel, and while Sitonai takes Ibaraki to ride it, Ritsuka and Chiyome stay on the ground. When Mash worries about splitting the team, Chiyome considers the possibility there is magecraft forcing people to ride only two at a time. She realizes Mash’s concern may be right, which is proven when the Ferris wheel’s manager arrives. Chiyome struggles against him and his oni reinforcements, but fortunately, Shuten in her Oni Cure guise to help. The manager reveals himself to be fake Antonio Salieri, and the fight continues. Ibaraki and SItonai soon join and help defeat “Salieri”. With the final gold fragment collected, Mash says the Great Oni’s magical energy should be reduced by nearly 50%. After Shuten leaves, Sitonai says the Great Oni is on Main Street, but since he only comes out for the nightly parade, she recommends they rest until then.

Night soon falls, and Ritsuka’s party head for the parade. There, they observe the parade until the precession of oni suddenly stops, having noticed Ritsuka’s party. The group kills oni after oni until the Great Oni arrives and demands to know why they’re destroying his paradise. Unlike Ibaraki, though, the Great Oni isn’t a real oni and was only called such. Battle begins and Ritsuka’s party struggle the Great Oni when Shuten’s animal familiar, Haku, suggests removing the gold from the Great Oni’s possession. With Shuten’s spell supporting her, Sitonai removes all the gold and reveals the Great Oni’s true form: Elizabeth JAPAN.

Possessing no memory of Chaldea or even her past, Elizabeth attacks the group for interfering with her concert. Sitonai suggests introducing a spell little by little each time they clash and then activate it remotely to restore Elizabeth’s memories. Everyone else agrees and prepares to hold off Elizabeth. The gold reforms Elizabeth’s Great Oni shell as she declares her desire to sing for everyone, which is why she needs Oniland. Sitonai’s spell is soon ready, so she tells the others they now need to keep hitting Elizabeth.

SItonai’s spell eventually activates, restoring Elizabeth’s memories and releasing the gold’s hold on her, returning her form to normal. Sitonai collects the gold, the last of it that was used to create Oniland, and prepares to take the gold back to Chitose Mine and return it to the leyline. But Haku steals the gold and runs off with it. Ritsuka asks what Haku is, but to everyone’s surprise, Shuten says she doesn’t know. The only thing she knows is that he’s a Demonic Beast she caught in Chitose, claiming to want to help the magifender oni. Finding no reason not to believe him, she took him as her familiar to make her schtick more authentic. Ritsuka, Ibaraki, SItonai, and Shuten then follow Haku’s trail, while Chiyome takes Elizabeth to the cabin.

Chiyome, Blackbeard, and Salieri gather all the Servants in Oniland and join the final battle against Haku. Haku is slain and Sitonai retrieves the gold. She begins to disappear, needing to return the gold to the leyline. She assures, though, that she’ll use the surplus magical energy Oniland siphoned from the Servants to create a new Grail for Chaldea before she goes. Then, with a smiling face, she says goodbye and disappears with the gold. Everyone then returns to Chaldea.

Lostbelt: Atlantis[]


Her main weapon is a tantō, the sword on her back is a tachi, and the big sword she has in her Third Ascension is actually an oodachi which she used for ceremonies as a miko.


Class Skills[]

  • Presence Concealment (A+ Rank): The ability to erase one's presence. If activated, it's near impossible for even other Servants to detect her. However, the effect greatly weakens once she attacks.[7]

Personal Skills[]

  • Curse Arts (Oracle) (C Rank): As a priestess of Shinano, she's able to use some type of Curse Arts. However, she's lost most of her ability to utilize it due to being summoned as an Assassin, being left with only a C rank in it.[7]
  • Curse of the Orochi (B Rank): An unusual power passed down through generations. A curse from the Great God Ibuki, deeply related to the ancestors of the Kouga-Mochizuki clan. It tortures the mind and body of its possessor, but if they're able to control it, they become able to use it as a powerful undetectable poison. Every generation, one member of the Kouga-Mochizuki clan must inherit this power.[7]
  • Kouga-ryuu (A Rank): A style of ninja arts that uses special fighting techniques, passed down the generations of the Kouga-Mochizuki clan. A composite skill that includes the effects of the Ninjutsu skill.[7]
  • Ninjutsu (A Rank): A general term for the different skills used by ninja, such as spying, stealing, torture, and battle techniques. Since she was born as the head of the Mochizuki Clan in the Alliance of the 53 Houses of Kouga, she possesses rank A in this skill.[7]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Channeling - Omen of the Great God Ibuki.[7]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Assassin of Paraiso[]

Assassin of Paraiso is a modified version of Mochizuki Chiyome appearing in the Shimosa Singularity, who became a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster after Caster of Limbo cast the Curse of Annihilation on her.


Creation and Conception[]

Hiroshi Hiroyama is the character illustrator for Mochizuki Chiyome.[1]


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    Mochizuki Chiyome - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Hiroshi Hiroyama
    Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Personal Skills
    Witchcraft (Oracle): C
    Curse of the Serpent: B
    Kouga-ryuu: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Channeling・omen of the Great God Ibuki
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Curse, this blood of mine.
    Curse, this sin of mine.
    No matter how much time passes, there is something here that cannot be washed away.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 154cm・46kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    Warring States・widow・young girl・kunoichi・miko.
    Apparently, a few Servants are worried about her in regards to “having too many attributes”...

    Level 2 Bond
    A woman of the late Warring States period whose name was recorded in the documents of Netsumura, Shinshu(1).
    She is regarded as a female ninja (kunoichi) that served the Takeda clan of the Kai Province and a descendant of Mochizuki Izumo-no-Kami, but it is unsure whether she was actually a ninja.

    In a sense, her existence--- may be a sarcastic answer to the proposition called “renowned ninja”, which is a contradiction for a ninja that should make a principle to keep his activities covert.

    Level 3 Bond
    In this work, Chiyome is an existence endowed with grotesque powers, having inherited a curse cast by a god from her ancestor Kouga Saburou.
    At the same time that she works as a shinobi for the sake of her lord... she dedicates prayers as a single miko of serpent in order to appease the aramitama of a god.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Curse of the Serpent: B

    A grotesque power that has been inherited generation after generation.
    A jinx from “a certain Great God” that is deeply related to the ancestor of the Kouga Mochizuki clan. It torments the mind and body of the owner, but becomes a powerful weapon as an invisible poison if it can be put under control.
    On each generation, one individual of the Kouga Mochizuki clan will invariably be endowed with this power.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Channeling・omen of the Great God Ibuki"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~30  Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Kuchiyose・Ibuki Daimyoujin Engi(2)
    Via the curse associated with the legendary Kouga Saburou, who considered to be the ancestor of the Kouga Mochizuki, she temporarily borrows the divine power of a terrifying Great God.
    To be specific, by means of channeling, she enslaves on a limited fashion a bunrei of the Great God Ibuki of Mt. Ibuki - in other words, the serpent deity that cast a curse on Kouga Saburou through his clothes in the “Suwa’s Omen (Shintoushuu)” and the “Avalokiteshvara Shrine’s Omen of Daikouji”, Yamata no Orochi - casting a deadly curse on the target.
    He who became a target of this lose his life by having magical power in the shape of a serpent twine around him.


    (1) present day Nagano Prefecture.

    (2) roughly “channeling・omen of the Great God Ibuki”

    望月千代女 - アサシン



    呪術(巫) C
    おろちの呪 B
    甲賀流 A


    幾年月経ようとも、 灌(そそ)げぬモノが此処にはあろう。

    属性:混沌・中庸  性別:女性
    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性





    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具
    レンジ:1~30  最大補足:1人


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