Monji Gatou (臥藤 門司, Gatou Monji?) is the Master of Berserker in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA.



Monji has short spiky dark green hair with a white feather, black eyes and scars all over his body. He wears an orange leather jacket, black pants with yellow lines, black shoes, a straw hat on his back, golden cross, as well as several black and white beads.

His appearance has remained almost completely unchanged in Fate/EXTRA CCC.


Gatou is, in a word, a zealot. He whole heartedly dedicates himself to his self made religion with no hint of doubt or hesitation. He carries various religions, so his speech cannot be understood.[2] While it is easy to view him simply as an idiot who tried to enforce his own strange religion through the War, in truth he seemed to honestly believe that instating his religion, with his Servant as a god would help the world. Apart from the moment of his failure, he seemed to have an over all positive outlook, warmly greeting his next opponent in the war with no hint of enmity. His speech includes reference to various religions including Hindu, Christian and Buddhist belief, though with a clear lack of any reasoning or explanation of how these things coincide with one another. Despite his seeming good intentions however, it is due to his fundamental ignorance that his servant was summoned as a Berserker.[3]



Monji and Berseker

Monji and Berseker

As a Master Gatou is largely incompetent, severely restricting his Servants abilities that had already been restricted by being summoned as a Berserker class. All of her abilities as a Berserker are downgraded from A rank to C rank simply due to his "incompetence as a Master," with the exception of her EX ability which simply gets rendered useless.


After BB's shadows devoured everybody in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, Gatou was amongst the Masters who lost their servant and lost his memories. Hakuno Kishinami encounters him in the school and recruits him to become part of the Student council.

In Chapter 4, Gatou makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Jinako Karigiri. He claims that he remembers his death upon the 4th round and he encourages Jinako to live on. Gatou succeeded in collecting Jinako's last SG and passes it to Hakuno before fading away.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox TailEdit

Gatou was killed off by Saber and Kazuhito Sakagami.


  • seal_attack(); - A codecast skill that seals ATTACK for two turns.
  • add_curse(); - A codecast skill that adds curse to enemy for 3 turns.


In the parody story Fate/Grand Order Anthology Drama CD: The Blue Bird, Gatou arrives at Chaldea, claiming to have become a Pseudo-Servant. The identity of the Heroic Spirit is not revealed, as the Drama CD ends right after the revelation.




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