The Moon (月, Tsuki?) is a central motif in a number of TYPE-MOON works. It is most prevalent in the works involving Vampires, such as Tsukihime and Melty Blood. It is not a planet, but it is still a celestial body that had an Ultimate One known as Type Moon.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Crimson Moon.

According to radiometric dating, the moon formed approximately 4.5 billion years before the Age of Man. It previously was home to a lunar civilization led by Crimson Moon, but it fell into ruin. He eventually decided to abandon the moon and turned to Earth to make into his new kingdom. During his battle with Zelretch, Crimson Moon created a mirror image of the Moon and dropped it towards the planet. The event, known as the Moon Fall (月落とし, Tsuki Otoshi?), was stopped by Zelretch's magic. The event is known in the current era, as mentioned by Rin Tohsaka.[1]

Effects on Vampires[edit | edit source]

When Crimson Moon answered the call of Gaia over four thousand years ago in order to protect the planet against human corruption, he created vampiric creatures in order to fulfill the pact: the True Ancestors. The True Ancestors were made in his image and were created as a natural protective system for the Earth.

Since True Ancestors are related to the moon in this way, the cycle of the moon over the Earth affects their power. They are at their peak during the full moon and are weakest during the new moon. The same applies to their fallen kin (Demon Lords) and servants (Dead Apostles).

A prime example example of this is when Roa, who already has supreme regeneration powers thanks to his possessing the body of SHIKI Tohno, is able to regenerate himself from grievous wounds dealt to him thanks to the full moon. He states that if the moon were waning even the slightest bit, such extensive regeneration would have been impossible.

It is unknown if those who became vampires using magecraft, like Nrvnqsr Chaos, are affected by the lunar cycles.

Moon Cell[edit | edit source]

Main article: Moon Cell

Digital ocean of SE.RA.PH. on the lunar surface.

Within the world of Fate/EX, the moon holds the Moon Cell Automaton (ムーンセル・オートマトン, Mūnseru Ōtomaton?), an enormous supercomputer-like construct created by an unknown alien civilization 4.6 billion years ago, million of years before the existence of the Earth or the Moon, making it the oldest entity in the Solar System.

The Moon Cell is large structure of 30km in diameter composed of photonic crystals, with its core being a large photonic crystal making up the interior of the moon. It could be said that the entire moon itself is made of a giant photonic crystal. The photonic crystals capture and manipulate light in nano-structures, and it's untold tens of millions of lights years of light trapped within the core that gives the Moon Cell its quantum computational power. With it, the Moon Cell has observed and recorded life on Earth since its inception, storing not only data about the past, the present, and the future, but also parallel worlds.

The Moon Cell is divided between the two sides of the moon, the Near Side and the Far Side. On the Near Side is the Serial Phantasm, abbreviated SE.RA.PH, an artificial environment of landscapes created using independent Reality Marbles. On the Far Side of the Moon is a sealed off imaginary space used for storing malicious information and imaginary numbers. It also contains the Zero Dark, the area where Velber 02, an alien invader, was imprisoned after it tried to attack the Moon Cell and destroy Earth's civilization 14,000 years ago.

As a neutral observation device, the Moon Cell has no conscious mind or artificial intelligence. It created many terminals and artificial intelligences for itself to manage functions for each of its sections. Following the attack of Velber 02, the Moon Cell calculated that the great harvester, the Umbral Star, would return to the Milky Way galaxy, and so created the Regalia system, the Royal Authority of the Moon, as a way to combat the Umbral Star by conferring the Royal Authority to freely use the functions of the Moon Cell to its owner, sort of like administrator privileges. When the Umbral Star arrives, the Moon Cell enters a state of hibernation, completely shutting out all invaders. It subsequently leaves the security of its inner areas to an Al or Servants it trusts, with the Regalia marking this.

The Moon Cell was discovered by humanity in 1973, sparking interest despite exploration of the object being forbidden by the Harway and the West European Plutocracy. Afterwards, the Moon Cell would establish the Moon Holy Grail War, seemingly to better observe humans but in actuality to find a worthy user of the Regalia. Depending on the timelines, the victor change the Moon Cell's mode of operation from being primarily observation to being primarily an environment provider. Using SE.RA.PH to create new lands and a new frontier for mankind to escape the ruined Earth of Fate/EX and thrive in a virtual world, alongside Servants, NPCs, and AIs. After a point, SE.RA.PH started being accessed not only by people from Earth, but also from other planets.

Tsuki no Sango[edit | edit source]

The Moon in Tsuki no Sango.

The Moon is the main focus of Tsuki no Sango, a world where the events of Tsukihime did not occur. It is about a time when the humans reached a crisis and the moon was a world of death for humanity, but humans still tried an immigration plan to deal with humanity's overpopulation crisis, The Lunar Immigration Plan. Since then, the moon became a new frontier, and its immigrants created a city, a nation upon the lunar surface.

But then a great disaster struck: humanity lost its "heart's fire". The desire for growing, expanding or excitement for invention. With this, the Moon's humans decided to abandon the Earth's humans. After 50 years of that tragedy, the Earth and Moon sealed their doors to each other, becoming entirely independent of each other.

Apparently, some decades later the light of the Moon disappeared and at the same time, humanity’s population on Earth also dramatically declined. The motive was simple: no one felt like propagating the species anymore. After these fifty years, humanity was to be extinct, if not for a group that still "keep trying".

Most of the Moon is covered by a sheet of ice. It's a blue ceiling that apparently protects the seven lunar cities on surface.

The Seven Lunar Cities[edit | edit source]

They are the cities were built on the Moon's surface. Covering the part that could be seen from Earth. The living beings of the cities are apparently dead. Actually, the seven cities were a huge grave.

  • First Lunar City:
  • Second Lunar City:
  • Third Lunar City:
  • Fourth Lunar City:
  • Fifth Lunar City: Matori, has a nuclear core that provides hydrogen to the seven cities.
  • Sixth Lunar City:
  • Seventh Lunar City:

The Other Side of the Moon[edit | edit source]

On the other side, the one that could not be seen from the Earth, has a gray forest. Trees made of limestone, a layer of ice covering the sky and within the center, a nuclear reactor providing the necessary molecules for hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.

Being the core of reactor, was the "Girl of the Moon". Her hands and feet were fused into the ground, her arms and legs discolored black; looking like a pillar extending from the ground wearing a dress. According to records, she was a silicon based body with the function to manage the planet with more efficiency, as it represents the Moon's soul, or more correctly, brain. While this "machine" was connected with the core and the moon, she was virtually immortal (cause she was operating on a different time scale from humans).

However, even if "it" was a representation of "life", if she abandon her position as machine, the Moon would return to its natural form. In the end, she will receive only the death through the time with that choice.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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    Q: You must tell us the details of the battle between the Crimson Moon and Zelretch at his prime!!

    A: You are asking me to divulge such delicious details from my stash of ideas? Mmmm... I have shown some similar scenes in Mahoyo, they would carry a similar vibe. It would be something like, the Crimson Moon dropping a mirror image of the Moon (HERE IT COMES!) versus Zelretch doing something only he was able to do: a virtually limitless Ether Cannon unleashed through a special magic circle ("Magic Square"). If we had five times the budget of Mahoyo, then we may be able to realize such a scene.



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