MoonCancer (ムーンキャンサー, MūnKyansā?), the Irregular who threatens the world of the moon (月の世界において世界を脅かすイレギュラー, tsuki no sekai ni oite sekai wo udokasu Iregyurā?), is a non-standard Extra Servant Class.


The key figures on the two versions of the tarot card for the class are BB and Kiara Sessyoin. Kiara says that both of them "scarred the moon" during the Moon Holy Grail War, and Kiara says her personal qualifications must be due to the happenings in the War. She describes it as a very rare Servant class.[1] In the case of Jinako Carigiri, she speculates her being in the class has to do with the "little devil intermediary" helping link Ganesha to her in the Pseudo-Servant summoning process.[2]

Skills and characteristicsEdit

The Class Skills of each MoonCancer have been shown to be different depending on individual circumstances. Only Territory Creation is shared between BB and Kiara.

Known MoonCancerEdit

  • Servants marked with are also able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders.
  • Servants marked with ⁜ are those who change class mid-story but do not display characteristics substantially different from the original class.
True Name War Master
BBMoon Cell Holy Grail WarNone
BB/GOGrand OrderNone
BB PeleGrand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Ganesha (Jinako Carigiri)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru
Kiara Sessyoin (Yao Bikuni)Grand OrderRitsuka Fujimaru

Other qualifying heroesEdit

True Name Current Class Notes



Card art change

MoonCancer first appeared in Fate/EXTRA CCC as the designation for BB, but it was not a Servant class at that time. The Class is the first to have two different tarot card art, one based on BB and another based on Kiara Sessyoin. The summoning animation displayed for the Kiara card art is unique in Fate/Grand Order, changing from the BB art to the Kiara art.


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