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MoonCancer (ムーン・キャンサー, Mūn Kyansā?) is a MoonCancer-class High-Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She also appears as an enemy-only Foreigner-class and Alter Ego-class Servant.



MoonCancer's True Name is BB (ビィビィ, Byibyi?), also called BB Pele (BBペレ, BB Pere?) and BBhotep (BBホテップ, BB-hoteppu?).[1] She has two components she has installed as a High-Servant.



The first component of BB is Pele (ペレ?), the immortal Hawaiian goddess who is the incarnation of the volcanoes of the Hawaiian islands. Pele is said to have been deeply in love with the demigod of pigs, Kamapua'a, despite abusing him.


The second component of BB is Nyarlathotep (ナイアーラトテップ?), an evil Outer God that can be called a trickster. It is a being from deep space that does not exist on Earth, and it is not even from the same universe originally. It is something that is able to entice every intelligent lifeform, toying with them and causing them to self destruct. BB came into contact with it through Chaldea's observatory, gaining some of its power and creating the "cage of time" in Hawaii. Her profile posits that she may not have even been in sync with the god, simply under the wrong impression with a sort of placebo effect.




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Serva★Fes 2018: Servant Summer Festival!Edit

BB was the organizer of the Servant Festival, having obtained power from Pele and Nyarlahotep, and combined the Hawaiian islands into one, which she named Luluhawa.[1]


In this form, BB has taken in power from two other entities; Pele and Nyarlahotep. The power assimilated from the former grants her authority over Hawaii, while the power bestowed from the latter allows her to loop time.[1]


BB's Class Skills include Territory Creation (A) and Existence Outside the Domain (B). She also has One Who Drinks The Earth ( 大地を飲むもの, Daichi o nomu mono?) (EX) and Goddess's Divine Core (A). Her Personal Skills include Self-Modification (EX), Aurea Pork Porka: Golden Pig Cup (A) and Faceless Moon (EX).[2]

Aurea Pork Porka: Golden Pig Cup (黄金の豚の杯アウレア・ポーク・ポークア, Kogane no Buta no HaiAurea Pōku Pōkua?) is the Hawaiian version of BB's Aurea Boura. It is connected to the goddess Pele, who deeply loved Kamapua'a, the demigod of pigs, despite abusing him, and has given BB an affinity to treat her favorite partners as piglets. Unlike Aurea Boura, it is used on BB herself. When she drinks from it, BB's S switch is turned on.[2]



Faceless Moon (無貌の月, Mubō No Tsuki?) is a skill connected to the second divinity installed into BB's Saint Graph - the lingering scent of a god, that drives humans to destruction as a test, with the third eye. A Reality Marble which makes the boundaries of Imaginary Number Space clearer and casts the surroundings into the Shadow Phase: Far Side of the Moon (月の裏側シャドウフェイズ, Tsuki no UragawaShadoufeizu?). When the world is shrouded by the moon's shadow, everything will be frozen in time.[2]

Noble PhantasmEdit

BB's Noble Phantasm is Cursed Cutting Crater.[2]


Arco Wada is the character designer for MoonCancer.


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