MordredWP (モードレッドWP, Mōdoreddo?), also known as Saber of "Red" ("赤"のセイバー, "Aka" no Seibā?), is the Saber-class Servant of Kairi Sisigou of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.

She is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

She is also known as Mo-san (モーさん, Mō-san?) in Koha-Ace.[8]



The The Knight of Treachery (叛逆の騎士, Hangyaku no Kishi?), and the "son" of King Arthur, but she is actually female despite being raised as the secret male heir to the throne.[6] She became known as a "rare villain" who managed to tarnish a glorious legend at the end of her life.

She was conceived between Artoria and her sister, Morgan le Fay, through unorthodox circumstances. Artoria, normally female, was a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's magecraft in order to consummate her marriage with Guinevere. During this time Morgan enchanted Artoria with a spell to extract sperm from her. Morgan developed it within her own ovary, and made the child into a homunculus clone of Artoria. Due to her status as a homunculus, she was given a much faster growth period than a regular human being, and her life span was far shorter.[4] She was raised in secret and told to hide her status and obey the king until the time was right.[7]

Told that it is her right to inherit the throne, Morgan bid her to one day defeat the King of Knights and take "his" place. She did bear that same obsession as her mother, but before all that was her adoration for King Arthur. She felt ashamed of her twisted birth, unconsciously acting jealous of normal people, and, with the special innocence that children possess, she worshipped the "perfect king." Given a helmet she was told never to remove in front of others, she was eventually sent to Camelot under Morgan's recommendation, and through a presentation of her own superb swordsmanship, became one of the Knights of the Round Table. She was given her sword despite her unknown origins because of her abilities and straightforward mental chivalry.

She protected the way of the knights much like that which could only be found in picture books, working hard daily in being the ideal knight, all while hiding her dislike of others. In the end, even that innocence was shattered by Morgan, who revealed the secrets of her birth. She learned of her parentage and was told that the King didn't know either. Morgan tried to instill that the King would never accept such a filthy child, but she was, while shocked, wrapped in joy. While not a proper human being, sharing the same blood as the King, being the "son" of a superior king, she was proud of the fact that she was not human. She felt that in name, reality, mind, and body that she was fit to be the true successor of the King of Knights.

She went without having the slightest feelings of rebellion, spurred on by the truth, and approached the King with delight. Raised without a father, the King was the very form of a godlike "father" to her, but Artoria rejected her very clearly. She said that, while Mordred is certainly born from her and her sister's plotting, that she will not recognize Mordred as her "son" or give her the throne. Mordred believed that it was all due to the King's hatred for Morgan, that it would be impossible for her "son" to be accepted. Thinking that was the reason her title was the weakest, believing that no matter how hard she tried, even if she excelled over everyone, that the King would forever view her as a dirtied child from the moment she was born from Morgan, her great love for the king up until then made her hatred burn.

Resulting from that, the distrust of the Round Table towards the King spread, and the reigns of power in Camelot were seized once the King departed for the Rome expedition. Mordred became the leader of the rebellion, representing the national discontent towards Arthur. After the King finally returned from a long and tiresome battle, Mordred raged, claiming that she hated the King and that only she was fit for the throne. The truth of the matter was that she only wanted to be accepted by Artoria and wanted to be called "son" by her. The conflict eventually led towards a final fight, the Battle of Camlann, where both armies were dying in heated battle. The few knights that stayed with the King soon died off, leaving only the two of them standing.

The two faced each other on a hill of swords in the middle of a blazing battlefield, where Mordred pointed out that the country had ended and that the victor no longer mattered because everything was gone. Blaming the situation on the King for not giving her the crown, she asked if the King hated the "son of Morgan" that much. Artoria emotionlessly replied, "Not once did I despise you. There was only one reason I would not give you the throne. You didn't have the capacity of a King." Mordred charged forward while driven on by passion, and was eventually defeated in single combat, collapsing while still pierced by the holy spear Rhongomyniad. Freed of the mask forced upon her, with a face identical to her "father", she said "....Father", all while reaching out to touch the King with blood-soaked hands at least once, but was not even granted that wish as she fell.[9] Due to being bound by a strong curse, Mordred still swung her sword after her death, leaving a fatal wound on Artoria who later died of her wounds.[10]


Mordred is small in stature, covered completely in thick armor that entirely wraps her small frame. The single mass of steel and her face-covering helm conceal both her race and gender, so those seeing her face are often surprised by her being female. She needs to remove her helm to use her Noble Phantasm, so she cannot help revealing her appearance when utilizing it. Though she has the face of a young girl, Kairi also sees the possibility of her being male when first seeing her face. Her physique is a complete match to Artoria.[4]

Due to only having her armor, she cannot remain materialized in public without modern clothing. In Sighisoara, Kairi buys her a tube top that exposes her abdomen and a crimson leather jacket. Ironically for someone who despises being identified by her gender two of her primary outfits leave her toned physique highly exposed. While not providing enough coverage for the cold autumn season, her status as a Servant makes weather a non-issue for her.


Mordred is extremely prideful and haughty, boasting herself to be equal or better than her father in the ways of ruling and swordsmanship, and believes only her status as the child of Morgan caused her to be rejected. Rather than simply wish on the Grail to become king, she instead wishes to use it to challenge the sword of appointment as a method of proving kingship that even her father could not deny. She does not even think of failure, boasting overpowering words from a clear and unclouded voice that shows dignity befitting of a king. She abhors any discussion of her sex, displaying clear killing intent even towards her own Master. She says with no uncertainty that the topic is never to be brought up before her. She does not display any issue in wearing clothing that shows off her body.

Kairi is unable to determine her true thoughts about her father, believing them to be on the thin line between love and hate. He feels that she was certainly greatly influenced by her father, leading to the rebellion. He cannot tell if it was out of wishing to become more like her father or to deny the way of the king or whether it was right or wrong, but considers it to have been a courageous act either way. She is seen in history as the antagonist who deceived the legendary King of Knights, whose name remains carved in Britain even in modern times. He feels that the one who attempted rebellion with the King's men is more interesting than Arthur, the "very manifestation of chivalry."

While she has the face of a fair, young girl, that does nothing to hide her brutal nature. She is filled with pure rage over the events of her life, and she does not bother to conceal it in the first place. She can be likened to a Berserker during battle, her glaring eyes displaying a mix of joy for battle and cruelty. While Noble Phantasms are normally a source of pride, hers, crowned with the name of her father, it is closer to a sort of grudge. While there were many Knights of the Round Table who were divided into allies and enemies towards the end of their country, it had been a place of lively discussion for them all. It was not by design that those events had transpired, so it would be odd for most of them to hate it. Mordred, who rebelled against the king, is likely the only one to revile it, hating it with such a passion that even a shard of it brings out rage in her.

Due to their affinity with each other, she is able to get along well with her Master, and he believes they are very alike in their over-abundance of confidence. Used to the eccentricities of magi from being with her mother, she still manages to find displeasure with his morbid tastes as a necromancer, but can do little to argue with him about them. As being in spiritual form makes her feel uneasy, claiming that she cannot calm herself without having her feet firmly planted on the ground, he agrees to buy her clothing. She is only used to wearing her uncomfortable armor, so she feels much more free without having to wear it.

Mordred both envied and despised humans due in part to her short lifespan as a homunculus. She compares humans to livestock whose only saving grace is their ability to speak. Slighty intelligent beasts that can become either good or bad depending on the situation, who abandon all manners and virtue when faced with poverty. She hates how humans uphold grudges while also forgetting their debts to others. They'll do good deeds when it's convenient, but overlook great evil when it's too troublesome to them. They act out selfishness, and if they fail, they'll blame it something else besides themselves. Mordred doesn't consider humans worth protecting, not caring for neither those who followed in her rebellion against King Arthur nor those who remained loyal. She found her followers foolish for claiming she was more human than the cold and rational King Arthur, as she only care for herself. She found them strange for praising her as the opposite of the inhuman King Arthur, who tried to save as many lives as possible, even though she thought nothing of saving anyone. It was vexing to her that others thought she rebelled for their sake, when she only rebelled for her own. She also found it vexing that her followers would abandon King Arthur who was fully devoted to them.


Mordred initially admired Artoria for being the "perfect King," and sought to defend the King's name from slander. Upon discovering that Artoria was her father, Mordred was elated. However, Mordred was rejected by Artoria, sparking an intense rage Mordred herself misinterpreted as a desire to steal the throne from Artoria out of hatred, when in reality, Mordred had been deeply hurt by the rejection and she only sought the throne to free her father of the burden of kingship.
Artoria Lily
“A younger father!?” (What’s with that logic error)
“Ah, here’s the infidel bastard. Yo there, philanderer! Go hang yourself! Get stoned! Get Shakespeare to write a provocative article about you!“
“The honor student. He looks like a good-looking dog no matter how you look at him. It’s kinda irritating. If Gareth hadn’t been there I would have picked a fight with him already. Also, this has been on my mind a lot, but being invincible until sunset… that’s pretty freaking unfair, isn’t it?”
Due to a circumstances where Mordred can’t really treat her as a stranger’s problem, she’s kinda taking care of her. At any rate, if Mordred just left her alone she’s just going to get all languid at the corner of the room.
Birds of a feather. That being said, they don’t actually have much of a common ground, so they are not particularly close. But for some reason she felt like he had always been taking care of her, so he’s a good guy. Maybe.
Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia
She hates Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia because she tortures innocent people, especially Astolfo. She despise her with a burning passion, she is a archnemesis and killer of Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia to the point she decapitated her with her sword and to tell her to shut up.



The First Stages of the Great Holy Grail War[]

Kairi Sisigou summons Saber of Red around the same time as the Black Faction summons their Servants, with a shard of the Round Table. After she is summoned, they banter a bit until Kairi asks about her true name. As she is wearing her helmet, Secret of Pedigree, he cannot see her statistics clearly even though he is her Master. After she removes it, his clear shock at her being female causes him to remark on it, earning a murderous gaze from her. He promises to never again bring it up, moving back on the topic of her identity. She is confused because he should know from having called for her, but learns that it was a shard of the Round Table that was used. Her regained mood once again gone, she slashes it apart and stomps on it with pure anger towards it in her voice.

This act allows Kairi to deduce her identity, causing her to feel some shame at it being discovered from such actions. They discuss her rebellion in life, which she speaks of with great rage and animosity. As she speaks of her wish, to attempt to draw the sword of selection from the stone, Kairi sees the flaw in that it is not guaranteed even with her bloodline that she will be able to draw the sword, but the certainty in her words causes him to think that she may even be able to easily draw it out. Saber then immediately decides that it is time for them to act, and as Kairi attempts to dissuade her from acting without knowledge, they are given a message from one of Assassin of Red's doves to arrange a meeting.[11]

Meeting Shirou Kotomine[]

As they proceed towards the church in Sighisoara, Saber brings up the topic of clothing to wear in public, surprising her Master at the unexpectedness of the request, and he agrees to purchase them after the meeting. Arriving at the arranged time of nine in the morning, they are greeted by Shirou Kotomine, and though Saber cannot sense other Servants, she warns Kairi that she has a bad feeling about the situation. As Kairi and Shirou introduce themselves, Shirou asks for Saber to be materialized and, although Kairi is a bit wary she appears. However, due to her Secret of Pedigree, Shirou is surprised when he cannot tell her statistics using his secret Ruler-class abilities.

After Shirou has Assassin materialize, Saber is angered at her presence, thinking her to be a "foul hag." As they talk about the other strong Servants of the Red Faction, Saber briefly wonders about the possibility of one of them being her father, although Kairi dismisses this. She is annoyed by Shirou requesting her true name to be revealed, but notes that Assassin's laughter bothers her even more and is pleased when her Master refuses. As they leave, she cannot sense any followers, and compares Assassin's treacherousness to that of her mother. Pleased with the personality of her Master in not placing a price on possible trickery and deceit, she claims that facing all of the Servants alone is nothing for her who was the only knight to surpass her father.

Kairi buys her clothing before they depart to Trifas, allowing her to stay materialized. Upon arriving at the location for his workshop, she is disparaged to find it to be catacombs. Although she tries to argue, saying that even if she had not been a knight that the location is unsuitable for anyone, he simply passes it off by giving her the better of their two sleeping bags. Conceding that it is a suitable location despite it being a tomb, she watches as he begins to process his hydra into a poison. Disinterested in the process, she asks about his wish for the Grail, which is to continue his dying family's bloodline. She finds his answer to be boring, but is somewhat upset when he brings up that sons look to succeed the dreams of their fathers.

Going to sleep, Kairi muses over her past and becomes slightly depressed upon seeing that she has the face of an innocent child as she sleeps. Upon searching for a suitable vantage point to scout the Black Faction's fortress, they trip a detection field and become attacked by Caster of Black's golems and homunculi. Saber easily destroys golems while Kairi fights the homunculi. Impressed with his abilities, they examine the remains of the golems, getting some idea as to their maker and a possible identity. They decide to retreat for the moment, and though they had been watched, Secret of Pedigree protected her identity.[12]

First Battle with Assassin of Black[]

Saber and Kairi later hear from the Mage's Association of murders that have been happening in the nearby area, possibly relating to the War. They decide to search the matter, going out of the catacombs and waiting for the night to arrive. They then wander through the town, until they notice a spreading magical fog that poisons those who enter it. This is revealed to be a Noble Phantasm of Assassin of Black, who is responsible for the murders, and who Saber then promptly attacks. Assasin is capable of evading most of Saber's blows, until Saber destroys the fog with her sword and Mana Bursts. As they are about to clash, their battle is stopped by an arrow of Archer of Black, who, along with his Master, is also there to search the murders. While Assassin of Black retreats, Saber directly attacks Archer, while her Master fights Archer's Master, Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Although Archer manages to fight on par with Saber, he and his Master decide to retreat, with Saber and Kairi going back to their catacombs shortly afterward.[13]

Strike on the Yggdmillenia Castle[]

Saber and Kairi appear again during the first large battle between the Red and Black Factions. They arrive to the battlefield later than the other Masters and Servants, encountering the injured Rider of Black. While Kairi retreats to a safer location, Saber fights Rider, who she easily overwhelms. Surprisingly, she is then attacked by a homunculus, Sieg, who wants to protect Rider. While Saber deals with him easily, she is then attacked by yet another opponent, Berserker of Black. Berserker is unable to match Saber, whose skills surpass her. However, she then activates her Noble Phantasms, Blasted Tree, a suicide attack that creates a giant burst of energy, that is further strengthened by Berserker's Master's Command Spells. Saber, however, survives, thanks to Kairi using a Command Spell of his own to mitigate the damage. Sieg then faces Saber again, this time transforming into the form of Saber of Black. The two Sabers then clash fairly equally, with Saber of Red gaining a minor upperhand.

They both clash with their Noble Phantasms, Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur, with Saber of Red overpowering Sieg's attack, though the latter does survive. Sieg eventually returns to his normal form, but before Saber of Red can finish him, the battle is interrupted by the rampaging Berserker of Red.[14] Saber later appears on the battlefield again, killing Rider of Black's Master, Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, who tried to force him into killing Sieg. Saber then enters the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, controlled by Assassin of Red, where she barges in on a meeting of the Servants with Shirou Kotomine, that is turning into a battle between those that agree with him and those that don't. Saber helps Ruler and Archer of Black to escape, fleeing the Gardens.[15]

Alliance with the Black Faction[]

Saber is called by Ruler to help the Black Faction against the treacherous Caster of Black's Noble Phantasm, Golem Keter Malkuth. Saber agrees to help them, on the condition of Ruler lending one of her Command Spells to Saber and her Master. Saber of Red, along with Sieg manage to destroy the giant golem by attacking together with their Noble Phantasms.[15] Saber and Kairi then participate in a meeting between them, the Black Faction and Ruler, where they decide to unite against Shirou. Saber and Kairi, however, actually plan to take the Grail for themselves once the opportunity presents itself.

The Final Battle[]

Saber and Kairi participate in the final battle between the Black and Red Factions, entering the Hanging Gardens with a fighter jet. As planned, they confront Assassin of Red in her throne room, where Saber engages her. However, Assassin manages to gain the advantage, by keeping Saber out of distance with her many magic attacks and summoned beasts, managing to even block her Noble Phantasms. As Saber is about to be overtaken by Assassin's poisons, she has a moment of realization about her wish, realizing that she doesn't actually want to take her father's place, but instead simply wants happiness for him.

Kairi manages to counteract Assassin's poisons with an antidote made from the hydra's venom, though he is mortally wounded in the process. This gives the Saber the opportunity to attack Assassin, strengthened by her Master's Command Spell, managing to deal Assassin a seemingly fatal blow. Saber and Kairi then sit down in the broken throne room, with Kairi being only moments from death. Like Saber, he also is revealed to have a different wish, to have back the daughter he lost. In their last moments, they smoke cigarettes, with Saber fading away after Kairi succumbs to his wound.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Materializing from the Demonic Fog, Mordred soon met and partnered with Henry Jekyll to save London, with her doing the fieldwork.[16] Before Chaldea's arrival, the pair discovered the British Museum, which serves as the Clock Tower's entrance, was destroyed by the fog's creators, Project Demonic Fog, to remove any opposition.[17]

She later confronts Ritsuka and Mash upon seeing they can breathe in the fog, asking if they’re friend or foe. They do not answer, but she finds them harmless. She warns to move on if they value in their lives before leaving.[18] She monitors the pair, and witnesses them destroy a Helter Skelter. She interjects during Romani Archaman‘s analysis of the mechanical golems to inform him of its name. Concluding Ritsuka and Mash aren’t enemies, she agrees to tell them about London.

She brings them to Jekyll’s apartment, where he scolds her for introducing herself with her True Name. She ignores him though, since they’re not in a normal Holy Grail War. They then explain to Ritsuka and Mash how they became partners when the Demonic Fog descended on London. After Jekyll explains London’s circumstances, he sends Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred out to protect one of his collaborators, Victor Frankenstein.[16]

While heading to Victor’s mansion, Mash asks Mordredabout her motivations for fighting for London. Mordred replies she is here to face the perils of her father’s beloved Londinium, as she said before. She then confesses it’s because she doesn’t want anyone other than herself to violate Britain when Mash suspects there was another reason. The group eventually reaches the Victor’s mansion. Mordred warns the mansion is protected by barriers and traps capable of harming Servants. She recalls having a bad experience when she first checked the mansion out. Mephistopheles then exits the mansion, and Mordred correctly suspects he killed Victor. After killing him, the group search the mansion.[16]

In its library they find a note detailing a plot called Project Demonic Fog. The project’s leaders are P, B, and M, who Victor suspected to be Heroic Spirits. Mordred then shows Ritsuka and Mash Frankenstein, whom she found earlier. Like the others, she cannot tell if Frankenstein is a Servant or not, suspecting the Demonic Fog is interfering. According to note on her coffin, Frankenstein is an artificial human built by Victor’s grandfather. Frankenstein reveals she is still alive. The group then takes her to Jekyll’s apartment.[16]

Back at the apartment, Mordred demands Jekyll apologize to Frankenstein for upsetting her, for touching her during his inspection. She and Mash agree that Frankenstein accepts Jekyll’s apology if he understood her discomfort. She then threatens to kill him when he wonders if she and Mash can understand Frankenstein because they’re the same gender. Jekyll then sends out the group to deal with a Magical Tome that’s been entering buildings and attacking civilians in Soho.[19]

Leaving Frankenstein behind, Mordred fights Mash to harden her resolve. Jekyll eventually contacts the group to inform that the Magical Tome is putting its victims into an endless slumber. Mordred wonders if it’s done by magecraft or a drug, though none of them should be affected thanks to Ritsuka being protected by the Poison Resistance (Temporary) Skill, and Mordred being mostly protected by her Magic Resistance. Jekyll then directs them to an antique bookshop in Soho, where one of his informants should be. There they meet Hans Christian Andersen, and he informs them that the Tome is in the study next door. Deciding it to be too dangerous to fight indoors, the group lure it outside. Their attacks are useless when Andersen reveals it’s a Stray Servant placing people into a dream in search of a Master whose psyche it can take form from. He names it Nursery Rhyme, turning it into a girl named Alice. After defeating her, the group return to Jekyll’s apartment now joined by Andersen.[19]

Jekyll tells the group that Scotland Yard is under attack from Jack the Ripper. Mordred recalls how they fought several times, but she has no recollection of their appearance or abilities. Before leaving with Ritsuka and Mash, she asks Andersen if he can make Jack easier to defeat like he did with Nursery Rhyme. Andersen replies Nursery Rhyme was an exception, so Mordred leaves annoyed with him. The group eventually arrives at Scotland Yard to find Jack already massacred the station on P’s orders so he could retrieve a magical item. They kill Jack, but P teleports back to his compatriots.[20]

Back at the apartment, the group learns from Andersen that Servants are materializing from the fog. Since Servant can’t be summoned without the Grail’s influence, he suspects the Grail created the fog. Mordred then goes on patrol, so Ritsuka and Mash join her. The group soon meets William Shakespeare, who has recently materialized from the fog. Mordred contemplates why some Servants from the fog are hostile when P arrives. He admits his group has been procuring the Servants who materialized from the fog and manipulated them into expanding the fog. He reveals his True Name is Paracelsus von Hohenheim and fights the group. After killing Paracelsus, the group return to Jekyll’s apartment joined by Shakespeare.[21]

The next morning, Ritsuka’s party is patrolling and soon return to the apartment to get some rest. They report to Jekyll about the mass production of Helter Skelters. He suspects Project Demonic Fog is increasing their efforts to procure more Servants from the fog following Paracelsus’s death. Mordred tells Ritsuka and Mash to talk with Andersen and Shakespeare until their curiosity is satisfied. She then says they need to disable the Helter Skelters. Andersen requests they retrieve data from the Clock Tower to prove his theory about the Holy Grail War. Mordred and Jekyll however reveal its entrance, the British Museum, was destroyed before Chaldea arrived. Nonetheless, the group head there joined by Andersen, Shakespear, and Jekyll to Mordred’s surprise.[17]

Arriving at the Museum, the group digs through its rubble to find the underground entrance to the Clock Tower. They find it and head down to find the mages were killed. They soon come across a warded library door, so Andersen and Jekyll investigate inside while the others guard the door. The spells on the books prevent them from leaving with them, so the others must defend them until Andersen gets the information he’s after. Jekyll turns into Hyde to help them fight. Andersen eventually finds the data he was after, so the group return to the apartment.[22]

Back at the apartment, Andersen reveals the Servant Summoning Ritual was adapted from one that summons seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to fight a powerful enemy. He suspects that someone predicted the group’s coming and placed the information about the ritual for them to find. Mordred finds none of this will help against the mass production of the Helter Skelters. Suddenly, the apartment is attacked by a group of Helter Skelters. After driving them off, Romani informs the group that the robots were created from a Noble Phantasm. He also reveals they are controlled remotely by the Servant who summoned them, meaning they’ll disappear if the Servant is killed. As the group ponders about the Servant’s location, Frankenstein reveals she knows where they are.[23]

As Frankenstein leads the group, Mordred tells Ritsuka to talk with Mash, noticing that she seems depressed. Mash confesses it’s because she still can’t use her true Noble Phantasm, but Mordred tells her she differs from that shield bastard She tells her she is stronger than him, only coming up short when it comes to the Noble Phantasm. She says Ritsuka is the perfect partner for Mash and tells them they need to become first-rate Master for Mash to be a full-fledged Servant.[23] The group eventually arrives at the Houses of Parliament, where they’re attacked by a group of Helter Skelters commanded by a large one. Mordred protects Frankenstein while Ritsuka and Mash fight the Helter Skelters. With the destruction of the large one, the other Helter Skelters suddenly showdown. Mash then takes pictures of the large Helter Skelter at Romani’s request. She notices the manufacturer’s name on it, which absent from the others that reads: “Charles Babbage, AD 1888”.[24]

The next morning, Jekyll tells the group that Charles Babbage is alive despite Chaldea’s historical records saying he should be dead now. Romani attributes this to the distortions created by the Singularity resulting in events changing. Thus, the dead still live and don’t exist as Heroic Spirits, such as Jekyll and Frankenstein. Jekyll reveals the Helter Skelters that were completely shut downed have all been reactivated. The group leave to defeat the one controlling the Helter Skelters.[24]

They follow Frankenstein’s lead again, but Mordred soon suspects she’s misleading them this time. Frankenstein admits she doesn’t believe Babbage is building the Helter Skelters to hurt others. Mordred convinces her to lead them to him, saying his actions now contradict her belief in his good nature. Frankenstein leads them to Babbage, who reveals he is B of the Project Demonic Fog and a Servant that emerged from the fog. Mordred tells him to hear what Frankenstein has to say. Babbage prepares to surrender when he goes berserk against the group due to M using the Grail. Mordred tells Frankenstein that her words are useless, saying sometimes talks end in fights. After he is defeated, Babbage tells the group to head deep underground, where they’ll find the source of Demonic Fog: his Massive Steam Engine, powered by the Holy Grail, Angrboda. After Babbage disappears, the group return Frankenstein to Jekyll’s apartment before heading underground.[24]

Traveling deep underground, the group eventually reaches Angrboda ‘s chamber. There they encounter Makiri Zolgen, the first leader of Project Demonic Fog. Makiri reveals the Demonic Fog was created to destroy all of England, as commanded by his king. He continues a Heroic Spirit able to fully activate the Demonic Fog will soon materialize from the fog. He then incarnates himself into Barbatos and attacks the group. After Barbatos is defeated, Makiri attempts to summon a Servant, but Mordred kills him before he can finish the incantation. However, serving as both the summoning circle and the remaining incantation, the Demonic Fog completes the ritual.[25]Nikola Tesla is summoned, and heads for the surface while the group lies unconscious from the massive burst of Magical Energy from his summoning.​​​[26]

After they wake up, Romani warns Tesla is heading to a spot on surface to fully activate the Demonic Fog so it can spread across England to destroy the era. He further explains Makiri’s extra line for Madness Enhancement during the summoning made Tesla automatically perform the task he was summoned for. After defeating the homunculi that ambushed them, the group soon catches up to Tesla. He reveals the activated fog absorbs magical energy without limit, preventing the group from reaching him. Mordred disperses the fog when it absorbs her Clarent Blood Arthur. The group use this opportunity to fight Tesla, but the fog soon returns. Before continuing to the surface, Tesla tells the group he is heading to where the fog is thickest, the skies above Buckingham Palace. He explains a lightning strike from him will fully activate the fog and implores they stop him before he does.[26]

The group rush to the surface, and meets Sakata Kintoki and Tamamo-no-Mae, who recently fought Tesla. Kintoki tells them he dispersed the fog surrounding Tesla, so the group run up his stairway to kill him. After killing Tesla, they prepare to return underground to remove the Grail from Angrboda. However, they’re interrupted when Artoria Alter suddenly materializes from the fog, absorbing it as she materializes. Mordred wonders why she didn’t arrive to save London earlier. She then suspects she came to kill her because she is against the idea of her saving London. Seeing she wields Rhongomyniad, Romani implores for the group to run, but Mordred refuses since it’s her fate to rebel against King Arthur. After the group kills Artoria Alter, they return to Angrboda‘s chamber to remove the Grail.[27]

Inside the chamber, Mordred is satisfied with the outcome. She threatens to kill Mash though when she said Artoria Alter had no conscious control of her actions. She decides not to do so though since Mash was only speaking her mind, the same thing she told Frankenstein to do. Andersen, Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo soon arrive; Mordred threatens to kill the two writers for being annoying. However, a mysterious figure emerges from a Rayshift-like distortion. He reveals he is the mastermind behind the Incineration of Humanity, Solomon. Mordred suspects he is a Heroic Spirit who decided to destroy humanity after being summoned. Solomon corrects her though that he manifested under his own power. He reveals the ring of light seen in the skies of the Singularities is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis. Out of his interest in Mash, he summons only four of the Demon Gods and attacks the group. The group kills one of the Demon Gods, however, Solomon kills Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo. Mash implores Romani to rayshift them home, but Solomon’s presence makes that impossible. Solomon declares he outranks all Servants regardless of their ranks as Heroic Spirits. He then tries to kill Mordred, but Andersen blocks his attack. Andersen explains the origins of the Servant Summoning System, which Solomon confirms the Holy Grail War uses a degraded versions. He then declares he is the Grand Caster and kills Andersen. Mordred detests his boasting, suspecting he is actually panicking because Ritsuka already retrieved four of his Grails. Solomon confesses he only came to the Singularity on a whim and prepares to leave. He proclaims Chaldea isn’t a threat to him unless they destroy seven Singularities. He then calls humans worthless for living despite their inevitable deaths and leaves.[27]

Returning to the surface with Ritsuka and Mash, Mordred is unsatisfied, even though they retrieved the Grail. Though she hates she can’t go with them, she understands she’ll disappear now that Singularity is gone. She admits Solomon was right that Heroic Spirits are useless unless they’re summoned. She then says in every era, the ones who build are those who are on the edge of the future. Therefore, she is confident that Ritsuka will undo the Incineration of Humanity. She then tells Mash that she likes her, even though she dislikes the Heroic Spirit fused with her. She suspects they’ll meet again, then disappears, satisfied even someone like her saved London.[27]

Event: Sanzang Coming to the West[]

Mordred plays the role of Red Boy, the "son" of Princess Iron Fan and the Ox-Demon King (played by Florence Nightingale and Artoria Alter, respectively). While she respects her "father" and wants "his" praise, her "mother" terrifies her due to how aggressive she is about hygiene. Thus, she runs away from her home, intending to kill Xuanzang Sanzang and her disciples and gift her "father" their heads. She also holds one of the scriptures containing Sanzang's memories.

When Ritsuka's party enters the region of Fire Cloud Cave, Red Boy confronts them, intending to stop their journey. Sanzang asks her why she stands in their way when she reformed and surrendered herself to Bodhisattva. Red Boy answers her "father" will praise her if she returns with their heads. Sanzang finds her attitude inspiring and prepares to fight her, saying she can reform afterward.

After being defeated, Red Boy hands Sanzang a scripture. Sanzang stops her from leaving, realizing she is going toward neither the Fire Cloud Cave nor the Sky Scraping Cave. Red Boy says she can't return home now. Zhu Bajie (played by David) believes she wanted to defeat them so she could return home with pride. He tells her that she doesn't need to bring her father, the Ox-Demon King, any gifts, positive she'll be welcomed with open arms. Thus, he tells Red Boy to go home and to take them to where the treasures are. Red Boy, however, admits she doesn't want to because her "mother" terrifies her. Even her usually rough "father" is "whipped" by her "mother". Red Boy, therefore, warns Sanzang not to get involved with that woman.


Mordred, along with the other Knights of the Round Table, is summoned by the Lion King in the "Camelot" Singularity. The Lion King gives the knights the choice to either assist her in her "Holy Selection" or side against her, giving them half a day to decide. Mordred was one of the knights that chose to side with her. She, along with Gawain, Lancelot, Agravain, Tristan, and Gareth, kills the other knights that side against the Lion King, forming the Knights of the Lion King. The Lion King also gives each of them a Gift, with Mordred receiving the Gift of "Rampage", which she did not ask for but still received.

The knights then set out for the Holy Land, killing anyone there that opposed them. They engaged the False Crusaders, who they easily defeated, with the exception of their leader, a Servant claiming to be Richard I. He possesses immense power, enough to fight equally with the knights. Finally, Gareth sacrifices herself by restraining the opponent with her own body, giving the Knights a chance to finish the battle. Mordred rages, attempting to stop her and saying that they could win without sacrifices. However, Gawain deals the final blow, cutting down both Gareth and their opponent. The Holy Land thus falls into the hands of the Lion King and her knights, who establish the Holy City.[28]

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

Inside Camelot, Mordred wonders if Gawain went easy on Chaldea. She disagrees with Tristan that Gawain should be executed for his failure, believing house arrest should be enough. Tristan ignores her and prepares to decapitate, but Agravain stops Tristan when the Lion King arrives to receive Gawain’s report regarding the Holy Selection and his failure to carry out the Holy Execution. After Gawain is blasted by Rhongomyniad as punishment, Mordred confirms he survived being blasted to the city’s outer wall. The Lion King reminds her she is only allowed in the city during the day and orders her to return to the wasteland. Mordred gladly does so, saying to leave the defense of the domain to her.[29]

Later, Mordred and her soldiers attack the western mountain village. She fights Hassan of the Hundred Faces, who demands to know how Mordred found the village since its concealment was perfect. Mordred reveals she found it by instinct, though it wasn’t her main target. She wanted to kill Chaldea, who Lancelot failed to capture, and report the former’s failure to the Lion King to soil his reputation. Frustrated destroying the village won’t earn her any praise, or even a scolding, she confesses she’ll be executed in a few days as everything outside Camelot will be destroyed once the Holy Selection is completed, which includes her. She then demands which village Chaldea escaped to, saying she’ll give the villagers a quick death in exchange. After Mordred kills Hundred Faces’ duplicate for not telling, a soldier reports the Enforcement Knights at the rear were ambushed and defeated. Mordred wonders if it was Ozymandias‘s monsters, but the soldier says they were Servants.[1]

Mordred confronts Ritsuka and Mash outside the village. Though she doesn’t know Mash, she recognizes the scent of her magical energy and wonders why they didn’t respond to the Lion King’s summons. She isn’t surprised upon realizing they’re with the rebels, since only they would object to the Lion King. Preparing to kill the pair, she reveals her Gift, Rampage, allows her to launch her Noble Phantasm continuously in exchange for burning her soul. She then notices Bedivere is with them, reminding him he never won against her before fighting him. Impressed by Airgetlám, she wonders where Bedivere got it, since she doesn’t remember him having it. Bedivere insults her intelligence like he always did, but she reminds him he only sat at the extra seat and he’d never have become Artoria’s attendant if Agravain didn’t die. She boasts he is nothing compared to her, saying Artoria only took a liking to him. Bedivere doesn’t contest he is inferior to the other knights, but Artoria relied on him until her last breath. To repay her kindness, Merlin granted him Airgetlám. Mordred decides to kill him, saying she’ll not even report it to the Lion King. Enraged she is losing despite her Gift, Mordred removes her helmet as her armor rejects her Gift. She prepares to launch Clarent Blood Arthur, but Arash shoots her joints to stop her. He chastises her for wanting to destroy herself just to kill them, wondering if she has any pride as a knight. Mordred retreats, given her unit was eliminated. She vows she’ll fight the group in Camelot.[1]

Later in the Camelot, after Tristan reports the eastern mountain village wasn’t destroyed, Mordred is impressed that Arash could stop Rhongomyniad. After Lancelot leaves to chase after the rebels, she, Tristan, and Gawain confess they fought Bedivere. They didn’t report it though, believing it wasn’t worth mentioning.[30]

After the Tower at the Ends of the World is activated, Mordred confronts the group when they enter Camelot while it’s under siege. She asks where Arash is when she quickly realizes he died stopping Rhongoymniad earlier, and gets annoyed he stopped it when she couldn’t. She then gets ready to kill the group, but Bedivere says they have no time to waste on her. He calls it disgraceful that Mordred considers herself Artoria’s heir, saying she lacks her sense of duty from before. He reminds her that the Lion King will destroy the world and her men, but that doesn’t surprise Mordred. She declares the Lion King is creating a city where an army isn’t needed, and the knights will gladly die to become its foundation. She asks Bedivere how he could understand their feelings since he stayed with Artoria until her death. Though defeated in the ensuing fight, she refuses to die by someone who isn’t Artoria. Bedivere tells her she’ll never be able to serve Artoria wholeheartedly, even though she wanted to. He considers himself and Mordred weak because they failed to save and kill Artoria respectively. Even though he considers both of them to be unworthy as knights, he believes she surpasses him because of her dream to serve Artoria despite being hated. He apologizes for ruining her dream and finishes her off.[31]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Mordred is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[32]

Summer Event: Chaldea Summer Memories[]

Mordred and several others of Ritsuka’s Servants are accidentally rayshifted to a remote island where they’re unable to contact Chaldea. She doesn’t know where they are and gives Artoria Pendragon, who recognizes they’re not on Britain, a sideway glance. While waiting for Blackbeard’s observational report of the island, Mordred complains about the heat, saying her armor isn’t beach armor. A dying Blackbeard then tells the group that their location is still unknown, and it’s nearly impossible to leave with a normal ship. Agreeing with Artoria’s suggestion to leave the island to contact Chaldea, the group decide to build a ship capable of leaving the island. Mordred complains about how hot it is in her armor again as giant crabs approach the group’s position. Artoria chides her for wearing heavy armor to intimidate the enemy.Artoria’s comment that her reputation as a knight won’t go beyond negative, even if she changes into armor befitting her frame, angers Mordred. After slaying the crabs, Scáthach alters the group’s Spirit Origins to give them swimsuits in order to accommodate with their current environment. Mordred shocked by Artoria pulling a water gun out of nowhere like it was nothing. Jealous that Artoria’s weapon is so summery, she pulls out Prydwen. The group then goes to gather materials for Scáthach to build their escape ship while also building other facilities.

Later, the group discuss what their first task of island life should be when storms suddenly rolls in. They enter a small cave spotted by Mordred to escape the rain, but they run out due to a massive swarm of bugs. Outside the cave, the group decides they need to build a cabin to take shelter in. Mordred suggests they build a cabin out of iron for greater defense than the stone cabin that Artoria suggested. She gets mad at Artoria for pretending to not hear her suggestion.

If the iron cabin is built, Mordred goes in only to leave immediately due to the excessive heat. She doesn’t care if habitable or not, only if it’s defensible. She then goes for a swim after telling Ritsuka they’ll be safe from any attack inside the cabin, though not from the heat. The group builds a water supply to preserve any fresh water they collect.

Tired of barbecue, the group decide to build a proper cooking facility. Mordred likes the sound of eating pizza, but complains they’re a pain to bake. She then suggests they make a large pot instead, saying quantity is what’s important. If the pot is built, she is delighted at seeing it filled to the brim with stew. She starts to recall something Artoria used to do during her lifetime, but she stops herself. She then states a soldier’s performance is affected by how filled their stomachs are, so an army will break apart if left without food. Thus, she believes quantity is what’s most important when it comes to food.

Next, the group decides to build a bathing facility. Mordred agrees with Anne Bonny and Mary Read‘s suggestion they build a shower. If the shower is built, she takes a shower, only to go surfing again.

Afterwards, the group decides to cultivate a vegetable field for a stable food supply. Mordred suggests growing watermelons, which Scáthach and Artoria agree with. If watermelons are chosen, the three do a watermelon splitting competition. Mordred fails to direct Scáthach in the wrong direction, while trying to direct Artoria in the right direction. She claims she is leading in the wrong direction though when Artoria tells her to shut up for distracting her. After Artoria uses Mana Burst to split the watermelon, Mordred is left stunned by how overly competitive she is. She tries to do the same thing, but she destroys the watermelon instead.

Later, the group builds a grain field which can be used for cooking ingredients. Afterwards, they build a ranch to raise livestock. If a cattle ranch is built, Mordred tries to take the meat that Scáthach and Artoria are preparing, only to be smacked by them.

A couple days later, Artoria, Mordred, Kiyohime, and Marie Antoinette learn from Scáthach that a beast destroyed their crops as determined by Fionn mac Cumhaill‘s Fintan Finegas. Mordred thought she and Artoria were going on patrol alone. Unfortunately, the group finds Fionn and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, who served as lookouts the previous night, fatally wounded. Artoria learns from the dying Diarmuid that their attacker was a boar when a boar piglet. Even though Marie believes its innocence, the other try to surround it and kill it given the evidence. However, it flees upon sensing incoming monsters.

After slaying the monsters, Artoria orders the others to split up and search for the boar piglet. Mordred complains Artoria works people too hard, saying she doesn’t understand people’s feelings. She decides to go back and claim she found nothing when she finds the boar piglet in the bushes. Ignoring Artoria’s orders, she hugs the piglet to feel its soft fur. She then leaves it the nuts she got from Marie to lure it out, warning it not to go to fields again.

Later that night, she reconvenes with the others at the crops now joined by Martha, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Anne and Mary. The group finds the piglet along with two others trying to protect the crops when a demon boar appears. Realizing it to be the true culprit, the group fights the demon boar. After it is slain, Mordred suspects the piglets helped because Marie gave them food. She also suspects the demon boar prevented them from getting any food. Marie notices they like her too, but Mordred denies it and tells them to go away. After Scáthach contracts the piglets to guard the crops, Artoria suspects they’ll encounter more demon boars given the island’s size.

The next day, the group decides to build a pathway. Mordred suggests a mine cart track, saying it’s not only convenient but also fun. Later, the group decide to build an aqueduct to improve their efficiency in storing water. Mordred suggests they build a pipeline, complaining the others’ ideas lack romance. If the pipeline is chosen, she directs Ritsuka in installing the last piece. Next, the group builds a bridge to make travelling easier for Ritsuka. Mordred claims she and Artoria had the same idea of building a drawbridge, so as a counter to that she suggests ropeway. If the ropeway is built, she, Martha, and Anne and Mary race with the cable cars. If the drawbridge is built, she scratches it with Prydwen. She denies any responsibility while also quietly apologizing to Artoria. Later, the group builds a garden. Afterwards they decide to build a place for recreational activities.

Afterwards they decide to build a place for recreational activities. If the colosseum is built, Mordred impatiently waits for her turn to fight. If the athletic field is built, she bounces a ball against a wall by herself. Artoria somewhat reluctantly allows to join Ritsuka’s team, telling her not to hold back.

Later, Mordred goes surfing after pretending to not like sharing the same space as Artoria. She later gives Ritsuka a wooden surfboard that she made, claiming they looked jealous of her. Believing river surfing to be more suitable for beginner, she brought them and Mash, for whom she also made a board for. She confesses her joy for surfing is because going against the flow of the waves matches with her treacherous character. She compares the fun to handling the waves to a knight riding a horse or courting a woman, as the greater the challenge, the greater the valor earned. However, the group notice miasma flowing down river, so they go upstream to find the demon boars responsible. After killing them, the group head back to let Scáthach and the others remove the poison. Mordred denies she liked Ritsuka watching her surf.

The group later decides to build a tower to overlook the island. Mordred quickly sketches her design for the tower. If her tower is built, she praises herself for having the aptitude as both a king and an artist. She comments the tower’s broken design symbolizes mankind’s rebellious spirit.

Next, the group decides to expand their cabin; Mordred suggests building a flying fortress. If the flying fortress is built, she demonstrates its security systems, which Cú Chulainn, Sasaki Kojiro, and Karna all get caught in. She then confesses her focus on absolute defense is because she needs to protect Ritsuka at all costs. She then suggests going to the beach when Mash points out the fortress is too hot to live in.

Later, the group prepares to construct a statue as they reach final preparations for their escape ship. However, as they prepare to build it, a giant demon boar appears. After forcing it to retreat, the group continue constructing their ship and statue. If a statue of Mordred is made, she congratulates for Ritsuka completing development of the island by making a statue of her.

The next day, construction of the escape ship is complete when the giant demon boar. The group then fights it to protect the boar piglets. Its stamina proves to be tremendous though, and it charges the ship to destroy it. However, the piglets form a wall to protect it at injury to themselves. After defeating the giant demon boar, the group and the men board the ship. Mordred is concerned it may be a long time before they can contact Chaldea, as they set sail.

Summer Event: Chaldea Heat Odyssey[]

As the group continues to sail, Mordred is attacked by Scáthach for calling her old. Eventually, the group makes landfall to find a desolate wasteland. Mordred says they need to find some food after Artoria mentions either their spirits will die first or Ritsuka will die from malnourishment. The group then hears a cry for help, and they’re surprised it’s coming from a boar piglet. They kill the Shadow Servant chasing it, which reveals itself to be a demon boar in disguise. The piglet then calls the group goddesses and asks them to save this world.

The piglet leads the group to city ruins, where they meet the boar piglet chief. Hearing of their circumstance, the chief thanks the group for saving his grandchild. He tells them the buildings were from advanced civilization built by the piglets. Unfortunately, it ended when the demon boars and Shadow Servants arrived fifty years ago. The chief recounts a legend in his clan about nine goddesses called the Nine Sisters who gave the piglets civilization. As they were said to take human forms, the chief’s grandson assumed the group were the goddesses. In exchange for the piglets’ help, the group agrees to redevelop the island. Mordred warns the piglets that Artoria may eat them after the latter wondered if the piglets Tamamo was said to eat were delicious.

Later, the group start to rebuild the boar piglet’s civilization. Mordred joins Scáthach’s search party to the coast for the chance to surf. The search party encounters a giant demon boar protecting a tree. After slaying the demon boar, the group reaches the coast where they find the broken remains of the statue they built before. Scáthach reveals they coincidentally sailed back onto the same island, not knowing 2,000 years passed at an incredible rate. She further reveals time doesn’t progress normally on the island, meaning an hour on it would be different outside. She continues it was a relatively peaceful land where the boar piglets lived until Chaldea arrived. The group then returns to the others and tells them what they discovered. They also realize they are the goddesses worshiped by the boar piglets. The group decide against leaving the island by ship again as Scáthach points another thousand years may pass on the island and the boar piglets may be extinct. They then decide they need to discover why the island’s space-time is distorted as they continue to redevelop the island and contact Chaldea. They also meet with Cú Chulainn, who recently returned from being tossed overboard from the ship. Later, they learn Beowulf is on the island but as an enemy. Mordred calls him a thug, disappointed she wasn’t there to meet him.

Marie invites Mordred to the piglets' concert. Mordred refuses until Marie threatens to beat her with her beach ball and force the invitation onto her. This prompts a fight with Mordred, which she loses and accepts the invitation.

Mordred later joins Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, and Artoria in searching for the cave where the Caster who gave electricity to the piglets 100 years ago sleeps. Nearing the cave, the group fights the demon boars surrounding it. Inside, they encounter even more demon boars. Mash’s inherent good nature annoys Mordred, but Artoria defends Mash. As Artoria and Scáthach argue about the balance of order and chaos, Mordred continually insists she did nothing wrong. She also blames Artoria’s rigid thinking for why Lancelot went mad. After slaying the demon boars that previously went unnoticed, she continues to insist she did nothing wrong after Artoria and Scáthach apologize to each other. However, she admits she did everything wrong when Ritsuka agrees she did nothing wrong, and apologizes. Artoria orders her to do 100,000 push ups when they return as punishment, which is apparently 900,000 less than usual. The group then encounters an unknown Servant and fights him. After defeating him, he’s revealed to be Thomas Edison, who just woke from cryo-sleep. Mordred thinks Artoria is being on guard before a fellow king, not aware she’s actually enamored by Edison’s lion visage. The group then follows Edison outside when he learns the boar piglets’ civilization he helped create is in ruins. Edison’s threat to send the demon boars to the meatpacking factory shocks Mordred. She expected Artoria would confirm Edison’s identity personally.

Mordred helps construct another amusement center, with the choices being arcade, karaoke, or casino.

The group later search for the demon boars’ cave, surmising they have the Grail. After some sparring, they head for the cave. They find it guarded by a mass of demon boars, so Mordred suggests she break through the boars’ frontline to allow Ritsuka, Scáthach, and Edidon to enter the cave while the others fight. She then initiates the plan by unleashing her Noble Phantasm on the boars’ frontline.

After the source of the piglet’s misfortunes, Twrch Trwyth, is defeated, the group prepares to escape the island via Edison’s device. Mordred learns from Sasaki that he and Karna were staying with Beowulf. The group then escapes the island when they’re contacted by Romani, who reveals they were only gone for an hour, and return to Chaldea.

Event: Inheritance of Glory[]

Following the conclusion of the Great Holy Grail War, Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, still fused with Vlad III, remained in the Greater Grail. Stilling wishing to acquire the Grail, he manifested mindless replicas of the war’s participating Servants (except the Rulers) to fight endlessly in a recreation of the war inside a recreation of Trifas.[33][34]

Mordred, Astolfo, and Siegfried attack Yggdmillenia Fortress, where Ritsuka’s party is based, at night.[35] They are defeated by the group and disappear with the morning light. Due to Sieg's influence, they all rematerialize with a sense of self the following morning. In the gardens, Mordred and Achilles nearly get into a fight but Frankenstein stops them by smacking them both, not wanting the flowers to be destroyed. Mordred then has Sieg confirm her suspicions that he is steadily losing control of the Grail. She, therefore, decides they should hit the enemy directly in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. While agreeing with a direct assault, Chiron warns their chances of success will be low since twelve Servants will be guarding the Gardens. Avicebron advises against attacking the Gardens during the day like Atalanta proposed, as a flying golem he sent there on Chiron’s order was forcibly transported outside when night arrived. Chiron asks Sieg if he can move his main body, Fafnir, now. Sieg answers he can fly at a minimum but warns he’ll fall if hit by a Noble Phantasm, especially Balmung. Mordred has Frankenstein team up with her, only hinting at how they'll reach the Gardens from the ground. Chiron then trains her, Siegfried, and Astolfo in teamwork, using Avicebron's golems.[36]

The day before the assault, everyone eats strawberry sandwiches in the garden. Mordred recalls how her father's general disinterest in what food tasted like, making her think Artoria only cared about nutrients. Ritsuka questions if Artoria was actually a gourmand though. Mordred doesn't believe it and says she'll eat every one of Gawain's "dishes" if it's true. When Chiron says he'd like to come to Chaldea after learning new subjects, Mordred says it's pointless for Servants to learn new things. Sieg refutes her by saying he knew someone who kept learning even after becoming a Servant. As he wasn't there, he cannot say who they were, but he is certain they were a hero who kept moving forward.[37]

Later that night, Mordred amplifies her Mana Burst with Frankenstein's lightning to launch them both up toward the Gardens. Karna is in their path, so he gets smacked in the Gardens. Ritsuka's team is thus saved from him by sheer coincidence. Mordred and Frankenstein recover from their crash landing then then start rampaging while they wait for the others to come. The others soon arrive, and everyone enters the Gardens.[37] Inside they defeat Semiramis and Karna, who rematerializes with a sense of will come morning. They are then guided by Semiramis to where the enemy resides, the Grail’s chamber.[33]

At the Grail’s chamber, the group meets Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, the mastermind behind the recreated Great Grail War. Sieg explains who and what Darnic is. He tries to convince him to surrender, saying a broken Grail cannot reach the Root nor activate the Third Magic. Darnic refuses and reminds the group that he already controls 87% of the Grail. He declares that as long as he possesses the Grail, none of them will ever disappear, but they will once he’s gone. He then proposes using the Grail to incarnate them if they agree to join him. But they all refuse his proposal on their own principles as heroes. Expecting that to be their answer, Darnic connects to a replica of the Grail that emerges from within the Grail to Sieg’s shock. He then fights the group by having the replica Grail continually spawn replica Servants.[33] The group struggle at first since the replica Grail is using their class affinities against them, so they decide to do the same.[38]

After the replica Grail is destroyed, Darnic refuses to give up when he’s struck by Kazikli Bey from the supposedly sealed Vlad III. Unlike the others though, he retained his memories of the Great Grail War due to Darnic fusing with him during it. He eventually convinces Darnic to accept that his broken dream can never be recovered. After Darnic and Vlad disappear, Semiramis teleports the group back to the ground. On the ground, Frankenstein and Mordred disappear together.[39]

Lostbelt No. 3: SIN[]

Mordred is summoned with Spartacus and Jing Ke when another container is launched from Xianyang. She agrees with Spartacus that they need to fight together, though she doesn’t know who Qin Shi Huang is and thinks he’s a minor roman emperor. The group then forces Hinako Akuta and Prince of Lanling to retreat when they emerge from the container.[40]

They later slay Jotun from the Norse Lostbelt. Mordred noticed a few ran off, suspecting they have a nest somewhere. She suggests finding and destroying it given that the village is utterly defenseless.[41] She stays behinds with Nezha and Leonardo da Vinci, while the others go find the Jotun’s nest and investigate the Lostbelt.[42]

When another container is launched from Xianyang, she destroys it with Clarent Blood Arthur. However, Xiang Yu emerges from its remnants and attacks the group. He leaves with Langling when the latter comes to retrieve him. Mordred later ponders on his strength, noticing he was constantly alert to prevent any gaps in his defenses. She doesn’t believe he would help the Qin after hearing he rebelled against them in the Proper History. Da Vinci then reports an army is approaching by vehicle, so the group goes to intercept it. They fight Lanling and Xiang Yu when Qin Liangyu and her army arrive, ordering both sides to stand down. Shi Huang then speaks to them through the vibrations of Mash’s shield after firing a focus magnetic beam at it. He agrees to hand Koyanskaya over if they agree to let him examine the Shadow Border, so the group reluctantly agrees. After he examines the Border, the group realizes the construct at Xianyang is his true form.[43]

Later that night, Mordred talks with Spartacus after noticing he isn't his usual self. She reminds him that the Lostbelt is a world where war has been eliminated. She then gets confused when he questions if they have any right to be here.[44]

The group agrees to a truce with the Qin. Mordred tells Spartacus to endure it when he disagrees.[45] Later, Jing Ke and Nezh report Spartacus has taken several villagers to march towards the capital. Mordred advises against using a Command Spell against him, as while it will bind him, it won't earn his obedience. She then asks Ritsuka to let her convince Spartacus to stop, which she'll achieve by beating him into submission. After Jing Ke decides to join, Mordred tells Nezha to guard the Border.[46]

She, Ritsuka, Mash, and Jing Ke soon catch up to Spartacus and the villagers. They fight him when Nezha arrives to report that Liangyu has stolen the Shadow Border. Sherlock gave Nezha the Spiritual Foundation Graph and had her escape. Shi Huang then orders Xiang Yu to kill the group after learning they taught the villagers poetry, as he’d rather have them be peacefully ignorant. The group struggle against him when Hinako and Lanling arrive. The two groups fight for a bit when Shi Huang suddenly has Hinako, Lanling, and Xiang Yu retreat. He has launched a payload from the Great Wall towards the group’s current location, and it’ll arrive in three minutes. Mordred catches Spartacus after he stopped it with an overloaded Crying Warmonger. After he disappears, the Spiritual Foundation Graph reacts to the leyline connecting to the Throne.[46]

Jing Ke suggests they split up in the three groups; one to pursue the Shadow Border, and two to take the villagers somewhere unobservable to Qin Shi Huang. She assigns Mordred and Nezha to escort the villagers, while she goes with Ritsuka and Mash to pursue the Shadow Border. After Mordred and Nezha are finished, they’ll hide and wait near Xianyang until everyone’s together before attacking the capital. Mordred tells the villagers it’s not their fault they need to leave, as this is how war is for civilians. She agrees with the young boy who bonded with Spartacus, that they’ve now experienced freedom, something she considers dying for.[47] Mordred and Nezha eventually hide the villagers in a cave with provisions.[48]

The two later rendezvous with the others were heading to Xianyang, along with Chen Gong, Red Hare, and Vitch. She allows Vitch to help, at least until the latter betrays them.[48] They soon arrive in the capital and kill Liangyu.[49] The group then enters the palace’s Ministry of Technogy and find the Border there. After besting Han Xin and Li Shuwen, they take the Border to the Fusang Tree.[50]

They reach the treasury when they’re confronted by Xiang Yu and Hinako, whose true identity had previously revealed as Yu Mei-ren. The Fusang Tree is revealed to be the Fantasy Tree Mayall. After Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren are defeated,. Vitch activates Mayall, revealing it was inside the Fusang Tree. Vitch then teleports away, and the Epang Palace crashes.[51]

Shi Huang appears from the ruins now in humanoid form, and fights the group to see whose world will continue. He is defeated and entrusts the future to Chaldea. Xiang Yu rejects his decision, and fights the group despite his wounds. In madden grief from his death, Yu Mei-ren allows Mayall to absorb her. Mayall fully awakens, and Shi Huang helps destroy it. After Yu Mei-ren, Cheng Gong, and Red Hare disappear, Mordred stays with the others until they leave the Lostbelt.[51]


King of Kings[]

Mordred coerces Ritsuka and Mash to coming to London with her. Once there, she tells them she sensed something unusual happening in the city. She isn’t sure what it could be though. After slaying some ghosts, Mordred becomes worried about her sword, Clarent, being dulled, which she attributes to her stealing it in life. Romani Archaman tells the group he detected a nearby Shadow Servant. The group goes to its specified coordinates. The Shadow Servant claims to be a king after Mordred gives her name, declaring that he’ll kill her and create a new nation. Mordred refutes his claims of being a king, saying the only one who can themselves such is King Arthur and only she can oppose the king. The group then destroys the Shadow Servant. Mash realizes he was a nameless king who neither carved his name in history nor achieved any noble feats. She continues that his memory of being a king caused him to wander as a phantom.

Back at Chaldea, Mordred visits Ritsuka in their room, and asks them if they think she could be a king. Upon hearing their answer, Mordred confesses she believed she was to be king but was rejected by her father, Artoria. Repeating her father’s words at that time, she states how she couldn’t accept those words in even death. She thought Artoria hated her as the progeny of the latter's older sister, Morgan le Fay. She reveals she gave up becoming king long ago. Calling ancient kings egoistical and selfish for becoming kings for their own greed, Mordred says Artoria wasn’t like them as she sacrificed her life so that many could smile. Believing her father’s will was both noble and just compared to any other king, Mordred states for that very reason she will not lose against Solomon. She then asks Ritsuka not to tell anyone what she just said and leaves the room.

A Former Dream, A Dream Hereafter[]

Mordred is re-experiencing a recurring dream of hers in which she stands before Caliburn what she will swear upon it and is asked by Merlin, even though it hasn't happened for a long time. Ritsuka catches a glimpse of her dream and is woken up by Mash and Fou. They decide to get breakfast only to run into Mordred and Jekyll. The latter is concerned about Mordred inexplicably ending a combat simulation early. Mordred, however, insists that nothing is wrong. Ritsuka asks about the dream only to end up provoking Mordred into challenging Jekyll and Ritsuka to a battle. After the fight, Jekyll suggests that Ritsuka talk to Mordred, assuring them that she trusts them more than she lets on.

Later that day, Mordred enters Ritsuka's room to ask if they really saw her dream. She recounts Caliburn's nature as the Sword of Selection and how she once dreamed of pulling it out of the stone. While she hasn't completely abandoned her dream of becoming, her desire to be one is no longer as compelling as it once was, with her comparing it to a curse being lifted. She isn't sure why the dreams have begun anew, and feels like they're only bringing back her old regrets. She asks Ritsuka not to tell anyone else about her dream.

That night, Ritsuka and Mordred find themselves in another dream, this time of the Battle of Camlann. Fighting off an army of knights, they soon come face-to-face with Artoria. But Mordred notices something is off with this Artoria, saying that her real father never truly hated her as this one seems to. The dream Artoria is defeated and acknowledges Mordred as her rightful heir, offering her the throne. To Ritsuka's shock, Mordred simply cuts down the dream Artoria, saying that her father would never say she was proud of her. Mordred explains that they are just destined to oppose each other, but they are whisked away by a mysterious force before she can continue.

They reappear before Caliburn, where Merlin announces that he had been waiting for them before asking Mordred once more to think long and hard before taking Caliburn. Out loud, Mordred reflects on how as much as she wanted to inherit her father's throne for the sake of making Artoria proud she could never draw Caliburn when she dreamt of it in the past. In hindsight, she thinks it was inevitable that she failed to do so because she never thought about what she wanted to do when she did become king. Asking heself what sort of king she might have been, she concludes that while kings throughout history possessed different ideals all of them ultimately held true to their principles. She believes that only now does she have an idea of what sort of kingdom she wishes to create, one that will surpass her father's. Ritsuka suggests that she could draw Caliburn. Mordred laughs it off since it wouldn't mean anything outside the dream. After Mordred departs the dreams, Ritsuka asks Merlin if the dream was his meddling. Merlin answers he nothing to do with it this time, explaining that Mordred has changed greatly through her experiences with the Holy Grail Wars and Chaldea. He compares the dream to the subconscious equivalent of a Spirit Origin, amplified by the presence of Clarent. Despite losing its power after being usurped, it was still made to show who had the right to inherit the throne and responded to the changes in Mordred's demeanor. Merlin notes that while Mordred will never be fully prepared to be king, she still has the potential to grow and mature in ways she never could have managed in life. He admits that he never knew Mordred particularly well and kept his distance from her due to her connections to Morgan, and thinks it is for the best. He believes that had he advised her as he had done with Artoria, she would have committed suicide long before she became treacherous. The dream ends and Ritsuka wakes up in his room, happy to see Mordred back in high spirits.

Other appearances[]

Mordred was briefly mentioned in the visual novel of Fate/stay night. She appears in a flashback to Artoria's past in Studio DeenWP anime adaptation in episode 21. In the Ufotable adaptation of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works], Mordred appears briefly in the second season ending credits and in episode 19 with her Fate/Apocrypha design.

Mordred made a brief appearance in the first season ending credits of Fate/Zero. The Ufotable anime adaptation portrays Mordred being impaled by Artoria's spear in a brutal battle.

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2015, her TMitter user account is @tmtt15_mordred. She went to AkihabaraWP to purchase Heroic Spirit Sebanyan (セバニャン?) goods.


Being a Knight of the Round Table, Mordred is one of the greatest knights to ever live and a hero sung of in legends. As such, when summoned as a Servant, she boasts indisputable fame and strength.[11] Being a first-class servant, Mordred possesses power worthy of the Saber class,[7] the one said to be the greatest among the seven servants. Mordred boasts Strength rank B+, Endurance rank A, Agility rank B, Mana rank B, etc. Aside from Luck, all her parameters rank above C. Truly fitting for her class. In particular, her strength is extraordinary, as a plus is a rare modifier that allows the particular value to multiply for an instance.[12] Although Mordred possesses the high parameters and attack power of her class, making her unlikely to lose to any other servant,[12] when comparing them to her father's, the King of Knights, Mordred's specs are overall lower.[7] The difference between the two is such, that Gawain claims that he'd normally defeat Mordred without breaking a sweat, even at night,[52] when he's three times weaker than during midday, state in which he's considered to be an equal to King Arthur by some.[53] Nevertheless, Mordred is an incredibly powerful servant due to possessing incomparable strength,[12][13] and as such, she consumes an incredible amount of Magical Energy in exchange.[12]


Mordred fighting promo art.jpg

Mordred's fighting style is focused on obeying her Instincts and optimizing her fighting habits with the greatest efficiency.[13] During battle, Mordred shows a truly superior competence, and due to her doctrine to “make things right”, she would peruse deliberately of even unfair tactics.[3] She does not move with the elegance of a knight or display the beauty of swordsmanship but instead fights with abandon like a Berserker or a wild beast. She uses her two-handed sword with a single hand, and rather than simply doing so as to punch an opponent, she will even go as far as throwing her sword should it grant her victory over her opponent. Normally the very heart and soul of the knight, she views swordsmanship as only another means of victory, and she is willing to punch, kick, or bite to win over her opponent.[12] Her strikes are superhuman attacks that transcend the domain of humans,[13] as seen when she masterfully parried a thrust from Karna.[15] In terms of sheer power as a Heroic Spirit, she is overwhelmingly superior to Astolfo.[13]

Even without using her full strength, Mordred is capable of moving like solid metal mass sped around like a cannonball, disintegrating Avicebron's golems in the process. Although his golems are beyond comparison, possessing power to fight evenly against low-ranking servants, they barely lasted one attack, three at most, before being cut down.[12] However, the purpose of those golems was strictly detection and giving reports. Had they been made for combat, they could have overwhelmed her with sheer numbers. Mordred might not get injured against ten or twenty of them, but if she had been attacked in waves with golems numbering beyond a hundred, the outcome would have become uncertain. However, in truth, it was expecting too much for her to be taken down by even the battle type golems.[54] After witnessing her fight, Siegfried responded that he would be able to defeat her. Chiron also noted that although she's definitely a difficult opponent, she should not bring them great trouble once they determined the nature of the Noble Phantasm concealing her True Name.[12] Based on the feats Mordred performed alongside Jing Ke and Spartacus against Prince of Lanling, Qin Shi Huang and the Captain of his Royal Guard agreed that Qin Liangyu would be strong enough to defeat all three of them by herself.[41] Although Mordred was confident that she would be able to stop Spartacus from marching to the Chinese Lostbelt's capital by targeting his knees, even with Jing Ke's help, they were unable to subdue him because he kept getting stronger thanks to Crying Warmonger.[46]

Aside from her overall abilities, Mordred's defensive capabilities are also considerably high thanks to her armor. With it, she survived Frankenstein's fully-powered attack which had also been further strengthened by a Command Spell.[7] As such, she didn't even notice when Tristan accidentally shot her in the back with one of his arrows, only feeling a small cut in the back for a time.[52] Although Chiron's arrows can definitely kill everything in its path, thanks to her heavy armor, the arrow that had been aimed at her chest was deflected and pierced her shoulder instead.[13] Since Chiron was unable to see any weak points in her armor and feared that she might escape after he used his Noble Phantasm, he withheld from using it.[55] However, no matter the toughness of Mordred's armor, it amounted to nothing before King Arthur's Rhongomyniad, which pierced her chest, killing her.[13]

During her fight with Siegfried, Mordred hadn't yet healed all the wounds she had sustained in her attempt to flee from Frankenstein's Blasted Tree. Although her B+ Strength should be enough to damage Siegfried, her peerless strike was unable to pierce his harder than steel skin. After the two exchanged a few blows, it was made abundantly clear that Sieg had not only perfectly reproduced Siegfried's physical abilities, but also inherited his abundant accumulated battle experience as well. By Sisigou's rough assessment, he was almost even with her in terms of stats. To make it worse, he was better in terms of defence in a straight up match thanks to his Armor of Fafnir. It was in this situation that Mordred and Sisigou agreed to use a Command Spell for as long as he fought Sieg. Normally, a Command Spell is used in a more narrowly defined way such as, for example, a spatial jump equivalent to Magic. If not used in such precisely defined way, the binding force of the command spell weakens. The order "defeat Siegfried" was vague, so the boost only allowed Mordred to raise her power to it's max. Nevertheless, being now able to use her full strength, her slashes were able to cut him. In a contest of pure physical strength, Mordred with both her Mana Burst and the boost of the Command Spell was stronger.[14]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for her to be affected.[2][3] It is likely thanks to the rank of this skill being this high that Mordred seemingly received no damage from Jack the Ripper's mist. Although breathing inside the mist makes her body feel somewhat heavier, Mordred judges that it wouldn't impede her at that level.[13]
  • Riding (B Rank): Most vehicles can be handled with above-average skill. However, Mordred cannot ride the likes of Phantasm Races such as Monstrous Beasts.[2][3]

Personal Skills[]

  • Instinct (B Rank): During battle, one is able to always feel the optimal course of action. Visual and auditory obstacles are halved.[2][3] When fighting Jack the Ripper, Mordred's sharp Instinct made Jack's mist no obstruction at all for her, and thus, she didn't mind the worsening visibility at all. It is thanks to this skill that Mordred was able to respond to Jack's surprise attacks.[13]
  • Mana Burst (A Rank): Mordred's weapons and body are infused with Magical Energy just like her father.[13] With the instantaneous release of her energy, Mordred can elevate her ability as if it were jet propulsion.[2] This allows her to rush forward with a momentum like that of a bullet's, and swing her over-sized sword with ease. Her stomp has enough strength to shake the earth, and the speed of her charge pierces the sound barrier. With such speed, such destructive power, even the strongest land weapon of modern war, the main battle tank, would be pulverized.[56] Furthermore, by taking off her Noble Phantasm helm, Mordred is able to clad her body in more mana.[13] By completely removing the armor weighing down, Mordred is able to jump into the air with this skill and reach Semiramis' Hanging Gardens of Babylon on her own.[57]

    Saber using Crimson Lightning

    Her augmented physical strength is enough to overwhelm fighters of much greater stature and even fight equally with the King of Knights.[2][3] By explosively accelerating her speed with this skill, Mordred was able to fight on par with Chiron. In her charge, Mordred's sword would have definitely dealt Chiron a fatal blow had it hit him, however, Chiron was able to send her flying through the air with a throwing technique. Because there would have normally not been any strength behind the blade close to the handle, Chiron had judged that it would have only been strong enough to cut his leather armor when he threw her. However, Chiron fell down to his knees in anguish. He had underestimated her too much. In spite of receiving Mordred's strike under most likely the very best of conditions possible, the wound on his collarbone was too deep. Being unable to move his right shoulder, he could not think of a way to deliver a final blow to Mordred no matter how he moved or fought. Thus, he retreated before Mordred got back up. Furthermore, Mordred can remove her helmet to use an attack called Crimson Lightning, where she unleashes all her mana stored in her sword as crimson-colored lightning. This attack allowed her to vanish Jack the Ripper's mist.[13]
  • Battle Continuation (B Rank): This skill represents her will to not give up.[2] It was thanks to this strong curse that bound her body that she was able to give Artoria a mortal wound even after death from having been pierced with the Holy Lance.[2][10]
  • Charisma (C- Rank): A rare skill that represents the natural talent to command an army. During team battles, one's team's abilities are elevated. Mordred's charisma fully shows itself during the rebellion.[2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Her sword, Clarent, was originally a B rank sword bestowed during the succession of kingship used to amplify the king’s authority, "the king’s royal aura". It raises the owner’s physical stats by one rank, and grants and raises the skill “Charisma”. Mordred was never acknowledged as king though, so the sword itself is lowered by one rank and she cannot acquire any bonuses while wielding it.[58] However, she can still use its "amplification" ability to launch Clarent Blood Arthur by using her Mana Burst Skill to force her excessive hatred for her father into the sword in the form of magical energy,[2][58] allowing her to cut down most Servants in a single slash.[7] This Noble Phantasm is strong enough to surpass Tesla's own lightning, defeating him in the process,[27] or to blow up a mountain along with Ritsuka's party.[59] Despite being so strong, Xiang Yu evaluated its temperature and magical energy release after being striked by it, and he ranked its threat level as minimal. Very impressive, considering Xiang Yu was was simply "warming up".[43]

When clashing with Siegfried's Balmung, Clarent Blood Arthur was slightly superior.[14] What decided the battle between them was not their skill, their power nor the difference in power between their Noble Phantasms.[56] Between his Noble Phantasm which destroyed the entire surrounding area in a wave, and Mordred's, which destroyed all existing material in it's path in a straight line, Mordred's Noble Phantasm had the adavantage in terms of their respective natures.[14] If Sieg had been a few steps closer, the battle might have gone differently.[56] Nevertheless, when their trump cards clashed, Mordred noticed that Sieg hadn't been using Siegfried's full power. Although his power was definitely equal to that of Siegfried, Sieg hadn't reached his mind and spirit. As a result, she had been able to stay one step above him in everything during battle. Most likely, his resolve would be even greater when he next transformed and he would be strong to match her. Then, if he transformed a third time...[14]

In the Camelot Singularity, Mordred received the Gift of "Rampage" from the Lion King. In exchange for burning out her soul, she can unleash her Noble Phantasm without limit to the point that fighting three Servants; Arash, Bedivere and Mash at once isn't even considered a game to her. She is weakened in this state however, as her armor is constantly rejecting the Gift since it was made to rebel against King Arthur.[59]

Mordred's final Noble Phantasm is her helmet Secret of Pedigree. With it, Mordred's Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms tiedly related to her True Name are concelead within her status information. However, when unleashing Clarent’s whole power, the helmet must be removed.[3]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


« Summer! Sea! Surfer!”
“Yahooooooo! »

(Miss Surfer Mor)

Due being so festive, she is displaying a more softhearted side. Since this is summer, Miss Surfer Mor has a higher tension than usual. Leaving the antagonism with her father and her own raison d'être aside for the moment, she wants to enjoy the summer sea to her heart's content.[61]

Miss Surfer Mor pushes out her spoiled front and good will towards the Master more than usual. Due to her tension raising as far as it could raise thanks to the summer heat, seems like her habitual moodiness has been abandoned somewhere.[61]


Having been summoned as a Rider instead of Saber this time around, she has not brought Clarent with her. Not only that, she has not even brought her armor and helmet with her.[61]

Class Skills:

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Nullifies magecraft spells that were invoked with a chant of three verses or below. It is difficult to damage Mordred with this rank of Magical Resistance with magecraft, even if she was targeted by Great Magecrafts, Ritual Spells and the like.[60]
  • Surfing (A Rank): A subclass of the Riding Skill. If it is at Rank A, it is possible for one to manage most surfboards.[60]

Personal Skills:

  • Cerulean Ride (A Rank): A peculiar Skill for the objective of riding even on a legendary great wave like the “Big Wednesday”. Regardless of the quality of the surfboard, one can ride across every wave.[60]
  • Rodeo Flip (A+ Rank): A highly difficult surfing technique that does exist. Because Miss Mo frequently uses this as an attack, it has been extraordinarily sublimated as a Skill.[60]

Noble Phantasm:

Mordred's Noble Phantasm is Prydwen Tube Riding. Upon being summoned, she sought for a surf board that could withstand her power and ended up cheekily stea... borrowing to perpetuity one from her father's treasure vault. Its name is "Prydwen". According to legends, it is a wonder tool that could become both a ship and a shield, or something like that. In the words of King Arthur—who said you could turn it into a surf board?!.[61]


Mordred received an entry in the Character material booklet, making her first appearance in the Type-Moon Media.[9]

Creation and Conception[]

Mordred first made an appearance in Type-moon's Character material book, with Takashi Takeuchi responsible for the character design. At that time Kinoko Nasu hadn't decided on Mordred's gender until Fate/Apocrypha. It was Takeuchi's idea to put Mordred as a new addition to Fate/Apocrypha. As Saber of Red Mordred was originally going to be male like the legend, but it was thought that having two male characters look feminine, the other being Rider of Black, was too much.[6]

Yuuichirou Higashide was torn over whether to make her a man or woman but it became more certainty for him when he looked at the draft of her personal everyday clothes. It was his idea to integrate the helmet to be part of the armor. Ototsugu Konoe has redesigned Mordred's armor in Fate/Apocrypha. When Konoe heard the idea about the helmet from Higashide, the proposal left him at his wits end. Konoe was nervous about getting her design right as she is part of the Saber series, he had an unexpectly satisflying feeling when he finished drawing her.[8]

Ototsugu Konoe is the character illustrator for Saber.[3][4][60][61] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for her character.[3][60][61]


Takeuchi calls her the crowning achievement of the culture created by TYPE-MOON.[62]


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    Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father
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    Her true identity is Mordred, one of the Knights of the Round Table. She is the Knight of Rebellion who ended King Arthur’s legend. And she was also born as an inhuman being like King Arthur. After all, her father is King Arthur, and her mother is the mortal enemy of King Arthur, the witch Morgan.
    Mordred’s true identity is that of an artificial life-form; in other words, a homunculus. Accordingly, her life-span was extremely short, and she was born expressly for the purpose of killing King Arthur.
    Far from hating King Arthur, she came to feel only yearning and admiration for her father, but when she confessed to King Arthur that she was his legitimate child not knowing what else to do, the king declared that he wouldn’t acknowledge her as the next king, and this caused her longing to change completely into hatred.
    And then, as if guided by a blood-stained destiny, Mordred fought against King Arthur on the Hill of Camlann. Though she was defeated, she managed to deal a fatal wound, and thus brought an end to King Arthur’s legend.
    As a Servant, she is first-class. Though her overall specs are lower compared to her father Arthur, the King of Knights, she possesses power worthy of the Saber class. By combining her jet propulsion through “Prana Burst” and her sword “Clarent: Radiant Sword of the King”, her attacks can cut down most Servants in a single slash. Also, the defensive strength of her armor is also considerable aside from its abilities, so she was able to avoid a fatal blow despite being hit by a fully-powered attack from Berserker of Black that was strengthened by a Command Spell.
    Her position in the story, rather than her actual character, is like that of Bonnie and Clyde, who lived by the motto “We have no tomorrow”. In the initial plot, it was decided that she would merely “rampage around and then exit the stage”.
    Mordred’s story also progressed in the background of the main story. She thought over her past in the form of a dream, and the meetings she then had with various Servants—particularly the conversation she had with the homunculus like her and his Servant—served as a turning point for her.
    As a result, Mordred finally understood what her father sought when he pulled the sword from the stone. In the end, it was because she didn’t understand that that Mordred continued to live in anguish. She did not feel fear towards the king like the other knights. After all, she herself was an inhuman being.
    Even so, let’s suppose that she might happen to encounter her father in a Holy Grail War somewhere. She would immediately fight and try to slash her father apart. Believing she has managed to understand her father and passionately wanting to surpass her father are separate matters for her.
    She hates being treated as a woman, but also feels dissatisfied with being treated as a man, making a very complicated, or rather bothersome, Servant. She chose her clothes herself, so she does not seem to have a problem with her appearance being seen as feminine by others.
    Also, she is being supplied with plenty of prana, but she is the type to proactively eat food in order to enjoy the present age without caring about the necessity. Her food preferences lean somewhat towards junk food, and she loves carbonated drinks.
    Perhaps due to being summoned with a vague catalyst like a splinter of the Round Table, she has miraculously good compatibility with her Master Shishigou. Though it was not mentioned in the story, she liked Shishigou from the start based on his clothing due to her overflowing rebellious spirit.


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    Talk about Mordred
    Higashide: “Mo-san! It’s Mo-san!” And here we have Mo-san, who’s been participating a lot in “Koha-Ace” as well. I was really torn over whether to make her a man or woman, but when I saw the draft of her personal everyday clothes, I thought with certainty, “Ah, this is correct”. In addition, the truth is that her helmet in her armored form doesn’t actually come off, but rather is part of the armor itself.

    Konoe: When I heard that idea about the helmet from Higashide, the proposal left me at my wits’ end. (Laughs) Since she’s a character that’s part of the Saber series, I was really nervous about getting her design right, but I finished drawing her with an unexpectedly satisfied feeling.

    Talk about Mordred
    東出:モーさん! モーさんじゃないか! という訳で「コハエース」でも活躍中のモーさんです。男女どちらにするかは結構悩んだんですが、私服ラフが出てきたときに「あ、これで正解だ」と確信しましたです。なお、実は鎧姿のときの兜は外すのではなく、甲冑に組み込まれています。


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    Note: All references to gender are neutral in the original text.

    Introduction - Mordred
    "You must never remove that helmet."

    The child of Artoria's sister, Morgan.
    A masked knight that came to Camelot with only the recommendation of Morgan and by presenting his awesome swordsmanship became one of the knights of the round table. He was given his sword despite his unknown origins because of his abilities and his straightforward mental chivalry.

    In Fate, actually a clone created by Morgan from Artoria. A homunculus, but also a rather complete son of Artoria. Morgan used sorcery to enchant Artoria, who had become a pseudo male, extracted sperm and developed it in her own ovary.

    "My son, you have the right to inherit the throne, but for now, hide your status and obey the King. And one day....you will defeat the King and take his place." He bore that obsession of his mother, but before that ambition, was Mordred's adoration of King Arthur.

    Being a homunculus, his speed of growth was faster than a human being, and his life span far shorter. Feeling shame at his twisted birth, he was unconsciously jealous of normal people and due to the special innocence that children have, worshiped King Arthur, the "perfect king".

    While hiding his dislike of others, he protected the way of the knights in such a way that could only be found in picture books and worked hard daily in being the ideal knight.

    But, even that innocence was shattered by Morgan.
    Not having the slightest feelings of rebellion on him, he was spurred on by Morgan who told him the truth of his birth.

    That Mordred was a child born between Artoria and Morgan.

    That King Arthur didn't know that Mordred was his own child and that even if he did, he would never accept such a filthy child.

    While shocked by this, he was at the same time wrapped in joy.

    Despite not being a proper human, he was a child having the same blood as the King. No, as the son of a king that was superior, he should be proud of the fact that he was not human. In name, reality, mind, and body, he was fit to be the successor of the King.

    Mordred approached the King with delight. This was because to Mordred, who had no father, King Arthur was the very form of godlike "father".

    However, Artoria rejected Mordred very clearly.

    "I see. Even if you were born my sister's plotting, you were certainly born from me. However, I will not recognize you as my son nor will I give you the throne."

    Arthur hated his sister Morgan. How could the son of that person be accepted.
    "It makes sense.... I finally understand why my title was the weakest."

    Despite how hard he tries. Even if he excels over anyone, the moment he was born from Morgan, the King would look down on him as a forever as a dirtied child.

    Because of the love he had up until then had been so great, the hate of the rejected Mordred burned.

    As a result, the distrust of the Round Table towards King Arthur spread and the reigns of power of Camelot were seized once Arthur departed for the Rome expedition.

    He would become the leader of the rebellion representing the national discontent towards King Arthur, after finally returning after a long and tiresome battle.

    Mordred raged, claiming that he hated King Arthur, that he was fit for the throne, but the truth was that he only wanted to be accepted by Artoria. He only wanted to be called "son" by the King.

    The final fight.

    With both armies dying, the two faced each other on a hill of swords.

    "Look around you King Arthur. Your country has ended. Which ever one of us emerges the victor, it matters not. As you see before you, everything is gone. You should have known it would come to this. Had you given to me the crown, this would not have happened. Did you hate me, the son of Morgan, that much?!"

    King Arthur emotionlessly replied back.
    "Not once did I despise you.

    There was only one reason I would not give you the throne.

    You didn't have the capacity of a King."

    Mordred ran forward, driven on by passion.

    Defeated in single combat, Mordred collapsed while still impaled by a spear.

    "Never remove it before other people."
    Freed from that mask his mother forced on him, and with a face identical to Artoria exposed, he said,


    He reached out to touch the King with his blood-soaked hands at least once, but not even that wish was granted as he fell.

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    Class: Saber
    Master: Leonard B. Harway
    True Name: Gawain
    Noble Phantasm: Excalibur Galatine: The Resurrected Sword of Victory
    Keyword: Knight of the Sun, Excalibur
    Strength: B+, Defense: B+, Agility: B, Magic: A, Luck: A
    Anti-Magic: B, Dragoon: B, Numeral of the Saint: EX


    01 - Excalibur Galatine: The Resurrected Sword of Victory
    The sword of Sir Gawain and the sister sword to Excalibur. It is said that like Excalibur, Galatine once belonged to the Lady of the Lake. However, its legend have been overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, and therefore very few people know of its true significance.

    Another difference is the while Excalibur was said to absorb light radiated from the Earth, Galatine reflected the warming rays of the Sun.

    02 - Knight of the Sun
    While King Arthur was ruled by the movement of Artemis, the goddess of the moon, Sir Gawain drew his strength as a knight from the sun.
    It is said that his power are at their greatest when the sun is at its zenith.

    03 - Excalibur
    Arthur, said to be the mightiest of all the kings to rule Britain, is believed to have ruled sometime in the fifth or sixth century.

    The sword that is said to have proclaimed his rule was bestowed upon him by the Elemental known in legends as the Lady of the Lake. The entire episode was passed in the stories collectively known as "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table."

    01 - 転輪する勝利の剣(エクスカリバー・ガラティーン)


    02 - 太陽の騎士

    03 - エクスカリバー



    Anti-Magic [B]
    Cancels low-level spells with chants consisting of les than three full verses.
    Even high-level thaumaturgy and the greater rituals will only have a negligible effect on him.

    Dragoon [B]
    Allows him to control any kind of transportation with exceptional skill.
    However, it does not bestow the ability to ride upon any of the Phantasm races.

    Numeral of the Saint [EX]
    A condition unique to Sir Gawain's existence. During the hours between 9am and 12pm and those between 3pm and sunset, all of his powers increase by a factor of three. This was related to the ancient belief that numeral "3" was the sacred number of the Celtic gods.





    01 - Character Background
    One of the major knights mentioned in the Arthurian legends and often thought to be King Arthur's nephew.

    A knight said to be equal of Sir Lancelot, Gawain was frequently at odds with Lancelot due to his slaying of both of Gawain's brothers. Although pure of heart and loyal beyond question, it was Gawain's all-consuming hatred that not only led to him being stripped of his knighthood, but also led to the downfall of King Arthur himself.

    Although his hostility inevitably led to his death at the hands of Sir Lancelot, he realized that it was his own lack of virtue that led to Sir Lancelot's betrayal and the defeat of King Arthur at the battle of Camlann Hill.

    Up until his death, Sir Gawain was considered a paragon of knighthood; chivalrous, loyal, and gallant. Even as King Arthur became a legend, Gawain was content to stay in the background, doing his duty regardless of whether his efforts were acknowledged or not. In reward for his gallantry and loyalty to Arthur, as well as his eventual forgiveness of Sir Lancelot, Gawain was resurrected as a Legendary Soul and, freed from the sins of the past, has once again reclaimed his role as the "Knight of the Sun."

    02 - "The White Knight of the Round Table."
    The White Knight of the Round Table.

    Widely considered to be equal of King Arthur by many and the wielder of the lesser-known holy sword Galatine, Sir Gawain was fiercely loyal to the king, or more accurately, the King's station. Unlike Sir Bedivere, a trusted friend of Arthur's who wished only that he would find peace and contentment, Gawain's only concern was that Arthur maintain the throne of Britain.

    If King Arthur was seen as the personification of the moon, then Sir Gawain was the harbinger of the sun. He was frequently compared with Arthur, although Gawain himself ignored these comparisons and devoted himself to serving his king to the best of his abilities. Though loyal to the end, his irrational hatred of Sir Lancelot proved to be his and Arthur's undoing.

    Though Arthur eventually forgave his wayward knight's transgressions, Sir Gawain could not find it within himself to do the same until the very last moments of his life and only after being stripped of his knighthood, excommunicated from the church, and causing the downfall of his sovereign king.

    With his dying breath, he swore that if he was ever given a second chance at life, he'd support his king, no matter what. Upon being reincarnated as a Servant, Gawain devotes himself completely to the goals of his Master and by doing so hopes to gain absolution for the sins of the past.

    01 - 人物背景




    02 - 円卓の白騎士










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    Scorpion Shot [Noble Phantasm]
    Antares Snipe. Archer of Black’s trump card, a sniping Noble Phantasm that shoots a shining star. It is a conceptual materialization of the Sagittarius constellation, but it is not as if it cannot activate without the constellation present. It has a tracking ability, naturally, and it doesn’t even need for its true name to be released or for it to be filled with prana in order to activate. After all, as long as there is a night sky, “the star of the archer always aims at the scorpion”, and so it only requires for him to move his fingers away from the already drawn bow. It has a secondary effect, but, like in the novels, there is extremely little chance of it being spoken of even if the Noble Phantasm is used. However, it can only shoot once every night. Considering the average length of a normal Holy Grail War, he would be limited to using it about fourteen times.
    Though its rank is high, it has the weakness of not having attack power worthy of special mention, so he has to try to achieve a one-shot kill as much as possible each time he uses it.
    In his battle against Mordred, Archer could not see any weak points in her armor and feared that she might escape after he used it, so he withheld using the Noble Phantasm.


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    Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword [Noble Phantasm]
    Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father [Noble Phantasm]

    Clarent Blood Arthur.
    Together, they are Mordred’s Noble Phantasm. It was originally a sword stored in King Arthur’s treasury. But Mordred broke into the treasury when she caused her rebellion. Perhaps being interested in it as the “sword that symbolizes royalty”, she came to favor using it.
    It was originally a B rank sword bestowed during the succession of kingship, used to amplify the king’s authority… the king’s royal aura. Concretely, it raises the owner’s physical stats by one rank, and grants and raises the skill “Charisma”. However, since Mordred was never acknowledged as king, the sword itself is lowered by one rank and she cannot acquire any bonuses while wielding it.
    However, the ability of “amplification” itself has not been lost, so Mordred drives her excessive hatred into the sword in the form of prana, thereby amplifying it and allowing her to shoot it as an attack.
    To make it easy to understand, “Clarent Blood Arthur” is an application of “Prana Burst”, and the red lightning that it manifests are her twisted feelings towards her father that have been amplified by the sword.
    In the light novels, her discord with the King of Knights was (one-sidedly) resolved, but she can still shoot it regardless of her feelings towards her father. In that regard, she possesses the innate talent inherited from the blood of the King of Knights.



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  62. Takeuchi, according to Nasu: Mordred is great. She is the crowning achievement of the culture that Type-Moon has created. Don't you agree, Nasu Kinoko-kun?
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