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Morgan (モルガン, Mōgan?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The Lostbelt Queen who rules over the Fairy Kingdom of Britain.

She established an authoritarian monarchy in the Lostbelt Britain and has made the fairies suffer under her oppressive rule for 2000 years. As the highest-ranking fairy, she is a genius sorcerer who has mastered Rhongomyniad, the Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World, as a form of Magecraft.[1]

Morgan was created by the planet to be the savior of Britain. In fulfilling her role as savior, she went by the alias Tonelico (トネリコ?). Her legends have continued into the Lostbelt's modern day. According to legend Tonelico has appeared again and again under different names, such as Ector the Immortal, Archduke of Residual Heat Wryneck, Grímr the Wise, and the Knight of Beginnings, Totorot. In truth, these were Tonelico's companions.

After being betrayed too many times during her various attempts to save Britain, Morgan decided to dominate Britain instead. In response to her failure, the planet created a new fairy, Artoria, to fulfill Morgan's old mission.

Thousands of years ago, she had received the memories of her Proper Human History counterpart (who Beryl had summoned when he first arrived in the Lostbelt, and she rayshifted her memories back in time) and had used them to change history to create a world for her to rule.

While in Proper Human History Merlin was locked in his tower by Vivian, in this Lostbelt Morgan was the one who imprisoned him.[2]

Morgan plans to use the magical energy of the Great Calamity to destroy proper history and turn the entire world into Fairy Britain. This will kill all the fairies outside her Camelot as well, but new fairies will always be born. She cares not for the people of Britain, only for her kingdom itself.


When she was young and went by the alias Tonelico, she looked exactly like Artoria Caster. This is because fairies who have the same purpose are born with the same appearance.[3]


A ruthless queen who relies only on her own power. It isn't that she doesn't trust others, but rather she finds them unreliable. She sets first and foremost the "orderly rule of Britain". She hates people, fairies, the weak, the ugly, equality, peace, and is the "embodiment of evil" as perceived by the masses.

However, "hate" does not mean "unwanted", rather it only means "incompatible with each other." For Morgan, justice is “the state of ruling” and evil is “the state of someone interfering with her rule.” Thus, Morgan's own "likes and dislikes" are irrelevant to "good and evil" as a ruler. If something is necessary to rule, she will accept and tolerate it even if she dislikes it. The extremity and authority of her standards are like those of a heartless machine.

That being said, Morgan, too, has a heart. Joy, sadness, hate, anger, love, and infatuation, she just doesn't feel them as strongly as she used to anymore. After years of devoting herself to defending Britain, Morgan's heart has grown cold. The only passion that lit within her ― a wish that her past-self continued to crave.

"Ruling Britain" is the only goal that continues to drive her.

...Throughout her long journey, she was reminded that this was not a human-like dream from her childhood, but that this is just how she was born.

The Morgan of Greater Human History was lecherous, cruel and selfish, a true model of vice, but this Morgan has eliminated those traits and has become a talented woman who has lost her way. A frustrated beauty who is contemplative of her country. The pleasures of sex, the excitement of inflicting pain onto others, and self-absorbed joy are all "boring. I've already grown weary of those matters" so says Morgan. However, since she is only keeping low, it is possible that her former brutality and bad taste will return if she finds herself in a situation or predicament where she is pushed to the brink.[1]

Morgan has adopted Baobhan Sith as her daughter, but she only ever praises her when Baobhan Sith torments the weak.[4]

She secretly inherited all the memories of the Proper Human History Morgan through the machinations of the latter, and with them the knowledge that within the Lostbelt she could rewrite Britain's history so she could succeed in ruling Britain where her Proper Human History self failed. Being the ruler of Britain is her whole existence, and without it she believes that she would be worthless. Though once she used to be a kind queen ruling alongside Uther, repeated betrayals and rebellions have long since left her bitter and disillusioned. As such, she is convinced that only by ruling the Lostbelt as a tyrant can she keep Britain from being destroyed.


Artoria Pendragon (Saber)
The abominable Red Dragon, Artoria is here? Uther and Merlin's plan… Even if there isn't sin in her, I'll never forgive her. Someday I'll crush her underfoot.[2]
Gawain / Gareth
My children from Proper Human History, huh. I can't imagine myself taking care of children, but… Without taking after me, I raised some good knights.[2]
Creating a copy of Artoria? Was the me from Proper Human History so obsessed…!? ── Ah, no, forget it. I of all people lost my composure. Mordred… Quite a decent work. To fail after making such a pawn, damn me… No, I succeeded?[2]
Cú Chulainn (Lancer)
Cú Chulainn… Why are you more vigilant with me than necessary? …What? You were haunted by a wicked goddess? What does that have to do with me? In my case, a warrior who turned me down would just be haunted and cursed to death.[2]
Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit)
Hey Artoria, give it a rest already. Let me borrow that so-called water gun![2]
Artoria Pendragon Alter (Saber)
Artoria, are you perhaps a genius of pestering? Were you born for the only purpose of looking down on me? Why did you add my name to that Noble Phantasm that I can't help but want to destroy just by seeing it? Tell me. Try to tell me.[2]
Merlin is a nightmare incarnate. That he suddenly comes back with a pop no matter how many times I try to kill him renews my worst memories. That's why, the best plan is to lock that fellow up. The important thing is to never come close to him after that. He'll fool me again with some cunning conversation.[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

Morgan fired Rhongomyniad from her location in the English Lostbelt all the way to Olympus in the Atlantic Lostbelt and destroyed Olympus's Fantasy Tree.

Avalon le Fae: Fairy Round Table Domain[]

Morgan has ruled with an iron fist for 2,000 years. She conquered Britain by defeating the six fairy clans with her black magic, uniting them by force. She granted the humans a certain degree of freedom, and over the course of 2,000 years, she created a Fairy Kingdom that was a shallow copy of human civilization. When Morgan took to the throne, she said to the fairies: "I will not tolerate you. I will not save you. Merely obey. Hang your heads. I will protect a Britain of absolute subservience."

Morgan dominates the fairies and imposes strict control over the number of human births. Fairies living in cities are inscribed with Morgan's curse, the Command Spells; once a year, fairies marked with these are forced to offer their life force as an "existence tax". Fairies who fail to amass enough magical energy over the course of a year to satisfy Morgan die on the spot.

Beryl Gut was lying about angering the inhabitants of his Lostbelt, and it was actually all part of his and Morgan's plan to get close to Kirschtaria; so that Morgan could use Beryl as a beacon to aim Rhongomyniad at Olympus's Fantasy Tree. Beryl claims that he is both Morgan's Master and husband. It is later revealed that Morgan destroyed Seyfert on her own without Beryl's knowledge, and had in fact been planning to do so from the beginning.

Mash defends Da Vinci, Ritsuka, and Artoria from Morgan's teleportation spell called Water Mirror that was meant to be used on the Calamity of Norwich and disappears, though Beryl Gut insists she is still alive.

During her meeting with Ritsuka, Da Vinci, Artoria, Morgan reveals the "collapse" that threatens the Proper Human History is her expanding her territory. She also reveals the Great Calamity will come at the end of the year and kill every fairy in Britain, though she isn't concerned since fairies will always be born anew. As long as her castle remains, the Fairy Kingdom will rise again and again. Morgan challenges Artoria to overthrow her and take the throne to take control of the magical energy stored within if she wishes to save Britain from the Great Calamity. But until Artoria rings the pilgrim's bells and rises up as the Child of Prophecy, Morgan will not see her nor Chaldea as her enemy.

When Artoria's party and their allies lay siege to Camelot, Morgan sends out projections of herself to easily defeat them. Afterwards, however, she is attacked by Woodwose for an alleged betrayal, not understanding he was manipulated by Aurora. Morgan kills him, only for Spriggan to arrive with an entourage of knights. She prepares to kill them with her magecraft until she sees they've taken her "daughter" hostage. Spriggan's knights then seemingly execute her, only for Morgan to kill them a moment later. Morgan tries to reach her throne when Aurora's voice sways the fairies in the court to revolt against Morgan. The angry mob brutally kills Morgan as she desperately tries to reach the throne.


Morgan's weapons.

As the highest-ranking Fairy, she is a genius sorcerer who has mastered the Spear of the End Rhongomyniad as a form of Magecraft.[1] Her attack animation shows off some of her arsenal of maleficium which includes, turning herself into a living voodoo doll to skewer her opponent using her own body, draining the mana out of her enemies, a maelstrom of darkness, and crushing her enemies' hearts into a bloody pulp from a gesture.[5]

Morgan has the ability to alter True Names, as seen with imbuing the Fairy Knights with the essence (the Saint Graph) of Greater Human History's Knights of the Round Table, granting them their abilities and Noble Phantasms.

She possesses a powerful magecraft ritual called the "Water Mirror". First appearing as gathering storm clouds that swirl in the sky for several days or weeks, once it is activated the sky seems to turn into still water. A bolt of lightning shoots down from the water and sends its target back in time. Oberon suspects the true purpose of this spell was to capture Calamities so Morgan can take their magical energy.

She is able to inscribe fairies with "Command Spells" to drain them of their magical energy once year. Fairies who fail to amass enough magical energy over the course of a year to satisfy her die on the spot.

Her throne has enough magical energy stored in it to the point Morgan feels no need to fear the Great Calamity. Only the chosen, Morgan and Artoria, can control the throne.

According to Beryl, Morgan is the strongest and most powerful Lostbelt King, something he states knowing full well how powerful God Arjuna and Zeus are.

She possess a set of Fairy Eyes that allows her to see through lies due to her nature as a fairy.

She has a magical dagger which is what she used to kill Woodwose as he was transforming into a Mors.[6]

She is able to create projections of herself that are each equal to the original.


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Charisma of Thirst (B Rank): The power of a ruler who, through several failures, disappointments, and despair, has decided to rule her people with fear.[1]
  • Protection of the Lake (C Rank): A blessing from the fairies of the lake. The rank has been lowered due to wandering too much.[1]
  • From the Ends of the World (A Rank): The pride of a queen who has risen from the brink of death many times, reached the farthest island, and returned to Britain. A skill that the regular Morgan does not possess, only the Lostbelt King Morgan. A powerful vortex of curses that can turn the tides of the battlefield. The embodiment of a winter storm.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Morgan's Noble Phantasm is Lordless Camelot.


Morgan is illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi.

The design of the spears that Morgan uses in her attack animations comes from Fate/unpublished material, where they were originally designed for Tachie as part of her Noble Phantasm Lord Camelot.[7]


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