Morgan le Fay (モーガン・ル・フェイ, Mōgan ru Fei?) is the sister of King Arthur and mother of Mordred.



Morgan was born as the proper, recognized daughter of King Uther. Although the older sister and of the same status, Artoria received the love and hopes of their father in Morgan's eyes, driving her to eventually become a witch queen who craved for vengeance for the rest of her days. Once Camelot was built, she went into seclusion. She sent Agravain as an assassin.[1] She was a fairy of the lake and the evil polar opposite of Vivian, the Lady of the Lake.[2]

She eventually enchanted Artoria, a pseudo-male at the time due to Merlin's intervention to produce an heir, and extracted sperm from Artoria to develop as a homunculus clone within her ovary. Mordred was soon born and aged rapidly, and Morgan raised her in secret while telling her of her right to the throne. She told Mordred to never remove her helmet and recommended her to the Round Table. She directed Mordred to hide her status and obey the King until she could defeat Artoria and take her place. While Mordred was initially idealistic and served as a proper knight, Morgan shattered her innocence with the truth of her birth to guide her towards the path of rebellion.[3]


Morgan is a young woman with long blonde hair coupled by a crown and a veil covering her face. She seemingly wore a black dress that exposes her navel and abdomen


Morgan greatly hates her sister and possesses a great obsession for Mordred to take the throne from her. She changed greatly throughout her life from a "fine lady" to a "frightening thing" according to Kay, and he describes it as if she had three women inside of her. Having started with the "innocence of a fairy", she became "as magnificent as a warrior maiden", and "then suddenly possessed the brutality of a witch." Kay believes she may have had similar burdening circumstances as Artoria due to their parentage.[1]


Fate/stay night


Morgan's appearance in the Fate/stay night manga

Morgan makes a brief appearance in the manga version of the series.

Garden of Avalon

Morgan is mentioned in Kay's story and Lancelot's story.[1]

Other appearances

Morgan is reflected in the form of Excalibur should the user become tainted with evil, becoming Excalibur Morgan.[2] Mordred mentions in Fate/Apocrypha that Semiramis, an evil schemer, possesses the same "smell" as Morgan.[4] In the anime adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha, she makes an appearance in the dream of Kairi Sisigou, showing how she was involved in Mordred's past.


Morgan is a powerful witch queen said to be the equal of Merlin and a ruler with immense power.[4][1] Although unexpected, Morgan was born with supernatural blood that was thought to have died with King Uther. She also inherited from King Uther the primeval curse that lurks in the British Isles in the form of blackened magical energy of the same kind of Excalibur Morgan's.[5] She was the legitimate owner of the British Isle, a greater "King of the Island" than her sister. Despite that, she proved to be nothing more than a "small pebble" on the path of Artoria, unable to do anything to injure Artoria's heart.[1] Morgan possesses the ability to enchant Artoria and create the homunculus clone Mordred.[3]


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