Moses (モーセ, Mōse?) was a prophet who was the foster brother of Ramesses II and a friend of Nefertari.



Moses was initially born to an Israelite family, however, the ruling Pharaoh, Seti I ordered for all male Israelite children to be drowned in the river Nile. To escape this fate, Moses' mother hid him in a basket near some bulrushes and sent him down the river where he was found and adopted by Seti I's daughter. After this point, Moses was raised alongside Rameses II like a brother and the two became friends. 

When Moses became an adult, he accidentally killed an Egyptian who was hurting one of the slaves and was forced to abandon his princely life. After discovering the truth of his identity from God on Mount Horeb and being ordered to rescue Israelites,  Moses returned to his homeland. When Moses told Ramesses II to free the Israelites, Ramesses II refused. So, Moses set off the 10 Plagues of Egypt. Ramesses finally agreed with Moses' request when the Pharaoh's firstborn son was killed by the final plague.

However, despite not bearing any ill will or hatred towards Moses, Ramesses still felt anger due to his son's death. One of Ramesses II's advisers persuaded him to lead a legion of charioteers to attack Moses and the leaving Israelites. When Moses saw the coming troops he displayed the miracle of God by parting the Red Sea and lead his people across it. Seeing that miracle, Rider decided to simply let his surrogate brother and once closest friend go, and bid him a farewell.



Moses has short grey hair with gray-purple eyes. He wears a grey vest with a red cloak and white sash and has black pants. He also wears black sandals.


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver Edit

  • Rider with Moses and Nefertari

In Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, Moses appears mainly in flashbacks where Rider recalls how he and Moses used to hang out together with Nefertari.

When Rider is defeated, he recalls the day when Moses parted the Red Sea and left his life forever.


The staff he used to split the Red Sea shares the same origin as the cruciform snake staff originating from Leviathan.[1] Their friendship was put to test when Moses became prophet of the Israelites and began to preach the teachings of God, denouncing the gods of Egypt. According to Ozymandias, the light of which he used to split the Red Sea resembled the starlight projected by Excalibur, though the light from Excalibur was far more powerful and brighter.

He also has the Jacob's Limbs skill.


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