Mr. Dawn (ミスター・ダウン, Misutā Daun?) is the number Sixth member (Tentative) of the Burial Agency along with his partner. In the continuity of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- he is instead ranked as the Fourth member.



Mr. Dawn was the division manager of the Fifth R&D Division of V&V Industry, the corporation run by Van-Fem, in Aylesbury, England. He was an "elite among elites" as an engineer, but resigned due to a certain incident. He lost the ability to perceive his own name, so he took up the name Mr. Dawn. Due to him having solved that incident, he was scouted by Narbareck of the Burial Agency.[1]


Dawn has the appearance of a peaceful looking priest, in sharp contrast to the vehicle he drives. He doesn't have the appearance of an exorcist, but more like that of a school teacher.


Despite having a "face that may seem dangerous", Dawn is actually the "mild and charming type." Despite looking like a teacher, he claims he lacks the qualifications to teach others. He thinks happiness is to live in a calm, easygoing way by oneself. He is a quiet pacifist who is uncomfortable with blood and violence, even that in horror movies. Even if in a war zone, he won't arm himself with weapons. He tends to panic in battle zones. He is a believer in the Church's doctrines, but his faith is below average. Even since before the V&V incident, he is the type to let his Bible stay in a desk drawer.[1]

Due to the indecent at V&V, he no longer remembers his actual name, and he cannot comprehend it even if it is spoken directly to him. While he wishes to regain his name, he simply has a headache when someone speaks it.



Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-[]

He is mentioned by Noel as the fourth-ranked member of the Burial Agency.[2]

Other appearances[]

Mr. Dawn, Barthomeloi Lorelei, Merem Solomon and Gransurg Blackmore in Carnival Phantasm.

Mr. Dawn makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.


Mr. Dawn has no combat capabilities, unable to use Executor sacraments, magecraft, or any abnormal abilities. With no means of attack or self defense, he is the tentative Sixth of the Burial Agency because he requires a partner, and they will both officially become the Sixth upon the partner's recruitment. His partner will entirely carry the burden of exorcism. He is feared by Executors as the "the absolute #1 person we never want to be with on a mission" due to his habit of panicking and getting in the way upon seeing a scene of slaughter by "heretics." Even while agreeing to go to the site of the upcoming war zone in Aylesbury, he refuses to carry any weapons on his person.[1]

Dawn's true value is that of a special type of exorcist. Under one particular condition, it is said there are none who can replace him. According to the Prophecy of the Virgin Mary (聖母の予言?), Dawn will perform three exorcisms in his life, the only man in the church who has exorcised a fully mature daemon from a person.[1]

Dawn’s truck, Sympathy for the Devil.

Dawn mainly acts as a transporter, driving a state of the art eighteen wheeler with a 30-ton class trailer to transport goods. Weighing in at 35 tons, it's an "American Monster/Coast to Coast Super-sized Giant Vehicle" pulling the "devil's box", Sympathy for the Devil (悪魔を哀れむ歌?). It carries steel weapons, crosses, medical equipment, and even his partner exorcist. The trailer is set up to always remain 20 Celsius, and it will need to be abandoned and blown up should the temperature become lower than that. There is a phone that connects to the trailer for his partner to communicate with him, and it is equipped with a bed and supplies for her.


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    Introduction - Mr. Dawn
    Exorcist from the Holy Church. Driver of a 30-ton-class trailer.

    Visits the rural town of Aylesbury together with one other exorcist, but Dawn himself does not possess demon exorcism power, and his main role is considered as the transport of the other exorcist who "easily loses their way."

    Dawn has neither attack nor self-defence abilities, so his exorcism work is chiefly carried out by the "other exorcist" that he transports.

    He has a sharp expression, but he has a gentle personality and good manners.

    He has the appearance of a schoolteacher rather than an exorcist.

    Although, it seems according to him, he does not have the capability to teach, and it would be happier for everyone to live a carefree life on their own.

    A quiet pacifist. While agreeing to head into the battleground of Aylesbury, he does not carry any weapons for self-defence.

    He is weak to blood and violence, and even to horror movies. Because he will freeze out of panic the moment he witnesses the scene of a heretic's massacre, the other Executors fear him as "the far and away #1 man you don't want to go on a mission with."

    Explanation - Memorandum
    Burial Agency Rank 5 (Provisional). The deadbeat of the Burial Agency.

    (Once he is supplemented with a partner, they will both be officially Rank 5 together)

    Originally head of the 5th department of development at V&V Industry.

    He was an elite among elites as an engineer, but he resigned from V&V on the occasion of a certain incident, and was scouted by Narbareck, the head of the Burial Agency, upon appraisal of his achievement in resolving the incident.

    Be that as it may, he's a little below average as a believer. He has enough faith to keep a Bible in the drawer, and that hasn't changed even since the incident.

    He is a precious type of Excorcist, and at the present time, it's believed that there are no Exorcists that could replace him under certain conditions.

    The Holy Mother's prophecy revealed that he will perform three demon exorcisms in his career.

    Source: the dark six (alias)
    A character from the Holy Church in Tsukihime 2, a game in Kinoko's brain.

    As an Executor he has no sacrament or superpower, and no magical training, so he plays an active role as one who understands the ordinary person's side.

    A worldly man worked hard by people of the Church side: "since you won’t participate in deadly battles, then die doing odd jobs."

    Mainly serves as a transporter and supplier of weapons.

    Mr. Dawn

    Introduction - ミスター・ダウン
    聖堂教会のエクソシスト。30トンのトレーラー を移動手段にするドライバー。
    もう一人の悪魔祓い師と共に田舎町・アルズベリに 訪れるが、ダウン本人には悪魔祓いの力はなく、主な 役割は“道から外れやすい"もう一人の悪魔祓い師の 輸送とされる。
    ダウンには攻撃手段も自衛手段もないので、悪離蔵 いの仕事はもっぱら輸送している"もう一人の悪魔祓 い師”が行っている。
    剣のある顔つきだが、私和で人当たりのいい性格。 エクソシストというよりは学校の教師といった風貌。 もっとも本人曰く、人にものを教える資格がない、 だそうで、一人でのんびり生きる方が誰にとっても幸 福な事らしい。
    静かな平和主義者。アルズペリという戦場に赴く事 を承諾しながら、自衛の為ですら銃器は持たない。
    血や暴力に弱く、ホラームービーにも弱い。異端者 による殺現場を見ると途端にパニクって足を引っ張 る事から、代行者たちには、一緒に任務につきたくな い男ぶっちぎりで第一位と恐れられている。

    Explanation - 覚書
    埋葬機関第六位(暫定)。埋葬機関の穀潰し。 (相棒が補充された後は、二人合わせては正式に六位 となる)
    元、V&Vインダストリィ第六開発部主任。 技術屋としてはエリート中のエリートだったが、あ る事件をきっかけにV&Vを退社、事件解決の功績を 買われて埋葬機関局長ナルバレックにスカウトされる。
    といっても信徒としての在り方は平均よりやや下と いったところ。聖書を机の引き出しに寝かせておく程 度の信心で、それは事件後からも変わっていない。
    貴重なタイプのエクソシストで、今のところ、ある 条件下において彼の代わりになるエクソシストはいな いとされている。
    聖母の予言において、生涯で三度悪魔祓いをする、 と啓示された。
    教会においてただ一人、成体となった悪魔裁きを成 った男。

    Source - 出典/the dark six(仮名)
    きのこの脳内ゲーム・月姫2における聖堂教会側の キャラクター。
    代行者としての秘境・異能も、脳術的な素もない 為、一般人サイドの理解者として活躍する。
    教会側の人物たちからは「殺し合いに参加しないの だから雑用係として死ね」とこき使われる苦労人。

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