Mr. Dawn (ミスター・ダウン, Misutā Daun?) is the number Sixth member (Tentative) of the Burial Agency along with his partner.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Mr. Dawn was the division manager of the Sixth R&D Division of V&V Industry, the corporation run by Van-Fem, in Aylesbury, England. He was an "elite among elites" as an engineer, but resigned due to a certain incident. He lost the ability to perceive his own name, so he took up the name Mr. Dawn. Due to him having solved that incident, he was scouted by Narbareck of the Burial Agency.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dawn has the appearance of a peaceful looking priest, in sharp contrast to the vehicle he drives. He doesn't have the appearance of an exorcist, but more like that of a school teacher.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite having a "face that may seem dangerous", Dawn is actually the "mild and charming type." Despite looking like a teacher, he claims he lacks the qualifications to teach others. He thinks happiness is to live in a calm, easygoing way by oneself. He is a quiet pacifist who is unconformable with blood and violence, even that in horror movies. Even if in a war zone, he won't arm himself with weapons. He tends to panic in battle zones. He is a believer in the Church's doctrines, but his faith is below average. Even since before the V&V incident, he is the type to let his Bible stay in a desk drawer.

Due to the indecent at V&V, he no longer remembers his actual name, and he cannot comprehend it even if it is spoken directly to him. While he wishes to regain his name, he simply has a headache when someone speaks it.

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Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Mr. Dawn, Barthomeloi Lorelei, Merem Solomon and Gransurg Blackmore in Carnival Phantasm.

Mr. Dawn makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Mr. Dawn has no combat capabilities, unable to use Executor sacraments, magecraft, or any abnormal abilities. With no means of attack or self defense, he is the tentative Sixth of the Burial Agency because he requires a partner, and they will both officially become the Sixth upon the partner's recruitment. His partner will entirely carry the burden of exorcism. He is feared by Executors as the "the absolute #1 person we never want to be with on a mission" due to his habit of panicking and getting in the way upon seeing a scene of slaughter by "heretics." Even while agreeing to go to the site of the upcoming war zone in Aylesbury, he refuses to carry any weapons on his person.

Dawn's true value is that of a special type of exorcist. Under one particular condition, it is said there are none who can replace him. According to the Prophecy of the Virgin Mary (聖母の予言?), Dawn will perform three exorcisms in his life, the only man in the church who has exorcised a fully mature daemon from a person.

Dawn mainly acts as a transporter, driving a state of the art eighteen wheeler with a 30-ton class trailer to transport goods. Weighing in at 35 tons, it's an "American Monster/Coast to Coast Super-sized Giant Vehicle" pulling the "devil's box", Sympathy for the Devil (悪魔を哀れむ歌?). It carries steel weapons, crosses, medical equipment, and even his partner exorcist. The trailer is set up to always remain 20 Celsius, and it will need to be abandoned and blown up should the temperature become lower than that. There is a phone that connects to the trailer for his partner to communicate with him, and it is equipped with a bed and supplies for her.

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