The unnamed partner of Mr. Dawn is an exorcist of the Church, making up the Sixth member of the Burial Agency together with Mr. Dawn.




Dawn's partner is deformed, Dawn "secretly worshiping the unsymmetrical shape" of her body. Making oozing sounds simply from moving on her bed, Dawn finds her body smeared with blood yet having pure white skin beautiful. She is a "malformed Virgin Mary" who is "penetrated by demons yet giving ease to demons at the same time."


Dawn's partner is usually passive about most events, so it is rare for her to be in a bad mood. She keeps a variety of items in the trailer that Dawn sometimes asks her for their deliveries.




Dawn's partner is the main force of the duo. Dawn, other than very specific conditions, is completely useless in the hunting of heretics, so he needs a partner to be counted as the Sixth of the Agency. She can exorcise demons, but Dawn says they would have no tasks other than transportation when the goal is to hunt vampires. She treats the act of exorcism as if having a feast. She feels she can hold her own faced with threat of danger at the battle ground of Aylesbury. She is affected by the thoughts of people, becoming sickly due to that. She is easily affected by superstitious people, but describes their shapes as "prettier" than those of people in cities. They change often, but the "pain feels pleasant."

Due to her condition, she needs to be kept under specific conditions. The trailer is kept at 20 Celsius, and it would need to be discarded and blown up should it go any lower. The inside is filled with holy air. She is kept in full darkness aside from small blinking lights.


Dawn's partner is reminiscent of Caren Hortensia, potentially being her or the prototype of her design.