Musketeers' Masquerade: Musketeers, Challenge the Windmills (銃士達よ、風車に挑め
, Jūshi-tachi yo, Kazaguruma ni Nozome
Masuketiāzu Masukareido
?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by Alexandre Dumas.

A Noble Phantasm that can only be used a limited amount of times per summon, which uses “writing/revision” to overwrite the target’s life with his own personal experiences or moments from his literary work. A support-type Noble Phantasm that can multiply the target’s power, once per person. Since this is about empowering the ones about to face against overwhelming power, it usually only works when used on a human.


During the original printing of Fate/strange Fake volume 5, the name was mistakenly listed as Masquerade Musketeers (マスカレイド・マスケティアーズ?).[1]

References Edit

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