Mysterious Heroine XX (ナゾノヒロインXX, Nazo no Hiroin XX?), Class Name Foreigner (フォーリナー, Fōrinā?), is a Foreigner-class Servant Universe Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A version of Mysterious Heroine X from further in the future. She has taken up a job in the Servant Universe that involves hunting down Foreigners.[1]

A single meteor that came to destroy the Servant Festival.

A delegate of the laws of the universe, she eradicates Earth's mankind and the Foreigners who shares the same attributes as herself. A peerlessly ruthless Machine Servant.

It has been said that, when her unexpected true face is revealed, anyone will avert their gaze due to extreme astonishment―――?

To put it simply, Mysterious Heroine X is the protagonist of a comedy-drama.

However, the Servant Universe came to a standstill and the proportion of heroes and villains crumbled due the excessive issue of Extra Classes. When the balance of the universe tilted towards the villains, X renewed her convictions. In more specific terms, the program embarked on a new season. Worried about being unemployed, X got herself a job on the secret society・Galaxy Police and coincidentally caught Rhongomynyad, the oldest artifact in the universe that was lying dormant at its center. Having her talents recognized, she began to play an active role as a space sentinel (Galaxian).

- extract from the 1st part of CG's story -

Upon becoming a Cosmic Sheriff, X thought "this is a good opportunity" and changed her name・family register​ to XX.

By becoming a new person, she defaulted all debts incurred so far and established the Division 0 of Special Investigations, which cracks down on invaders from outer space - the Foreigners. The birth of the Evil Deity Hunter, XX.

Her instinct as a Saber Hunter became dim, while her instinct as a Foreigner Hunter came to prominence. That being said, it is not like she quit her Saber elimination movement, so the special effectiveness against Sabers remains the same as always.


MHXX's Stage 1 appearance shows her in high-tech full body armor with flight capabilities. Stage 2 removes the helmet, revealing an otherwise unchanged Mysterious Heroine X underneath with most of the armor pieces intact. Stage 3 has all of the armor removed (supposedly because XX made it invisible), instead wearing a two piece bathing suit, blue cap, and a small long sleeve blue shirt.


Since she is basically Miss Artoria without her serious components, X behaves in the shortest・fastest・simplest manner regarding anything. Contrary to her energetic, polite conduct, she has a hopeless personality that hates to lose (due being unaware of this herself, her inability to read the mood is staggering), challenges pretty much everything and does not give up until she wins. Still, since she "ultimately ends up working for the sake of those around her" due being good person by nature, things functioned well at the end of the day.


Ritsuka Fujimaru
Her partner on Earth. A reliable wallet. Since X has pretty much zero romance skill, she just treats them as a friend. Still, she will eventually notice that they are her precious someone and then let her chances slip up due some misunderstanding.

"What is this feeling in my chest... could it be that a Saber evil deity came to this planet!?" Fundamentally, she is the same as X. But due the self-awareness as a sheriff increasing her consciousness, she behaves more like an older sister than X. Since she belongs to a series from a few years later than X, she is like an office lady who became tired of daily life.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Summer Event: Servant Summer Festival![]

XX is sent to Hawaii by the Galactic Police to investigate a No. 3 Outer God reading. She crash-lands at Waikiki Street and immediately kills Katsushika Oei for being a Foreigner. BB fights her but is unable to defeat her due to using most of her powers protecting the tourists. Ritsuka’s party soon arrives and takes over for BB. They force XX to retreat and she flies off, promising to destroy ServantFes. At some point, she sets up a simple campsite at Kilauea.

A few nights later, XX tries eating out at the restaurants on the Main Street. But the endless wait times infuriate her and she rampages, swearing to destroy everything. BB tries fighting her and is soon joined by Ritsuka’s party, who came from Waikiki Street after one of XX’s blasts blasted Blackbeard toward the beach. XX gets upset at BB calling her an evil Foreigner and attacks Ritsuka’s party . Thanks to her armor, she is unfazed by their attacks, so BB installs Pele’s Divine Core and helps the group. At a disadvantage, XX searches for the protocol of an optimal course of action when faced with interference from a local deity. However, reading conflict with a local deity carries a penalty of 100 years of reduced salary, she asks the others to pretend that nothing happened and flies off.

She attacks the convention five minutes before ServantFes starts. Ritsuka’s party fights her with the aid of Leonidas. Getting tired and hungry, XX decides to destroy the convention center by detonating her armor. Hassan of the Cursed Arm then arrives, having heard the commotion. After learning XX is going to self-destruct, he immediately takes her a safe distance away from the center before she explodes. Like everyone else on Luluhawa, she is also caught in the time loop created by BB.

In the next loop, XX comes to the beach and prepares to attack Ritsuka’s party and Medb. However, to her and Medb’s surprise, the photographers who once surrounded Medb start taking pictures of XX, thinking that she’s doing tokusatsu cosplay. Ritsuka’s party drives her off with the help of Medb.

When she attacks the convention center on the sixth day of another loop, Ritsuka’s party fight her with the help of Ibaraki-douji. Their strength baffles XX and she finds it conspiratorial that they see through all her attacks more and more every day. She decides to escape, but notices her armor came off during the fight. Admitting that she is a Galactic Police Servant, she tells Ritsuka, whom she addresses as the Master of Earth she met three seasons ago, that het targets are other Foreigners but says nothing beyond that. Because she’s close to them, she makes an exception and decides not to charge them with obstruction of justice. She then redons her armor and flies off.

On the first day of the final loop, Ritsuka’s party confronts XX when she is about to kill Oei. XX confesses her primary order is to eliminate the Foreigners, followed by ServantFes and the Singularity. The group defeat her and she realizes they’re also caught in the time loop. But she refuses to talk with them further, believing they’re on BB’s side, and leaves.

She later confronts Ritsuka’s party at the beach, greeting them in a more casual and friendly manner. Since they already know who she is, she no longer sees the point of using her previous militaristic demeanor. She only used such brutish and simplistic expressions since she isn’t supposed to have personal conversations while on the clock. Mash reminds her though that she is on the clock right now. XX lets slip that her hideout is in Kileau and takes a combat stance. Oda Nobunaga greets her, but XX initially mistakes her for Space Gawain until Nobunaga reminds her they raced together last summer. Nobunaga then angers her by saying she’s upset that she doesn’t have a swimsuit and by calling her armor cosplay. XX fully removes her armor and reveals she’s been wearing swimsuit the whole time. She then goes on tirade about how a toxic workplace the Galactic Police is and being sent to Hawaii on business while everyone else is enjoying their vacation. During said tirade, she lets slips why she was sent to Hawaii, though she believes the reading was a nonentity. With Nobunaga’s pity being the final straw, XX then attacks the group. They defeat her, so she decides to return to Kileau to wait for her true target to arrive on the seventh day. She leaves, warning that she will use her Anti-Planet Noble Phantasm to destroy Luluhawa on the morning of the seventh day.

Later that night, while eating Cosmos Noodles at her camp, XX notices her food supply is getting low. Disappointed that her food doesn’t reset with every loop, she complains about having to work part-time at the hotel in the morning to pay for lunch because she can’t exchange Galactic Police Dollars for local currency. She then says that if the people of Earth saw her now, she’d either die from shame or kill them. Ritsuka sneezing alerts her to their party’s presence, so after calmy cleaning up after herself, XX tries to kil the group for seeing her living in such squalor. Soon she removes a set of her armor and begins charging her Noble Phantasm. But right before she launches it, Nobunaga tells her she’s hired and says they’re trying to poach. She then has Ritsuka hand XX their working conditions agreement, knowing that she hates her current job. XX finds the conditions very agreeable and “accidentally” destroys the antenna she uses to communicate with Galactic Police HQ. Glad to be part of Chaldea now, she leaves to enjoy her paid vacation, saying she’ll answer questions tomorrow.

On the seventh night, XX arrives at Mauna Kea to aid Ritsuka’s party against BB, having heard her admittance that she is the Foreigner that was detected in Hawaii. BB proves too powerful for them and her shadow nearly consumes them, but XX stops her and uses her Noble Phantasm to confiscate the Outer God’s Authority. After Gilgamesh extends ServantFes by one day, XX takes BB into custody, promising they’ll both be back for tomorrow night’s party.


Mysterious Heroine XX wields the double-ended lance Rhongomyniad LR (ロンゴミニアドLR, Rongominiado LR?) and is equipped with the Holy Lance Armor Aahvalon (聖槍甲冑アーヴァロン, Seisou Katchū Āvuaron?).[1][2]

In combat, she uses the Rhongomyniad spear style, a deed that doesn’t fear even God. It’s a twin lancer style in which, when using the spear of light, the spear of darkness in the opposite side generates a backfire, and the opposite when using the spear of darkness.


Class Skills[]

  • Existence Outside the Domain (Rank D): Protection from the Farthest Ends, the extreme point at the exact opposite position of the Outer Universe. As a result she became a Foreigner, but a Foreigner’s weakness is Foreigner so there’s no helping it. 「You throw a monster against a monster」
  • Independent Action (Rank A): It’s unthinkable that she was a former Saber class, but she has inherited the skill she had in the class from before becoming a Foreigner without change.「That’s because, in severe missions, cool-headed self-assessment is required at times」, she herself is convinced with a triumphant look.
  • Riding (Rank A): Not only can she do Cosmo-Surfing by riding the Holy Spear Armor Arvalon that has turned into flight form, but she can also steer the spaceship Stallion II.
  • Cosmo Reactor (Rank B): The protection of the great Universe (plot armor) that draws towards herself victory’s principle of causality, but it has been ranked-down for being in the position of serving an organization.

Personal Skills[]

  • Suit Up (Rank EX): The protection of the Holy Spear Armor Arvalon. The armor always exists around XX’s surroundings as Spiritrons. To the quick work that materializes · arms this in minus 1 second (even if she receives a surprise attack, she goes back in time to one second before that and equips it), she has given the name of 『Suit Up』. Almost automatic. A fearsome skill that XX, who despite being a cosmic detective tends to oversleep in the mornings and is a recidivist of being late, has learned. Just a change of clothes skill. Actually it’s not really necessary to materialize it, it displays its function as an armor even in Spiritron shape. The BGM changes when using it… It has a sad anecdote in which she made that specification but it was rejected because that luxury wasn’t allowed for XX alone.「You’re a swordsman Don’t pull an Assassin Put down That unruly hair on your head」
  • Detective's Instinct (Rank E): Revelation to determine the culprit. At a level that it’s better not to use it in case resolutions. It generates a load of critical stars, but at the same time XX herself deals with a star concentration minus. In some cases the demerit becomes a merit, it’s actually an excellent skill... She guesses the truth of the case with an 「I’ve got some insight!」, but it’s rank E so it becomes an incoherent conclusion. But that incoherent conclusion gives a revelation to the surrounding Humans, and reveals the culprit after circling around. Generating a load of stars but not giving them to herself is because of this image.
  • Justice of the Ends of the World (Rank A): Power from the 『boundary』 that is the forefront and farthest end of the Universe. It’s the power to bite a hole in 『void』, and the truth that expands the Universe itself. Adds invincibility penetration to herself, gains NP, and acquires 『special attack against Threats to Humanity』, truly a skill for the sake of a protagonist. Evil God Special Attack Artoria.

Noble Phantasm[]

Mysterious Heroine XX's Noble Phantasms are Etherspace, Howbeit the Order and Secret-Myniad.[1]


Mysterious Heroine XX is illustrated by BUNBUN.

Comment from Illustrator[]

"XX has big changes with Ascension, and since there are almost no common parts between each Ascension design, I drew each Ascension separately. While thinking that all of the transformations are striking, so I hope everyone likes any of them… in the end, she become a somewhat awesome character. During the work her last Ascension is the one who covers the least, but seeing her popularity the smile is the best!" (BUNBUN)


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