Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) (謎のヒロインX〔オルタ〕, Nazo no Hiroin X (Oruta)?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant Universe Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



She was trained by a version of Master Agravain, having been created by the Dark Rounds as an artificial Servant using Mysterious Heroine X's "X Gene". An orphan Villain (bad guy) that came visiting from the Servant Universe. The last survivor of the now destroyed chivalric order of darkness - Dark Rounds. The title bestowed to her is Sir Pendragon. Burning the prana converter reactor Altereactor, an Anti-Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon that sworn to defeat Mysterious Heroine X.[1] X Alter herself is unaware of this, however, as the impending defeat of the Dark Rounds by Professor Babbagen forced Agravain to seal away her memories so she could act as a sleeper agent until the time was right for her to rejoin the League of Villains. In a convoluted series of events, this resulted in her becoming Heroine X's high school roommate.

« I shall fight.
Until the day when Heroine X is defeated, and the universe is dyed on the dark color of villains. »


The vroid "K6-X4" (aka. Black Knight-kun) is always watching her, who made such vow, from the shadows. One can also say he is casually hiding from work.[1]



« 'I don’t understand anything anymore', you say?
―――Don't think. Feel it! »

(Mysterious Heroine X (Alter))

A very unusual intellectual Berserker.[1]

A diligent girl with an unassuming attitude. Her favorite food are sweets. A glutton character who requests high-class Japanese candies whenever she gets a chance, thus costing quite an amount of money. She spends her days off reading or listening to music, without taking a single step outside of her black, round table-type kotatsuWP.[1]

Fundamentally, a sloven person who tends to think of most things as bothersome. Yet, she strangely follows the orders and instructions from others with relative obedience, even while replying with sarcasm. She is quickly lured with sweet things.[1]

Her prided sword "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" was bought from a shady mail order.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Trial Quest[]

On Planet Lothian, X Alter is talking with Ritsuka, addressing them as K6-X4. She is concerned when they don't reply since she may need to rely on them during battle. She mistakenly interprets their question as they wanting a dumpling, which she already ate. Considering their conversation protocol strange, X Alter checks K6-X4's circuits when Agravain appears. He informs her that they'll need to go into hiding for a while since their enemy's pursuit is growing more aggressive each day. X Alter asks to join him, but Agravain says he has a more suitable job for her. Since few knew of her in this region of space, they can take advantage of that to prepare to retaliate. Agravain confesses his fellow lords have fallen and only he remains. X Alter responds she will not let the sacrifice of the great lord of Villains to be in vain, declaring she'll defeat their sworn enemy, Mysterious Heroine X. But Agravain tells her that she will go into hiding, and go on a journey alone while they lie in wait. X Alter wants to stay by his side, however, not wanting to be alone. Agravain merely tells her to find a job to her dismay. X Alter asks if this means they'll no longer communicate Babbagen infiltrates the castle. X Alter readies to destroy him, but Agravain tells her to go to a new land and search for a superior Master. He then uses Black Knight's Black Hand to seal away her memories, its effects becoming activate in a few days. Saying her goodbyes to him, X Alter goes to the escape pod bay with K6-X4.[3]

There she tells K6-X4 to navigate the escape pod when Babbagen's drones intercept them. After breaking through, the pair escape and warp away from the planet.[3]

An unknown time later, X Alter meets X and asks her where she is. X answers she is at Cosmo-Chaldea High School where many young students dream of becoming tomorrow's SSR Servants. X Alter realizes it isn't the place where elite Masters can be found. The school principal, God Bless Edison, appears to scold X for skipping class to eat again. X tells him she's going to give X Alter a tour, assuming she is a transfer student. She then asks for X Alter's name, but the latter can only recall "Ex". Edison informs X Alter that she'll need to meet certain qualifications if she wishes to enroll. X Alter decides she wants to enroll to become a great Servant. Considering her words to be sincere, Edison says she passed the first entrance exam. He then has her and X do a mock battle, and he'll judge her enrollment based on the results. After the battle, X Alter is enrolled in the school.[3]

She later enters X's dorm to see her taking out her aggression on K6-X4. She informs her they'll be roommates starting today to X's dismay. She then sets up territories and removes X's soda from the fridge to stuff her snacks in there. X believes she is taking over her room and readies to fight her again. X Alter then protects K6-X4 from X's attack. They get ready to fight when they're interrupted by the Student Dormitory Supervisor who kicks RK6-X4, which somehow results in their voloid body being accidentally cut down by X.[3]

Sometime later, X Alter and Edison wait for X, who seemingly disappeared with the increased number of Heroine Zs, to return. X Alter notes how X's absence is a sigh of relief for the Saber students.[3]

Later in her room, she asks K6-X4 what she should do. She then recounts vague memories of her time with a friendly member of the Black R.O.U.N.D.S. Someone knocks on the door, but they do not enter when X Alter permits them to enter so their conversation can't be recorded. Calling themselves a student, the person states Villain Alliance spies are everywhere, including the school. X Alter is relieved and considers them to be an elite agent. The person tells her that those who believe her potential are waiting, and a large-scale attack by the Villains will soon commence. They also say X will not return, and even if she did, she wouldn't be able to repel the attack. After they leave, X Alter realizes she needs to leave the school.[3]

Later at night, X Alter calls Babbagen out to the schoolyard. She asks him the details of his battle with a dark lord on Planet Lothian since such confidential data isn't found in the school's database. Babbagen replies he cannot reveal such information to a student, so X Alter decides to rip out and read his memory media herself.[3]

After he is defeated, Babbagen considers X Alter to be one of his best students for finding the weak points in his armor. While not fully understanding the situation, he realizes she is leaving. X Alter confesses that while she couldn't her hatred for him, she truly enjoyed his lectures. Babbagen then reveals it was Agravain with whom he fought. He also reveals Agravain created the Heroine Zs as failed artificial Servants and unsuccessfully searched for a crystallized form of Magecraft. He says Agravain fought valiantly and fell into the castle's reactor core, though whether it was accidental or intentional is unknown. After the castle collapsed, he and others conducted a thorough search, but they were unable to find Agravain's body nor the ceremonial rites for creating artificial Servants. Babbgen collapses, but X Alter finds herself unable to finish him to complete her vengeance.[3]

Villain Alliance agents then arrive, ready to pick her up. One realizes X Alter clearly understands the situation despite the reports saying she lost memories. X Alter regains her memories. An agent welcomes her as the newest member of the Villain Alliance to serve him directly. X Alter accepts and requests she be allowed to bring K6-X4 with her. The agent agrees to give her 90 seconds with K6-X4 before they leave.[3]

X Alter tells K6-X4 that they have a tiny shard of crystallized Alterium embedded in their head to track her. The crystal was receiving mana waves leaking through the cracks of multidimensional space. She considers it coincidental that they would be on the same wavelength as someone else's mind (Ritsuka). She readies to remove the crystal since information leaks and unknown elements aren't permitted in battle. Before that though, she tells Ritsuka goodbye and hopes they can meet when she makes a name for herself as a Servant. She then removes the crystal, telling Ritsuka that may the Alterium be always with them.[3]

GUDAGUDA: Meiji Restoration[]

X Alter appears under the name Akashi Ex as one of the Servants summoned by Andras to serve Oda Nobukatsu. She defends the Sun Fortress against Ritsuka’s party while Nobukatsu sacrifices Chacha to Andras. Ritsuka’s party defeats her and Andras’ other Servants.[4]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

X Alter is on the 80th floor of the Oni Pagoda with EMIYA, Tawara Touta, Boudica, and Parvati as they prepare a feast for Tomoe Gozen at Shuten-douji's request. But since she gets all her nutrients from Cosmos Rations, she is only interested in dessert. The situation devolves into a fight, however, when Tomoe arrives and refuses to partake to proceed to the next floor. Ritsuka's party then proceed to defeat X Alter and the others.

Valentine Event The Bountiful Chocolate Gardens of Valentine[]

X Alter was in the Servant Universe when she heard about Chaldea's cacao shortage. Upon hearing this, she headed to Spacebucks to restock on some cacao. When she got to the shop, though, she won a chocolate starship for being their eleventh customer. She then took the ship on a one-way trip to Earth, crashing it into the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Semiramis is initially mad until she realizes the chocolate is of high quality and thus will allow it to be blended with the chocolates being made at the Gardens. X Alter agrees to trade it in exchange for Japanese sweets.

GUDAGUDA: Legend of the Imperial Capital Grail[]

X Alter joins Chacha as one of her Seven Imperial Spears.[5] When Ritsuka’s party confronts her, she introduces herself as Hirano Ex and the manager of Dark Rounds, “the hot new sweets cafe that’s sweeping galaxy.” After selling a bean sponge cake to Okita Alter, she voices her realization that as manager she will get to eat any of the sweets herself. So she decides to defeat Ritsuka’s party and make them her replacement. She, however, becomes the sixth and final Spear they defeat.[6]


X Alter appears in SABER WARS II.[7][8][9]


XXXX. Mysterious Heroines[]

Ex and Heroine X go on an adventure.[10]


Mysterious Heroine X Alter is a Berserker formed using the X Factor as a Catalyst. She is the prophesied child of destruction, and Master Agravain claims she is the Servant Universe's strongest and final Alter.[3] She became a one-of-a-kind heroine by piling enhancements atop enhancements.[9]


In combat, X Alter uses the Evil Holy Sword Necro-calibur.[2][3] It is the Ultimate Anti-Anti-Saber Weapon. Although it is a blade that shall one day cut through even a planet, it still hasn't fully matured.[3] Bought through suspicious mail order,[2][3] Master Agravain states they were foolish to believe in the specs written in the catalog.[3] During her first interlude, Ex states that just like Mysterious Heroine X, she is known as an agent capable of single-handedly destroying entire planets in the course of their missions. When the two of them worked together, they could limit the collateral damage to a single planet.[10] The sword can also be freely changed into a twin-blade or a chainsaw, but it often breaks and explodes.[2] Besides her sword technique, she freely uses the psychic power “Alter Choke”, mana released from the end of her arms “Alter Lightning”, and various techniques that look as if you’ve seen them somewhere else.[11] In addition, she also has a technique called "Searing Dumpling Fire", which fires hot blasts at the opponent, mostly using it to punish Mysterious Heroine X for becoming distracted or interrupting her during training.[9]

Mysterious Heroine X states that because X Alter closely resembles her, she did poorly against X Alter in her mock battle. After all, she was holding back, whereas X Alter was really going all-out. X Alter regards X's sword moves as "weak beams." In their next scuffle, X says that although Alter is a nerd, her swordsmanship is spot-on and that she actually senses that she has had some formal training. As all Saberfaces are Saber's in X's eyes, whether they be Assassin or Berserker, she finally gets serious against Alter. Their fight is interrupted by the Girls's Dorm Supervisor. The reports from their fights reached other members of the Villain Alliance making them believe Alter had great fighting potential. They decided to intervene with a large-scale attack, a Death Tour with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Even X could not save the servant school from that.[3]

Mysterious Heroine X Alter was able to utterly defeat Professor Babbagen by accurately pinpointing his armor's weakness until she eventually stopped his left and right manipulators stopped. The amount of damage he sustained was critical damage.[3]

Lancelot the Darkened Sword is said to have been defeated by Mysterious Heroine X Alter at some point in time before the events of SABER WARS II.[7]

Mysterious Heroine X Alter is able to reach the place beyond the Event horizonWP, what some call the "Land of the Dead." Using her "mysterious powers", Dark Ex throws Ritsuka Fujimaru back in time a little bit to before Ashtart Origin released her Saint Graph Galaxy, opening Bel Maanna's gates and returning every life-form in that Forbidden Zone to nothingness.[8] She shows these powers again when she returns Mysterious Heroine X back to the land of the living, after teaching her a new XEX skill with which to defeat Ashtart Origin.[9]


Class skills[]

  • Altereactor (A Rank): By means of the rare element Alternium, energy of various things is transformed into Magical Energy. Mainly sugar.[1][2] An Alternium crystal embedded within her Mana Conversion Altereactor Engine converts calories into magical energy. "Japanese Wasanbon sugar's elemental balance has the best conversion rate. Oh, and I want green tea," she emphasizes.[1][3]

Personal skills[]

  • ∞ Black Bean Paste (EX Rank): A mysterious item in which the six primitive powers 『Desire (soul), Sugar content (power), Sales location (space), Cost price (reality), Production (time), Demand (mind)』 have been kneaded. It grants infinity power to the one who has it, as to turn half of the universe into a confectionery factory with one fingertip, but it seems she doesn’t know it well. Old name: 『∞ Chocolate』. (“Tohsaka, I don’t feel so good”).[1][2]
  • Instinct (C Rank): Although it seems she idles her time away every day, in truth she was quietly getting deeper in the thoughts that lead to the meaning of enlightenment... It’d be nice if that was like that, her insatiable and lazy mind that vaguely seeks a wish, has further refined and pushed her sword technique to the extreme. (So she can sword good because she’s too lazy? I guess it’s something like “let’s finish quick so I can go home”).[2]
  • King's Invisible Hand (C Rank): Dark teachings about how to be an emperor taught by the teacher Master Agravain. While reading the flow of battle, controlling equals from the shadows, the essence is in various wiles trying to bring out their capabilities to the utmost. (If I understand it correctly, it’s something like Charisma but a la “mysterious super-villain whose face is shadowed until he decides to fight the main characters personally”).[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Cross-Calibur.

Alternate Saint Graphs[]

Alternate Saint Graphs that affect the Servant's abilities and class.

Mysterious Idol X Alter[]

Mysterious Idol X Alter (謎のアイドルX オルタ, Nazo no Aidoru X Oruta?), Class Name Foreigner (フォーリナー, Fōrinā?), is a Foreigner-class Saint Graph created by Miss Crane.


Class Skills:

Personal Skills:

  • Superb Round Dancing (B Rank): Servant's transcendent skill. A precise and spectacular performance released at full power well beyond a human's perception and physical abilities.[12]
  • Infinite Regress Lyric (C Rank): A method of cracking by singing following magical rhymes that acts strongly against theoretical thinking, specially against AIs and machines.[12]
  • King's Singing (C Rank): A blessed singing voice which heals people and causes miracles, commonly called "Royal Touch".[12]

Noble Phantasm: Her Noble Phantasm is Lumino-Calibur.


Creation and Conception[]

BUNBUN is the character illustrator for Berserker.[1]


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