Mystery (神秘, Shinpi?, localized as "Mystics") is a sliver of power of many different types that comes from the Root.

It is the source of all supernatural phenomena such as Magecraft or ESP, and beings such as True Ancestors, Dead Apostles, Servants, Spiritual Bodies, as well as Phantasmal Species show signs of Mystery.[1][2][3] Mystery accumulates over time and grows stronger with age.


If two different types of Mysteries collide with one another, the stronger Mystery will overwhelm the weaker one.[4] It is through this law that Lugh Beowulf is able to remain invincible against modern magecraft; because he has 3,000 years' worth of Mystery, which is far more than any modern magecraft has, he is able to simply ignore any effects that magecraft would have on him.

Certain items that have a long history and age can also show signs of Mystery, as in the case of the centuries-old katana that the Ryougi possess, Kanesada Kuji. If they are severely damaged, however, they will lose all the Mystery they have accumulated.[5]

It is also possible for a human's body to reach the level of a Mystery, such as with Shiki Ryougi.[6] There are also the cases, of Doctor Heartless a magus who got his heart stolen by Fairies and the Mixed-Blood Kouma Kishima a true Crimson Red Vermillion, who have both become a mystery.


  1. Fate/stay night Fate Route - It is the most fundamental rule that a weaker Mystery is erased by a stronger one.
  2. Melty Blood - A composition that is neither natural nor artificial. Eastern ideology can be profound at times. It can create people like you who has attained the level of being a Mystery while still being human.
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