A Mystic Code (礼装, reisō?, localized as Formal Wear) is a support weapon that a magus carries as a magical artifact. There are two general types of Mystic Codes.



Amplifier Mystic Code (補助礼装, Hojo Reisou?) is the first type and functions as an amplifier for Magecraft. They are an orthodox Mystic Code for support, that can be used for magical energy amplification or storage, prepared to strengthen a spell. Rin Tohsaka's jewellery and Azaka Kokutou's salamander glove are of that kind.[1]


The Specialised Mystic Code (限定礼装, Gentei Reisou?) is the other type that have a predetermined usage. They are activated with the magus's magical energy and can perform a given mystery as long as it is supplied with energy. It becomes a spell in itself; many of the Noble Phantasms of Servants are usually of this type. Their usage is unique, so they aren't really generic, but this also means they can be tremendously efficient in what they do.

A regular Mystic Code wouldn't be much of a weapon against Dark Sakura, but the jeweled blade Zelretch, which is the latter type, is kind of a foul play as it can start up the Second Magic.[1]


Amongst Mystic Codes there are several which are unique enough even amongst Magus to warrant interest. Examples of which are as follows.

  • Kiritsugu Emiya's Mystic Code, the Thompson Contender, is unique by virtue of being a pistol, a tool normally despised by Magus. Combining bullets made from his own rib bones and the high stopping power of the weapon itself, it is this one of a kind tool that made him a terrifying Magus Killer.
  • Tohsaka Jewel Magic, whilst the jewels themselves can count as Mystic Codes, users of this type of Magecraft can make more specialised tools to act as their personal Mystic Code. Tokiomi Tohsaka created a staff topped with a jewel that allowed him to cast powerful spells quickly and was not used up after a single use, unlike many of Rin's attacks. Similarly, he gifted Kirei Kotomine with a dagger that was designed in much the same manner.
  • The Book of False Attendant, used by Shinji Matou to take control of his sister's Servant was created by combining the Matou family Crest Worms with Sakura's Command Seals. Whilst it does count as a mystic code, it was solely a tool of authority and even so had to be remade due to its owner's incompetence.

List of Mystic CodesEdit

Vorpal Sword


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